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Conception Bay North - NL Directory 1935 / 1936

Adam's Cove (Carbonear - Bay de Verde District)

Baggs Allan fshrmn
Baggs Clifford fshrmn
Baggs Mrs Dorcas wid
Baggs John W fshrmn
Baggs Newton John fshrmn
Baggs Richard fshrmn
Baggs Robt W fshrmn
Baggs Mrs Ursula wid
Baggs Wm fshrmn
Brennan James fshrmn
Brennan Wm R fshrmn
Diamond & Sons LTD general merchants fish supplies buyers of codfish etc., lumber cooperage and trucking.
Diamond Geo fshrmn
Diamond James fshrmn
Diamond James E fshrmn
Diamond Mrs Jane wid
Diamond John T fshrmn
Diamond Leonard fshrmn
Diamond Mrs Mary wid
Diamond Nathaniel genl dlr
Diamond Mrs Sarah wid
Diamond Wallace C fshrmn
Evans Alfred fshrmn
Evans Clarence E fshrmn
Evans Fred fshrmn
Evans Gilbert fshrmn
Evans James L fshrmn
Evans John fshrmn
Evans John H fshrmn
Evans Leonard J fshrmn
Evans Leslie fshrmn
Evans Wm G fshrmn
Gale Geo fshrmn
Gale Herbert fshrmn
Gill Mrs Susanna wid
Hollett Harold D fshrmn
Hollett James of Saml fshrmn
Hollett John fshrmn
Hollett Wm fshrmn
Hudson Albert fshrmn
Hudson Mrs Flora wid
Hudson Geo E fshrmn
Hudson John fshrmn
Hudson John B fshrmn
Hudson John T fshrmn
Hudson Morley John fshrmn
Hudson Robt R fshrmn
Hudson Solomon fshrmn
Hudson Stewart fshrmn
Hudson Thos fshrmn
Hudson Geo W fshrmn
Hudson Willis fshrmn
Martin Mrs Mary A wid
Martin Mrs Susanna wid
Moores Warren A fshrmn
Moores Adam fshrmn
Moores Chas of Danl fshrmn
Moores Daniel fshrmn
Moores Mrs Elizabeth wid
Moores Eugene fshrmn
Moores Geo fshrmn
Moores Geo of Eli fshrmn
Moores Willis H fshrmn
Moores Mrs Jan wid
Moores Levi fshrmn
Moores Raymond fshrmn
Moores Robt C fshrmn
Moores Geo W fshrmn
Moores Wm Jas fshrmn
Murray Clifford fshrmn
Murray John fshrmn
Murray Silas fshrmn
Murray Thos fshrmn
Murray Wm fshrmn
Murray Wm H fshrmn
Mutrey Alex fshrmn
Mutrey Wm T fshrmn
Power Bernard fshrmn
Power Harold fshrmn
Reid Josiah fshrmn
Reid Henry T fshrmn
Ryan Mrs Dinah wid
Ryan John fshrmn
Ryan Philip fshrmn
Ryan Wallace C fshrmn
Stanford Ed fshrmn
Stanford Mrs Jane wid

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Conception Bay North, Northern District