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Conception Bay North ~ Northern District

Blackhead / Bay de Verde - Methodist Baptisms (1816-1852)

PANL: Volume 52A

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As these Vital Statistics were being transcribed it was noticed that there were discrepancies between these and the original parish records already posted at NL GenWeb. Thus, in the 'Notes' column, Bill has indicated these discrepancies.
Information was transcribed by JOHN WILLIAM (BILL) WALSH, 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NoftalThomas & SusannaSaria29 Jul 1840planterBroad Cv
P80-831 Dec 1839NoftalJames & PatienceJames20 Jul 1840planterBroad Cv
P80-912 Aug 1839NoftalJacob & CatherineWilliam5 Aug 1840planterBroad Cv
P80-102 Apr 1840ThistleJonathan & JaneMatthew9 Aug 1840planterBroad Cv
KingKing & MarySarah18 Aug 1840planterBroad Cv
MurrayWilliam & AnnaAbraham22 Sep 1840planterAdams Cv
P80-1319 May 1840PageAbraham & HannahThomas4 Oct 1840planterSmall Point
P80-1420 Aug 1840ButtThomas & MarthaWilliam1 Nov 1840planterBlackhead
P80-1525 Aug 1840MulleyMichael & SarahLea1 Nov 1840planterBroad Cv
HudsonJohn & CarolineSarah12 Oct 1840planterBlackhead
P81-13 Jun 1840GillWilliam & ElizabethLorne10 Nov 1840planterAdams Cv
P81-220 Sep 1840ThistleJames & SarahJohn15 Nov 1840planterMulleys Cv
P81-311 Aug 1840KingMoses & PhebeEliza22 Nov 1840planterBroad Cv
P81-418 Jun 1840FrancisWilliam & MaryEmma22 Nov 1840planterBroad Cv
P81-54 Aug 1840ThistleJonathan & RebeccaJonathan14 Dec 1840planterBroad Cv
P81-629 Jun 1840NoftalMoses & AnnPeter14 Dec 1840planterBroad Cv
P81-74 Jul 1840DiamondJohn & AnnSarah15 Dec 1840planterAdams Cv
P81-810 Oct 1840EvansJames & ElizabethJames20 Dec 1840planterAdams Cv
P81-920 Sep 1840MooresJonathan & ElizabethEmily20 Dec 1840planterBlackhead
P81-1031 Oct 1840SutcliffeIngham & JeanIsabella25 Dec 1840ministerBlackhead
P81-1124 Oct 1840LeGrowJames & JuliaSimon25 Dec 1840planterBroad Cv
P81-1215 Sep 1840PeachJames & CharlotteDorcas25 Dec 1840planterBroad Cv
P81-133 Nov 1840PeachThomas & JaneSusannah3 Jan 1841planterSmall Point
P81-1412 Oct 1840HollettThomas & MaryDorothy3 Jan 1841planterBlackhead
P81-1515 Sep 1840JanesGeorge & IsabellaAnn10 Jan 1841planterBroad Cv
P81-167 Nov 1840Poor (Power)William & GraceRichard12 Jan 1841planterAdams Cv
P82-18 Nov 1840BaggsSamuel & MariaWilliam21 Feb 1841planterBroad Cv
P82-229 Oct 1840PippyWilliam & ElizabethSarah21 Feb 1841planterBroad Cv
P82-327 Mar 1844WhiteGeorge & JaneGeorge Willis20 Jun 1844planterOchre Pit Cv.
P82-44Mar 1844CoishRichard & AnnLouisa20 Jun 1844planterOchre Pit Cv.
P82-519 May 1844PierceyIsrael & Mary AnnJoseph Lavis20 Jun 1844planterWestern Bay
P82-65 Apr 1844HollettThomas & MaryThomas20 Jun 1844planterWestern Bay
P82-77 Apr 1844MooresAdam & ElizabethMary14 Jul 1844planterBlackhead
P82-821 Dec 1843HollettSamuel & MaryJohn William Diamond14 Jul 1844planterAdams Cv
P82-919 Apr 1844CoishWilliam & CatherineJoseph21 Jul 1844planterOchre Pit Cv.
P82-101 Jun 1844EdgecombeThomas & SusannaEliza21 Jul 1844planterOchre Pit Cv.
P82-111 Dec 1843WebsterJohn & JuliaSarah Pennel21 Jul 1844planterOchre Pit Cv.
P82-1220 May 1844ParsonsWilliam & IsabellaJane21 Jul 1844planterOchre Pit Cv.
P82-1314 Nov 1843CrummeyJoseph & AnnEmma21 Jul 1844planterWestern Bay
P82-1412 Jul 1843RoseThomas & MaryJohn21 Jul 1844planterWestern Bay
P82-1510 May 1844FosterJohn & HonoraEmma21 Jul 1844planterWestern Bay
P82-1622 Apr 1844WhelanHenry & FannyEdward Young21 Jul 1844planterBroad Cv
P83-129 Feb 1842SutcliffeIngham & JeanMary Ann10 Jul 1844ministerBlackhead
P83-215 Jul 1842FlightJacob & MaryHenry James25 Jul 1844planterSmall Point
P83-324 Jun 1842BaggsWilliam & AnnJohn25 Jul 1844planterAdams Cv
P83-49 Feb 1842MooresAdam & ElizabethMark25 Jul 1844planterMulleys Cv
P83-59 Feb 1842MooresHenry & ElizabethMary Susannah Sutcliffe9 Aug 1844planterBlackhead
P83-610 May 1842PeachSamuel & HannahJohn9 Aug 1844planterSmall Point
P83-720 Apr 1842KingHenry & MaryReuben21 Aug 1844planterBroad Cv
P83-828 Sep 1841TrimJob & CatherineJacob28 Aug 1844planterNorthern Bay
P83-929 Aug 1842PerryPhillip & LaviniaThomas13 Sep 1842planterWestern Bay
P83-1031 May 1842FlightJohn & MatildaReuben23 Oct 1842planterSmall Point
P83-1115 Feb 1842WebsterJohn & JuliaMary30 Oct 1842planterOchre Pit Cv.
P83-122 Sep 1842GillCharles & BridgetJohn6 Nov 1842planterAdams Cv
P83-1313 Apr 1842LeGrowPeter & CatherineAlfred6 Nov 1842planterBroad Cv
P83-1417 Jan 1842MatthewsJohn & SarahJohn6 Nov 1842planterBroad Cv
P83-155 Mar 1842DwyerMichael & MaryThomas6 Nov 1842planterBroad Cv
P83-167 Apr 1842KingFrancis & JaneDinah17 Nov 1842planterBroad Cv
P84-17 Mar 1842MoranJoseph & ElizaEliza16 Oct 1842planterBlackhead
P84-22 Sep 1842GillCharles & BridgetJohn6 Nov 1842planterAdams Cv
P84-322 Oct 1842DelaneyWilliam & ElizabethSarah Janes1 Dec 1842planterBroad Cv
P84-43 Jul 1842NoftalThomas & SusannaWilliam Thomas13 Nov 1842planterBroad Cv
P84-52 Aug 1842DiamondWilliam & VirtuePeter13 Nov 1842planterAdams Cv
P84-65 Mar 1842DiamondJohn & AnnMartha Jane13 Nov 1842planterAdams Cv
P84-76 May 1842HalfyardSamuel & SusannaSarah11 Dec 1842planterOchre Pit Cv.
P84-810 Feb 1842FudgeJohn & AnnNicholas Perry11 Dec 1842planterWestern Bay
P84-91 Jul 1842KingWilliam & ProvidenceJulia Ann11 Dec 1842planterWestern Bay
P84-109 May 1842EvansHenry & Mary AnnSolomon11 Dec 1842planterWestern Bay
P84-119 Apr 1842WhealanCharles & SarahEli Coish11 Dec 1842planterBradleys Cv
P84-1224 Aug 1842EvansRobert & SarahNaomi Ann11 Dec 1842planterWestern Bay
P84-135 Sep 1842KingWilliam & SusannaSusanna Pike14 Dec 1842planterBradleys Cv
P84-1416 Jul 1842WhalenEdward & MaryRosella14 Dec 1842planterBradleys Cv
P84-1522 Jul 1842MilleyPeter & SusannaSusanna11 Dec 1842planterWestern Bay
P84-1616 Aug 1842KingJoseph & VirtueWilliam17 Dec 1842planterBroad Cv
P85-125 Sep 1842MooresJacob & MaryAnn1 Jan 1843planterNorthern Bay
P85-225 May 1842CoishSamuel & MaryLouisa1 Jan 1843planterOchre Pit Cv.
P85-31 Jun 1842KingJames & JaneMary Ann1 Jan 1843planterWestern Bay
P85-413 Nov 1842WhelanJohn & AgnesSarah Leah2 Jan 1843planterBradleys Cv
P85-529 Sep 1842ReadJohn & DinahMary Ann8 Jan 1843planterAdams Cv
P85-64 Sep 1842FrancisWilliam & Mary AnnMary Elizabeth11 Jan 1843planterBroad Cv
P85-717 Sep 1842KingWilliam & MaryEdward Young8 Jan 1843planterBroad Cv
P85-81 Aug 1842PuddesterJoseph & ElizabethSamuel22 Jan 1843planterNorthern Bay
P85-916 Feb 1842MooresElizabethJoseph Harris22 Jan 1843widowNorthern Bay
P85-1015 Aug 1842ButtThomas & MarthaMary Forman29 Jan 1843planterBlackhead
P85-1123 Feb 1842BuckleyJohn & JaneClerecy Jane12 Feb 1843planterNorthern Bay
P85-1215 Nov 1842CrummeyEdward & ElizabethMary Jane12 Feb 1843planterWestern Bay
P85-1314 Jul 1842WhitewayNicholas & MaryMark Ellis12 Feb 1843planterWestern Bay
P85-141 Mar 1842CooperGeorge & Mary AnnHenry Thompson12 Feb 1843planterWestern Bay
P85-157 Nov 1842ButtThomas & MaryMartha Susanna12 Feb 1843planterWestern Bay
P85-1623 Aug 1842PerryWilliam & ElizabethJulia27 Feb 1843planterWestern Bay
P86-11 Oct 1842ThistleJames & SarahJohn4 Apr 1843planterMulleys Cv
P86-217 Jan 1842KingMoses & PhoebeAlfred9 May 1843planterBroad Cv
P86-313 Jan 1842Halfyard **See Errata table belowBedford & ElizabethAnn14 Apr 1843planterOchre Pit Cv.
P86-415 Sep 1842ButtJohn & MaryWilliam Squires17 May 1843planterBlackhead
P86-523 Mar 1842CrabbCharles & AnnJohn Charles8 May 1843planterBroad Cv
P86-612 Oct 1842LeGrowPeter & CatherineHonour Elizabeth9 May 1843planterBroad Cv
P86-715 Oct 1842BuckleyJames & JaneSusanna15 May 1843planterNorthern Bay
P86-814 Apr 1843CrockerJohn & SarahMartha17 May 1843planterBradleys Cv
P86-926 Mar 1842LeGrowJonathan & RebeccaDorcas15 May 1843planterBroad Cv
P86-1013 Sep 1841SkanesJohn & MargaretThomas19 May 1843planterBroad Cv
P86-116 Dec 1840JanesHenry & SusannaElizabeth25 Apr 1843planterBroad Cv
P86-1225 Feb 1843JanesHenry & SusannaCharles25 Apr 1843planterBroad Cv
P86-134 Feb 1843HudsonJohn & SarahJohn Thomas21 May 1843planterAdams Cv
P86-1427 Sep 1842MooresJohn & HannahJohn9 Jul 1843planterAdams Cv
P86-1516 Nov 1842EvansJohn & MargaretAmelia9 Jul 1843planterAdams Cv
P86-1619 Mar 1843ThistleWilliam & SusannahWilliam Janes16 Jul 1843planterMulleys Cv
Poor (Power)William & GraceJohn Charles16 Jul 1843planterAdams Cv
P87-215 Apr 1843MartinJohn & ElizabethSusanna16 Jul 1843planterAdams Cv
P87-322 Jul 1843MulleyMichael & SarahJohn22 Jul 1843planterMulleys Cv
P87-422 Jul 1843MulleyMichael & SarahHenry22 Jul 1843planterMulleys Cv
P87-55 Jun 1843EdgecombeJames & MaryJames25 Jul 1843planterOchre Pit Cv.
P87-67 Feb 1843PerryPhillip & MariaWilliam King23 Jul 1843planterPerrys Cv
P87-725 Feb 1843KennelJohn & AnnMark Ellis23 Jul 1843planterWestern Bay
P87-814 Aug 1843MooresGeorge & JaneHenry Parsons16 Aug 1843planterBlackhead
P87-91 Oct 1842ThistleJonathan & CharlotteHenry Oliver20 Aug 1843planterMulleys Cv
P87-105 Jun 1843ButtJacob & MaryHarriet Elizabeth27 Aug 1843planterWestern Bay
P87-115 Jun 1843ButtJacob & MaryVirtue27 Aug 1843planterWestern Bay
P87-1215 May 1843EvansJames & ElizabethFrancis Susannah Wesley28 Aug 1843planterAdams Cv
P87-136 May 1843BaggsJohn & MaryMargaret Louisa3 Sep 1843planterBroad Cv
P87-1431 Mar 1843ReynoldsGiles & MariaEsther3 Sep 1843planterMulleys Cv
P87-1512 Oct 1840CrowleyJames & AmeliaWilliam15 Sep 1843planterWestern Bay
P87-169 Dec 1842ParsonsJoseph & MarthaSamuel16 Sep 1843planterOchre Pit Cv.
P88-11 Aug 1842TuffJohn & ElizabethGeorge17 Sep 1843planterOchre Pit Cv.
P88-21 Feb 1843MilleyPeter & ____Charles17 Sep 1843planterWestern Bay
P88-37 Aug 1843RosePhillip & MaryJames17 Sep 1843planterWestern Bay
P88-425 Jun 1843ElsworthJames & JaneSarah Jane17 Sep 1843planterWestern Bay
P88-57 Jul 1843JenkinsWilliam & JaneSamuel8 Oct 1843planterOchre Pit Cv.
P88-624 Sep 1843MooresNicholas & ElizaNicholas Perry22 Oct 1843planterAdams Cv
P88-720 Oct 1843NoftalNathanial & MaryElijah25 Oct 1843planterBroad Cv
P88-820 Oct 1843NoftalNathanial & MaryElling25 Oct 1843planterBroad Cv
P88-921 Aug 1843WedonHenry & RachelMark Ellis29 Oct 1843planterOchre Pit Cv.
P88-1019 Jul 1843WailingWilliam & CharlotteWilliam Adams29 Oct 1843planterBradleys Cv
P88-115 Jun 1843PippyWilliam & ElizabethCharles5 Nov 1843planterBroad Cv
P88-1224 Jun 1843HudsonJoseph & ElizabethGeorge5 Nov 1843fisherAdams Cv
P88-135 Jul 1843HudsonHugh & JaneJohn Thomas12 Nov 1843planterBlackhead
P88-142 Aug 1843HudsonJohn & CarolineArthur Solomon12 Nov 1843planterBlackhead
P88-1527 Jul 1843LaceyJohn & EstherRachel Elizabeth19 Nov 1843planterMulleys Cv
P88-1630 May 1843ThistlePeter & MaryElizabeth19 Nov 1843planterMulleys Cv
P89-120 Feb 1843LawrenceHenry & JaneSamuel19 Nov 1843planterBlackhead
P89-225 Jun 1843PerryNicholas & SarahEllen25 Nov 1843planterWestern Bay
P89-330 Jul 1843GreenWilliam & MaryFanny26 Nov 1843planterWestern Bay
P89-415 Jul 1843KennedyGeorge & SusannaFlora Jane26 Nov 1843planterWestern Bay
P89-55 Jul 1843MilleyThomas & ElizabethJosiah Hudson26 Nov 1843planterWestern Bay
P89-65 Oct 1843HalfyardSamuel & SusannahAmy Carnell17 Dec 1843planterOchre Pit Cv.
P89-726 Aug 1843ThistlePeter & CarolineEli24 Dec 1843planterMulleys Cv
P89-831 Aug 1843PippyJoseph & JuliaJoseph Harris24 Dec 1843planterBroad Cv
P89-920 Jul 1843BaggsSamuel & MariaArthur Simon24 Dec 1843planterBroad Cv
P89-109 Jul 1843KingWilliam & JaneJohn Wesley1 Jan 1844planterBroad Cv
P89-1117 Oct1843KingMatthew & MarthaEdward1 Jan 1844planterBroad Cv
P89-1212 Aug 1843WhelanJames & JaneLevi7 Jan 1844planterBradleys Cv
P89-134 Nov 1843KingJames & AgnesAgnes Thistle15 Jan 1844planterBradleys Cv
P89-148 Dec 1843HudsonPeter & AnnElizabeth11 Feb 1844planterBlackhead
P89-1520 May 1843LeGrowThomas & JuliaEdward13 Feb 1844planterBroad Cv
P89-1616 Nov 1843LeGrowWilliam & DorothyJames13 Feb 1844planterBroad Cv
P90-120 Dec 1843BishopJohn & AmeliaEmily Julia18 Feb 1844planterBradleys Cv
P90-217 Nov 1843HollettThomas & MarySamuel27 Feb 1844planterBroad Cv
P90-320 Oct 1843LeGrowMichael & AnnJohn27 Feb 1844planterBroad Cv
P90-428 Feb 1844DiamondWilliam & VirtueElizabeth28 Feb 1844planterAdams Cv
P90-525 Nov 1843KennedySamuel & SarahMartha28 Apr 1844planterWestern Bay
P90-66 Nov 1843FlightZebedee & CatherineElizabeth5 May 1844planterSmall Point
P90-78 Oct 1843WhealingJacob & T??sibineElizabeth8 May 1844planterBradleys Cv
P90-81 Mar 1844WhealingThomas & JulianaElizabeth Ann8 May 1844planterBradleys Cv
P90-930 Oct 1843GillPeter & JanePeter1 May 1844fisherAdams Cv
P90-1018 Aug 1843ParsonsJohn & LeveniaGrace Ann12 May 1844fisherOchre Pit Cv.
P90-1118 Aug 1843ParsonsJohn & LeveniaSarah Jane12 May 1844fisherOchre Pit Cv.
P90-1218 Aug 1843WhitewayWilliam & AnnMaria12 May 1844fisherOchre Pit Cv.
P90-1316 Feb 1844KingWilliam & MaryMary Elizabeth12 May 1844fisherBroad Cv
P90-1422 Jan 1844MooresWilliam & ElizabethJohn Apollas23 Jun 1844planterBlackhead
P90-1510 Mar 1844MooresCharles & MaryThomas Frederick23 Jun 1844planterBlackhead
P90-1622 Oct 1844DelaneyWilliam & ElizabethThomas23 Jun 1844planterBroad Cv
P91-12 Jan 1844CromeyJohn & Bep???Elizabeth21 Jul 1844planterWestern Bay
P91-231 Jan 1844KingJames & ElizabethElaine21 Jul 1844planterBradleys Cv
P91-316 Sep 1843JanesJohn & ElizabethHenry21 Jul 1844planterBroad Cv
P91-410 Mar 1844MoranJoseph & ElizaNicholas28 Jul 1844planterBlackhead
P91-51 Mar 1844EnglandJames & JaneWilliam George28 Jul 1844ministerBlackhead
P91-612 Jul 1843MurrayHenry & MaryAbsolem3 Aug 1844planterAdams Cv
P91-728 Jun 1844MooresHenry & ElizabethMartha Elizabeth3 Aug 1844planterBlackhead
P91-810 Feb 1844BaggsJoseph & PhoebeJohn4 Aug 1844planterBroad Cv
P91-914 May 1844KingWilliam & SusannahMahela11 Aug 1844planterBradleys Cv
P91-1028 Apr 1844HollettWilliam & DinahSarah Jane15 Aug 1844planterAdams Cv
P91-1117 Jun 1844CoishSamuel & MaryEnoch15 Aug 1844planterOchre Pit Cv.
P91-1220 Aug 1844PerryNoah & MaryDianah15 Aug 1844planterWestern Bay
P91-1324 Mar 1844ButtJonathan & SarahNathanial15 Aug 1844planterWestern Bay
P91-1427 Jul 1844KennedyMichael & EllaJohn Pinsent15 Aug 1844planterWestern Bay
P91-1515 Jun 1844EvansRobert & SarahJulia15 Aug 1844planterWestern Bay
P91-1622 Mar 1844ThistleJonathan & AnnJohn Robert29 Aug 1844planterMulleys Cv
P92-16 Aug 1844CunninghamCharles & BridgetEsau13 Oct 1844planterOchre Pit Cv.
P92-231 Jul 1844HudsonGeorge & MaryJohn Frederick Burrows13 Oct 1844planterAdams Cv
P92-319 May 1844KingOliver & ElizabethMary Elizabeth20 Oct 1844planterBroad Cv
P92-47 May 1844FlightJames & CharlotteJames27 Oct 1844planterSmall Point
P92-526 Aug 1844PageSamuel & HannahSamuel27 Oct 1844planterSmall Point
P92-620 Jul 1844KingNoah & BridgetMary Elizabeth31 Oct 1844planterBroad Cv
P92-730 May 1844ParsonsJoseph & MarthaSelina3 Nov 1844planterOchre Pit Cv.
P92-830 May 1844CooperGeorge & Mary AnnCharles3 Nov 1844planterWestern Bay
P92-96 Jun 1844MilleyPeter & SusannaJohn3 Nov 1844planterWestern Bay
P92-107 May 1844NoftalWilliam & JaneMary King7 Nov 1844planterMulleys Cv
P92-1114 Aug 1844vaughanWilliam & DiannaCharles7 Nov 1844planterMulleys Cv
P92-1210 Aug 1844KingJoseph & VirtueJoseph Frederick10 Nov 1844planterBroad Cv
P92-137 Sep 1844NoftalJonathan & SarahLavinia Teresa17 Nov 1844planterMulleys Cv
P92-1418 Dec 1843MatthewsJohn & SarahWilliam17 Nov 1844planterBroad Cv
P92-1529 Oct 1844PerryGeorge & DorcasGeorge Alexander24 Nov 1844planterWestern Bay
P92-1624 Sep 1844KingWilliam & TamarPatience Young24 Nov 1844planterBroad Cv
P93-116 May 1844DiamondJohn & AnnElizabeth26 Nov 1844planterAdams Cv
P93-216 Aug 1844MooresGeorge & ElizabethMartha26 Nov 1844planterAdams Cv
P93-33 Jun 1844LeGrowPeter & CatherineJabez28 Nov 1844planterBroad Cv
P93-44 Oct 1844SquiresGregory & SarahMartha29 Nov 1844planterBroad Cv
P93-528 Aug 1844NoftalElijah & Mary AnnJulia1 Dec 1844planterMulleys Cv
P93-69 Jan 1844ButtWilliam & MaryJulia Susanna1 Dec 1844planterBroad Cv
P93-720 Sep 1844PippyJohn & JuliaDorothy1 Dec 1844planterBlackhead
P93-817 Mar 1844NoftalThomas & SusannaEmma Teresa1 Dec 1844planterBroad Cv
P93-917 Jul 1844HollettJohn & AnnSusanna1 Dec 1844planterAdams Cv
P93-107 Jul 1844ThistleJonathan & Mary AnnElizabeth Jane4 Dec 1844planterBroad Cv
P93-1131 Jul 1844NoftalJames & PatienceJulia5 Dec 1844planterBroad Cv
P93-1212 Sep 1844ParsonsWilliam & ElizabethSarah Jane5 Dec 1844planterOchre Pit Cv.
P93-1316 Aug 1844KingJames & JaneAlexander14 dec 1844planterWestern Bay
P93-1415 Mar 1844DelaneyNicholas & CharlotteMahala15 Dec 1844planterWestern Bay
P93-151 Sep 1844FrancisWilliam & MaryAnn Stacey19 Dec 1844planterBroad Cv
P93-1626 Sep 1844MooresJohn & ElizabethSamuel22 Dec 1844planterMulleys Cv
P94-126 Nov 1844FlightJohn & MatildaWilliam26 Dec 1844planterSmall Point
P94-211 Oct 1844ThistleJames & SarahAnn Maria9 Jan 1845planterMulleys Cv
P94-311 Oct1843CurtisWilliam & AnnSusanna26 Jan 1845planterWestern Bay
P94-428 Sep 1842GillWilliam & ElizabethAnn28 Jan 1845planterAdams Cv
P94-58 Aug 1843ButtWilliam & EstherMargaret29 Jan 1845planterBroad Cv
P94-613 Nov 1844KingFrancis & JaneSusanna6 Feb 1845planterBroad Cv
P94-728 Oct 1844EvansHenry & Mary AnnJohn Robert19 Feb 1845planterWestern Bay
P94-81 Oct 1844CrummeyJames & AmeliaJoseph Frederick19 Feb 1845planterWestern Bay
P94-920 Nov 1844CrummeyEdward & ElizabethJames Willis19 Feb 1845planterWestern Bay
P94-101 Oct 1844CrowleyJames & AmeliaJames Sparkes19 Feb 1845planterWestern Bay
P94-11? Jun 1842HudsonJohn & RuthClement25 Feb 1845planterAdams Cv
P94-1219 Mar 1843HudsonJohn & RuthJames25 Feb 1845planterAdams Cv
P94-1324 Aug 1844WhitewayJohn & MargaretMark11 May 1845planterMuddy Hole
P94-148 Jul 1844JanesThomas & SarahMary Ann15 May 1845planterBroad Cv
P94-1526 Feb 1845ButtThomas & MarthaElizabeth5 Jun 1845planterBlackhead
P94-1627 May 1845MooresJohn & HannahWilliam7 Jun 1845planterAdams Cv
P95-117 Sep 1844CrockerWilliam & SarahOnias15 Jun 1845planterBradleys Cv
P95-231 Oct 1844DiamondWilliam & JuliaSusanna16 Jun 1845planterAdams Cv
P95-38 Mar 1845KingJonathan & SusannaSarah Jane22 Jun 1845planterBroad Cv
P95-44 Sep 1844EvansJohn & MatildaMargaret Jane22 Jun 1845planterAdams Cv
P95-524 May 1845MartinJohn & ElizabethMary24 Jun 1845planterAdams Cv
P95-610 jan 1845HudsonHugh & JaneSusanna29 Jun 1845planterBlackhead
P95-719 May 1845ThistleJohn & SarahSolomon29 Jun 1845planterMulleys Cv
P95-822 Sep 1844EdgecombeJohn & PatienceKezia6 Jul 1845planterOchre Pit Cv.
P95-930 Oct 1844SkinnerSamuel & SarahJoshua6 Jul 1845planterOchre Pit Cv.
P95-1028 Mar 1845KennelJohn & AnnWilliam LeGrow6 Jul 1845planterWestern Bay
P95-1127 Feb 1845ButtRichard & ElizaReuben William6 Jul 1845planterWestern Bay
P95-121 Feb 1845KennedyRalph & MargaretArmenia6 Jul 1845planterWestern Bay
P95-1310 Feb 1845ButtJohn & MaryJohn Thomas13 feb 1845fisherBlackhead
P95-1430 Mar 1845EvansRobert & Mary AnnJohn Wesley20 Feb 1845fisherAdams Cv
P95-1517 Jun 1845MurrayWilliam & JaneSusanna15 Feb 1845planterAdams Cv
P95-1622 Jun 1845WhelanJohn & SarahJohn24 Feb 1845planterBradleys Cv
P96-128 Jul 1843CarnellRichard & DinahDinah7 Jan 1845planterOchre Pit Cv.
P96-228 Sep 1844CarnellRichard & DinahRichard27 Jan 1845planterOchre Pit Cv.
P96-322 Apr 1845RosePhillip & MaryMargaret27 Jan 1845planterWestern Bay
P96-44 Feb 1845MooresJonathan & ElizabethMartha3 Aug 1845planterBlackhead
P96-526 Apr 1845CoishJohn & SusannaRichard17 Aug 1845planterOchre Pit Cv.
P96-620 Oct 1844PenneyWilliam & SusannaMary Jane17 Aug 1845fisherWestern Bay
P96-726 Feb 1845HalfyardSamuel & SusannaPatience7 Sep 1845planterOchre Pit Cv.
P96-829 Jan 1845CrowleyWilliam & JaneWilliam Curtis9 Sep 1845planterWestern Bay
P96-911 Aug 1845FlightJacob & MaryCharles23 Sep 1845planterSmall Point
P96-1011 Apr 1845WhelanJames & JaneLeander26 Oct 1845planterBradleys Cv
P96-1120 Mar 1845PerryPhillip & MariaAgnes King11 Nov 1845planterWestern Bay
P96-1225 Jul 1845HalfyardHenry & SarahRichard16 Nov 1845planterOchre Pit Cv.
P96-1330 Aug 1845ElsworthJames & JaneLouisa16 Nov 1845planterWestern Bay
P96-1425 Apr 1845DwyerThomas & SusannaJohn16 Nov 1845planterWestern Bay
P96-156 Aug 1845MilleyEdward & JaneSolomon16 Nov 1845planterWestern Bay
P96-163 Sep 1845KingWilliam & prvMary16 Nov 1845planterWestern Bay
P97-11 Sep 1845KennedyGeorge & SusanMary Ann16 Nov 1845planterWestern Bay
P97-223 Jul 1845ThistleEdward & AnnPhebe Jane23 Nov 1845planterMulleys Cv
P97-312 Jun 1845AdamsJohn & Janetmp28 Nov 1845planterAdams Cv
P97-421 Aug 1845ButterJames & ElizaGeorge30 Nov 1845fisherBroad Cv
P97-521 Jul 1845BaggsJohn & MaryMatthew30 Nov 1845planterBroad Cv
P97-61 Jul 1845CurtisJohn & SusannaMary30 Nov 1845teacherOchre Pit Cv.
P97-715 Jun 1845KingHenry & MaryJoshua30 Nov 1845planterBroad Cv
P97-81 Jun 1845KingMoses & PhoebeMary30 Nov 1845planterBroad Cv
P97-920 Jul 1845CrowleyThomas & AsenathStephen7 dec 1845planterWestern Bay
P97-102 Sep 1845EvansRobert & SarahTaberisha (F)7 dec 1845planterWestern Bay
P97-1118 Sep 1845ButtJacob & MaryJohn7 dec 1845planterWestern Bay
P97-124 Sep 1845KennedySamuel & SarahEli7 dec 1845planterWestern Bay
P97-1320 Oct 1845GillinghamRichard & AnnEdgar7 dec 1845planterOchre Pit Cv.
P97-142 Aug 1845LeGrowNicholas & LouisaJulia14 Dec 1845planterBroad Cv
P97-1520 Jul 1845ReynoldsGiles & MariaWilliam Curtis14 Dec 1845planterMulleys Cv
P97-1627 Sep 1845LeGrowAdam & MaryEmma4 Jan 1846planterBroad Cv
P98-130 Sep 1845HudsonGeorge & JaneMatthew4 Jan 1846planterAdams Cv
P98-28 Jul 1845ReidJohn & RebeccaSampson13 Jan 1846planterAdams Cv
P98-36 Jan 1845HollettJoseph & MargaretThomas13 Jan 1846planterAdams Cv
P98-47 Dec 1845BaggsWilliam & AnnRobert13 Jan 1846planterAdams Cv
P98-526 May 1845GillWilliam & ElizabethPeter13 Jan 1846planterAdams Cv
P98-619 Jun 1845MilleyPeter & SusannaNaomi14 Jan 1846planterWestern Bay
P98-716 Sep 1845BondJohn & MaryEsther14 Jan 1846planterBradleys Cv
P98-818 Sep 1845ThistleWilliam & SusannaElizabeth15 Jan 1846planterMulleys Cv
P98-923 Mar 1845FurzeJohn & AnnSarah16 Jan 1846planterWestern Bay
P98-108 Feb 1845WilcoxSamuel & MarySamuel16 Jan 1846planterWestern Bay
P98-118 Aug 1845PierceyJoseph & PrudenceMahala18 Jan 1846planterWestern Bay
P98-1222 Nov 1845HudsonJoseph & ElizabethEdward25 Jan 1846planterAdams Cv
P98-1316 May 1845MilleyThomas & ElizabethSarah27 Jan 1846planterWestern Bay
P98-1429 Jul 1845RumseyCharles & ElizabethMargaret30 Jan 1846planterBroad Cv
P98-1513 Apr 1845PersonsSamuel & ElizabethRebecca8 Feb 1846planterOchre Pit Cv.
P98-164 Sep 1845RoseJohn & MaryJames8 Feb 1846planterWestern Bay
P99-15 Aug 1845DelaneyJoseph & SarahRebecca28 Feb 1846fisherWestern Bay
P99-26 Sep 1845MooresWilliam & VirtueGrace10 Feb 1846fisherAdams Cv
P99-328 Nov 1844RumseyFrancis & ElizaThomas22 Feb 1846
Broad Cv
P99-413 Feb 1846KingWilliam & SusannaJohn Thomas25 Feb 1846planterBradleys Cv
P99-528 Aug 1845NoftalEdward & LouisaElizabeth12 Mar 1846planterBroad Cv
P99-626 Nov 1845DiamondRobert & Marynathaniel17 mar 1846planterAdams Cv
P99-71 Oct 1845MoranJoseph & ElizaJulia Dinah5 Apr 1846planterBlackhead
P99-87 Mar 1845WhitewayNicholas & MaryGeorge20 Apr 1846planterWestern Bay
P99-911 Dec 1845EvansRobert & MarthaMatthew3 May 1846planterAdams Cv
P99-102 Nov 1845MooresGeorge & JaneCatherine3 May 1846planterBlackhead
P99-1131 Oct 1845GillinghamJohn & MariaGeorge10 May 1846planterOchre Pit Cv.
P99-1218 Nov 1845WheadonWilliam & CharlotteSusanna King10 May 1846planterBradleys Cv
P99-136 Jun 1845WhitewayRobert & AnnElwina10 May 1846planterMuddy Hole
P99-1425 Dec 1845HudsonJohn & SusannaLouisa10 May 1846planterAdams Cv
P99-1527 Oct 1845EnglandJames & Jane AnnJames Taylor24 May 1846planterBlackhead
P99-162 Nov 1845HudsonJohn & CarolineSusanna King24 May 1846planterBlackhead
P100-12 Nov 1845ThistlePeter & MaryMary Jane14 Jun 1846planterMulleys Cv
P100-227 Sep 1845DelaneyWilliam & ElizabethMary14 Jun 1846planterBroad Cv
P100-320 Mar 1846CrummeyJohn & ElizabethEdward Milley12 Jul 1846planterWestern Bay
P100-430 Apr 1846FosterJohn & ElnoraThomas carter12 Jul 1846planterWestern Bay
P100-55 Sep 1845ButtThomas & MaryEbeneezer12 Jul 1846planterBradleys Cv
P100-62 Feb 1846EvansJames & ElizabethHarriet Eliza Ellidge19 Jul 1846planterAdams Cv
P100-710 Mar 1846WheadonCharles & SarahEmily Julia2 Aug 1846planterBradleys Cv
P100-817 Mar 1846WheadonJohn & ElizabethSusanna King2 Aug 1846planterBradleys Cv
P100-920 Oct 1845MilleyThomas & JaneJohn2 Aug 1846planterWestern Bay
P100-1029 Jun 1846BaggsSamuel & MariaJohn Samuel14 Aug 1846planterBroad Cv
P100-1129 Apr 1846LeGrowWilliam & DorothyWilliam Curtis16 Aug 1846planterBroad Cv
P100-1224 May 1846PippyWilliam & ElizabethReuben William16 Aug 1846planterBroad Cv
P100-132 Dec 1845TuffJohn & ElizabethAnn23 Aug 1846planterOchre Pit Cv.
P100-1417 Jul 1846EdgecombeThomas & SusannaEbeneezer23 Aug 1846planterOchre Pit Cv.
P100-1514 Mar 1846CrummeyJoseph & AnnMary Susanna23 Aug 1846planterWestern Bay
P100-1610 Jun 1846WheadonHenry & FrancisDorcas23 Aug 1846planterBradleys Cv
P101-19 May 1846HolleyThomas & MaryMary Ann23 Aug 1846planterWestern Bay
P101-212 feb 1846NoftalElijah & MarySarah Jane30 Aug 1846planterMulleys Cv
P101-33 Mar 1846PageJames & EmmieJane30 Aug 1846planterSmall Point
P101-418 Jun 1846HudsonPeter & AnnEdward6 Sep 1846planterBlackhead
P101-531 Oct 1846JenkinsWilliam & JaneEli13 Sep 1846planterWestern Bay
P101-628 Dec 1839ChurchillCharles & EleanorRachel13 Sep 1846planterOchre Pit Cv.
P101-718 Feb 1842ChurchillCharles & EleanorElizabeth13 Sep 1846planterOchre Pit Cv.
P101-823 Apr 1844ChurchillCharles & EleanorVictoria13 Sep 1846planterOchre Pit Cv.
P101-97 Mar 1846MilleyPeter & AnnEdmond13 Sep 1846planterWestern Bay
P101-1010 Nov 1845JanesGeorge & IsabellaAlfred13 Sep 1846planterBroad Cv
P101-1129 May 1846HudsonJohn & SarahMichael27 Sep 1846planterAdams Cv
P101-1229 May 1846HudsonJohn & SarahGeorge27 Sep 1846planterAdams Cv
P101-131 Sep 1846KennedyMichael & EllenWilliam Curtis4 Oct 1846planterWestern Bay
P101-1420 May 1846KingWilliam & MaryHenry11 Oct 1846planterBroad Cv
P101-1515 Apr 1846MooresJonathan & JaneMary18 Oct 1846planterBlackhead
P101-1616 Aug 1846CrockerWilliam & SarahSarah26 Oct 1846planterBradleys Cv
P102-14 May 1846GillinghamCharles & BridgetJane15 Nov 1846planterOchre Pit Cv.
P102-227 Aug 1846WhelanJames & ElizabethJonah15 Nov 1846planterBradleys Cv
P102-37 Jun 1846KingMatthew & MarthaElizabeth19 Nov 1846planterBroad Cv
P102-41 Apr 1846VaughanWilliam & DiannaGeorge19 Nov 1846planterSmall Point
P102-511 Jun 1846MooresCharles & MaryCharles22 Nov 1846planterBlackhead
P102-625 Jul 1846DiamondJohn & AnnJohn17 Nov 1846planterAdams Cv
P102-720 Aug 1846HollettSamuel & MaryEnias1 Dec 1846planterAdams Cv
P102-828 Jun 1846MooresNicholas & ElizaMark1 Dec 1846teacherAdams Cv
P102-925 Sep 1846MooresJacob & MaryJane6 Dec 1846planterNorthern Bay
P102-1025 Oct 1846MooresJames & SarahJohn6 Dec 1846planterNorthern Bay
P102-1113 Aug 1846FurzeJohn & AnnJohn6 Dec 1846planterWestern Bay
P102-1213 Sep 1846FooteMichael & AmeliaNaomi6 Dec 1846planterWestern Bay
P102-1321 Aug 1846BrennanJames & BetseyMatthew6 Dec 1846planterWestern Bay
P102-1426 Oct 1846KennelThomas & VirtueEmily6 Dec 1846planterWestern Bay
P102-1516 Aug 1846KingJames & JaneJoshua6 Dec 1846planterWestern Bay
P102-1615 May 1846MooresJames & MaryRobert8 Dec 1846planterAdams Cv
P103-127 Jan 1846CurtisWilliam & AnnThomas9 Dec 1846fisherWestern Bay
P103-225 may 1846LeGrowThomas & JuliaJohn10 Dec 1846fisherBroad Cv
P103-328 Nov 1846KingNoah & BridgetSarah10 Dec 1846planterBroad Cv
P103-431 Aug 1846KingJoseph & VirtueMartha10 Dec 1846planterBroad Cv
P103-516 Sep 1845CrummeyCharles & AnnAbigail10 Dec 1846planterBroad Cv
P103-630 Aug 1846MooresThomas & JaneCharity15 Dec 1846planterAdams Cv
P103-727 Jul 1846PowerWilliam & GraceEli15 Dec 1846planterAdams Cv
P103-827 Apr 1846MooresHenry & ElizabethElizabeth17 Dec 1846planterBlackhead
P103-927 Feb 1846MooresWilliam & ElizabethHenrietta17 Dec 1846planterBlackhead
P103-107 Aug 1846KingGeorge & MargaretJulius25 Dec 1846planterWestern Bay

Name in RecordDescription of ErrorMy Name
Halfyard, Bedford Given name should be Richard Robert Halfyard

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Conception Bay North, Northern District