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A ? mark indicates an entry that was difficult to read and therefore the accuracy is suspect. A census is a finding aid and should not be treated as a primary source of information. The 1935 census also gives information as to the value of the home, how many rooms, if owned or rented, place of birth, religion, occupation, income and if the family owned a radio. Information was obtained from photocopies of the microfilm of the 1935 Newfoundland Census, obtained from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Queen Elizabeth II Library, St. John's, NF, Canada, A1B 3Y1. It was transcribed by ELEANOR ATKINSON, Rochester, NH, USA ~ May 1999. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors.
MOORES, GeorgeHeadMM62
MOORES, Mary AnnWifeFM60
MOORES, L. MarionDaughterFS26
MOORES, George WSonMS24

MOORES, LeviHeadMW67
MOORES, Raymond LSonMS26
MOORES, Warren ASonMS24
STANFORD, BessieDomesticFS17

MOORES, William JHeadMM49
MOORES, Florence EWifeFM45
MOORES, Clarence MSonMS18
MOORES, Harold CSonMS17
MOORES, Arthur DSonMS15
MOORES, Jane EMotherFW85

MOORES, Willis HHeadMM50
MOORES, ElsieWifeFM45
MOORES, George WSonMS24
MOORES, CharlesSonMS18
MOORES, DoraDaughterFS15
MOORES, Marian MDaughterFS3
MOORES, ElizabethMother in lawFW78

MOORES, AdamHeadMM73
MOORES, ElizabethWifeFM63
MOORES, Julia RDaughterFS24

STANFORD, EdwardHeadMW54
STANFORD, MyrtleDaughterFS22
STANFORD, DorisDaughterFS10
STANFORD, JaneMotherFW76

MOORES, Charles DHeadMM45
MOORES, BeatriceWifeFM28
MOORES, Merritt ASonMS5

HOLLETT, JamesHeadMM38
HOLLETT, SusannaWifeFM41
HOLLETT, KennethSonMS15
HOLLETT, MildredDaughterFS13
HOLLETT, Margreta?DaughterFS11
HOLLETT, EvelynDaughterFS5

HUDSON, John CharlesHeadMM83
HUDSON, JessieWifeFM62
DIAMOND, VioletDaughterFM33
DIAMOND, JamesSon in lawMM38
DIAMOND, GladysGrand daughterFS10

HUDSON, John THeadMM64
HUDSON, ElfridaWifeFM61

HUDSON, HarriettHeadFW80

EVANS, James LHeadMM23
EVANS, HarriettWifeFM26
EVANS, NormanSonMS 8 months

HUDSON, Robert RHeadMM45
HUDSON, Vida MayWifeFM37
HUDSON, MarcellaDaughterFS17
HUDSON, Warren RSonMS10
HUDSON, Morley JohnBrotherMs34
HUDSON, WilfredNephewMS8

HUDSON, FloraHeadFW73
HUDSON, Viola BDaughterFS29

HUDSON, John BHeadMM71
HUDSON, JuliaWifeFM68
HUDSON, ErnestSonMS27
HUDSON, James CGrandsonMS14

EVANS, John HHeadMM70
EVANS, PriscillaWifeFM67
EVANS, LeonardSonSM28
EVANS, EdithDaughter in lawFM27
EVANS, BurtonGrandsonMS3
EVANS, LeonaGrand daughterFS4

EVANS, William GHeadMM54
EVANS, LucyWifeFM48
EVANS, FrederickSonMS26
EVANS, Mary Roanna?DaughterFS20

HUDSON, AlbertHeadMM73
HUDSON, VictoriaWifeFM73

HUDSON, George EHeadMM60
HUDSON, AmeliaWifeFM59

BAGGS, WilliamHeadMM52
BAGGS, Mary AnnWifeFM51
BAGGS, CliffordSonMS24
BAGGS, John NSonMS22

BAGGS, JohnHeadMM62
BAGGS, JessieWifeFM49
EDGECOMB, Pheobe JDaughterF`S26
BAGGS, GeorgeSonSS18
BAGGS, EdithDaughterFS16
BAGGS, EdwardSonMS13
BAGGS, BlanchDaughterFS11

BAGGS, RichardHeadMM77
BAGGS, MariaWifeFM71

BAGGS, Richard Jr.HeadMM50
BAGGS, LucyWifeFM40
BAGGS, MildredDaughterFS17
BAGGS, John MSonMS12
BAGGS, Walter HSonMS9

HUDSON, StewartHeadMM??
HUDSON, Harriett MayWifeFM25
HUDSON, Clyde WSonMS5 months

RYAN, DinahHeadFW76

DIAMOND, W ClaytonHeadMM30
DIAMOND, Laura BWifeFM30
DIAMOND, Julia JeanetteDaughterFS1

HUDSON, George WHeadMM23
HUDSON, Sarah BellWifeFM22
HUDSON, Ruby EDaughterFS1
HUDSON, JamesBrotherMS17
HUDSON, FrazerBrotherMS14

REID, John THeadMM40
REID, Eliza MWifeFM36
REID, Harriett JaneDaughterFS16
REID, George LeslieSonMS13
REID, Ella MayDaughterFS11
REID, Olive BlanchDaughterFS10
REID, Phyllis MarieDaughterFS7
REID, BerylDaughterFS5
REID, JoyceDaughterFS4
REID, NellieDaughterFS2

DIAMOND, James EHeadMM26
DIAMOND, EthelWifeFM29
WHEADON, Elvie?DomesticFS18

EVANS, GilbertHeadMM56
EVANS, IdaWifeFM53
EVANS, ClarenceSonMS28
EVANS, LeslieSonMS26
EVANS, HaroldSonMS17

EVANS, AlfredHeadMM59
EVANS, AlfredaWifeFM54

DIAMOND, NathanielHeadMM64
DIAMOND, GeorginaWifeFM58
DIAMOND, DorisDaughterFS22
DIAMOND, GeorgeSonMS19
DIAMOND, MaryMotherFW90

RYAN, JohnHeadMM64
RYAN, SarahWifeFM62

RYAN, PhilipHeadMM72
RYAN, AbigailWifeFM61
LOVEYS, MildredDaughterFM19
LOVEYS, WilliamSon in lawMM24

BRENNAN, William RHeadMW71
BRENNAN, JamesBrotherMS80

DIAMOND, GeorgeHeadMS28
DIAMOND, FrederickBrotherMS19
DIAMOND, MildredSisterFS17
HALFYARD, EllaLodgerFS23
TRICKETT, ElfredaDomesticFS21

BAGGS, UrsulaHeadFW52
BAGGS, LucyDaughterFS22
BAGGS, FrederickSonMS20
BAGGS, ArchibaldSonMS17
BAGGS, HildaDaughterFS16
BAGGS, PearlDaughterFS12
BAGGS, LillianDaughterFS8

MURRAY, William HHeadMW58
MURRAY, James CliffordSonMS29
MURRAY, ThomasSonMS27

MURRAY, JohnHeadMM76
MURRAY, MarthaWifeFM69
HUDSON, Ida BDaughterFM23
HUDSON, HerbertSon in LawMM34
HUDSON, William JohnGrandsonMS1

MURRAY, SilasHeadMM67
MURRAY, ElizabethWifeFM79
BAGGS, AllenCousinMM30
BAGGS, ViolaCousinFM23
BAGGS, Doris BeatriceCousinFS9 months

MARTIN, AgnesHeadFS44

POWER, FrazerHeadMM28
POWER, JanieWifeFM22
POWER, Clarice RuthDaughterFS2

DIAMOND, NellieDaughterFS31

HOLLETT, WilliamHeadMS70

POWER, BernardHeadMM58
POWER, SarahWifeFM56
POWER, JamesSonMS17
POWER, FlorenceDaughterFS21
POWER, ChesterSonMS14
POWER, MarieDaughterFS9

GILL, JohnHeadMW64

MUTREY, AlexHeadMM47?
MUTREY, Sarah JaneWifeFM42
MUTREY, EdwardSonMS20
MUTREY, CorneliaDaughterFS15
MUTREY, George NelsonSonMS10
MUTREY, Edith JaneDaughterFS7
MUTREY, Elijah FrederickSonMS6

MOORES, EugeneHeadMM49
MOORES, Mary AnnWifeFM48
MOORES, AllenSonMS23
MOORES, WarrenSonMS17
MOORES, MelvinSonMS14
MOORES, BerniceDaughterFS8
WHELAN, Elias?Father in lawMW75

DIAMOND, LeonardHeadMM40
DIAMOND, WinnieWifeFM36
DIAMOND, MelvinSonMS13

DIAMOND, SarahHeadFW73

HUDSON, ThomasHeadMW89

HOLLETT, DuncanSonMS22
HOLLETT, WilliamSonMS20
HOLLETT, MinnieDaughterFS20

EVANS, JohnHeadMM42
EVANS, EllaWifeFM38

MURPHY, StephenHeadMM62
MURPHY, MaryWifeFM56
MURPHY, MaryDaughterFS21

MURPHY, WilliamHeadMM58
MURPHY, BridgetWifeFM58
MURPHY, ThomasSonMS23
MURPHY, GertrudeDaughterFS21

EVANS, JosephHeadMM71
EVANS, LydiaWifeFM71

REID, Martha

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