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Conception Bay North - NL Directory 1935 / 1936

Broad Cove (Carbonear - Bay de Verde District)

Baggs Mrs Catherine wid
Baggs Isaacfshrmn
Baggs John Cfshrmn
Baggs Mrs Marthawid
Baggs Mrs Martha Wwid
Baggs Wm Cfshrmn
Baggs Wm Hfshrmn
Burden Cyrilfshrmn
Burden Harry fshrmn
Burden Henry Wfshrmn
Burden Johnfshrmn
Burden Josephfshrmn
Butt Edfshrmn
Butt Johnfshrmn
Butt John Wfshrmn
Butt Mosesfshrmn
Butt Wilfredfshrmn
Butt WMfshrmn
Cramm E G & Songenl dlrs
Cramm John Jfshrmn
Delaney Geofshrmn
Delaney Gideonfshrmn
Delaney Johnfshrmn
Delaney Josiahfshrmn
Delaney Mrs Sarahwid
Delaney Theophilusfshrmn
Feltham Martinfshrmn
Flight Edfshrmn
Flight Jamesfshrmn
Flight Walterfshrmn
Francis Geofshrmn
Francis Kennethfshrmn
Francis Mrs Mary Awid
Francis Mrs Sarahwid
Francis Shenstonefshrmn
Hollett Edfshrmn
Hollett Spurgeonfshrmn
Janes Arthurfshrmn
Janes Ingramcarp
Janes James Wmfshrmn
Janes Kenneth fshrmn
Janes PhilipUC tchr
Janes Wm Efshrmn
King Allan Ffshrmn
King Archfshrmn
King Chasfshrmn
King Ed Mfshrmn
King Elijahfshrmn
King Miss EmmaUC tchr
King Harold Afshrmn
King Henryfshrmn
King Henryfshrmn
King I & Jgenl dlrs
King Isaac fshrmn
King Isaac of Jacobmer of I & J King
King Jabez Rfshrmn
King Jamesfshrmn
King John of Adamfshrmn
King John Tfshrmn
King Joseph Afshrmn
King Lewis Dfshrmn
King Lewis Gfshrmn
King Mrs Louise wid
King Markfshrmn
King Matthewfshrmn
King Normanfshrmn
King Mrs Rachaelwid
King Samlfshrmn
King Silas of Adamfshrmn
King Silas of Oliverfshrmn
King Simon mer
King Thosfshrmn
King Wallace fshrmn
King Wm of Joshfshrmn
King Wm Cfshrmn
King Wm Jfshrmn
King Wm Nfshrmn
King Wm Rfshrmn
King Willisfshrmn
LeGrow Alfredfshrmn
LeGrow Allanfshrmn
LeGrow Allan of Plemanfshrmn
LeGrow Allan Sfshrmn
LeGrow Archfshrmn
LeGrow Arthur Mdrugs etc
LeGrow Chesley studt
LeGrow EdUC tchr
LeGrow Edfshrmn
LeGrow Elifshrmn
LeGrow Eugenefshrmn
LeGrow Fredkfshrmn
LeGrow Geo Gfshrmn
LeGrow Gideonfshrmn
LeGrow Gilbertmer
LeGrow Herbertfshrmn
LeGrow Herbertfshrmn
LeGrow Jabez & Sonsgenl dlrs
LeGrow James fshrmn
LeGrow Jamesfshrmn
LeGrow John Cfshrmn
LeGrow John Wfshrmn
LeGrow Mrs Mariawid
LeGrow Mrs Mary Awid
LeGrow MatthewUC tchr
LeGrow Matthewfshrmn
LeGrow Michaelfshrmn
LeGrow Peter Lmer
LeGrow Plemanfshrmn
LeGrow Ralphfshrmn
LeGrow Royecclesiastical studt
LeGrow Royfshrmn
LeGrow SamlUC tchr
LeGrow Spurgeonfshrmn
LeGrow Mrs Susanna wid
LeGrow Taskertxmn
LeGrow Thos -
LeGrow Thos Bfshrmn
LeGrow Thos Pfshrmn
LeGrow Wallacefshrmn
LeGrow Walterfshrmn
LeGrow Wmfshrmn
Moores Lloydfshrmn
Mulley Edfshrmn
Mulley Matthewfshrmn
Noftle Chasfshrmn
Noftle Fredfshrmn
Noftle Fredfshrmn
Noftle Jamesfshrmn
Noftle Jamesfshrmn
Noftle Jamesfshrmn
Noftle Mrs Lucindawid
Noftle Mrs Susannahwid
Noftle Wilfredfshrmn
Peach Ernestfshrmn
Peach Leonardfshrmn
Pippy Wm Jfshrmn
Reid Josephfshrmn
Reynolds Jabezcontr
Riddle John Wfshrmn
Riddle Wmfshrmn
Squires Ernestfshrmn
Squires Fredfshrmn
Squires Gregoryfshrmn
Squires Wilfredfshrmn
Thistle Albert Gfshrmn
Thistle Alexfshrmn
Thistle Ambrosefshrmn
Thistle Chesleyfshrmn
Thistle Clarencegrocy dlr
Thistle Ed Bfshrmn
Thistle Eleazerfshrmn
Thistle Eleazerfshrmn
Thistle Francis Gfshrmn
Thistle Geo Afshrmn
Thistle Mrs Idawid
Thistle Jamesfshrmn
Thistle Johnelectrcn
Thistle Jonathanfshrmn
Thistle Joseph Efshrmn
Thistle Joseph Sfshrmn
Thistle Mrs Lillianwid
Thistle Matthew fshrmn
Thistle Wm Afshrmn
Thistle Wm Hfshrmn
Vaughan Edfshrmn
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