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Conception Bay North ~ Northern District

Blackhead - Methodist Parish Marriage Records (1882 - 1910)

1842-1861 / 1862-1881 / 1882-1910 / 1911-1940

Information was transcribed by JOHN WILLIAM (BILL) WALSH, 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

788Edward VaughanfisherSmall PointMay & Jonathan LeGrow
2 Feb 1882Mary Ann LeGrow
Broad Cv.Lillian & Susanna Vaughan
789Jabez FlightfisherSmall PointTobias & Philie Thistle
10 Jun 1882Mary Thistle
Mulleys CvAlfred Noftal, Dorothy Hollett
790William ButtfisherPerry's Cv.George & Susanna Janes
11 Jun 1882Mary Skeans
BlackheadCecily Butt, John King
791William ThistlefisherMulleys CvEdward & Sarah Butt
12 Jun 1882Mary Butt
Broad Cv.John Squires, Jessie Ann Thistle
792Christopher CurtisteacherBlackheadJane Hudson, Levi Curtis
9 Aug 1882Sarah Bennett Moores
BlackheadJohn C. & Alice Moores
793George NoftalfisherBroad Cv.Sarah Butt
19 Aug 1882Julia Marshal
Broad Cv.William Noftal
794Matthew ThistlefisherBroad Cv.Mark LeGrow
17 Nov 1882Sarah LeGrow
Broad Cv.William LeGrow
795James ThistlefisherMulleys CvAlfred Noftal
30 Nov 1882Emma Noftal
Small Point
796Eli PowerfisherAdams CvEllen Diamond
8 Dec 1882Leah Moores
Adams CvPeter Diamond
797Thomas KingfisherBroad Cv.Celia Moores
14 Dec 1882Cecelia Thistle
Mulleys CvElford A. King
798John BaggsfisherBroad Cv.Henry Charles Mulley
14 Dec 1882Cecelia Mulley
BlackheadWilliam Baggs
799Phillip JanesfisherBroad Cv.SThomas Janes
14 Dec 1882Mary LeGrow
Broad Cv.SAlexander LeGrow
800Francis MooresfisherBlackheadJohn Moores
20 Dec 1882Jane Elizabeth Moores
BlackheadJane Crummey
801Joseph LeGrowfisherBroad Cv.Elizabeth Baggs
21 Dec 1882Susannah Hudson
BlackheadThomas LeGrow
802Giles ReynoldsfisherMulleys CvWilliam Moores, Cecily Thistle
21 Dec 1882Cecelia Moores
Mulleys CvSarah Reynolds
803John KingfisherBroad Cv.Cecily King
21 Dec 1882Elfrida King
Broad Cv.Mary Jane King
804John MooresfisherMulleys CvThomas Moores
21 Dec 1882Mary Ann Squires
Broad Cv.John Squires
805Joseph DalefisherNorthern BayElizabeth Moores
21 Dec 1882Dinah Thistle
Broad Cv.Martha King


807Simon King fisherBroad Cv.Mary Thistle
22 Dec 1882Mary Noftal
Mulleys CvDinah Noftal
808Edward GillfisherAdams CvSolomon Moores
23 Dec 1882Susannah Vaughan
Small PointWilliam Vaughan
809Thomas ThistlefisherMulleys CvJohn Robert Thistle
26 Dec 1882Rachel Legrow
Broad Cv.Jessie A. Thistle
810Robert MooresfisherMulleys CvThomas Moores
26 Dec 1882Susannah Mulley
Mulleys CvCelia Moores
811Hugh Robert PennyfisherCarbonearMary Jane King
26 Apr 1883Maria Janes
Broad Cv.Nathanial Penny
812Robert NoftalfisherMulleys CvMary Jane King
17 May 1883Jemima King
Broad Cv.Thomas Noftal
813Alexander MilleyfisherWestern BayMichael Follett
26 May 1883Catherine Follett
Western BayCaroline Follett
814Hugh LeGrowfisherBaulineJohn Diamond
31 May 1883Selina Diamond
Adams CvPeter Diamond
815Absolem KingfisherMulleys CvAdam Thistle
2 Oct 1883Francis Thistle
Mulleys CvEsther King
816William Jonathan DawefisherCupidsAgnes Moores
27 Nov 1883Harriet Ann Moores
BlackheadReuben Curtis
817James PeachfisherSmall PointJohn Delaney
29 Nov 1883Susannah Trickett
Spout Cv.John Robert Peach
818Noah ThistlefisherMulleys CvMatthew Thistle
4 Dec 1883Elizabeth Tucker
Burnt Pt.Thomas Tucker
819Clement SoperfisherFreshwaterMatthew Baggs
5 Dec 1883Lea Baggs
Adams CvRichard Baggs
820Manassah? FlightfisherSmall PointBelinda Mulley
13 Dec 1883Jemima Mulley
BlackheadSilas Moores
821Joseph RiddlefisherSmall PointSarah Jane Reynolds
13 Dec 1883Sarah J. King
Broad Cv.John Noftal
822Mark FrancisfisherBroad Cv.George Francis, John Baggs
13 Dec 1883Sarah King
Broad Cv.Emily Hollett, illegible
823Samuel MooresfisherBlackheadMartha Ann Moores
18 Dec 1883Clementine Moores
BlackheadHenry ? Moores
824Silas KingfisherBroad Cv.Miraim Diamond
19 Dec 1883?Ellen Diamond
Adams CvPeter Diamond
825William SquiresfisherBroad Cv.Jeremiah Squires
20 Dec 1883Mary Ann Baggs
Broad Cv.Nathanial Biggs
826William Clarke BaggsfisherBroad Cv.Naomi & Leah Moores
20 Dec 1883Leah Moores
BlackheadJoseph Baggs, Isabella Ash
827Henry Charles MulleyfisherBlackheadElizabeth Baggs, Marjarea Delaney
20 Dec 1883Elizabeth Baggs
Broad Cv.William Mulley
828Elijah FlightfisherBroad Cv.Sarah Butt
20 Dec 1883Mahala Noftal
Mulleys CvJohn Flight
829Reuben CurtisfisherBlackheadThomas B. LeGrow
20 Dec 1883Laura Emaline Baggs
Broad Cv.Rachel Lacey
830William MooresfisherMulleys CvSarah Jane Butt
20 Dec 1883Elizabeth Butt
BlackheadStephen Moores
831Jonathan LeGrowfisherBroad Cv.Rachel Thistle
20 Dec 1883Jessia A. Thistle
Mulleys CvMichael LeGrow
832Alfred NoftalfisherSmall PointThomas Noftal
20 Dec 1883Cicely Butt
Perry's Cv.Celia Butt
833Robert EvansfisherAdams CvJohn Brennan
25 Dec 1883Mary Thistle
Mulleys CvPhoebe Thistle
834John BaggsfisherBroad Cv.Mark Francis
27 Dec 1883Julia Moores
BlackheadNaomi Moores
835Jonah MooresfisherAdams CvJames Evans
2 Jan 1884Elizabeth Hudson
Adams CvPrudence Hollett
836Joseph KingfisherBroad Cv.Mary A. & Jessie Lacey
16 Jan 1884Rachel Lacey
Mulleys CvMary Jane King, Alexander LeGrow
837Solomon MooresfisherAdams CvJane Brennan
24 Jan 1884Mary Ann Baggs
Adams CvJohn Brennan
838George PerryfisherCarbonearJane Swan
10 May 1884Francis Evans
Adams CvJulia Green
839Silas ReynoldsfisherPerry's Cv.James Reynolds, Joseph Butt
21 May 1884Mary Jane Noftal
Small PointThomas Noftal
840George ElsworthfisherWestern BayPeter LeGrow
22 May 1884Julia LeGrow
Broad Cv.Rev. George Paine
841Edward MurrayfisherAdams CvJohn Murray, Jane Swan
24 Nov 1884Elizabeth Rose
Western BayJanet Mulley
842William DelaneyfisherBroad Cv.Alexander, Jessie & Peter LeGrow
11 Dec 1884Sarah LeGrow
Broad Cv.illegible
843William Thomas LeGrowfisherBroad Cv.Isaac LeGrow
11 Dec 1884Elizabeth LeGrow
Broad Cv.Thomas B. LeGrow
844Thomas MooresfisherBlackheadJane Moores
18 Dec 1884Martha Moores
BlackheadJohn Moores
845J. Matthew KingfisherBroad Cv.Mark King
18 Dec 1884Theresa Flight
Broad Cv.John & Louisa Jane Flight
846William RhinesfisherAdams CvAseneth Thistle, Phillip Rhines
18 Dec 1884Theresa Mulley
Mulleys CvWilliam Mulley, John Hudson
847Joseph CranefisherSmall PointWilliam Vaughan
23 Dec 1884Elizabeth Parsons
Salmon Cv.Mary Jane Vaughan
848Tobias ThistlefisherMulleys CvMary A. Lacey
31 Dec 1884Phoebe Thistle
Mulleys CvThomas H. Thistle
849Joseph NoftalfisherMulleys CvReuben Noftal
31 Dec 1884Olivia Vaughan
Small PointLucinda Noftal
850Damiel MooresfisherAdams CvMeores? Moores
3 Jan 1885Mary Ann Ryan
Adams CvLydia Baggs
851Alexander LeGrowfisherBroad Cv.Jacob & Isaac King
7 Jan 1885Alice Jane King
Broad Cv.William Delaney
852Henry S. Sanford?fisherAdams CvPeter Hudson
2 Mar 1885Jane Evans
Adams CvJonathan Diamond
854Benjamin MulleyfisherMulleys CvThomas H. Thistle
26 Nov 1885Mary Hannah Thistle
Mulleys Cvillegible
transpose853Edward MilleyfisherWestern BayEdward King, Edward Thistle
2 Dec 1885Jane Thistle
Mulleys CvJulia Thistle, Mary Jane King
855Robert LeGrowfisher
Isaac LeGrow, Susanna Thistle
4 Dec 1885Agnes Moores

Henry Moores, Catherine Moores
856Robert Rhinesfisher
Matthew Hudson, Joseph Moores
16 Dec 1885Naomi Moores

857John C. MooresfisherBlackheadHenry Moores, Richard Flight
17 Dec 1885Louisa Jane Flight
Small PointDorothy Hollett
repeat 857Elisha WhelanfisherBradley's Cv.Peter Gill
20 Dec 1885Emma Diamond ?
Adams CvWilliam Baggs
858James MilleyfisherBlackheadWilliam & Belinda Mulley
23 Dec 1885Mary Moores
BlackheadRichard, Tryphena & Mary Jane Moores
859Alfred MooresfisherBlackheadStephen, Emily & John Moores
23 Dec 1885Alice Moores

Jane Crummey, Julia Moores
860Edward NoftalfisherBroad Cv.NAlbert & Agnes Hudson
23 Dec 1885Lucinda Hollett
Adams CvWilliam Noftal, illegible
861Thomas ThistlefisherMulleys CvSilas & Gi? Thistle, William Vaughan
24 Dec 1885Jane Vaughan
Small PointSusannah Gill
862Poleman LeGrowfisher
Jonathan LeGrow, Patience Thistle
18 Dec 1879Theresa Moores

John Moores
863John ThistlefisherMulleys CvMatthew & Anna Maria Thistle
5 Jan 1886Dinah Noftal
Mulleys CvDorcas Noftal, William Baggs
864Reuben KingfisherBroad Cv.NThomas King, Matthew King
31 Dec 1885Mary Jane King
Broad Cv.NElfrida King
865Richard Knight BaggsfisherAdams CvElizabeth Reid
30 Apr 1886Maria Gill
Adams CvMichael Ryan
866Adam MooresfisherAdams CvLevi Moores
6 May 1886Susannah McKenny
CarbonearMatthew Moores, Alice Moores
867Michael MulleyfisherMulleys CvJames Parsons, Solomon Thistle
30 Nov 1886Janet Flight
Small PointHarriet Mulley, Letias Moores
868Thomas NoftalfisherBlackheadGeorge Vaughan, John Noftal
2 Dec 1886Eliza Butt
Small PointMary Vaughan, Maria Riddle
869James Barron ?fisherOtterby?illegible
1 Dec 1886Harriet Mulley
Mulleys Cv
870Thomas OatesfisherCarbonearMary Oates, Agnes Reed
18 Dec 1886Laura Reed
Adams Cvillegible
871John Butt SquiresfisherBroad Cv.NGeorge Edward Squires, Willia Janes
30 Dec 1886Emily Janes
Broad Cv.NHenrietta Janes, Sophia Mulley
872Levi leGrowfisherHr. GraceEmily Lacey, Joseph King
12 May 1887Mary Ann Lacey
Mulleys CvThomas B. LeGrow, Dorcas Lacey
873Willis JanesfisherBroad Cv.NWilliam Janes, Emily Squires
14 May 1887Belinda Mulley
BlackheadWilliam & Susanna Mulley
874John ButtfisherFreshwaterEdgar Janes
17 Sep 1887Cecily Janes
Broad Cv.Sarah Janes
875Henry MooresfisherBlackhead
8 Dec 1887Catherine Moores
876Edward KingfisherBroad Cv.SZeb?, John & Henry T. Moores
14 Dec 1887Mary Jane King
Broad Cv.SMatthew, Henry & Eliza King
877Willis HudsonfisherAdams CvJohn Diamond
16 Dec 1887Janet Milley
Adams CvJohn Murray
878Isaac LeGrowfisherBroad Cv.SJohn J. LeGrow, Elizabeth LeGrow
29 Dec 1886Mary Anna Moores
BlackheadMinnie Evans, Solomon Moores
879John Robert PeachfisherSmall PointEphriam Riddle, James Peach
17 Dec 1887Maria Riddle
Small PointDorothy Holett, Mary Ann Peach
880Samuel ThistlefisherMulleys CvAlice Whelan, Josiah Dole
18 Feb 1888Lucy Dole
Northern BayMary Thistle
881William Mulley
BlackheadJohn T. Mulley, Emily Moores
4 Mar 1888Jane Moores
BlackheadMatthew Hudson, Richard Moores
882James ReedfisherCarbonearClementine King, Allan Mulley
3 May 1888Sophia MulleyspinsterBlackheadMary Jane Mulley, John Thomas Mulley
883Reuben NoftalfisherMulleys CvSarah Thistle, Selia? Reynolds
22 Jun 1886Cicely Thistle
Mulleys CvMark Thistle
884Samuel HollettfisherSmall PointWillis Mulley, Matilda Flight
9 Jun 1888Lizzie NoftalspinsterBroad Cv.NMargaret Noftal
885Phillip RhinesfisherAdams CvJohn C. Moores
22 Oct 1888Amelia Ann Hudson
Adams CvWilliam Brennan
886George Vaughan
Small PointMary Vaughan (At Small Point)
7 Nov 1888Margaret Rose
Marches FollyWiliam Vaughan
887John NoftalfisherSmall PointWilliam Noftal
4 Dec 1888Mary Ann Moores
Broad Cv.Sarah Jane LeGrow
888Thomas B. LeGrowfisherBroad Cv.Rachel King
6 Dec 1888Dorcas Lacey
Mulleys CvJames LeGrow
889Jabez MooresfisherBlackheadHenry Thomas Moores
11 Dec 1888Eliza Kelloway
Spout Cv.Margaret Moores
890William LeGrowfisherBroad Cv.SStephen LeGrow
21 Dec 1888Sarah Jane Squires
Broad Cv.SCatherine Janes
891William VaughanfisherSmall PointEdward Gill
21 Dec 1888Mary Ann Moores
Mulleys CvNaomi Moores
892William Hollett Baggs
Broad Cv.Moses Baggs
6 Jan 1889Phebe Jane Hudson
Adams CvJane Hudson
893Jeremiah SquiresfisherBroad Cv.Henry Butt
12 Jan 1889Rachel Burden
Broad Cv.Mary Jane Butt
894James WalshfisherWestern BayJonathan King
13 Jan 1889Naomi King
Broad Cv.Theresa King
895Uriah Bursey
Old PerlicanRobert M. Hudson
27 Feb 1889Laura Emily King
Adams CvEliza Jane Hudson
896Solomon ThistlefisherMulleys CvSarah Thistle
2 Apr 1889Elizabeth Coveyduck
BlackheadSimeon Thistle
897Stephen MooresfisherMulleys CvGregory Squires
11 May 1889Julia Thistle
Mulleys CvRachel Mulley
898Joseph Crummey JanesfisherBroad Cv.NWilliam Butt
29 May 1889Mary Ann White
Mulleys CvDorcas LeGrow
899Edward Thistle
Mulleys CvHenry King
21 Nov 1889Fanny King
Perry's Cv.John King
900John MurrayfisherAdams CvThomas Moores
27 Nov 1889Martha Moores
Adams CvSilas Murray
901Archebald KingfisherBroad Cv.SIsaac ? King
12 Dec 1889Matilda Hudson
Adams CvWilliam Brennan ?
902James LeGrow
Broad Cv.SNaomi Moores
19 Dec 1889Emma Jane Baggs
Broad Cv.SThomas B. LeGrow, Moses Baggs
903William ButtfisherBroad Cv.Sarah Delaney
19 Dec 1889Amelia Delaney
Broad Cv.James Noftal
904William BaggsfisherAdams CvJames King
24 Dec 1889Mary Jane Churchill King
Broad Cv.SLetias King, Joseph King
905Allan Mulley
BlackheadJohn Thistle Mulley
26 Dec 1889Clementine King
Broad Cv.SArchebald King
906Henry George BaggsfisherBroad Cv.SThomas James?
26 Dec 1889Catherine Janes
Broad Cv.NJohn LeGrow
907John Thomas NoftalfisherMulleys CvMary Jenes?, Dinah Thistle
4 Jan 1890Janet Lacey
Mulleys CvJohn Thistle
908Jonathan ThistlefisherMulleys CvWilliam King
26 Jan 1890Melvina Milley
Western BayPhebe Legrow
909Joshua WhelanfisherBradley's Cv.Allan Whelan
25 Apr 1890Alice Moores
Adams CvLydia Baggs
910Thomas TuckerfisherBurnt Pt.John R. Curtis
30 Apr 1890Henrietta Milley
Broad Cv.SMaud B. Moores
911Thomas Holmes ThistlefisherMulleys CvGeorge E. Thistle
17 May 1890Sarah Moores
Mulleys CvRachel Mulley
912Henry Whedan BurdenfisherBroad Cv.NHenry T. Squires
27 May 1890Lydia Moores
Adams CvLucy Diamond
913John FlightfisherBroad Cv.Matthew King
24 Oct 1890Elizabeth Steel
Northern BayElizabeth King
914Joseph BaggsfisherBroad Cv.SMoses Baggs
27 Nov 1890Jemima King
Broad Cv.SUrsula ? Baggs
915Archebald NoftalfisherMulleys CvJohn Noftal
11 Dec 1890Rachel Mulley
Mulleys CvMartha Mulley
916William James JanesfisherBroad Cv.NWilis Janes
22 Dec 1890Temperance Milley
Adams CvEmily Janes
917William Wetson? NoftalfisherMulleys CvThomas B. LeGrow
23 Dec 1890Sarah Thistle
Mulleys CvMary H. Thistle, Joseph King
918Isaac KingPlanterBroad Cv.SJames King
25 Dec 1890Jane Elizabeth Hillyard
BlackheadElizabeth King
919Richard BaggsfisherBroad Cv.SLeonard Curtis
29 Mar 1891Susanna Evans
Adams CvJulia A. Evans
920John MooresfisherBlackheadLevi Moores
16 Mar 1891Lydia Baggs
Adams CvMary Jane Baggs
921James NoftalfisherBroad Cv.NWilliam E. Janes
7 May 1891Emma Janet Moores
BlackheadJane Moores
922Stephen MooresfisherMulleys CvArchebald LeGrow
16 May 1891Margaret King
Broad Cv.SElizabeth King
923Matthew ThistlefisherMulleys CvOliver Baggs
22 May 1891Harriet Reynolds
Mulleys CvSamuel Penny
924Edgar ParsonsfisherSalmon Cv.Julia Flight, George Vaters
6 Nov 1891Matilda Flight
Small PointEvan LeGrow
925Thomas MooresfisherMulleys CvSilas Thistle, Belinda Moores
3 Dec 1891Mary Ann Puddester
Northern BayFanny Puddester
926James PeachfisherSmall PointWilliam Noftal
10 Dec 1891Abigail Riddle
Small PointEliza Riddle
927Josiah MooresfisherBlackheadMaria LeGrow
17 Dec 1891Mary H. Thistle
Mulleys CvWilliam E. Janes, John C. Baggs
928Benjamin Moores
Mulleys CvNaomi Moores, Charles Howse
23 Dec 1891Belinda Moores
Mulleys Cvperformed Salem School House
929Sampson ReidfisherAdams CvRobert Baggs
24 Dec 1891Harriet Hudson
Adams CvWillas Hudson
930William Ellis JanesfisherBroad Cv.Henry T. Janes
30 Dec 1891Elizabeth Moores
BlackheadDorcas Moores
931Mark LeGrowfisherBroad Cv.M. J. LeGrow
5 May 1892Julia Thistle
Broad Cv.Jessie LeGrow
932Absolem PuddesterfisherOchre Pit CoveMary Ann Flight
18 May 1892Emily Thistle
Small PointWilliam T. B. Gillingham
933Thomas PeachfisherSmall PointRichard Trickett
9 Nov 1892Jessie Kelloway
Spout Cv.Eliza Moores
934Moses Penny
CarbonearEsau LeGrow
17 Nov 1892Jessie Louisa Delaney
Broad Cv.Ursula Baggs
935Frederick SquiresfisherBroad Cv.James Squires
22 Nov 1892Miriam Hudson
BlackheadSusanna Squires
936Levi MooresfisherBlackheadAlfrida Cramm
22 Dec 1892Abigail Cramm
Small PointEdward G. Cramm
937George Edward ThistlefisherMulleys CvThomas Thistle
23 Dec 1892Naomi Moores
Mulleys CvBelindie Moores
938Peter GillfisherAdams CvJohn Ryan, Archibald Murray
28 Dec 1892Isabella Hollett
Adams CvJohn Hollett
939Eleazer ThistlefisherMulleys CvHugh Baggs, James King
30 Dec 1892Emaline Baggs
Adams CvElihu Thistle
940Samuel DayfisherCarbonearLaura Day
9 Jan 1893Cicely Jane Baggs
Adams CvEnoch Baggs
941John Adonis BrennanfisherAdams CvWilliam R. Brennan
2 Feb 1893Mary Emaline Hudson
Adams CvSarah Brennan
942Frederick LeGrowfisherBroad Cv.Peter Diamond, George Moores
18 Mar 1893Caroline Hudson
Adams CvJohn T. Diamond
943Ebeneezer ThistlefisherSmall PointMary Ann Thistle, Matthew Thistle
6 Apr 1893Azineth Thistle
Mulleys CvJessie Thistle
944Edmund TufffisherOchre Pit CoveJoseph Jacobs,
6 Apr 1893Serena Crummey
Western Bay illegible
945Leonard CurtisfisherBlackheadGregory Symonds,
26 Apr 1893Letias King
Broad Cv.Lydia King
946George James SinclairfisherWestern BayWilliam W. Kendy?
29 Apr 1893Virtue J. Crowley
Western BayCaroline Kendy? (Kennedy)
947Richard KingfisherMulleys CvRichard Flight
15 Jun 1893Susanna Moores
Mulleys CvMary Flight
948James SquiresfisherBroad Cv.Frederick Squires
7 Dec 1893Elfrida Halfyard
Western BayMichael Halfyard
949John C. HudsonfisherAdams CvSolomon Hudson
15 Dec 1893Edith Jessie Baggs
Adams CvPeter Diamond, George Moores
950John LeGrowfisherBroad Cv.William LeGrow, Edward King
28 Dec 1893Mary Jane King
Broad Cv.performed Salem School House
951Alexander EdgecombefisherOchre Pit CoveWilliam James
28 Dec 1893Margaret Noftal
Broad Cv.John Noftal
952Walter MooresfisherMulleys CvGeorge Moores
29 Dec 1893Elizabeth King
Broad Cv.Mary Moores
953Christopher Hudson
Adams CvSolomon Hudson
1 Jan 1894Agnes Butt
BlackheadJohn Butt
954Mark Thistle
Mulleys CvRev. W. R. Pratt
11 Jan 1894Dorothy Hollett
Small PointAndrew Vatcher
955James KingfisherBroad Cv.Isaac King
23 Mar 1894Janet Noftal
Mulleys CvLucy King
956John C. BaggsfisherBlackheadHenry George Moores
3 May 1894Louisa Jane Moores
BlackheadLouisa ?
957Solomon Hudson
Adams CvArchibald King
8 Jun 1894Elizabeth King
Broad Cv.John Diamond
958Edward George Cramm
Small PointAlfreda Cramm
12 May 1894Mary Ann Peach
Small PointRobert Peach
959Peter Diamond
Adams CvJohn Diamond, Evelyn ?
22 Jun 1894John Hudson
Adams CvHenry Hudson
960Thomas HudsonlaborerSJWilliam Hollett
23 Jun 1894Sarah Jenkins
Western BayJohn Hollett
961William NoftalfisherBroad Cv.NWilliam Riddle, Josiah Thistle
30 Nov 1894Elizabeth ThistlespinsterMulleys CvLydia Flight, Dorcas Thistle
962Samuel NoftalfisherBroad Cv.NWilliam Noftal, Thomas Thistle
19 Dec 1894Laura Day
Adams CvLucy Diamond
963Silas ThistlefisherMulleys CvElihu Thistle
25 Dec 1894Jessie LeGrow
Broad Cv.SEmma LeGrow
964Esau LeGrowfisherBroad Cv.SAdam LeGrow
27 Dec 1894Dorcas Jane Moores
Mulleys CvDelilah Moores
965John Hudson DiamondfisherAdams CvJohn G. Diamond
1 Jan 1895Mary Thistle
Mulleys CvEmaline Thistle
966Andrew Vatcher
Broad Cv.SGilbert, Jabez, & Maria LeGrow
31 Dec 1894Mary Jane LeGrow
Broad Cv.SIn house of Jabez L, bride's father
967Jeremiah SquireswidowerBroad Cv.NWilliam Squires
1 Jan 1895Mary Jane KingspinsterBroad Cv.SSarah King
968Silas KingbachelorBroad Cv.SJohn King
2 Jan 1895Dinah KingspinsterBroad Cv.SJamima Baggs
969John MilleywidowerWestern BayFrederick Whelan
11 Apr 1895Naomi WhelanwidowWestern BayClementaria Moores
970David RhinesfisherAdams CvM A. Reader?
26 Aug 1895Celia Moores
Adams CvElizabeth Moores
971John DelaneywidowerPouch Cv.Isaac, Jacob & Jane Elizabeth King
8 Nov 1895Rebecca ThistlewidowMulleys Cv
972Solomon MooresfisherBlackheadAlbert G. & Martha Moores
19 Dec 1895Mary Ann Moran
BlackheadJos Moran, John J. Moran
973William KingfisherPerry's Cv.Samuel King, Elizabeth & Henry Butt
24 Dec 1895Susanna King
Perry's Cv.Diana Rey
974Thomas MooresfisherAdams CvJohn Moores, William Janes
25 Dec 1895Delpie? Janes
Broad Cv.STemperance Janes, Jane Moores
975John RosefisherOchre Pit CoveJohn Johnson, Arch Legrow
26 Dec 1895Virtue King
Broad Cv.SLeah King, Sarah Pud
976George E. SquiresfisherBroad Cv.NJohn Squires, Adam Legrow
26 Dec 1895Pheobe Legrow
Broad Cv.SDorcas Jane Legrow, Dorcas Squires
977Matthew LeGrowfisherBroad Cv.NThos H. Thistle, Joseph King
26 Dec 1895Mary Janes Baggs
Broad Cv.SJessie King, Sarah Thistle
978Thomas William ClarkefisherFreshwaterRichard Clarke, Rhoda J. Thistle
22 Dec 1896Amelia Jane Lacey
Mulleys CvMartha Williams, Gregory Squires
979Wilifred PikefisherBlackheadHenry G. Moores
26 Dec 1896Bertha Moores
BlackheadMary A. Moores, Maud B. Moores
980John Thomas MulleyfisherBlackheadAllan Mulley, Clementia ? Mulley
30 Dec 1896Evelyn Pike
BlackheadBertram Pike, illegible
981William Hollett (26)fisherSmall PointEdward Hollett, Elfrida Murray
1 Jan 1897Charity Mulley (23)
Adams Cv
982Natl Diamond (26)
Adams CvJohn Baggs, George Hudson
1 Jan 1897Georgina Hudson (21)
Adams CvMary A. L. Hudson, Mary Janet Diamond
983Edward King (30)fisherBroad Cv.SJames King, John King
7 Jan 1897Sarah J. Moores
Adams CvLeah King, Cecelia Rhines
984Josiah Moores (31)fisherBlackheadHenry G. Moores, Alexander Hudson
7 Jan 1897Priscilla Milley
Adams CvSarah Brennan, Cecily Jane Clarke
985Henry George Moores (26)laborerBlackheadClement Hudson, John Legrow
13 Jan 1897Mary Jane Legrow (25)
Broad Cv.NJessie Legrow, Maud B. Moores
986Henry Thomas MooresfisherBlackheadLevi Charles Moores, Mary J. Moores
20 Jan 1897Maud Beatrice Moores
BlackheadHenry G. Moores, Caroline J. Moores
987William HillyardfisherBlackheadIsaac King
14 Apr 1897Mary Jane Thistle
Mulleys CvJessie Thistle
988John Noftal (25)fisherBroad Cv.NSilas Rose
21 Apr 1897Susanna Hollett (26)
Adams CvDelpie Hudson
989John Rhines
Adams CvMichael Rhynes
4 May 1897Sarah Brennan
Adams CvLaura Rhynes
990James Legrow (30)fisherBroad Cv.SEugene baggs
13 Nov 1897Mary Elizabeth Hudson (24)
Adams CvJohn Milley
991William James Riddle (25)fisherSmall PointNicholas Riddle
16 Dec 1897Lydia Flight (21)
Small PointJessie A. Legrow
992Zebedee Mulley (27)fisherMulleys CvGeorge Moores
24 Dec 1897Martha Mulley (23)
Mulleys CvRhoda J. Thistle
993John Gill (26)fisherAdams CvAlfred Evans
29 Dec 1897Elfrida Moores (20)
Adams CvArthur Hudson
994William Legrow (30)fisherBroad Cv.NFlora Legrow, John Legrow
13 Jan 1898Dorcas Moores (25)
BlackheadElizabeth Legrow
995Peter H. Thistle (28)fisherMulleys CvSamuel Thistle, William Riddle
29 Dec 1898Cicely Riddle (24)
Small PointLydia ?
996John Delaney (29)fisherBroad Cv.Joseph Delaney
29 Dec 1898Mary Kucy King
Broad Cv.Dorcas King
997Reuben Hollett (26)minerSmall PointEdward Hollett, Elfrida Cramm
5 Jan 1899Mary Cramm
Birchy HillsJosiah Cramm
998Robert Peach (26)minerSmall PointWilliam Kelloway, Maria Reynolds
7 Jan 1899Elizabeth Reynolds (26)
Birchy HillsJabez Reynolds
999Henry Kelloway (29)fisherPerry's Cv.Silas King
4 Mar 1899Susannah King (21)
Broad Cv.William King
1000John Wesley Lovis
LICT. C. McLeod, John Diamond, Minnie Gill
25 Apr 1899Henrietta Janes
Broad Cv.Bertha Janes, John M. Moores
1001Elihu ThistlefisherMulleys CvJohn Thistle, Elizabeth Legrow
27 May 1899Jessie L. Legrow
Broad Cv.NGregory Squires, Flora Legrow
1002Edward Hollett (27)fisherSmall PointWilliam James Peach
6 Dec 1899Julia Flight (28)
Small PointLeah Flight
1003Fred Noftal (28)fisherBroad Cv.NJames Noftal, Elizabeth Moores
26 Dec 1899Martha Moores
Adams CvJoseph Moores
1004Alfred Legrow (32)laborerBroad Cv.NWilliam Legrow, Edward King
28 Dec 1899Leah Elizabeth King (26)
Broad Cv.SSarah Jane King
1005John Hollett (28)fisherAdams CvAbsolem Murray
29 Dec 1899Martha Louisa King (28)
Broad Cv.SLeah King
1006Henry Thomas Janes (33)
Broad Cv.NWillis Thistle
4 Jan 1900Fanny Alice Crummey (20)
BlackheadWalter Crummey
1007George Moores (26)minerMulleys CvElizabeth Hollett, ? Legrow
11 Jan 1900Leah King (24)
Broad Cv.SWalter Moores
1008Samuel Thistle (28)fisherMulleys CvSelina King
12 Jan 1900Hazel Thistle (22)
Mulleys CvMichael Thistle
1009Samuel Whalen (28)fisherBradley's Cv.Bertha Moores
15 Jan 1900Mary Catherine Flight (21)
Small PointJane C. Moores, Louisa Moores
1010John Butt (40)fisherFreshwaterJames Butt
3 Feb 1900Jessie Ann Peach (25)
Small PointMargaret Peach
1011Esau Mulley (28)fisherMulleys CvGeorge Moores
3 Apr 1900Dinah Thistle (21)
Small PointBertha Thistle
1012Willis Parsons (24)fisherSalmon Cv.Michael Slade
26 Apr 1900Leah Flight (24)
Small PointJulia Flight
1013George Moores (28)fisherBlackheadRichard Moores
29 Aug 1900Elizabeth Moores (22)
Small PointLeah Moores
1014William Baggs (64)fisherAdams CvJohn Brennan
23 May 1900Lavinia Goudie (62)
LICThomas Moores
1015James Mulley (25)fisherSmall PointThomas Mulley
29 Nov 1900Mary Pinkstone (20)

Charlotte Ann Flight, Noah ? Mulley
1016Clement Hudson (27)fisherBlackheadJohn K. Hudson, Allan Legrow
20 Dec 1900Minnie Julia Andson (28)DomBroad Cv.NCicely Legrow, Minnie Hudson
1017James Moores (58)fisherNorthern BayRobert Wright Burden
3 Jan 1901Patience Vaughan (34)DomSmall PointAmbrose Moores
1018Elijah King (29)laborerBroad Cv.SEdward Baggs, Mary Jane King
9 Jan 1901Martha Baggs (25)DomAdams CvMatthew King
1019William James Trickett (23)minerSpout Cv.Michael Kelloway, Charles Crummey
10 Jan 1901Margaret Hollett (21)
Birchy HillsBertha Thistle, Annie Trickett
1020Alfred Evans (25)minerAdams CvWilliam Baggs, Evangeline Moores
27 Apr 1901Elfrida Moores (21)
Adams CvMary Lulley, John Thomas Martin
1021William Legrow (54)fisherBroad Cv.SJohn Thistle, Andrew Vatcher
16 May 1901Susannah Butt (40)
Broad Cv.NAmelia Butt
1022Phillip Ryan (37/9)fisherAdams CvPeter Gill
23 Nov 1901Abigail Milley (28)DomWestern BayRachel Lambert
1023Alfred D. Butt (34)fisherFreshwaterWilliam George Evans
23 Dec 1901Julia Ann Evans (33)
Adams CvEleanor Elizabeth Thatcher or Hatcher
1024Joseph Moran (25)fisherBlackheadG. Legrow
16 Jan 1902Sophia M. Legrow (21)
Broad Cv.NJames Moran
1025Edward Baggs (27)fisherAdams Cv? Martin
23 Jan 1902Druscilla Murray (27)
Adams CvJanet Murray
1026Matthew King (40)fisherBroad Cv.Mary S. Butt
6 Feb 1902Mary N. Butt (32)
bhIsaac King
1027Willis Thistle (32)
Mulleys CvDorcas Legrow
20 Feb 1902Ida Legrow (22)
bcJosiah Thistle
1028Arthur Skinner (24)fisherOchre Pit CoveJoseph Thistle
21 Feb 1902Mary Milley
Adams CvPhoebe Diamond
1029Josiah Thistle (30)painterMulleys CvWillis Thistle
2 Apr 1902Mary Elizabeth Hollett (26)
BlackheadElizabeth Legrow
1030John Pottle (27)
Job's Cv.Peter Gill
28 Apr 1902Elizabeth Moores (24)
Adams CvJessie Moores
1031William H. Butt (25)fisherBroad Cv.Gilbert Legrow
29 Apr 1902Laura J. Janes (22)
Broad Cv.Elizabeth Legrow
1032William James Whalen (28)fisherBradley's Cv.? Pleman Whalen
7 May 1902Julia Ann Burden (28)
BlackheadLydia Burden
1033Eugene Baggs (23)
Broad Cv.Elsie Hudson
12 Nov 1902Laura E. Hudson (26)
Adams CvJohn W. Legrow
1034Henry King (26)fisherBroad Cv.John Legrow
12 Dec 1902Selina Delaney (25)
Broad Cv.Elizabeth Delaney
1035William Thomas Thistle (21)fisherBroad Cv.John Thistle
17 Dec 1902Ida Lily King (23)
Broad Cv.Eliza E. King
1036Elizabeth Whelan (26)fisherBradley's Cv.Mark Hudson Crocker
18 Dec 1902Susanna Squires (29)
Bradley's Cv.Mary Anna Legrow
1037Robert Whelan (26)fisherMulleys CvJohn Thistle
24 Dec 1902Emera King (22)
Bradley's Cv.Mary A. Legrow
1038John King (50)fisherBroad Cv.Clementaria Moores
26 Dec 1902Catherine Moores (51/7)
BlackheadSamuel Moores
1039George Moores (30)fisherBlackheadAlbert G. Moores
31 Dec 1902Jessie Baggs (29)
Broad Cv.Jessie Baggs
1040Allan J. Hudson (25)minerAdams CvElsie King
22 Jan 1903Marsha Jane Francis (26)
Broad Cv.John B. Hudson
1041Alex Hudsonshop keeperAdams CvJohn G. Diamond, Leonard. J. Evans
7 May 1903Miriam Evans
Adams CvMary A. Evans, Elizabeth Hudson
1042Fred Legrowshop keeperBroad Cv.SHenry Hollett
5 Nov 1903Mahala Delaney (30)
Western BayMary Legrow
1043John W. Legrow (26)fisherBroad Cv.M. J. Vatcher
7 Jan 1904Dorcas King (23)
Broad Cv.Matthew Legrow
1044John HudsonfisherPouch Cv.Mildred Mulley
13 Jan 1904Elizabeth Legrow (26)
Bradley's Cv.Hubert Hudson
1047Arthur James Mulley (24)fisherMulleys CvSilas King
28 Apr 1904Laura Ann Thistle (24)
Mulleys CvMary J. Vaughan
1045John Thistle (26)fisherBroad Cv.W. G. Thistle
14 Jan 1904Rhoda Jane Thistle (21)
Mulleys CvHannah Peach
1046Solomon Butt (26)fisherPouch Cv.Mary A. Evans, Elizabeth Hudson
27 Jan 1904Anna Moores (25)
BlackheadAlbert G. Moores
1048Samuel Crowley (24)fisherWestern BayMillie Thistle
19 May 1904Cecelia Mulley (18)
Small PointThomas ?
1049Silas King (20)fisherBroad Cv.Hugh King
6 Oct 1904Elsie Maude King (20)
Broad Cv.Ethel King
1050William Kelloway (30)fisherSpout Cv.Eliza Moores
16 Nov 1904Bertha Murray (29)
Adams CvJabez Moores
1051Robert J. Flight (24)fisherSmall PointWilliam Riddle
3 Jan 1905Susanna Whiteway (20)
Ochre Pit CoveVirtue Gillingham
1052Charles Cramm (26)fisherSmall PointLucy Thistle
12 Jan 1905Anna Bertha Thistle (25)
Small PointJabez Thistle, Josiah Cramm
1053William H. Butt (22)fisherFreshwaterSusanna Flight
1 Feb 1905Charlotte J. Flight
Small PointThomas K. Kelloway
1054Allen Thistle (21)fisherSmall Point? Peach
11 Feb 1905Martha Wesley Peach (26)
Small PointRobert Moores
1055George Edward ThistlefisherSmall PointArthur Janes
1 Nov 1905Mary Maria Janes
Small PointMary Lavenia Janes
1056Moses Kelloway (23)fisherSalmon Cv.Gregory Squires
1 Jan 1906Mary Susannah Sutcliff Butt (24)
BlackheadElsie Butt
1057Hugh Mulley (26)fisherAdams CvNaomi ?
2 Jan 1906? Jane King (21)DomBroad Cv.Hannah Peach
1058Robert Moores (30)fisherMulleys CvGeorge Moores
17 Jan 1906Rosalie Gertrude Peach (36)servantMulleys CvHannah Peach
1059Moses Legrow (28)fisherBroad Cv.SJames King
25 Jan 1906Louisa Marion Thistle (23)servantBroad Cv.SMinnie King
1060George Allan (30)fisherBay of Is.illegible
23 Apr 1906Mary Hollett (23)servantSmall Point
1061William. Penny (Perry?) (22)fisherSalmon Cv.William J. Pippy
24 May 1906Mary Ann Flight (21)servantSmall PointJulia Ann Pippy
1062Benjamin Evely (26)fisherFlatrockTasker Legrow
24 May 1906Martha Thistle (23)servantMulleys CvElsie Evely
1063Thomas Mulley (29)laborerSmall PointAmbrose Pennel
31 May 1906Alice Moores (23)servantAdams CvLaura Moores
1064John Broderick (28)fisherFreshwaterHayward T Conner?
7 Jun 1906Rosetta Peach (25)servantSmall PointMartha W. Thistle
1065fisher Roland Saint (21)ministerBonavistaWilliam H. Pike
18 Jul 1906Ethel Dove Moores (24)teacherBlackheadNellie Tuck
1066Albert George Moores (31)fisherBlackheadEmma J. Noftal
19 Oct 1906Jessie Elfrida Moran (24)servantBlackheadHarriet Moran
1067Abraham Flight (24)fisherSmall Pointfisher Legrow
22 Nov 1906Lucy Jane Thistle (22)servantSmall PointMary Legrow
1068Samuel Trickett (29)fisherSpout Cv.Josiah Sims
29 Nov 1906Eliza Cramm (22)servantSmall PointLacy Cramm
1069Archibald King (43)fisherBroad Cv.SThomas King
30 Nov 1906Jane Mulley (42)servantBlackheadCarrie Moores
1070John King (40)fisherBroad Cv.SWilliam H. King
7 Dec 1906Rosalie C. Noftal (25)servantBroad Cv.NEmma Jane Butt
1071John Edgecombe (25)fisherOchre Pit CoveAmbrose Pennel
18 Dec 1906Jessie Murray (20)servantAdams CvSusannah Murray
1072William George Skinner (25)fisherOchre Pit CoveHerbert Skinner
19 Dec 1906Annie Milley (23)servantAdams CvMary Ryans
1073Corbet Tasker LeGrow(25)fisherBroad Cv.SArthur LeGrow
19 Dec 1906Lilie Ella Moran (23)servantBlackheadJane Moran
1074James LeGrow(32)blacksmithBroad Cv.SWilliam LeGrow
26 Dec 1906Caroline Moores (35)servantBlackheadOllie Moores
1075Samuel Crowley (26)fisherWestern BayWilliam Vaughan
28 Dec 1906Cicily Vaughan (19)servantSmall PointMary Ann Vaughan
1076Mark Penny (24)fisherSalmon Cv.John C. Flight
30 Jan 1907Martha Flight (24)servantSmall PointMillie Riddle
1077Gilbert Wareham (25)fisherSalmon Cv.John R. Wareham
16 May 1907Pomelia Riddle (24)servantSmall PointRhoda Burden
1078Matthew LeGrow(23)fisherBroad Cv.SGeorge S. LeGrow
23 May 1907Annie Beatrice Hudson Ryan (19)servantBlackheadLillian Moores
1079Edward Thomas Hollett (36)fisherSmall PointDouglas Delaney
19 Dec 1907Susanna Noftal servantBroad Cv.NSusanna Thistle
1080Josiah Cramm (26)fisherSmall PointDouglas Hudson
31 Dec 1907Hannah Peach (25)teacherSmall PointHazel Baggs
1081Robert Lacey LeGrow (47)fisherBlackheadOrlando Crummey
26 Feb 1908Elizabeth Yetman (45)servantAdams CvJane Crummey
1082Mark Crocker (30)fisherBradley's Cv.Thomas J. LeGrow
6 May 1908Lucy LeGrow (27)servantBroad Cv.SCicely LeGrow
1083Edward Nicholas LeGrow (32)fisherBroad Cv.SFrederick LeGrow
21 May 1908Bessie Jane Thistle (21)servantSmall PointSarah M. Noftal
1084William Josiah King (28)fisherBroad Cv.SHerbert Martin
26 May 1908Hannah Jane Martin (25)servantAdams CvHa???y Moores
1085John Kennall (35)fisherWestern BayPeter Gill
26 May 1908Mary Anna Hollett (32)servantAdams CvIsabella Gill
1086Josiah Thistle (38)painterMulleys CvSamuel Noftal
29 May 1908Naomi Hudson (32)servantAdams CvMary J. Hudson
1087Joseph Corbet Benson (25)merchantGrates Cv.J. K. Hudson
8 Sep 1908Marian Hudson (23)teacherBlackheadLucy M. Hudson
1088George Randolph Wood (26)clerkMoncton, N.B.Douglas Hudson
3 Oct 1908Mildred Claris Mulley (21)servantBlackheadMiriam Mulley
1089Edward Rose (37)fisherSalmon Cv.Moses Janes
11 Nov 1908Laura Butt (29)house keeperBroad Cv.NMer??? Janes
1090Joseph John King (22)fisherBroad Cv.SJohn Flight
21 Nov 1908Laura Slade (21)servantBroad Cv.SEliza J. LeGrow
1091Joseph Edward Stanford (29)fisherAdams CvAlfred Moores
5 Jan 1909Celia Ann Janes (21)servantBroad Cv.NHazel Blanche Butt
1092Matthew Chesley LeGrow (23)fisherBroad Cv.SFrederick LeGrow
14 Jan 1909Eliza Ella King (22)servantBroad Cv.SSarah Bennett King
1093William Frederick Delaney (23)fisherBroad Cv.SNoah Mulley
4 Feb 1909Emily Jane Noftal (20)servantMSarah Noftal
1094George Samuel LeGrow (27)laborerBroad Cv.SThomas J. LeGrow
29 Mar 1909Francis Louisa Moores (23)
Adams CvHannah B. King
1095Leander Penny (23)fisherSalmon Cv.Edward
16 May 1909Eve Anna Flight (22)servantSmall PointMiriam Flight
1096Jabez Thistle (28)fisherSmall PointP. A. LeGrow
19 May 1909Mary LeGrow (25)servantBroad Cv.SElizabeth Thistle
1097James King (43)fisherBroad Cv.SIsaac King
9 Jun 1909Hazel Baggs (25)teacherBroad Cv.SLillian Baggs
1098Reuben Moores (24)laborerMRobert Moores
16 Dec 1909Miriam King (23)domesticMSusie Flight
1099George Hudson (56)fisherAdams CvPhillip Ryan
25 Dec 1909Elizabeth Ronan (21)domesticAdams CvAbigail Ryan
1100Ambrose H. Pennell (24)fisherOchre Pit CoveLeonard Moores
29 Dec 1909Eliza Moores (23)
Adams CvJessie Moores
1102Willis Flight (26)fisherSmall PointAlex Mutry, Michael King
13 Jan 1910Susanna Thistle (22)
Broad Cv.SEliza Jane Thistle, Phebe Jane Parsons
1103John King (23)fisherWestern BayDaniel Moores
13 Apr 1910Louisa Moores (22)

Hazel Moores
1104George Badcock (25)draperCarbonearJethro Vaughan
25 Apr 1910Dorcas Peach (21)domesticSmall PointCelia Moores
1105George G. Moores (38)laborerBlackheadHenry Burden
4 May 1910Elizabeth Skinner (38)domesticOchre Pit CoveHar??? H. J. Moores
1106Solomon Flight (34)fisherSmall PointAndrew Thistle
31 May 1910Charlotte Jane Riddle (26)
Small PointLydia Riddle
1107John H. Evans (45)fisherAdams CvWillis Hudson
11 Dec 1910Priscilla Moores (43)
Adams CvElizabeth Milley
1101George E. LeGrow (30)laborerBroad Cv.NWalter LeGrow, Thomas Peach
13 Jan 1910Lucy M. Peach (23)
Small PointLeah Peach, Katie LeGrow
1108John B. Squires (50)fisherBroad Cv.NWilliam Janes Janes
27 Dec 1910Jessie Moores (38)
Adams CvJane Janes

Name in RecordDescription of ErrorMy Name
KING Entry #864; my father's parents, Reuben & Mary Jane King, both were from B.C. South, not B.C. North. Bruce King
LeGROW The Marriage Certificate for Matthew Chesley LeGrow and Eliza Ella King, #1092, 14 Jan 1909, shows that the witness "Frederick LeGrow" should be "Herbert LeGrow". Bruce King

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