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1913 Voter's List

Conception Bay North - Northern District

Adam's Cove

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ February 1999. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors.
Baggs, WilliamAdam's Cove
Baggs, Edward"
Baggs, Robert"
Baggs, William of Robert"
Baggs, Richard K."
Baggs, Richard of Richard"
Baggs, George"
Baggs, John W."
Brenan, William"
Brenan, James"
Diamond, Nathaniel"
Diamond, John T."
Diamond, Joseph"
Evans, James"
Evans, John H."
Evans, Joseph B."
Evans, Eli"
Evans, Robert of Robert"
Evans, John"
Evans, William G."
Evans, Gilbert"
Evans, Alfred D."
Gill, Peter"
Gill, EdwardAdam's Cove
Gill, Alexander M."
Gill, John E."
Gill, Peter sr."
Gill, John"
Hudson, Edward"
Hudson, Willis"
Hudson, George"
Hudson, Thomas"
Hudson, Thomas N."
Hudson, George sr."
Hudson, Joseph P."
Hudson, Joseph"
Hudson, Stewart D."
Hudson, Solomon"
Hudson, Albert"
Hudson, Philip"
Hudson, Levi of Robert"
Hudson, John of John"
Hudson, Peter sr."
Hudson, John"
Hudson, Matthew of Wes."
Hudson, John B."
Hudson, Peter"
Hudson, Robert M."
Hudson, Charles"
Hudson, Levi of Levi"
Hudson, ChristopherAdam's Cove
Hudson, Arthur"
Hudson, Geo. B."
Hudson, John T."
Hudson, Geo. E."
Hollett, Samuel"
Hollett, John jr."
Hollett, John sr."
Hollett, William"
Moores, H. George"
Moores, H. Levi"
Moores, C. John"
Moores, Adam"
Moores, Josiah"
Moores, Peter D."
Moores, John D."
Moores, Joseph"
Moores, Daniel"
Moores, Eli"
Moores, Jabez"
Moores, Nathaniel"
Moores, Eugene"
Moores, Charles sr."
Moores, Charles jr."
Moores, Alexander"
Moores, Leonard"
Martin, James"
Martin, HerbertAdam's Cove
Martin, George"
Martin, William"
Milley, Edward"
Milley, William L."
Milley, Thomas"
Murphy, Stephen"
Murphy, John"
Murray, John jr."
Marray [sic], Silas"
Murray, William H."
Murray, John M."
Murray, Michael"
Murray, John sr."
Power, Eli"
Power, Bernard"
Roberts, George"
Ronan, Michael"
Ronan, Bernard"
Ronan, John"
Ryan, Michael"
Ryan, William"
Ryan, John of William"
Ryan, John"
Ryan, Charles"
Ryan, Israel"
Reed, JosephAdam's Cove
Reed, Tasker"
Stanford, Henry"
Stanford, Edward"

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Conception Bay North, Northern District