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Conception Bay North ~ Northern District

Blackhead / Bay de Verde - Methodist Baptisms (1816-1852)

PANL: Volume 52A

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As these Vital Statistics were being transcribed it was noticed that there were discrepancies between these and the original parish records already posted at NL GenWeb. Thus, in the 'Notes' column, Bill has indicated these discrepancies.
Information was transcribed by JOHN WILLIAM (BILL) WALSH, 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
P103-118 Sep 1846PeachSamuel & HannahJames1 Jan 1847planterSmall Point
P103-129 Sep 1846LaceyWilliam & FannySarah10 Jan 1847planterMulleys Cv
P103-132 Sep 1846KingOliver & ElizabethMartha14 Jan 1847planterBroad Cv
P103-1418 Jul 1846CoishSamuel & MaryEdward24 Jan 1847planterOchre Pit Cv.
P103-1526 Oct 1846DwireThomas & SusanwElizabeth24 Jan 1847planterWestern Bay
P103-169 Dec 1846LaceyJohn & EstherRobert4 Feb 1847planterMulleys Cv
P104-14 Jan 1847EvansJohn & MargaretRobert9 Feb 1847planterAdams Cv
P104-227 Oct 1846KingJonathan & SusannaThomas18 Feb 1847planterBroad Cv
P104-34 Aug 1846CellersNicholas & MaryDaniel14 Feb 1847planterWestern Bay
P104-47 Oct 1846RoseJames & MaryEmily14 Feb 1847planterWestern Bay
P104-59 Sep 1846CooperGeorge & MarySamuel14 Feb 1847planterWestern Bay
P104-69 Sep 1846BaggsJohn & JaneDorcas25 Feb 1847planterBroad Cv
P104-78 May 1846BaggsHugh & MaryAnn16 Mar 1847planterAdams Cv
P104-87 Oct 1846MulleyWilliam & DinahSusanna King18 Mar 1847planterMulleys Cv
P104-97 Sep 1846ParsonsJohn & LevinaMargaret28 Mar 1847planterOchre Pit Cv.
P104-1021 Oct 1846ParsonsJoseph & MarthaGeorge18 Apr 1847planterOchre Pit Cv.
P104-111 Nov 1846NoftalThomas & DiannaHenry2 May 1847planterMulleys Cv
P104-1224 Nov 1846NoftalWilliam & JaneJohn2 May 1847planterMulleys Cv
P104-134 Nov 1846MooresJoseph & MaryHannah9 May 1847planterNorthern Bay
P104-1430 Mar 1847DiamondJohn & EllaElizabeth11 May 1847planterAdams Cv
P104-1528 Jan 1847HudsonHugh & JaneMark16 May 1847planterBlackhead
P104-161 Mar 1847FlightJacob & MaryZebedee6 Jun 1847planterSmall Point
P105-117 Jan 1847HudsonGeorge & MaryMary Ann13 Jun 1847planterAdams Cv
P105-23 Nov 1846JanesAlfred & LouisaEdward13 Jun 1847planterBroad Cv
P105-31 Mar 1847MooresAdam & ElizabethWilliam Curtis20 Jun 1847planterMulleys Cv
P105-426 Nov 1846ButtThomas & MarthaMartha27 Jun 1847planterBlackhead
P105-515 Jan 1847ThistleMatthew & EleanorRobert27 Jun 1847planterMulleys Cv
P105-630 Jan 1847MooresJonathan & ElizabethFrederick11 Jul 1847planterBlackhead
P105-725 Feb 1847ParsonsWilliam & IsabellaAzaria18 Jul 1847planterOchre Pit Cv.
P105-81 Feb 1847ParsonsWilliam & ElizabethNicholas18 Jul 1847planterOchre Pit Cv.
P105-97 Apr 1847HarrisJohn & ProvidenceRobert18 Jul 1847planterSt. John's
P105-1022 Nov 1847ButtWilliam & EstherCharlotte18 Jul 1847planterBlackhead
P105-1111 Apr 1847ThistleWilliam & SusannaAmelia25 Jul 1847planterMulleys Cv
P105-1215 Feb 1847SmallridgeWilliam & HannahCharles1 Aug 1847planterSmall Point
P105-135 Aug 1847PierceyIsrael & MarySamuel22 Aug 1847planterWestern Bay
P105-146 Oct 1846WhelanThomas & JuliaLucretia22 Aug 1847planterBradleys Cv
P105-1520 Apr 1847MartinJohn & ElizabethGeorge22 Aug 1847planterAdams Cv
P105-1624 Jun 1847BaggsRobert & ElizabethNaomi26 Aug 1847planterAdams Cv
P106-119 Aug 1846SquiresGregory & SarahWilliam Curtis29 Aug 1847planterBroad Cv
P106-22 Apr 1847HollettJohn & AnnEdward29 Aug 1847planterAdams Cv
P106-315 May 1847ButtJohn & MarySarah12 Sep 1847planterBlackhead
P106-411 Sep 1847HudsonMi??? & MarthaJabez15 Sep 1847planterBlackhead
P106-530 May 1847NoftalNathan & ?Albert5 Nov 1847planterBroad Cv
P106-624 Jul 1847HudsonGeorge & JaneSolomon14 Nov 1847planterAdams Cv
PippyJohn & JuliaPhillip14 Nov 1847fisherBlackhead
P106-88 Mar 1846NoftalJacob & CatherineEmma16 Sep 1847fisherBroad Cv
P106-917 Aug 1847MooresGeorge & ElizabethJabez23 Nov 1847fisherAdams Cv
P106-1025 Aug 1847HalfyardHenry & SarahMary5 Dec 1847teacherOchre Pit Cv.
P106-1111 Feb 1846BaggsJoseph & PhebeJane12 Dec 1847planterWestern Bay
P106-127 Jun 1847KingWilliam & JaneCharles19 Dec 1847planterBroad Cv
P106-1311 May 1847LeGrowAdam & MaryDorcas28 Nov 1847planterBroad Cv
P106-1427 Aug 1847ThistleRobert & MaryHenry19 Dec 1847planterMulleys Cv
P106-1520 Apr 1847ButterJames & ElizaMary19 Dec 1847planterBlackhead
P106-1624 May 1847LeGrowMichael & AnnJoshua22 Dec 1847planterBroad Cv
P107-115 Mar 1847WeadonHenry & RachelElizabeth26 Dec 1847planterOchre Pit Cv.
P107-221 Oct 1847KingWilliam & ProvidenceSelina26 Dec 1847planterWestern Bay
P107-320 Sep 1847KennedySamuel & SarahRobert26 Dec 1847planterWestern Bay
P107-428 Jul 1847KennedyRalph & MaryJohn26 Dec 1847planterWestern Bay
P107-58 Aug 1847EvansRobert & MarthaGeorge28 Dec 1847planterAdams Cv
P107-617 Aug 1847HudsonJohn & SusannaDorcas28 Dec 1847planterAdams Cv
P107-74 Apr 1847MurrayIsrael & GraceAbraham28 Dec 1847planterAdams Cv
P107-826 Sep 1847ThistleJonathan & MaryAgnes2 Jan 1848planterMulleys Cv
P107-929 Aug 1847KingWilliam & MaryPhebe2 Jan 1848planterBroad Cv
P107-1012 Jul 1847KingHenry & MaryHenry2 Jan 1848planterBroad Cv
P107-116 Apr 1847MoranJoseph & ElizaCatherine2 Jan 1848planterBlackhead
P107-1219 Jul 1847RumseyFrancis & ElizaLouisa2 Jan 1848planterBroad Cv
P107-1310 Mar 1847FrancisWilliam & MaryWilliam Curtis6 Jan 1848planterBroad Cv
P107-1413 Sep 1847HalfyardSamuel & SusannaSamuel16 Jan 1848planterOchre Pit Cv.
P107-1519 Sep 1847CrummeyJames & AmeliaJanes?16 Jan 1848fisherWestern Bay
P107-1624 Oct 1847ElsworthJames & JaneElizabeth16 Jan 1848fisherWestern Bay
P108-123 Oct 1847KennelJohn & AnnJane16 Jan 1848fisherWestern Bay
P108-27 Jan 1848DaltonJames & ElizabethJulia16 Jan 1848fisherWestern Bay
P108-31 Oct 1847WhelandJacob & TamsinAmelia27 Jan 1848fisherBradleys Cv
P108-48 Apr 1847DiamondWilliam & JuliaMargaret25 Jan 1848fisherAdams Cv
P108-520 Mar 1847HollettJoseph & MargueriteAmelia15 Feb 1848fisherAdams Cv
P108-629 Mar 1846JanesThomas & SarahHenry17 Feb 1848planterAdams Cv
P108-710 Aug 1847EdgecombeJohn & PatienceSamuel20 Feb 1848planterOchre Pit Cv.
P108-824 Sep 1847CrowleyJames & AmeliaEdward20 Feb 1848planterWestern Bay
P108-923 Nov 1847LeGrowM???ala & LouisaFrederick27 Feb 1848planterBroad Cv
P108-1018 Nov 1847MooresWilliam & HenriettaAnn27 Feb 1848planterBlackhead
P108-117 Sep 1847GreenWilliam & MarySarah12 Mar 1848planterWestern Bay
P108-121 Apr 1847LeGrowMatthew & HannahMark20 Jun 1847planterBroad Cv
P108-1319 Nov 1847HudsonJoseph & ElizabethThomas26 Mar 1848planterBroad Cv
P108-1417 Apr 1848KingFrancis & JaneWlizah4 May 1848planterBroad Cv
P108-1520 Feb 1848ReynoldsGiles & MariaNicholas7 May 1848planterMulleys Cv
P108-1631 May 1848ButtRichard & ElizaSarah14 May 1848planterWestern Bay
P109-121 Jan 1848ButtOliver & HarrietWilliam14 May 1848planterWestern Bay
P109-231 Oct 1847WhelanWilliam & CharlotteAzeriah14 May 1848planterBradleys Cv
P109-310 May 1848FooteMichael & AmeliaMary15 May 1848planterWestern Bay
P109-422 Oct 1847PerryNicholas & LouisaElizabeth15 May 1848planterWestern Bay
P109-52 Nov 1847JanesGeorge & IsabellaJosiah2 Jul 1848planterBroad Cv
P109-61 Mar 1848BaggsJohn & MaryJosiah2 Jul 1848planterBroad Cv
P109-76 Jun 1848KingWilliam & Daner (Dinah?)Thurza6 Aug 1848planterWestern Bay
P109-825 Mar 1848DiamondWilliam & VirtueHugh6 Aug 1848planterAdams Cv
P109-910 May 1848JanesJohn & SusannaJohn13 Aug 1848planterBroad Cv
CoishJohn & SusannaSarah27 Aug 1848planterOchre Pit Cv.
P109-1124 Mar 1848WhelanJohn & ElizabethMark27 Aug 1848planterBradleys Cv
P109-1225 Jun 1848DelaneyJoseph & SarahJames
planterWestern Bay
P109-1327 Mar 1848ThistleEdward & AnnSarah3 Sep 1848planterMulleys Cv
P109-1418 Apr 1848ThistleJames & SarahSarah4 Sep 1848planterMulleys Cv
P109-1529 Jul 1848DiamondRobert & MaryRachel10 Sep 1848planterAdams Cv
P109-1612 Apr 1848NoftalElijah & MaryEmma10 Sep 1848planterMulleys Cv
P110-115 May 1848MooresJohn & ElizabethMartha17 Sep 1848planterMulleys Cv
P110-221 Aug 1848KennelJoseph & ElizabethFrederick8 Oct 1848planterWestern Bay
CrummeyRobert & JuliaGeorge22 Oct 1848planterWestern Bay
P110-420 Jan 1848KingMoses & PhoebeJohn29 Oct 1848planterBroad Cv
P110-51 jul 1848MilleyPeter & SusannaSarah16 Nov 1848planterWestern Bay
P110-64 Aug 1848LeGrowJohn & ElizabethAlfred19 Nov 1848planterBroad Cv
P110-712 Aug 1848NoftalThomas & DiannaElizabeth19 Nov 1848planterMulleys Cv
LeGrowFeliz & HarrietThomas19 Nov 1848planterBroad Cv
FlightJohn & JaneSusanna26 Nov 1848planterSmall Point
P110-1028 May 1848HudsonJohn & CarolineHarriet10 Dec 1848planterBlackhead
P110-115 Oct 1848HolleyThomas & MaryCaroline10 Dec 1848planterNorthern Bay
P110-1217 Jul 1848SkinnerWilliam & MarthaGeorge10 Dec 1848planterOchre Pit Cv.
P110-1312 Aug 1848MilleyPeter & AnnWilliam Curtis10 Dec 1848planterWestern Bay
P110-1410 Apr 1848SellersNicholas & MaryJabez10 Dec 1848planterWestern Bay
CooperGeorge & MaryMary10 Dec 1848planterWestern Bay
ElsworthJoseph & SarahHenry10 Dec 1848planterWestern Bay
P111-126 Sep 1848Pippyem & ElizabethLevi14 Dec 1848planterBroad Cv
P111-26 Dec 1846LeGrowPeter & CatherineCharles14 Dec 1848planterBroad Cv
P111-317 Jul 1848MooresWilliam & ElizabethMark17 Dec 1848planterBlackhead
P111-420 Oct 1848BaggsJohn & JaneSolomon28 Dec 1848planterBroad Cv
P111-520 Sep 1848KingJoseph & VirtueMark28 Dec 1848planterBroad Cv
P111-615 Sep 1848BaggsSamuel & MariaArchibald28 Dec 1848planterBroad Cv
P111-713 Nov 1848LoveysJames & JuliaJulius1 Jan 1849planterWestern Bay
P111-825 Oct 1848LeGrowWilliam & DorothySarah4 Jan 1849planterBroad Cv
P111-927 Aug 1848ThistlePeter & SarahMichael4 Jan 1849planterBroad Cv
P111-1017 Sep 1848ThistlePeter & MaryClementine4 Jan 1849planterBroad Cv
P111-112 Sep 1848PeachJames & EmmaNathaniel4 Jan 1849planterSmall Point
P111-1225 Sep 1848CrummeyThomas & AsanethJane7 Jan 1849planterWestern Bay
P111-1321 Oct 1848CrockerAndrew & MaryEdward7 Jan 1849planterBradleys Cv
P111-143 Nov 1848EvansHenry & MaryCharles7 Jan 1849planterWestern Bay
P111-1512 Sep 1848KennedyGeorge & SusannaWilliam7 Jan 1849planterWestern Bay
P111-168 Oct 1848HudsonPeter & AnnCelia21 Jan 1849planterBlackhead
P112-112 Jun 1848MooresJohn & HannahMary25 Jan 1849planterAdams Cv
P112-21 Nov 1848MooresJonathan & JaneCatherine28 Jan 1849planterBlackhead
P112-310 Oct 1848FlightZebedee & MaryJames1 Feb 1849planterSmall Point
P112-412 Oct 1848MurrayHenry & MaryCatherine6 Feb 1849planterAdams Cv
P112-53 Nov 1848ButtThomas & MaryElizabeth7 Feb 1849planterBradleys Cv
P112-628 Nov 1848KingJames & ElizabethMary7 Feb 1849planterBradleys Cv
P112-724 Aug 1848MooresWilliam & VirtueJamima27 Feb 1849planterAdams Cv
P112-810 May 1848GillWilliam & ElizabethMartha27 Feb 1849planterAdams Cv
P112-95 Feb 1849KingJames & JaneJamima1 Apr 1849planterWestern Bay
P112-1014 Apr 1849BishopJohn & Cheumond (Claramond?)Patience25 Apr 1849planterBradleys Cv
P112-1117 Apr 1849EvansJames & ElizabethEbeneezer2 May 1849planterAdams Cv
P112-121 Apr 1849LeGrowMichael & AnnEdward10 May 1849planterBroad Cv
P112-1325 Nov 1848MoranJoseph & ElizaHarriet13 May 1849planterBlackhead
P112-1425 Mar 1849HudsonGeorge & MaryLevi1 Jul 1849planterAdams Cv
P112-1526 Jan 1849KingMatthew & MarthaMargaret8 Jul 1849planterAdams Cv
P112-1628 Aug 1847CrammCharles & AnnEdward8 Jul 1849fisherAdams Cv
P113-117 Dec 1848WhelanCharles & SarahMartha8 Jul 1849planterBradleys Cv
P113-222 Dec 1848BaggsJoseph & PhebeEdward George29 Jul 1849teacherWestern Bay
P113-38 Feb 1849CrummeyJohn & ElizabethLorenzo29 Jul 1849planterWestern Bay
P113-411 Mar 1849WhelanWilliam & EmmaEmily Julia29 Jul 1849planterBradleys Cv
P113-57 Apr 1849EvansRobert & SarahJohn29 Jul 1849planterWestern Bay
P113-68 Jul 1849EvansRobert & MarthaEli5 Aug 1849planterAdams Cv
P113-729 Mar 1849EvansRobert & Mary AnnCaleb5 Aug 1849planterAdams Cv
P113-822 Jul 1849NoftalNathan & Mary AnnMary Anna20 Aug 1849planterBroad Cv
P113-917 Jul 1848PenneyJohn & ElizabethPriscilla23 Aug 1849planterWestern Bay
P113-1024 Jan 1849NoftalWilliam & JaneWilliam Watson2 Sep 1849planterMulleys Cv
P113-1119 May 1849LaceyWilliam & FannyMary Ann Bunyan26 Aug 1849planterMulleys Cv
P113-1227 Oct 1847CoishRichard & AnnCaleb5 Sep 1849planterOchre Pit Cv.
P113-1313 Nov 1847WebsterJohn & Julia AnnCatherine5 Sep 1849planterOchre Pit Cv.
P113-1425 Oct 1846CoishWilliam & CatherineElizabeth5 Sep 1849planterOchre Pit Cv.
P113-1512 Nov 1846SkinnerSamuel & SarahElizabeth9 Sep 1849planterOchre Pit Cv.
P113-1622 Aug 1846SkinnerSamuel & SarahJabez9 Sep 1849planterOchre Pit Cv.
P114-125 Aug 1849AylesworthJames & JaneFrancis9 Sep 1849planterWestern Bay
P114-22 Jun 1849LaceyJohn & EstherIarael26 Aug 1849planterMulleys Cv
P114-331 Oct 1848ButtWilliam & EstherJohn Wesley16 Sep 1849planterBroad Cv
P114-415 Oct 1849HudsonRobert & SusannaMary17 Oct 1849planterAdams Cv
P114-526 Aug 1849MooresAdam & ElizabethThomas4 Nov 1849planterMulleys Cv
P114-625 Jul 1849MooresThomas & JaneJames4 Nov 1849planterAdams Cv
KingWilliam & Mary AnnJohn4 Nov 1849planterBroad Cv
P114-81 Aug 1849KennelThomas & VirtueDinah25 Nov 1849planterWestern Bay
P114-919 Jul 1849WhelanHenry & FrancisMary Ann25 Nov 1849planterBroad Cv
P114-1031 Jul 1849KennedyPhillip & MaryWilliam25 Nov 1849planterWestern Bay
P114-1110 Jul 1849WhelanJames & JaneMary Susanna25 Nov 1849planterBradleys Cv
P114-1231 Jul 1849DaltonJames & ElizabethJohn25 Nov 1849planterWestern Bay
P114-1317 Feb 1849WheadonHenry & RachelHenry Sellars25 Nov 1849planterOchre Pit Cv.
P114-141 Aug 1849PippyJohn & Julia AnnJohn Charles25 Nov 1849planterBradleys Cv
P114-1522 Jul 1849FlightRichard & CatherineMary Ann2 Dec 1849planterSmall Point
P114-1610 Jul 1848CoultasJoseph & ElizabethMaria Acheson4 Dec 1849surgeonAdams Cv
P115-126 Aug 1849DiamondJohn & EllenJohn England4 Dec 1849planterAdams Cv
P115-225 Jan 1849DwyerThomas & SusanPhillip Hudson4 Dec 1849planterNorthern Bay
P115-310 Jun 1849RiddleThomas & CharlotteJames6 Dec 1849planterSmall Point
P115-410 Aug 1849JanesWilliam & MargaretSarah Ann6 Dec 1849planterBroad Cv
P115-56 Sep 1849MooresFrederick & TryphenaJohn Hillyard9 Dec 1849planterBlackhead
P115-617 Aug 1849MooresCharles & Mary AnnSophie9 Dec 1849planterBlackhead
P115-727 Aug 1848EvansJohn & MargaretJulia Ann27 Aug 1849planterAdams Cv
P115-84 Apr 1849DiamondJohn & AnnRobert11 Dec 1849planterAdams Cv
P115-98 Apr 1849PerfectWilliam & ElizabethEdna11 Dec 1849planterOchre Pit Cv.
P115-1020 Oct 1849KingGeorge & MargaretJames12 Dec 1849planterWestern Bay
P115-1111 Oct 1849MilleyThomas & JanePeter12 Dec 1849planterWestern Bay
P115-1215 Jul 1849HillyardHarvey & GraceJames12 Dec 1849planterOchre Pit Cv.
P115-1318 Sep 1849PowerWilliam & GraceCecelia16 Dec 1849planterAdams Cv
P115-148 Sep 1849SmallridgeWilliam & HannahWilliam Thomas18 Dec 1849planterSmall Point
P115-153 Dec 1848LeGrowThomas & JuliaTobias20 Dec 1849planterBroad Cv
P115-1630 May 1849LeGrowAdam & MaryJames20 Dec 1849planterBroad Cv
P116-119 Aug 1849ReynoldsJames & JaneSusanna20 Dec 1849planterMulleys Cv
P116-225 May 1849KingWilliam & JaneMary20 Dec 1849planterBroad Cv
P116-316 Nov 1849FudgeJohn & AnnElizabeth23 Dec 1849planterWestern Bay
P116-411 sep 1849KingNoah & BridgetJohn27 Dec 1849planterBroad Cv
P116-515 Apr 1847NoftalJames & PatienceJulia29 Dec 1849planterBroad Cv
P116-628 Dec 1849NoftalJames & PatienceEdna29 Dec 1849planterBroad Cv
P116-728 Dec 1849NoftalJames & PatienceSarah Ann29 Dec 1849planterBroad Cv
P116-815 Aug 1847NoftalMoses & AnnMary29 Dec 1849planterBroad Cv
P116-916 Sep 1849ButtJohn & MaryGeorge30 Dec 1849planterBlackhead
P116-1010 Nov 1849ThistleMatthew & EleanorSimeon3 Jan 1850planterMulleys Cv
P116-114 Dec 1846HollettThomas & MaryWilliam3 Jan 1850planterBroad Cv
P116-129 Aug 1849PeachSamuel & HannahMary6 Jan 1850planterSmall Point
P116-1317 Apr 1849CrummeyJoseph & AnnJane13 Jan 1850planterWestern Bay
P116-141 Oct 1848MilleyThomas & ElizabethElizabeth15 Jan 1850planterAdams Cv
P116-1529 Oct 1849KingRobert & MaryWilliam16 Jan 1850planterWestern Bay
P116-1621 Sep 1849AnguinThomas & EmmaMaria17 Jan 1850planterBlackhead
P117-121 Nov 1849KingSamuel & MaryElizabeth17 Jan 1850planterBroad Cv
P117-212 Sep 1849ButlerJames & ElizaJohn17 Jan 1850planterBroad Cv
P117-31 Dec 1848PerryNicholas & LouisaMary23 Jan 1850planterWestern Bay
P117-44 Nov 1849NoftalJonathan & JaneJulia24 Jan 1850planterMulleys Cv
P117-58 Aug 1849SquiresGregory & SarahJohn27 Jan 1850planterBroad Cv
P117-620 Sep 1849WhelanThomas & JuliaJohnson30 Jan 1850planterBradleys Cv
P117-77 Dec 1849KingOliver & ElizabethOliver31 Jan 1850planterBroad Cv
P117-819 Aug 1849JanesAlfred & LouisaElias3 Feb 1850planterBroad Cv
P117-924 Nov 1849KennedySamuel & SarahJohn6 Feb 1850planterWestern Bay
P117-1030 Oct 1849EvansJohn & CarolineCaroline12 Feb 1850planterAdams Cv
P117-111 Dec 1849ParsonsJames & DelphinaJohn17 Feb 1850planterOchre Pit Cv.
P117-1229 Sep 1849HudsonJohn & SusannaJohn19 Feb 1850planterAdams Cv
P117-1331 Aug 1849HollettJoseph & MargaretWilliam19 Feb 1850planterAdams Cv
P117-1411 Feb 1850LeGrowMatthew & HannahElias10 Jun 1850planterBroad Cv
P117-1510 Feb 1850MooresWilliam & HenriettaMaria16 Jun 1850planterBlackhead
P117-1629 Jan 1850PikeJabez & MirianJohn16 Jun 1850planterBroad Cv
P118-119 Mar 1850MooresWilliam & ElizabethJulia16 Jun 1850planterBlackhead
P118-24 Apr 1850ThistleWilliam & SusannaJohn23 Jun 1850planterMulleys Cv
P118-32 Mar 1850FrancisWilliam & MaryMahala23 Jun 1850planterBroad Cv
P118-427 Mar 1850BishopJohn & CarolineAmelia24 Jun 1850planterBradleys Cv
P118-54 Mar 1850NoftalJohn & AnnWilliam21 Jul 1850planterBroad Cv
P118-625 Apr 1849MulleyAdam & AnnEdward18 Aug 1850planterMulleys Cv
P118-718 Oct 1849WhelanJohn & ElizabethThomas19 Aug 1850planterBradleys Cv
P118-819 Sep 1849ParsonsJoseph & MaryRosanna25 Jun 1850planterOchre Pit Cv.
P118-913 Aug 1849PenneyOliver & MaryJohn25 Jun 1850planterWestern Bay
CurtisJohn & SusannaClementine8 Sep 1850planterOchre Pit Cv.
P118-1113 Mar 1850DelaneyJohn ^ SarahElizabeth8 Sep 1850planterWestern Bay
P118-1212 Aug 1847RosePhillip & MaryElizabeth14 Sep 1850planterWestern Bay
P118-132 May 1850LeGrowSimeon & EleazerHenry22 Sep 1850planterBlackhead
P118-144 Nov 1847ButtWilliam & MaryDorcas18 Sep 1850planterBroad Cv
P118-155 May 1840MoranJoseph & ElizaJohn6 Oct 1850planterBlackhead
P118-1615 Jun 1850KingRichard & RachelAmbrose27 Oct 1850planterBroad Cv
P119-129 Oct 1850MooresLothrip & ClarissaFrancis30 Oct 1850planterBlackhead
P119-226 Jun 1850ThistleRobert & MaryWilliam2 Nov 1850planterMulleys Cv
P119-313 Jun 1850MulleyWilliam & DinahEmma2 Nov 1850planterMulleys Cv
P119-422 Oct 1849HalfyardSamuel & SusannaTryphena17 Nov 1850planterOchre Pit Cv.
P119-52 Aug 1850KennelRobertDinah17 Nov 1850planterWestern Bay
P119-62 Aug 1850RosePhillip & MaryThurza17 Nov 1850planterWestern Bay
P119-721 Aug 1850DaltonJohn & DinahJohn17 Nov 1850planterWestern Bay
P119-87 Jun 1850LeGrowJohn & ElizabethHugh17 Nov 1850planterBroad Cv
P119-916 May 1850FlightJames & EuniceSusanna1 Dec 1850planterSmall Point
P119-1016 Jul 1850ThistleWilliam & CharlotteFrancis1 Dec 1850planterMulleys Cv
P119-111 Aug 1850ButtWilliam & AmeliaThomas1 Dec 1850planterBlackhead
P119-1214 Jul 1850CrummeyJames & AmeliaWilliam8 Dec 1850planterWestern Bay
P119-1313 Oct 1850KennelJohn & AnnJohn8 Dec 1850planterWestern Bay
P119-149 Jun 1850KingWilliam & ProvidenceElias8 Dec 1850planterWestern Bay
P119-1515 Jul 1850KennedyMichael & EllenFlora8 Dec 1850planterWestern Bay
P119-1627 Jul 1850BaggsJohn & MaryJohn15 Dec 1850planterBroad Cv
ThistleJohn & ElizabethOlivia15 Dec 1850planterMulleys Cv
P120-214 May 1850CoultasJoseph & ElizabethMiles20 Dec 1850surgeonAdams Cv
KingJoseph & TryphenaElias22 Dec 1850planterBroad Cv
P120-420 Aug 1850NoftalThomas & DiannaMartha22 Dec 1850planterMulleys Cv
P120-5Oct ????SiNicholasearEdward & ElizabethAbagail29 Dec 1850planterWestern Bay
WhelanWilliam & CharlotteWilliam29 Dec 1850planterBradleys Cv
P120-79 Sep 1850LeGrowNicholas & LouisaMark26 Dec 1850planterBroad Cv
P120-819 Oct 1850ThistleAbsolem & AnnAgnes1 Jan 1851planterMulleys Cv
P120-925 Aug 1850MooresJohn & ElizabethElizabeth1 Jan 1851planterMulleys Cv
P120-1027 Sep 1850KingJohn & MaryJohn9 Jan 1851planterBroad Cv
P120-1131 Aug 1850LeGrowTelin & HarrietHarriet9 Jan 1851planterBroad Cv
P120-1214 Nov 1850MooresNicholas & ElizaNoah14 Jan 1851planterAdams Cv
P120-131 Apr 1850martinJohn & ElizabethJuliam (F)14 Jan 1851planterAdams Cv
P120-141 Apr 1850MooresGeorge & ElizabethEmma14 Jan 1851planterAdams Cv
MilleyEdward & FrancisSamuel19 Jan 1850planterWestern Bay
P120-1625 Jan 1850MooresJabez & OlympasRosetta28 Jan 1850planterBlackhead
P121-111 Sep 1850HudsonJohn & CarolineEmma2 Feb 1851planterBlackhead
P121-28 Apr 1850BaggsJosiah & ClementineAnn Elizabeth9 Feb 1851planterBroad Cv
P121-328 Sep 1850HudsonRobert & SusannaMary Jane11 Feb 1851planterAdams Cv
P121-46 Oct 1850RyansJohn & DorothyIsrael11 Feb 1851planterAdams Cv
P121-51 Jun 1850DiamondWilliam & JuliaCaroline11 Feb 1851planterAdams Cv
P121-612 Jun 1850MurrayHenry & MaryHenry11 Feb 1851planterAdams Cv
P121-721 Nov 1850CarnellJohn & EmmaPatience16 Feb 1851planterOchre Pit Cv.
P121-825 Sep 1850MilleyPeter & AnnElizabeth16 Feb 1851planterWestern Bay
P121-99 Oct 1850ButtJohn & ElizabethWilliam19 Feb 1851planterBradleys Cv
P121-1015 Nov 1850SellarsJoseph & MaryJohn Charles
planterWestern Bay
P121-1124 Jul 1850AylsworthNicholas & MaryMark19 Mar 1851planterWestern Bay
P121-1225 Nov 1839MurrayJoseph & MaryJohn23 Apr 1851planterAdams Cv
P121-1328 Mar 1851LoveysWilliam & FrancisNaomi24 Apr 1851planterMulleys Cv
P121-1424 Feb 1851ThistlePeter & MaryArchibald Howell1 May 1851planterMulleys Cv
P121-1517 Jan 1851KingMoses & PhebeHannah1 May 1851planterBroad Cv
P121-1615 Mar 1851ReynoldsGiles & MariaCecelia8 May 1851planterMulleys Cv
P122-15 Apr 1851ButtRichard & ElizabethCecelia18 May 1851planterWestern Bay
P122-228 Jul 1851KingJames & JaneElizabeth18 May 1851
Western Bay
P122-319 Jul 1851SellarsJonathan & ElizabethJohn18 May 1851planterWestern Bay
P122-428 Nov 1850LoveysAnthony & DinahJoseph18 May 1851planterWestern Bay
P122-525 Dec 1850MooresGeorge & JaneGeorge18 May 1851planterBlackhead
FlightJohn & JaneElijah King8 Jun 1851planterSmall Point
P122-77 Mar 1850MooresCharles & Mary AnnJosiah8 Jun 1851planterBlackhead
P122-817 Feb 1850HudsonPeter & AnnMark22 Jun 1851planterBlackhead
P122-918 Apr 1850MulleyThomas & MaryJohn22 Jun 1851planterWestern Bay
P122-1031 May 1850AylsworthGeorge & SarahSarah Jane22 Jun 1851planterWestern Bay
P122-1122 Feb 1850EdgecombeJohn & PatienceThomas22 Jun 1851planterOchre Pit Cv.
P122-1222 Feb 1850KingWilliam & MaryFrancis Norman29 Jun 1851planterBroad Cv
P122-1327 Jan 1850ButtThomas & MarthaJoseph6 Jul 1851planterBlackhead
P122-1423 Nov 1850SkinnerWilliam & MarthaEdward13 Jul 1851planterOchre Pit Cv.
P122-152 May 1851WheadonHenry & RachelAmbrose10 Aug 1851planterOchre Pit Cv.
P122-1612 Apr 1851BishopJohn & ClaramondJoseph Jacobs10 Aug 1851planterBradleys Cv
P123-111 Mar 1851WheadonWilliam & Sarah AnnElizabeth10 Aug 1851planterBradleys Cv
P123-214 May 1851ThistlePeter & SarahJames17 Aug 1851planterMulleys Cv
P123-325 Feb 1851MooresWilliam & MarthaJulia Ann17 Aug 1851planterBlackhead
P123-416 Aug 1851PikeJabez & MirianJabez18 Aug 1851dealerBlackhead
P123-513 Mar 1851KingHenry & MarySusanna24 Aug 1851planterBlackhead
P123-620 Mar 1851FostMichael & AmeliaNicholas31 Aug 1851planterWestern Bay
P123-76 May 1851PerryNicholas & LouisaLouisa31 Aug 1851planterWestern Bay
P123-830 May 1851BaggsJoseph & PheliaDinah31 Aug 1851teacherWestern Bay
P123-95 May 1851KingJames & ElizabethSarah Jane31 Aug 1851planterBradleys Cv
P123-102 Jul 1851KingWilliam & TamerJemima31 Aug 1851planterBradleys Cv
P123-1124 Apr 1851VaughanManuel & JaneOlivia7 Sep 1851planterSmall Point
P123-1215 Jun 1851BaggsJohn & JaneJohn14 Sep 1851planterBroad Cv
P123-135 Jun 1850CoishJohn & SusannahSusanna21 Sep 1851planterOchre Pit Cv.
P123-1419 Jul 1851WheadonWilliam & AmyMary Jane23 Sep 1851planterBradleys Cv
P123-1515 Jun 1851NoftalElijah & Mary AnnPriscilla28 Sep 1851planterMulleys Cv
P123-1618 May 1851KingJoshua & PriscillaJohn28 Sep 1851planterBroad Cv
P124-18 Apr 1851WheadonCharles & SarahEsther28 Sep 1851planterBradleys Cv
P124-218 May 1851ReynoldsJames & JaneMark12 Oct 1851planterMulleys Cv
P124-318 Apr 1851NoftalWilliam & JaneLeah19 Oct 1851planterMulleys Cv
P124-421 Oct 1851FlightRichard & CatherineRichard13 Nov 1851planterSmall Point
PerfectWilliam & SarahElizabeth16 Nov 1851planterOchre Pit Cv.
P124-66 Jun 1851PippyJohn & JuliaMary16 Nov 1851planterBlackhead
P124-76 Aug 1851ThistleEdward & AnnJethro23 Nov 1851planterAdams Cv
P124-810 Mar 1851PippyWilliam & ElizabethMaria23 Nov 1851planterBlackhead
P124-911 Aug 1851EvansRobert & MarthaClement23 Nov 1851planterMulleys Cv
P124-1010 Jul 1851KingJonathan & SusannaMichael23 Nov 1851planterBroad Cv
P124-1122 Mar 1851MooresEdward & MarySarah Jane25 Nov 1851planterAdams Cv
P124-1227 Jan 1851HudsonGeorge & JaneMary25 Nov 1851planterAdams Cv
P124-133 Sep 1851HudsonGeorge & MaryRobert Wesley2 Dec 1851planterAdams Cv
P124-1427 Aug 1851Brenner?William & LecretiaMary2 Dec 1851planterAdams Cv
P124-159 Jul 1851LeGrowJonathan & MaryClement4 Dec 1851planterBroad Cv
P124-1626 Feb 1851MooresJohn & HannahEli9 Dec 1851planterAdams Cv
P125-15 Aug 1851MooresJames & JuliaManuel & Jane9 Dec 1851planterAdams Cv
P125-21 Aug 1851LeGrowThomas & JuliaMatthew11 Dec 1851planterBroad Cv
P125-314 Aug 1851DwyerThomas & SusannaMary Jane14 Dec 1851planterBroad Cv
P125-45 Jul 1851EvansRobert & Mary AnnNaomi Cope?16 Dec 1851planterAdams Cv
P125-53 Sep 1851HudsonJohn & SusannahGeorge16 Dec 1851planterAdams Cv
P125-61 Jul 1851CrockerAndrew & Mary AnnAnn Amelia17 Dec 1851planterCrockers Cv
P125-713 Feb 1851ParsonsWilliam & ElizabethRichard & Catherine21 Dec 1851planterOchre Pit Cv.
P125-820 Oct 1851HalfyardHenry & SarahSarah21 Dec 1851planterOchre Pit Cv.
P125-915 Aug 1845RoseJeremiah & SarahSarah Selina21 Dec 1851planterGrates Cv
P125-1020 Jun 1851WhelanJames & JaneWillis21 Dec 1851planterCrockers Cv
P125-1110 Sep 1851ButtSamuel & _____Amelia21 Dec 1851planterWestern Bay
P125-1230 Oct 1851DiamondJohn & AnnGeorge23 Dec 1851planterAdams Cv
P125-138 Sep 1851MurraySamuel & ElizabethEli23 Dec 1851planterAdams Cv
P125-1427 Sep 1851NoftalJonathan & Jane Robert26 Dec 1851planterMulleys Cv
P125-1527 Sep 1851NoftalJonathan & Jane William26 Dec 1851planterMulleys Cv
P125-162 Sep 1851CurtisApollas & HarrietChristopher28 Dec 1851planterBroad Cv
P126-12 Nov 1851ThistleJohn & Anna MariaMalvina1 Jan 1852planterMulleys Cv
P126-215 Sep 1851MooresFrederick & TryphenaFrancis Norman4 Jan 1852planterBlackhead
P126-315 Sep 1851KennedyPhillip & MaryAbigail8 Jan 1852planterWestern Bay
P126-415 Jun 1851RoseJohn & CatherineDaniel11 Jan 1852planterOchre Pit Cv.
P126-518 Apr 1851MooresWilliam & VirtueWilliam James13 Jan 1852planterAdams Cv
P126-67 Sep 1851MooresThomas & JaneLouisa Jane13 Jan 1852planterAdams Cv
P126-726 Oct 1851KennelThomas & VirtueJessie Susanna14 Jan 1852planterBradleys Cv
P126-86 Aug 1851WhelanJohn & ElizabethJemima14 Jan 1852planterBradleys Cv
P126-919 May 1851BaggsSamuel & MariaMary Ann15 Jan 1852planterBroad Cv
P126-1030 Aug 1851CrockerWilliam & SarahJohn Wesley14 Jan 1852planterBradleys Cv
P126-1131 Oct 1851FudgeJohn & AnnWilliam Penney4 Feb 1852planterWestern Bay
P126-124 Jul 1851PerryElizabethLeander4 Feb 1852
Western Bay
P126-1314 Nov 1851FlightZebedee & MaryCatherine5 Feb 1852planterSmall Point
P126-1431 Aug 1851EvansJohn & Mary AnnAmelia10 Feb 1852planterAdams Cv
P126-1518 Oct 1851CooperGeorge & MaryJulia11 Feb 1852planterWestern Bay
P126-1620 Nov 1851KingAmbrose & HonoraElizabeth Garland11 Feb 1852planterWestern Bay
P127-17 Sep 1851CrummeyJohn & ElizabethJulia Ann11 Feb 1852planterWestern Bay
P127-220 Jun 1851LeGrowJohn & Mary AnnJane12 Feb 1852planterBroad Cv
P127-317 Feb 1852ParsonsJames & DelphinaSamson25 feb 1852planterOchre Pit Cv.
P127-427 Sep 1851HalfyardSamuel & SusannaMary Maria25 feb 1852planterOchre Pit Cv.
P127-531 Jan 1852KingRobert & MaryJames7 Mar 1852planterWestern Bay
P127-68 Oct 1851PerryNicholas & LouisaAbigail31 Mar 1852planterWestern Bay
P127-73 Nov 1851KingNoah & BridgetMargaret22 Apr 1852planterBroad Cv
P127-82 Nov 1851RumseyWilliam & LaviniaSalina6 May 1852planterBroad Cv
P127-917 Mar 1852WhelanJacob & JuliaElizabeth9 May 1852planterBradleys Cv
P127-1029 Feb 1852ThistleWilliam & MaryNoah16 May 1852planterMulleys Cv
P127-1128 Jan 1852MooresJoseph & MaryElizabeth16 May 1852planterBlackhead
P127-1216 Dec 1851MooresJonathan & Jane Jane Elizabeth16 May 1852planterBlackhead
P127-1329 Mar 1851ButtWilliam & EstherEli16 May 1852planterBroad Cv
P127-148 Nov 1851HudsonEdward & AnnMary Jane16 May 1852planterBlackhead
P127-1531 Oct 1851ButtJohn & MaryPatience30 May 1852planterBlackhead
P127-1618 Apr 1852KingRichard & VirtueSamuel1 Jun 1852planterBroad Cv
P128-113 May 1852KingJohn & SarahEmily1 Jun 1852planterBroad Cv
P128-214 Mar 1852MooresLothrip & ClaraHenry Norman1 Jun 1852planterBlackhead
P128-320 Jan 1852ThistleAbsolem & Mary AnnJohn Pickavant6 Jun 1852planterMulleys Cv
P128-431 Oct 1851NoftalMoses & AnnAmelia22 Jun 1852planterBroad Cv
P128-529 Mar 1852FlightJacob & MarySamuel23 Jun 1852planterSmall Point
P128-611 Jul 1851KingWilliam & MaryThomas27 Jun 1852sailorBroad Cv
P128-72 Feb 1852SmallridgeWilliam & HannahOlivia27 Jun 1852planterSmall Point
P128-81 Jul 1852LaceyJohn & HesterElizabeth12 Sep 1852planterMulleys Cv
P128-925 Mar 1852MooresDaniel & FrancisGeorge William19 Sep 1852planterBlackhead
P128-102 Jun 1852MooresWilliam & HenriettaSusanna19 Sep 1852planterBlackhead
P128-1119 Jun 1852HollettThomas & MaryJane1 Oct 1852planterBroad Cv
P128-1228 Feb 1852MartinJohn & ElizabethJames7 Nov 1852planterAdams Cv
P128-139 Jul 1852NoftalJohn & AnnEliza8 Nov 1852planterMulleys Cv
P128-144 Aug 1852PageJames & EuniceJames Wesley14 Nov 1852planterSmall Point
P128-1520 Jun 1852HudsonJoseph & ElizabethJoseph14 Nov 1852planterAdams Cv
P128-1624 May 1852EvansJames & Mary AnnWilliam Thomas31 Oct 1852planterAdams Cv

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