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Conception Bay North Region - Northern District

Adam's Cove

The information was transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE ~ January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation
BAGGS, John Wes, fisherman
BAGGS, Richard (J W), fisherman
BAGGS, Enoch, fisherman
BAGGS, Robert, fisherman
BAGGS, William, planter
BAGGS, William jr., fisherman
BAGGS, Richard (Hy), fisherman
BAGGS, Hugh, fisherman
BAGGS, Edward, fisherman
BRENAN, James, fisherman
BRENAN, John, fisherman
BRENAN, William, fisherman
DAY, John, fisherman
DIAMOND, Hugh, fisherman
DIAMOND, John (Wm.), fisherman
DIAMOND, Peter (Peter), fisherman
DIAMOND, Peter (John), fisherman
DIAMOND, John (Thos), fisherman
DIAMOND, Clement, fisherman
DIAMOND, Nathaniel, fisherman
DIAMOND, Joseph, fisherman
EVENS, James, general dealer
EVENS, John, planter
EVENS, Robert (Robt), fisherman
EVENS, Eli, fisherman
EVENS, Robert (Jno), fisherman
EVENS, Joseph, fisherman
GILL, George, fisherman
GILL, Edward, fisherman
GILL, Peter (Geo), fisherman
GILL, Peter (Peter), fisherman
GILL, John, fisherman
HUDSON, Robert H., planter
HUDSON, Levi, fisherman
HUDSON, John T., fisherman
HUDSON, Thomas, fisherman
HUDSON, George (Jos), planter
HUDSON, Joseph (Jos), fisherman
HUDSON, William P., fisherman
HUDSON, Joseph (Geo), fisherman
HUDSON, John (Jno), fisherman
HUDSON, Peter, fisherman
HUDSON, Philip, fisherman
HUDSON, Albert, fisherman
HUDSON, George (Jno), planter
HUDSON, Christopher, fisherman
HUDSON, Robert, fisherman
HUDSON, Solomon (Robt), fisherman
HUDSON, Edward (Geo sr.), fisherman
HUDSON, John C., fisherman
HUDSON, Edward (Edw), fisherman
HUDSON, Solomon, fisherman
HUDSON, John, fisherman
HUDSON, Peter (Peter), fisherman
HUDSON, Mathias, fisherman
HUDSON, Willis, fisherman
HUDSON, James, fisherman
HOLLETT, Samuel, fisherman
HOLLETT, William (Jos), fisherman
HOLLETT, Robert, fisherman
HOLLETT, William (Robt), fisherman
MOORES, Josiah, fisherman
MOORES, Jabez, fisherman
MOORES, Adam, fisherman
MOORES, Moses, fisherman
MOORES, Daniel, fisherman
MOORES, Edward, fisherman
MOORES, Reuben, fisherman
MOORES, Solomon, fisherman
MOORES, John, fisherman
MOORES, Eli, fisherman
MORAN, John, fisherman
MOORES, Absolom, fisherman
MOORES, Walter, fisherman
MOORES, Joseph, fisherman
MOORES, John, fisherman
MOORES, Thomas R., fisherman
MOORES, Charles, planter
MOORES, Levi, fisherman
MOORES, John, fisherman
MARTIN, William, fisherman
MARTIN, George, fisherman
MARTIN, John S., fisherman
MILLEY, Edward, fisherman
MILLEY, Thomas, fisherman
MURRAY, Samuel, fisherman
MURRAY, Archibald, fisherman
MURRAY, John (Samuel), fisherman
MURRAY, Eli, fisherman
MURRAY, James, fisherman
MURRAY, Silas, fisherman
MURRAY, William, fisherman
MURRAY, Edward, fisherman
MURRAY, Joseph, fisherman
MURRAY, Michael, fisherman
MURRAY, John (Michael), fisherman
MURRAY, John (James), fisherman
MURRAY, John (Wm, sr.), fisherman
MURPHY, John, fisherman
MOORES, William (John), fisherman
MARTIN, James, fisherman
POWER, Stephen, fisherman
POWER, Eli, fisherman
REID, John, fisherman
REID, Sampson, fisherman
RONAN, Michael, fisherman
RYAN, John, fisherman
RYAN, Michael, fisherman
RYAN, William, fisherman
RYAN, Philip, fisherman
STANTIFORD, Henry, fisherman

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