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Bay de Verde

The information was transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE ~ January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation
ABBOTT, Jamesfisherman
BARTER, William Sr.fisherman
BARTER, Charlesfisherman
BARTER, William, Jr.fisherman
BARTER, Jamesfisherman
BLUNDEN, Mosesfisherman
BLUNDEN, Wm (Wm)fisherman
BLUNDEN, James, Sr.fisherman
BLUNDEN, Josephfisherman
BLUNDEN, William (James)fisherman
BLUNDEN, Stephenfisherman
BLUNDEN, Thomas (Chas)fisherman
BLUNDEN, William (Thos)fisherman
BLUNDEN, Thomas (Thos)fisherman
BLUNDEN, John (Thos)fisherman
BLUNDEN, John (Jno)fisherman
BROADERS, Johnfisherman
BROADERS, Jamesfisherman
BROADERS, Mosesfisherman
BROADERS, John (Jas)fisherman
BRADY, John (Jno)fisherman
COTTER, Johnfisherman
COTTER, Thomasfisherman
COTTER, Johnfisherman
COTTER, Michaelfisherman
COSH, Josephfisherman
COSH, Georgefisherman
COSH, Jacobfisherman
COSH, Thomasfisherman
COSH, Williamfisherman
COSH, Richardfisherman
DONNELLY, Rev. R., Roman Catholic
DUFFETT, Georgefisherman
DENN, Johnfisherman
DOYLE, Thomasfisherman
DOYLE, Johnfisherman
DELANEY, Williamfisherman
EMBERLY, Robertfisherman
EMBERLY, Johnfisherman
EMBERLY, Josephfisherman
EMBERLY, William (Jno)fisherman
EMBERLY, Reubenfisherman
EMBERLY, William S.fisherman
EMBERLY, William, Sr.fisherman
EMBERLY, Stephenfisherman
EMBERLY, William, Jr.fisherman
EMBERLY, Henryfisherman
EMBERLY, John C.fisherman
EMBERLY, James (Henry)fisherman
EMBERLY, Thomasfisherman
EMBERLY, James, Sr.fisherman
EADY, Stephenfisherman
FLEMMING, Edwardfisherman
FLEMMING, R (Edw)fisherman
FLEMMING, Jamesfisherman
FLEMMING, Richard (Jno)fisherman
FLYNN, Johnfisherman
FLYNN, Thomasfisherman
FLYNN, Nathanielfisherman
FROUD, Charlesfisherman
FIELD, Johnfisherman
GARRET, Jonahfisherman
HURLEY, Michaelfisherman
HYDE, Michaelfisherman
JACOBS, William (Jas)fisherman
JACOBS, Azariahfisherman
JACOBS, Eleazarfisherman
JACOBS, Georgefisherman
JACOBS, Matthiasfisherman
JACOBS, Henryfisherman
JACOBS, Josephfisherman
JACOBS, William Jobfisherman
JACOBS, William (W J)fisherman
JACOBS, Simeonfisherman
JACOBS, Jamesfisherman
JACOBS, Uriahfisherman
KATES, Johnfisherman
KATES, Davidfisherman
KAY, Laurencefisherman
KAY, Michaelfisherman
KAY, Edwardfisherman
KEEFE, Michaelfisherman
KEEFE, Patrickfisherman
KEEFE, Thomasfisherman
KEEFE, Francisfisherman
LOONEY, Garretfisherman
LYNCH, Johnfisherman
LYNCH, Danielfisherman
LYNCH, Andrewfisherman
LOCKYER, John (Wm)fisherman
KOCKYER, Henryfisherman
LOCKYER, Thomasfisherman
LOCKYER, John (Jno)fisherman
LOCKYER, John, Sr.fisherman
LOCKYER, Jamesfisherman
LOCKYER, Wm.fisherman
MARCH, Eben, agent S. Marsh & Sons general dealers
McCARTHY, Patrickfisherman
MURPHY, Jamesfisherman
MOORES, James, sr.fisherman
MOORE, Andrew (Edw)fisherman
MOORE, Edward (Edw)fisherman
MOORE, Thomas (Edw)fisherman
MOORE, James (Andrew)fisherman
MOORE, Edward (Jas), general dealer
MOORE, Thomas (Jas)fisherman
MOORE, Andrew (Jas)fisherman
MOORE, Andrew Thosfisherman
NORTH, Jamesfisherman
NORTH, Thomasfisherman
NORTH, William, school teacher
NOONAN, Dennisfisherman
NOONEN, John, (Thos)fisherman
NOONEN, John (Dennis)fisherman
NOONEN, Jamesfisherman
NOONEN, Patrickfisherman
NORRIS, Johnfisherman
NORRIS, Georgefisherman
NORRIS, Joshuafisherman
O'NEIL, Thomas, trader
O'NEIL, John jr. (handwriting crosses out "jr", replaced by "sr")fisherman
O'NEIL, John, sr., (handwriting crosses out "sr", replaced by "jr"), general dealer
PRYOR, Josephfisherman
PRYOR, Jabezfisherman
PRYOR, Thomasfisherman
PRYOR, Williamfisherman
RIGGS, Andrewfisherman
RIGGS, Thomas (Andr)fisherman
RIGGS, Williamfisherman
RIGGS, Thomas (Thos)fisherman
RIGGS, Newmanfisherman
RIGGS, Johnfisherman
SMART, Rev. Frank, Episcopal
SUTTON, Elijahfisherman
SUTTON, Richardfisherman
SUTTON, Williamfisherman
SUTTON, Johnfisherman
STEPHENS, Jamesfisherman
STEPHENS, William Henryfisherman
SULLIVAN, Mauricefisherman
SULLIVAN, Johnfisherman
WOODROW, Jeremiahfisherman
WOODROW, John R.fisherman
WOODROW, Richardfisherman
WOODROW, Danielfisherman
WALSH, Edward (Edw)fisherman
WALSH, Thomasfisherman
WALSH, John (Patrick)fisherman
WALSH, Michael (Ptk)fisherman
WALSH, Edward (Ptk)fisherman
WLASH, William (Jona)fisherman
WALSH, James (Jona)fisherman
WALSH, John (Jona)fisherman
WALSH, Patrick (Jona)fisherman
WALSH, Michael, sr.fisherman
WALSH, Patrick (Michl)fisherman
WALSH, Joseph (Michl)fisherman
WALSH, Edward (Michl)fisherman
WALSH, Peterfisherman
WALSH, Thomasfisherman

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