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Conception Bay North - Northern District

Bay de Verde

The information was transcribed by BILL WHITE ~ May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation
Abbot Jamesfisherman
Broaders Jamesdo
Broaders Mosesdo
Broaders John (Jas)do
Broaders Andrewdo
Broaders John (John)do
Barter William srdo
Barter Charlesfisherman
Barter William jrdo
Barter Robertdo
Barter Jamesdo
Blundon Stephen ( Chas ) do
Blundon Honnor widow of Wm
Blundon Thomas (Chas)fisherman
Brady Johndo
Brady Johanna, widow of John
Blundon John fisherman
Blundon Magdelinewidow of Thos
Blundon Moses (Wm)fisherman
Blundon William ( Moses )do
Blundon James Tdo
Blundon William ( Thos ) do
Blundon Thomas ( Thos ) do
Blundon Stephen ( Thos )do
Blundon Wm ( Stephen ) do
Blundon Moses ( Henry ) do
Blundon Jamesdo
Blundon Josephdo
Blundon Jas ( Jas )gen dealer
Blundon Wm ( Jas )fisherman
Coish Wmdo
Coish Richarddo
Coish Josephdo
Coish Georgedo
Coish Chasdo
Coish Jacobdo
Coish Kobertdo
Cragg Rev J GEpiscopal
Cotter Thosfisherman
Cotter Johndo
Cotter Michaeldo
Cotter Wmdo
Cotter Edwdo
Duffit Geodo
Denn Johndo
Doyle Thosdo
Doyle Johndo
Delaney Wmdo
Donnelly Rev J V Roman Cath
Emberly Thosfisherman
Emberly Kesiah, wid Jas
Emberly Wm ( John )do
Emberley Reubendo
Emberley Robtdo
Emberly Wm ( Wm )do
Emberly Joseph ( Wm ) do
Emberly Wm (Jas)do
Emberly Johndo
Emberly Joseph ( John )do
Emberly Jas srdo
Emberly Henrydo
Emberly John Cfisherman
Emberly Jas jrdo
Emberly Stephendo
Emberly Wm ( Stephen)do
Flynn Thosdo
Froud Charlesdo
Flynn Nathanieldo
Flynn Anne, wid Jno
Flemming Edwdo
Flemming Richd ( Edw)do
Flemming Johndo
Flemming Jasdo
Flemming Richd ( Jno) do
Garrett Jonahdo
Garrett Johndo
Hurley Michaeldo
Hennebury Richarddo
Hyde Michaeldo
Jacobs Henrydo
Jacobs Jasdo
Jacobs Uriahdo
Jacobs Wm ( Henry)do
Jacobs Wm (Wm )do
Jacobs Simeondo
Jacobs Josephdo
Jacobs Eleazerdo
Jacobs Azariahdo
Jacobs Geodo
Keats Josephdo
Keats Daviddo
Keats Johndo
Keats Peterdo
Kay Michaeldo
Kay Edwdo
Kay Lawrencedo
Kay Johndo
Keefe Thomasdo
Keefe Francisdo
Looney, Garrettdo
Lockyer Wmdo
Lockyer Henrydo
Lockyer Thosdo
Lockyer Josephdo
Lockyer John ( John)do
Lockyer Wm Henrydo
Lockyer John ( Wm)do
Lockyer Jasdo
Lockyer Georgedo
Lynch Andrewdo
Moore Thos ( Andrew) do
Moore Edw sr general dealer
Moore Danielfisherman
Moore Andrew jrgen'l dealer
Moore Thos ( Jas )do
Moore Edw jrgen'l dealer
Moore Andrew srfisherman
Moore Jasdo
Moore Thos srdo
Moore Thomas Michael do
Moore Mary, wid Jas
Murphy Jamesdo
North Jasdo
North Thosdo
North Michaeldo
North Wm teacher
Noonan John sr general dealer
Noonan Jasfisherman
Noonan Patrickdo
Noonan John ( Patk )do
Noonan Denisdo
Noonan John ( Denis ) do
Noonan John ( Thos ) do
Noonan Mary, wid Thos
Norris Joshuado
Norris Anne, wid Jas
Norris Johndo
Norris Geodo
O'Neil Thosdo
O'neil Theresa, wid Michl
O'Neil John general dealer
O'Neil Michaeldo
Pryor Josephfisherman
Pryor Jabezdo
Pryor Thosdo
Pryor Wmdo
Pike Geodo
Riggs Wmdo
Riggs Thos ( Thos )do
Riggs Henry Tdo
Riggs Johndo
Riggs Newnando
Riggs Andrewdo
Riggs Thos ( Andrew )do
Riggs Jasdo
Rice Michaeldo
Sutton Wmdo
Sutton Johndo
Sutton Edwdo
Sutton Elijahdo
Sutton Richarddo
Sutton Thosdo
Stephens Wm Henrydo
Stephens Anne, wid
Stephens Jasdo
Sullivan Mauricedo
Walsh Josephdo
Walsh Edw ( Edw)do
Walsh Thosdo
Walsh Peterfisherman
Walsh Patrick ( Edw )do
Walsh Michael srdo
Walsh Jamesdo
Walsh Danieldo
Walsh Edw ( Michl )do
Walsh Patrick ( Michl )do
Walsh Johndo
Walsh Michael jrdo
Walsh Patrick ( Michl ) do
Walsh Wmdo
Walsh Edw ( Pat'k )do
Woodrow Danieldo
Woodrow Jeremiahdo
Woodrow John Richard do
Woodrow Richarddo
Whelan Thomasdo

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