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Conception Bay North - NL Directory 1935 / 1936

Job's Cove (Carbonear - Bay de Verde District)

Colbert Mrs Alicewid
Colbert Bernardfshrmn
Colbert Mrs Elizabethwid
Colbert Francisfshrmn
Colbert Michaelfshrmn
Colbert Patkfshrmn
Colbert Richardfshrmn
Colbert Richardfshrmn
Colbert Thosfshrmn
Colbert Vincentfshrmn
Colbert Wmfshrmn
Davis Jamesfshrmn
Davis Ronaldfshrmn
Davis Wmfshrmn
Davis Wm Jrfshrmn
English Bernardfshrmn
English Denisfshrmn
English James fshrmn
English Jeremiahfshrmn
English Johnfshrmn
English John Jfshrmn
English Mrs Marywid
English Richardfshrmn
English Richardfshrmn
English Thosfshrmn
English Timothy Pfshrmn
Gibbons Michaelfshrmn
Gibbons Patkfshrmn
Haliday Archfshrmn
Haliday Mrs Dinahwid
Haliday Johnfshrmn
Haliday John Tfshrmn
Haliday John Wmfshrmn
Haliday Nicholasgenl dlr
Haliday Mrs Sarahwid
Haliday Wmfshrmn
Haliday Wm Rfshrmn
Johnson Calebfshrmn
Johnson John fshrmn
Johnson John Hfshrmn
Johnson Josephfshrmn
Johnson Newmanfshrmn
Johnson Noahfshrmn
Johnson Wmfshrmn
Johnson Wm Gfshrmn
Johnson Wm Jfshrmn
Johnson Wm Rfshrmn
Johnson Woodbinefshrmn
Kelly Joseph Johnfshrmn
Kelly Wmfshrmn
Kinsella Andrewfshrmn
Kinsella Johnfshrmn
Kinsella Michaelfshrmn
Kinsella Timothy Pfshrmn
Kinsella Wmfshrmn
Kinsella Wmfshrmn
Murphy Denisfshrmn
Murphy Denisfshrmn
Murphy Edfshrmn
Murphy Mrs Johannahwid
Murphy Martinfshrmn
Murphy Michael Jfshrmn
Murphy Patk Jfshrmn
Murphy Robtfshrmn
Murphy Robtfshrmn
Murphy Thos Pfshrmn
Murphy Vincentfshrmn
Noseworthy Vincentfshrmn
O'Leary Michaelfshrmn
O'Leary Wm Jfshrmn
Oliver Mrs Ellenwid
Oliver Thosfshrmn
Pottle Frankfshrmn
Pottle Jamesfshrmn
Pottle Jeremiahfshrmn
Pottle Johnfshrmn
Pottle John Srfshrmn
Pottle John Jfshrmn
Pottle Wmfshrmn
Power Timothyfshrmn
Reid Davidfshrmn
Reid Johnfshrmn
Reid Josephfshrmn
Reid Wmfshrmn
Rixon Jamesfshrmn
Rixon Johnfshrmn
Ryall Jamesfshrmn
Ryall Johnfshrmn
Ryall John of Levifshrmn
Ryall Levifshrmn
Ryall Michaelfshrmn
Ryall Morrisfshrmn
Ryall Samlfshrmn
Ryall Wmfshrmn
Ryall Wm Jfshrmn
Thorne Calebfshrmn
Walsh Frankfshrmn
Whiteway Davidfshrmn
Whiteway Johnfshrmn
Whiteway Mrs Rosannawid
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