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Conception Bay North - NL Directory 1935 / 1936

Ochre Pit Cove (Carbonear - Bay de Verde District)

Benson Albertfshrmn
Benson Johnfshrmn
Benson Wmfshrmn
Carnell Geofshrmn
Carnell Johnfshrmn
Carnell Stephenfshrmn
Carnell Sydneyfshrmn
Carnell Wmfshrmn
Coish Albertfshrmn
Coish Cyrilfshrmn
Coish Geofshrmn
Coish Gordonfshrmn
Coish Josephfshrmn
Coish Josephfshrmn
Coish Mrs Marywid
Coish Samlfshrmn
Coish Mrs Trypheniawid
Coish Wmfshrmn
Coish Wmfshrmn
Coish Wmfshrmn
Coish Wm Ffshrmn
Coish Wm Jminer
Crowley Aubreyminer
Crowley Geofshrmn
Crowley Johnfshrmn
Crowley Wm Hfshrmn
Crummey Theodorefshrmn
Dwyer Johnfshrmn
Dwyer John Afshrmn
Dwyer Wmfshrmn
Edgecombe Albert -
Edgecombe Geo Wfshrmn
Edgecombe Mrs Janetwid
Edgecombe Leonardfshrmn
Edgecombe Samlfshrmn
Edgecombe Stanleyfshrmn
Edgecombe Walterfshrmn
Edgecombe Wmfshrmn
English Richardfshrmn
Fitzgerald Bernardfshrmn
Fitzgerald Leofshrmn
Fitzgerald Patkfshrmn
Gillingham Ambrosefshrmn
Gillingham Chas Wfshrmn
Gillingham Esaufshrmn
Gillingham Haywardfshrmn
Gillingham Henryfshrmn
Gillingham Jamesfshrmn
Gillingham Johnfshrmn
Gillingham Johnfshrmn
Gillingham Johnfshrmn
Gillingham Lukefshrmn
Gillingham Robtfshrmn
Gillingham Wmfshrmn
Gillingham Wm Bfshrmn
Gillingham Wm Gfshrmn
Halfyard Chesleyfshrmn
Halfyard Clarencefshrmn
Halfyard Johnfshrmn
Halfyard Miss Pearltchr
Halfyard Samlfshrmn
Halfyard Samlfshrmn
Halfyard Wmfshrmn
Jacobs Harrisfshrmn
Milley Mrs Marthawid
Parsons Geofshrmn
Parsons Johnfshrmn
Parsons Johnfshrmn
Parsons Johnfshrmn
Parsons Josephfshrmn
Parsons Nicholasfshrmn
Parsons Richardfshrmn
Parsons Samlfshrmn
Parsons Miss Violettchr
PARSONS W G & SONgeneral merchants buyers and packers
of codfish and blueberries etc.
Parsons Wmfshrmn
Parsons Wm Gmer of W G Parsons & Son
Parsons Willis fshrmn
Pennell Calebfshrmn
Pennell Geofshrmn
Pennell Geofshrmn
Pennell Haroldfshrmn
Pennell Jamesfshrmn
Pennell John Ffshrmn
Pennell Richardfshrmn
Pennell Walter Wfshrmn
Pennell Wmfshrmn
Perfect Ernestfshrmn
Perfect Samlfshrmn
Puddester Absalomfshrmn
Puddester Chesterfshrmn
Puddester Cliffordfshrmn
Puddester Mrs Harrietwid
Puddester Herbertfshrmn
Puddester Herbertfshrmn
Puddester Lesliefshrmn
Rose Absalomfshrmn
Rose Edfshrmn
Rose Haywardfshrmn
Rose Herbertfshrmn
Rose Johnfshrmn
Rose Thosfshrmn
Rose Thosfshrmn
Rose Wmfshrmn
Skinner Arthurfshrmn
Skinner Edmundfshrmn
Skinner Geofshrmn
Skinner Herbertfshrmn
Skinner Josiahfshrmn
Skinner Samlfshrmn
Skinner Wmfshrmn
Tuff Albertminer
Tuff Carlfshrmn
Tuff Edmundfshrmn
Tuff Geofshrmn
Tuff Johnfshrmn
Tuff Murdock Cfshrmn
Tuff Wmfshrmn
White Geo Hfshrmn
White Herbertfshrmn
White Samlfshrmn
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