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Conception Bay North - Northern District

Bay de Verde

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ February 1999. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.
Abbott, JamesBay-de-Verde
Blundon, William of Thomas"
Blundon, James of James"
Blundon, Moses of William"
Blundon, Herbert"
Blundon, James of Moses"
Blundon, William of Moses"
Blundon, James of John"
Blundon, Joseph"
Blundon, William of James"
Blundon, George"
Blundon, Stephen of Charles"
Blundon, Thomas"
Blundon, Stephen of Thomas"
Blundon, Duncan"
Blundon, Moses of Henry"
Blundon, John"
Blundon, Josiah"
Blundon, Moses of John"
Blundon, James of John"
Barter, James"
Barter, CharlesBay-de-Verde
Barter, William"
Barter, Robert"
Barter, Hubert"
Brady, John"
Broaders, John"
Broaders, Peters"
Broaders, Moses"
Broaders, Andrew"
Broaders, Michael"
Coish, Joseph"
Coish, George"
Coish, Jacob"
Coish, Charles"
Coish, Robert of Joseph"
Coish, Thomas"
Coish, Stephen"
Coish, Allan"
Coish, Robert of Thomas"
Coish, Richard"
Cotter, Edward"
Cotter, John"
Cotter, Michael"
Cotter, Thomas"
Cotter, William"
Conway, Henry"
Duffit, GeorgeBay-de-Verde
Duffit, William"
Donnelly, Joseph Rev"
Doyle, Thomas of Moses"
Doyle, Moses of Thomas"
Doyle, Michael"
Doyle, Thomas of John"
Doyle, Moses of John"
Eady, William"
Emberly, Stephen of Stephen"
Emberly, William of Stephen"
Emberly, Joseph of William"
Emberly, William of Joseph"
Emberly, Stephen of Joseph"
Emberly, Absalom"
Emberly, Thomas of Thomas"
Emberly, William of Thomas"
Emberly, Albert"
Emberly, Arthur"
Emberly, Daniel"
Emberly, Frederick"
Emberly, James"
Emberly, John of Henry"
Emberly, William of John"
Emberly, Joseph of John"
Emberly, George"
Emberly, EdwardBay-de-Verde
Emberly, John of William"
Emberly, Stephen of William"
Emberly, Robert"
Flemming, Richard of John"
Flemming, John"
Flemming, Michael"
Flemming, Richard of Edward"
Flemming, James"
Flynn, Nathaniel"
Flynn, Thomas of John"
Flynn, Thomas of John sr"
Flynn, Michael"
Froud, Charles"
Frost, William"
Fitzgibbons, Jeremiah"
Fitzgibbons, William"
Green, Archibald"
Hurley, Michael"
Hennebury, Richard"
Jacobs, Simeon"
Jacobs, Henry of Simeon"
Jacobs, John T."
Jacobs, George"
Jacobs, James of JamesBay-de-Verde
Jacobs, Eleazar"
Jacobs, Azariah"
Jacobs, William of Henry"
Jacobs, James of William"
Jacobs, William of William"
Jacobs, Job"
Jacobs, Henry of Stephen"
Keys, John"
Keys, Moses"
Keys, Michael"
Keys, Patrick"
Keys, Lawrence"
Keys, Joseph"
Keats, Peter"
Keats, Joseph"
Keats, John"
Keats, David"
Keats, George"
Keats, Andrew"
Lockyer, John sr"
Lockyer, William H."
Lockyer, John jr"
Lockyer, Henry"
Lockyer, Joseph"
Lockyer, StephenBay-de-Verde
Lockyer, Moses"
Lockyer, Edward"
Lockyer, James"
Lockyer, George"
Lynch, Andrew"
Moore, Thomas of James"
Moore, Edward"
Moore, Andrew of James"
Moore, Thomas of Edward"
Moore, James"
Moore, Andrew of Thomas"
Murphy, Patrick"
Moore, Leo"
Moore, Andrew of Edward"
Moore, Thomas of Andrew"
Moore, Andrew of Daniel"
Moore, Thomas of Daniel"
Murphy, James"
Noonan, John sr. of Dennis"
Noonan, Dennis of John"
Noonan, John of John"
Noonan, James of John"
Noonan, John of Pat"
Noonan, Michael"
Noonan, Patrick"
Noonan, James of Dennis"
Noonan, Thomss [sic] of James"
Noonan, John of Dennis"
Noonan, Thomas of Dennis"
Noonan, William"
Noonan, Dennis of Dennis"
Noonan, Thomas of John"
Noonan, Daniel"
Noonan, Moses"
Noonan, Joseph"
Norris, Joshua"
Norris, Joseph"
Norris, Charles"
Norris, William"
Norris, Walter"
Norris, Edward"
Norris, John"
Norris, George"
North, William"
North, Thomas of William"
North, Michael"
North, William of Thomas"
North, Thomas of Thomas"
North, Andrew"
North, William of James"
O'Neil, John"
O'Neil, Michael J.P."
O'Neil, DanielBay-de-Verde
O'Neil, James"
O'Neil, Thomas"
Pryor, Jabez"
Pryor, William"
Riggs, William of Thomas"
Riggs, Henry of Thomas"
Riggs, Nehemiah"
Riggs, John jr. of William"
Riggs, John sr. of William"
Riggs, Thomas"
Riggs, Patrick"
Riggs, Andrew of Thomas"
Riggs, Andrew jr"
Riggs, William of Newman"
Sullivan, John"
Sullivan, Peter"
Stephenson, William H."
Sutton, James of Edward"
Sutton, Edward sr"
Sutton, Edwrrd [sic] jr"
Sutton, John"
Sutton, Richard"
Sutton, Thomas"
Sutton, Elijah"
Sutton, William ThomasBay-de-Verde
Sutton, James of Elijah"
Sutton, Silas"
Whelan, Thomas"
Walsh, Edward of Patrick"
Walsh, Patrick of Michael"
Walsh, Edward of Peter"
Walsh, John"
Walsh, Michael"
Walsh, James of John"
Walsh, Patrick jr. of Michael"
Walsh, James of Michael"
Walsh, Edward of Michael"
Walsh, Daniel of Michael"
Walsh, Walter"
Walsh, Edward of Edward"
Walsh, Thomas of Edward"
Walsh, Patrick of Edward"
Walsh, Daniel of Edward"
Walsh, William"
Walsh, Peter"
Woodrow, Richard sr"
Woodrow, Richard jr"
Woodrow, John P."
Woodrow, Andrew"
Woodrow, John R."
Woodrow, James"
Woodrow, DanielBay-de-Verde
Woodrow, Jeremiah"

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