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Blackhead / Bay de Verde - Methodist Marriages (1816-1838)

PANL: Volume 52B
1816-1838 / 1838-1852 / 1852-1864 / 1864-1876 / 1876-1891

As these Vital Statistics were being transcribed it was noticed that there were discrepancies between these and the original parish records already posted at NL GenWeb. Thus, in the 'Notes' column, Bill has indicated these discrepancies. Information was transcribed by JOHN WILLIAM (BILL) WALSH, 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

P1-1Sep-29,-1816George ButtBWestern Bay

M? MartinSWestern Bay

P1-2Jan 9, 1817John SquiresBWestern BayWilliam Squires

Patience PottleSWestern BayJane Pippy
P1-3Nov 17, 1817John ThistleBMulleys CvHenry Thistle

Jane GlasbySMulleys CvCharlotte King
P1-4Dec 31, 1817Young KingBBroad Cv

Grace CrummeySWestern Bay

P1-5Feb 25, 1818Nicholas MoranBBlackheadJohn Holmes

John PippySBlackheadWilliam Bennett
P1-6Sep 28, 1818Peter MilleyBWestern BayWilliam Crocker

Susanna WhealonSBradleys CvMary Luther
P1-7Nov 20, 1818William BennettBAdams CvJohn Moores

Sarah TuffSWestern BayMary Moores
P1-8Nov 20, 1818All??? KingBBroad CvJohn King

Susan KingSPerrys CvRebecca King
P2-1Dec 8, 1818John LeGrowBBroad CvRobert Moores

Betsy KingSBroad CvJohn King
P2-2Dec 19, 1818Henry NoftalBBroad CvJohn Dunn

Mary BaggsSBroad CvJane Walsh
P2-3Dec 25, 1818William MurrayBAdams CvWilliam Bennett

Jane HollettSAdams CvJane Walsh
P2-4Dec 31, 1818Edward WhalenBBradleys CvStephen Luther

Mary LutherSAdams CvPhoebe Hickson
P2-5Nov 10, 1819John ReansBAdams CvStephen Luther

Mary DiamondSAdams CvAnn Janes
P2-6Nov 16, 1819William WellsBBlackheadGeorge Molton

Mary MartinSAdams CvElizabeth Hudson
P2-7Nov 24, 1819William ThistleBMulleys CvJonathan Thistle

Elizabeth ButtSBroad CvDianna Thistle
P2-8Nov 30, 1819Jonathan LeGrowBBroad CvThomas LeGrow

Rebecca KingSBroad CvEda Janes
P3-1Dec 8, 1819Richard HollettBWestern BayRobert Howell

Mary RoseSWestern BayCharlotte Butt
P3-2Dec 14, 1819James KingBBroad CvElizabeth pny

Mary CrummeySWestern BayJohn Dunn
P3-3Dec 18, 1819Abraham MrnBAdams CvPhillip Adams

Mary ReansSAdams CvJane Murrayy
P3-4Nov 20, 1820Thomas LeGrowBBroad CvPhillip Janes

Jane MartinSBroad CvElizabeth Thistle
P3-5Nov 22, 1820Jonathan ThistleBMulleys CvSamuel Parsons

Ann ParsonsSOchre Pit CvMary Thistle
P3-6Nov 23, 1820Joseph PearcyBWestern BayWilliam Crowley

Prudence CrowleySWestern BayGrace Pearey?
P3-7Nov 26, 1820Henry ThistleBBroad CvEdward King

Mary NormoreSAdams CvElizabeth Hudson
P3-8Nov 28, 1820William MooresBMulleys CvJohn Moores

Rachel ThistleSMulleys CvMary Thistle
P4-1Dec 3, 1820Jonathan ButtBWestern BayJacob Butt

Jane CrowleySWestern BayElizabeth Crocker
P4-2Dec 7, 1820William SquiresBBroad CvGregory Squires

Susan ReynoldsSMulleys CvSarah Mulley
P4-3Dec 14, 1820Michael HollettBWestern BayRichard Howell

Susannah HowellSWestern BayMary Howell
P4-4Dec 20, 1820William WhalenBBradleys CvSamuel Bayee

Esther BayeeSWestern BayElla Crocker
P4-513 Jan, 1821Jonathan ThistleBMulleys CvJoseph King

Charlotte KingSBroad CvMary Diamond
P4-629 Apr, 1821George MoltenBAdams CvThomas Ridley

Sarah HollettSAdams CvMary Ferrel
P4-7Sep 11, 1822Robert Caruce?BBroad CvGeorge Pippy

Rachel NoftalSBroad CvEdward King
P4-8Oct 22, 1823Benjamin MulleyBMulleys CvEdward Nicholl

Ann ButtSBlackheadJane Barrett
P5-1Nov 14, 1823James King
Perrys CvThomas Butt

Mary Hardy
Perrys CvRobert Baggs
P5-2Nov 30, 1823Thomas Noftal
Broad CvThomas Butt

Susannah Janes
Broad CvJohn Janes
P5-3Nov 29, 1823William Crowley
Western Bay

Jane Milley
Western Bay

P5-4Nov 27, 1823James Noftal
Broad CvJohn Janes

Patience Butt
FreshwaterHenrietta Mews
P5-5Dec 10, 1823William Buckler
Northern BayThomas Ridley

Ann Harris
Northern Bay

P5-6Dec 17, 1823Israel Reans
Adams CvThomas Ridley

Jane Evans
Adams CvJohn Hudson
P5-7Dec 18, 1823John Crocker
Bradleys CvWilliam Crowley

Sarah Mulley
Western BayFrancis Mulley
P5-8Dec 23, 1823James Rose
Western BayWilliam Crowley

Mary Kennedy
Western BayIsrael Rafe
P6-1Jan 22, 1824John Perry
Western BayWilliam King

Jane King
Bradleys Cv

P6-2Nov 22, 1824Thomas Milley
Western BayClement Hudson

Elizabeth Hudson
Adams CvJane Hudson
P6-3Nov 23, 1824Richard Carnell
Ochre Pit CvJohn Hollett

Dinah Crummey
Western BayMary Thistle
P6-4Nov 25, 1824James Evans
Adams CvRobert Evans

Elizabeth LeGrow
Adams CvMary Thistle
P6-5Jan 15, 1825William Thistle
Mulleys CvEdward King

Ann Mulley
Mulleys CvRichard Stacey
P6-6Mar 3, 1825Robert Travers
Small PointLot Reynolds

Mary King
Small PointRichard Stacey
P6-7Nov 24, 1825Michael LeGrow
Broad CvJohn Thistle

Ann Thistle
Mulleys CvElizabeth Baggs
P6-8Nov 26, 1825Peter Thistle
Mulleys CvRobert Lovey

Mary Baggs
Mulleys CvJohn Hillyard
P7-1Dec 2, 1825William King
Broad CvJohn Baggs

Jane Baggs
Broad CvPatience King
P7-2Dec 8, 1825John Moores
Mulleys CvJonathan Thistle

Mary Thistle
Mulleys CvJoseph King
P7-3Dec 13, 1825James Howell
Western BayRobert Evans

Jane Rose
Western BayMary Ann Hollett
P7-4Dec 15, 1825John Reid
Adams CvJames Martin

Diana Martin
Adams CvHenry Murray
P7-5Dec 27, 1825Joseph Crummey
Western BayJohn Crummey

Ann Coish
Western BayRobert Evans
P7-6Nov 24, 1825Michael LeGrow
Mulleys CvElizabeth Baggsentry deleted

Ann Thistle
Mulleys CvJohn Thistle
P7-7Nov 26, 1825Peter Thistle
Broad CvRobert Loveysentry deleted

Mary Baggs
Broad CvJohn Hillyard
P7-8Dec 2, 1825William King
Broad CvJohn Baggsentry deleted

Jane Baggs
Broad CvPatience King
P8-1Feb 15, 1826John Reynolds
Northern BayMoses Trim

Susan Buckler
Northern BaySusan Haigh
P8-2Aug 6, 1826Henry Janes
Broad CvEdward Janes

Patience King
Broad CvAnn Bradbury
P8-3Nov 12, 1826Anthony Loveys
Western BayJames Crowley

Mary King
Western BayNathan Follett
P8-4Dec 6, 1826James Flight
Small PointThomas Butt

Charlotte Loveys
BlackheadMartha Hudson
P8-5Dec 13, 1826William Knight
Western BayRobert Grimsby

Elizabeth Crummey
Western BayEdward Crummey
P8-6Oct 21, 1827John Marshall
Broad CvJohn Butt

Susanna Butt
Broad CvMoses Butt
P8-7Nov 9, 1827William Rose
Western BayIsaac Rose

Mary Kennedy
Western BayWilliam Kennedy
P8-8Nov 21, 1827James Evans
Adams CvRobert Evans

Elizabeth Baggs
Broad CvWilliam Baggs
P9-1Nov 30, 1827Benjamin Cox
Western BayMichael Dwyer

Providence Kilmartin
Broad CvMary Ann Hollett
P9-2Dec 6, 1827Francis King
Broad CvRobert Evans

Jane Thistle
Mulleys CvJoseph King
P9-3Dec 19, 1827Robert Penney
Western BayWilliam Crocker

Elizabeth Crocker
Bradleys CvJames Penney
P9-4Dec 19, 1827Phillip Adams
Adams CvJohn Hudson

Elizabeth Hudson
Adams CvEdward Hudson
P9-5Dec 21, 1827Samuel Coish
Ochre Pit CvRobert Evans

Mary Crummey
Western BayFrancis Milley
P9-6Dec 3, 1828John King
Broad CvWilliam Moores

Jane Pippy
Broad CvJohn Janes
P9-7Dec 4, 1828William Mulley
Mulleys CvThomas Hudson

Dinah Delaney
Western BayThomas Prior
P9-8Jun 8, 1828Henry Lawrence
BlackheadThomas Hudson

Jane Gill
BlackheadCharles Whealan
P10-1Oct 11, 1828George Janes
Broad CvJohn Butt

Isabella Butt
Broad CvHenry Moores
P10-2Dec 16, 1828William Crocker
Bradleys CvJacob Whealan

Sarah Luther
Adams CvJohn Crocker
P10-3Dec 18, 1828Francis Milley
Western BayWilliam Crocker

Grace Luther
Adams CvRobert Evans
P10-4Dec 30, 1828John Whealan
Bradleys CvJacob Whealan

Sarah King
Broad CvNoah Perry
P10-5Dec 28, 1828Henry Butt
Broad CvJohn Janes

Mary Gill
Adams CvJohn Butt
P10-6Jan 10, 1829George Pippy
Hr. GraceJohn Moores

Amelia Moores
BlackheadThomas Moores
P10-7Mar 1, 1829Thomas Riddle
Mulleys CvJohn Janes

Charlotte Thistle
Mulleys CvJohn Butt
P10-8Jan 1, 1829Noah Perry
Western BayJames Penney

Mary English
Western Bay

P11-1May 5, 1829James Edgecombe
Ochre Pit CvWilliam King

Mary King
Bradleys CvGeorge Perry
P11-2May 15, 1829John Hillyard
Broad CvGeorge Vanderhoff

Mary Moores
BlackheadJohn Hudson
P11-3Jul 12, 1829James Kennedy
Western BayGeorge Vanderhoff

Jane Crummey
Western BayRobert Kennedy
P11-4Oct 2, 1829Nicholas Moores
Adams CvJoseph Hollett

Elizabetha Hollett
Adams CvWilliam Gill
P11-5Oct 8, 1829Patrick Murray
Grates CvLavinia Pack

Mary Ann Diamond
Adams CvMaria Bemister
P11-6Oct 17, 1829John Knight
Adams CvRobert Lacey

Eleanor Lawrence
Adams CvThomas Butt
P11-7Oct 18, 1829George Rose
Western BayJohn Bishop

Ann Delaney
Western BayGeorge Perry
P11-8Nov 5, 1829John Milley
Western BayEdward Milley

Francis Crowley
Western BayWilliam Crowley
P12-1Nov 4, 1829William Gill
Adams CvJames Martin

Elizabeth Moores
Adams CvJohn Hudson
P12-2Nov 5, 1829William Reanes
Pouch CvAndrew Adams

Ann Cox
Pouch CvThomas Mulley
P12-3Nov 5, 1829William Butt
Broad CvJohn Hollett

Mary Hollett
BlackheadJohn Butt
P12-4Nov 12, 1829Edward Rose
Western BayWilliam Crowley

Margaret Crowley
Western BayJohn Milley
P12-5Nov 21, 1829Ananias Case
Marshall's FollyJohn Kelloway

Grace Rose
Marshall's FollyJohn King
P12-6Nov 1, 1829Nicholas Delaney
Western BayJohn Kennedy

Charlotte Kennedy
Western BayElizabeth Lynch
P12-7Dec 3, 1829Henry King
Broad CvJoseph King

Mary Mulley
Mulleys CvWilliam King
P12-8Dec 3, 1829George Parsons
Ochre Pit CvWilliam Tuff

Mary Pinsent
Ochre Pit CvJohn Tuff
P13-1Dec 8, 1829John Butt
Perrys CvJohn Kelloway

Elizabeth Kirby
Perrys CvHenry Butt
P13-2Dec 29, 1829John Butt
Broad CvJohn Janes

Margaret Crummey
Western BayHenry Butt
P13-3Dec 30, 1829Thomas Hudson
BlackheadJohn Hudson

Elizabeth Whelan
Bradleys CvMatthew Hudson
P13-4May 11, 1830Joseph Crummey
Western BayRobert Evans

Julia Moores
BlackheadMildred Dwyer
P13-5Aug 17, 1830Joseph Hollett
Adams CvHugh Baggs

Margaret Moores
Adams CvJames Moores
P13-6Oct 6, 1830John Smithies
Hr. GraceJohn Haigh

Hannah White
London, Eng.Mary Knight
P13-7Oct 21, 1830Moses Noftal
Broad CvJohn Masters

Ann Gill
Adams CvHenry Lawrence
P13-8Oct 25, 1830John Noseworthy
Pouch CvRobert Moores

Rachel Mulley
Mulleys CvRichard Noseworthy
P14-1May 31, 1830Richard Mulley
BlackheadSamuel Baggs

Francis Moores
BlackheadHenry Moores
P14-2Nov 16, 1830John King
Broad CvRobert Evans

Mary Evans
Western BayJoseph King
P14-3Nov 18, 1830William Janes
Broad CvJohn Janes

Sarah LeGrow
Broad CvJohn Butt
P14-4Dec 2, 1830Thomas LeGrow
Broad CvJoseph King

Julia King
Broad CvEdward King
P14-5Dec 5, 1830William Harvey
FreshwaterCharles Runey

Jane Newell
FreshwaterFrancis Howell
P14-6Dec 16, 1830John Parsons
OtterburyJohn Jeans

Elizabeth Peach
Small PointJoseph Moores
P14-7Dec 16, 1830Robert Thacker
Western BayJohn Hollett

Maria Rose
Western BayPeter Hudson
P14-8Dec 21, 1830William Moores
BlackheadJane Hudson

Elizabeth Hudson
BlackheadCharles Bates
P15-1Dec 28, 1830Joseph Crummey
Western BayJohn Jeanes

Elizabeth Moores
BlackheadThomas Jeanes
P15-2Jan 20, 1831William Flight
Small PointJohn Flight

Elizabeth King
Mulleys CvJohn King
P15-3Nov 15, 1830Edward White
Ochre Pit CvJonathan Parsons

Jane Evans
Ochre Pit CvJohn Murray
P15-4Nov 16, 1830Thomas Armstrong
Western BayAndrew Armstrong

Isabelle Dwyer
Western BayMichael Dwyer
P15-5Nov 18, 1830Matthew Dalton
Western BayNoah Perry

Mary Skinner
Northern baySamuel Skinner
P15-6Nov 18, 1830Thomas Milley
Western BayEdward Milley

Jane Manuel
Western BayMichael Follett
P15-7Nov 23, 1830William Parsons
Ochre Pit CvJohn Rose

Isabelle FitzGerald
Ochre Pit CvSamuel Parsons
P15-8Dec 1, 1830William Green
Western BayJohn Gill

Mary Perry
Western BayJohn Fins
P16-1May 8, 1831Henry Howell
Western BayEdward Milley

Ann Milley
Western BayThomas Milley
P16-2May 28, 1831Douglas E. Gilmore
CarbonearGeorge Vanderhoff

Caroline Russell
Winchester, Eng.Robert Ayles
P16-3Jun 26, 1831Michael Dwyer
Western BayRobert Evans

Mary Thistle
Western BayMichael Follett
P16-4Jul 24, 1831Edward Milley
Western BayGeorge Vanderhoff

Jane Howell
Western BayPeter Milley
P16-5Aug 26, 1831Moses Butt
Broad CvGeorge Hudson

Elizabeth Hudson
Biscayan CvJohn Hudson
P16-6Aug 26, 1831Nathaniel Noftal
Broad CvJames Noftal

Mary Shea
Pouch CvThomas Noftal
P16-7Nov 14, 1831James Alsworth
Western BayWilliam Kennedy

Jane Kennedy
Western BayThomas Aylsworth
P16-8Nov 17, 1831John Kelloway
Perrys CvJohn Janes

Elizabeth Thistle
Mulleys CvJohn King
P17-1Nov 17, 1831Francis Rumsey
Broad CvThomas Rumsey

Elizabetha Thistle
Mulleys CvWilliam King
P17-2Dec 1, 1831Michael Mulley
Mulleys CvSamuel Baggs

Sarah Thistle
Mulleys CvPeter Thistle
P17-3Dec 14, 1831John Hudson
BlackheadPeter Hudson

Caroline Moores
BlackheadJohn Hollett
P17-4Nov 21, 1831Samuel Butt
CarbonearJohn Crocker

Susanna Crocker
Bradleys CvWilliam Crocker
P17-5Dec 21, 1831John Stephen Edgecombe
Ochre Pit CvJohn Hudson

Patience Loveys
Western BayJohn Skinner
P17-6May 22, 1832John Follett
Western BayJames Dalton

Honour Diamond
Adams CvRobert Diamond
P17-7Nov 3, 1832William Hudson
Biscayan CvMatthew Hudson

Elizabeth Smith
Biscayan CvGeorge Hudson
P17-8Sep 20, 1832John Parsons
Ochre Pit CvJohn Tuff

Sarah Gaucher
Cat Hr (Lumsden NDB)Fannie CoishVariant of Goodyear
P18-1Nov 15, 1832Ambrose Crowley
Western BayAmbrose Armstrong

Margaret Rose
Western BayWilliam Crowley
P18-2Nov 25, 1832William Baggs
Adams CvJohn Rorke

Ann Snow
Port de GraveSelma Baggs
P18-3Nov 29, 1832Joseph Pippy
Broad CvJohn Butt

Julia Baggs
Broad CvJoseph Moran
P18-4Nov 13, 1832William King
Broad CvJoseph Pippy

Honour LeGrow
Broad CvOliver King
P18-5Jul 4, 1833Joseph Moran
BlackheadJoseph Pippy

Elizabetha King
Broad CvThomas Janes
P18-6Dec 10, 1832John Furze
Western BayJames Perry

Ann Perry
Western BayAndrew Armstrong
P18-7Dec 26, 1832Charles Whelan
Bradleys CvSamuel Coish

Sarah Coish
Ochre Pit CvGeorge Butt
P18-8Dec 6, 1832John Bone
Bradleys CvJacob Whalen

Mary Whalen
Bradleys CvWilliam Whalen
P19-1Feb 6, 1833Richard Coish
Ochre Pit CvThomas Edgecombe

Ann Parsons
Ochre Pit CvThomas Fox
P19-2Jan 9, 1833William Penney
CarbonearSolomon Penney

Ann Crummey
Western BayJoseph Crummey
P19-3May 18, 1833Francis Jeffers
FreshwaterJohn Baggs

Elizabeth Moran
BlackheadJohn Moran
P19-4May 20, 1833William King
Broad CvJohn King

Elizabeth Reynolds
Mulleys CvFrancis King
P19-5May 26, 1833Hugh Baggs
Adams CvRobert Baggs

Julia Sutter
Adams CvWilliam Baggs
P19-6Jun 23, 1833John Wright
Broad CvJohn Rumsey

Eve Janes
Broad CvThomas Butt
P19-7Aug 31, 1833Benjamin Mulley
BlackheadJames Noftal

Dinah Janes
Broad CvRichard Mulley
P19-8Oct 17, 1833William King
Perrys CvJohn Butt

Elizabeth Butt

John King
P20-1Oct 31, 1833Peter LeGrow
Broad CvJoseph Moran

Catherine King
Broad CvElias King
P20-2Nov 21, 1833Thomas Butt
FreshwaterJames Noftal

Elizabeth Puddesterr
Northern BayEdward Noftal
P20-3Nov 23, 1833William Pottle
Clowns CvWilliam Penney

Elizabeth Penney
Western BayJohn Thistle
P20-4Nov 27, 1833William Thistle
Mulleys CvJohn King

Susannah rnd
Mulleys CvFrancis King
P20-5Nov 28, 1833George King
Broad CvWilliam LeGrow

Mary Luther
Adams CvWilliam Butt
P20-6Nov 28, 1833Thomas Power
Broad CvMoses Butt

Sarah Bellman
Mosquito CvJohn Baggs
P20-7Dec 6, 1833William Moores
BlackheadThomas Hudson

Elizabeth Baggs
Broad Cv

P20-8Dec 19, 1833John Diamond
Adams CvRobert Diamond

Mary Reans
Adams CvJohn Rorke
P21-1Dec 23, 1833Robert Diamond
Adams CvHugh Hudson

Mary Hudson
Adams CvJohn Hudson
P21-2Dec 26, 1833Thomas Garland
Lower Is. CvWilliam T. Finlay

Dorcas Moores
BlackheadWilliam Tuff
P21-3Feb 4, 1834Joseph S. Lindon
London, Eng.George Vanderhoff

Catherine Butt
Western BayPirfe? Hannahan
P21-4Oct 30, 1834William Noftal
Mulleys CvGeorge Brown

Jane King
Broad CvOlive King
P21-5Nov 3, 1834Basil Butt
Clowns CvJoseph Butt

Julia Noftal
Mulleys CvKen Loveys
P21-6May 15, 1834John Pittman
Hampshire, Eng.Joseph Lockyer

Mary Merrigan
Broad CvWilliam Flight
P21-7Jun 7, 1834Thomas Janes
Broad CvAlfred Janes

Mary LeGrow
Broad CvJoseph Moran
P21-8Jun 7, 1834Thomas Hollett
BlackheadJohn Hillyard

Mary Lawrence
BlackheadWilliam Butt
P22-1Oct 29, 1834William Coish
Ochre Pit CvSamuel Coish

Catherine Skinner
Ochre Pit CvJoseph Coish
P22-2Nov 2, 1834Thomas Elsworth
Western BayJohn Perry

Mary Whalen
Western BayBenjamin Elsworth
P22-3Nov 27, 1834Joseph Delaney
Western BayWilliam King

Sarah King
Western BayIsachar Rose
P22-4Nov 18, 1834Thomas Puddester
Northern BayWilliam Rose

Francis Rose
Western BayJohn Puddester
P22-5Dec 5, 1834John Nichols
Hr. GraceJames Nichols

John Penney
Western BayGeorge French
P22-6Dec 8, 1834Phillip Perry
Western BayJames King

Maria King
Bradleys CvNoah Perry
P22-7Dec 25, 1834John Kinnell
Western BayJohn Whiteway

Ann Piercey
Western BayThomas Kennel
P22-8Nov 3, 1835Charles Gillingham
Ochre Pit CvWilliam Tuff

Bridget Bowan
Adams CvJohn Hussey
P23-1Nov 12, 1835Richard Halfyard
Ochre Pit Cv

Elizabeth Parsons
Ochre Pit Cv

P23-2Nov 17, 1835Clement Puddester
Northern BayJohn Puddester

Elizabeth Elsworth
Western BayThomas Elsworth
P23-3Nov 19, 1835William King
Western BayJames King

Providence Rose
Western BayAmbrose Crowley
P23-4Nov 23, 1835Oliver King
Broad CvMichael LeGrow

Elizabeth LeGrow
Broad CvAlfred Janes
P23-5Nov 25, 1835John King
Perrys CvJohn Kelloway

Harriet Slade
Perrys CvRobert Kelloway
P23-6Dec 4, 1835Jonathan Thistle
Mulleys CvSolomon Thistle

Mary Ann King
Broad CvLouisa Faulkner
P23-7Dec 5, 1835William Kennedy
Western BayRalph Kennedy

Mary Tippett
Western BayJohn Rose
P23-8Dec 17, 1835Peter Hudson
BlackheadHenry Moores

Ann Janes
Broad CvHugh Hudson
P24-1Dec 26, 1835William Pippy
Broad CvWilliam Butt

Elizabeth Butt
BlackheadJohn Matthews
P24-2Dec 27, 1835William Thistle
Mulleys CvJoseph Lockyer

Mary King
Broad CvOliver King
P24-3Dec 30, 1835William Curtis
Western BayJames Buckley

Ann Dalton
Western BayJohn Dalton
P24-4Jan 1, 1836Richard Taylor
CarbonearJohn Rorke

Mary Ann Moores
BlackheadThomas Moores
P24-5Jan 1, 1836John Bishop
Bradleys CvJohn Crocker

Amelia Crocker
Bradleys CvJames King
P24-6Jan 23, 1836Robert Bartlett
Somerset, Eng.John Butt

Sarah King
Perrys CvThomas King
P24-7May 8, 1836Edward Crummey
Western BayJoseph Crummey

Julia Rose
Western BayJohn Rose
P24-8May 15, 1836John Lawrence
BlackheadHenry Lawrence

Jane Moores
Adams CvJoseph Hudson
P25-1Jun 5, 1836John Puddester
Northern BayStephen Compton

Sarah Elsworth
Western BayThomas Elsworth
P25-2Jun 26, 1836George Cooper
BlackheadJohn Moores

Mary Ann Moores (nee Hollett)widowBlackheadHenry Moores
P25-3Oct 10, 1836William LeGrow
Broad CvMichael LeGrow

Grace King
Broad CvJohn Janes
P25-4Oct 14, 1836John Perry
Western BayWilliam Perry

Elizabeth PenneywidowWestern BayWilliam McDonald
P25-5Oct 17, 1836John Matthews
Adams CvWilliam Pippy

Sarah Pippy
Broad CvJoseph Moran
P25-6Nov 3, 1836John King
Perrys CvWilliam Flight

Sophia King
Broad CvJoliffe King
P25-7Nov 15, 1836Moses Butt
Broad CvJohn Hollett

Mary Butt
BlackheadElizabeth Hollett
P25-8Nov 21, 1836James King
Western BayWilliam King

Jane Fahey
Western BayJames Fahey
P26-1Nov 24, 1836Ralph Kennedy
Western BayPhillip Kennedy

Margaret Rose
Western BayThomas Ingham
P26-2Dec 15, 1836George Curtis
Western BayThomas Curtis

Catherine Skinner
Northern BayJames Curtis
P26-3Dec 24, 1836John Diamond
Adams CvJames Powers

Ann Evans
Adams CvWilliam Diamond
P26-4Dec 27, 1836Samuel Baggs
Broad CvWilliam Penney

Maria Crummey
Western BayJohn Baggs
P26-5Dec 29, 1836Charles Sinclaire
Western BayJoseph Crummey

Anastatia Rose
Western BayJohn Rose
P26-6Jan 10, 1837Jacob Pinsent
Ochre Pit CvJohn Hickey

Ann Pennel
Ochre Pit CvSamuel Halfyard
P26-7Jan 30, 1837Moses King
Broad CvJohn King

Phoebe Thistle
Broad CvJonathan Thistle
P26-8May 8, 1837John Flight
Small PointJohn Moores

Matilda Evans
Broad CvAdam Moores
P27-1May 11, 1837William Aldridge
Small PointGeorge Vaughan

Hannah Vaughan
Small PointWilliam Vaughan
P27-2Sep 20, 1837John Parsons
Ochre Pit CvJohn Tuff

Sevenia Steel
Long BeachMark Parsons
P27-3Nov 30, 1837James Thistle
Mulleys CvJonathan Noftal

Sarah Reynolds
Mulleys CvGiles Reynolds
P27-4Nov 23, 1837William Whiteway
Western BayJoseph Tuff

Ann Crummey
Western BayRobert Whiteway
P27-5Nov 23, 1837John Whiteway
Western BayJoseph Tuff

Margaret Rians
Adams CvRobert Whiteway
P27-6Nov 28, 1837John Evans
Adams CvWilliam Diamond

Margaret Diamond
Adams CvPeter Gill
P27-7Nov 30, 1837Thomas Rumsey
Broad CvThomas Janes

Elizabeth Pippy
BlackheadThomas Rumsey
P27-8Nov 30, 1837John Canady
Western BayWilliam King(Kennedy?)

Elizabeth King
Western BayGeorge Canady
P28-1Dec 5, 1837John Moore
Clowns CvCharles Moores

Sarah Moores
BlackheadGeorge Moores
P28-2Dec 26, 1837Giles Reynolds
Mulleys CvJoseph King

Maria King
Broad CvMatthew Thistle
P28-3May 24, 1838John Janes
Broad CvAlfred Janes

Susanna Marshall
Broad CvWilliam Noftal
P28-4May 19, 1838Thomas Butt
BlackheadJohn Butt

Martha Butt
Broad CvJohn Baggs
P28-5May 23, 1838Adam Moores
Mulleys CvMatthew Thistle

Elizabeth Thistle
Mulleys CvJohn Moores
P28-6Nov 6, 1838John Rose
Western BayPhillip Rose

Mary Delaney
Western BayWilliam Rose
P28-7May 29, 1838Thomas Deal
Kingswood, HantsJacob Moores

Ruth Trim
Northern BayStephen Compton
P28-8Nov 26, 1838James Whalen
Bradleys CvJohn Puddester

Jane Puddester
Northern BayJames King
P29-1Nov 14, 1838Charles Crab
Broad CvAlfred Janes

Ann Sinclaire
Western BayWilliam Squires

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
DALE / DEAL Your records indicate a Thomas Deal marrying Ruth TRIM on May 29, 1838. His surname was Dale, not Deal, and he was born in Ringwood, not Kingswood, as indicated in your records. Marilyn Woodfine

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