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Conception Bay North - Northern District

Adams Cove

The information was transcribed by BILL WHITE ~ May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation
Baggs, Robertfisherman
Baggs John Wdo
Baggs Richard Hdo
Baggs Williamdo
Brennan Johndo
Brennan Jamesdo
Brennan Williamdo
Baggs Richarddo
Baggs Hughdo
Baggs Edwarddo
Day Johndo
Diamond Hughdo
Diamond Clemencedo
Diamond John (Wm)do
Diamond Peter (Peter)do
Diamond Peter (John) gen dealer
Diamond John (Thos)fisherman
Diamond Josephdo
Diamond Nathanieldo
Diamond Georgedo
Evans, Jamesgeneral dealer
Evans Joshuado
Evans Leonardteacher
Evans Josephsailor
Evans Robert (John)fisherman
Evans Robert (Rbt)do
Evans Robert jrdo
Evans Elido
Gill Georgedo
Gill Edwarddo
Gill Johndo
Gill Peter (Geo)fisherman
Gill Peter (Richard)do
Hudson Robertdo
Hudson Solomon (Rbt)do
Hudson Allando
Hudson Charlesdo
Hudson Solomon (Edw)do
Hudson Edwarddo
Hudson George (Edw)do
Hudson George (Jos)do
Hudson Thomasdo
Hudson Josephdo
Hudson Willisdo
Hudson George (John)do
Hudson Peter (John)do
Hudson Johndo
Hudson Philipdo
Hudson Albertdo
Hudson Robert M.schr master
Hudson Levicourier
Hudson John T fisherman
Hudson John B (Levi)do
Hudson Peter (Peter)do
Hollett Samuel sr schr master
Hollett Samuel jrfisherman
Hollett John jrdo
Hollett John srdo
Hollett Robertdo
Hollett William jrdo
Hollett William (Rbt)do
Moores Charlesdo
Moores John (Chas)do
Moores Adamdo
Moores Mosesfisherman
Moores Joseph (Geo)do
Moores Joseph (John) do
Moores Thomasdo
Moores John (Jos)do
Moores Danieldo
Moores Williamdo
Moores Edwarddo
Moores Solomondo
Moores Jabezdo
Moores Absalomdo
Moores Reubendo
Moores Elido
Murphy Johndo
Murphy Stephendo
Martin Williamdo
Martin Georgedo
Martin James do
Murray Jamesdo
Murray John (Jas)do
Murray Samueldo
Murray John (Sam)do
Murray Stephendo
Murray Elido
Murray John (Wm)do
Murray Josephdo
Milley Edwarddo
Milley Thomasdo
Milley Johndo
Power Stephendo
Power Elido
Ronan Michaeldo
Ryans Michaeldo
Ryans Williamdo
Ryans Philipdo
Ryans Israeldo
Ryans John srdo
Ryan John jrdo
Reid Samsondo
Stanford Henrydo
Tucker Jamesdo

NameDescription of ErrorMy Name
DIAMOND Celmence Diamond should be Clement Diamond. Jim Diamond

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