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Conception Bay North - Northern District


The information was transcribed by BILL WHITE ~ May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation
Baggs John C fisherman
Butt Geodo
Butt Johndo
Butt Wm Geodo
Butt Thosdo
Butt Wm Sdo
Butt Geo Fdo
Butt Henrydo
Crummy Thos blacksmith
Crummy Walterfisherman
Crummy Orlandodo
Cox Geodo
Curtis Apolisdo
Curtis Reubengeneral dealer
Curtis Leonarddo
Fraser Rev Geo C Methodist
Hudson Solomon gen'l dealer
Hudson Edw jrdo
Hudson Clementfisherman
Hudson Edw srdo
Hudson Matthewdo
Hollett Wmdo
Hillyard Thos Tdo
Hillyard Wm Tdo
Legrow Robtdo
Moores Francisdo
Moores Arthur Jahndo
Moores Soldo
Moores Albert Geodo
Moores Johndo
Moores John Cteacher
Moores Matthew Jdo
Moores Jonathando
Moores Henry Pdo
Moores John Pdo
Moores Henry Tfisherman
Moores Geodo
Moores Henry Geodo
Moores Samueldo
Moores John C (Edgar)do
Moores Chas Ado
Moores Thos Fdo
Moores Josiahdo
Moores Geo E general dealer
Moores Josiah (Thos) fisherman
Moores Alfreddo
Moofes Stephendo
Moores Thos ( Jos )do
Moores John ( Jas )do
Moores Levido
Moores Jabezdo
Moores Chas Ldo
Moores Wmdo
Moores Matthewdo
Moores Markdo
Moores Edgardo
Moores Yabsley O gen'l dealer
Moores Richardfisherman
Moores Geo ( Yabs )do
Moores Thos ( Yabs )do
Moran Jabez Mdo
Moran Nicholasdo
Moran Josephdo
Moran Johndo
Mulley Allando
Mulley John Tdo
Mulley Wmdo
Mulley Jasdo
Mulley Henry C do
Mulley Johndo
Pike Jabezdo
Pike Wilfreddo
Ryan Robertdo
Thistle Fredrickdo

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