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Trinity Bay Region - Upper Trinity  South District

Transcribed by Debbie Gerow.  While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

1871 Island Cove

ISLAND COVE (Bay de Verds) - A large fishing settlement on the north shore of Conception Bay in the district of Bay de Verds. This is merely a sheltered beach, which answers as a fishing station during the summer, but affords no security during stormy weather. Farming is carried on to a large extent in conjunction with the fishery. Distant from Carbonear by road 27 miles. Mail weekly. Population 830.


Bowers Isaac, fisherman

Bowers James, fisherman

Broderick William, fisherman

Bussey Ebenezer, fisherman

Bussey Joseph, fisherman

Bussey William, fisherman

Champion Henry, fisherman

Champion Joseph, fisherman

Clerk Alexander, fisherman

Clerk John, fisherman

Clerk Thomas, fisherman

Clerk Thomas, jun., fisherman

Clerk Thomas, sen., fisherman

Clerk William, fisherman

Collins Francis, fisherman

Collins William, fisherman

Cooper Thomas, fisherman

Cooper William, fisherman

Critch Nathaniel, fisherman

Cummins William, fisherman

Diamond Robert, fisherman

Diamond William, fisherman

Driscoll Absolom, fisherman

Driscoll John, fisherman

Driscoll William, fisherman

Garland Azarias, merchant

Garland Benjamin, fisherman

Garland Edward, fisherman

Garland George, fisherman

Garland Henry, fisherman

Tanes William, fisherman

Terrett John, fisherman

Young Edward, fisherman

Young Frederick, fisherman

Young James, fisherman

Young James, fisherman

Young James, fisherman

Young John, fisherman

Young John, fisherman

Young John, fisherman

Young John, fisherman

Young John, planter

Young Michael, fisherman



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