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Conception Bay North - Northern District

Broad Cove

The information was transcribed by BILL WHITE ~ May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation
Butt Mosesfisherman
Butt Johndo
Butt Wmdo
Burden Jamesdo
Burden Henry Wdo
Burden Wm Geodo
Burden Johndo
Janes Henry Tdo
Janes Edwdo
Janes Silasdo
Janes Willisdo
Janes Wm Jasdo
Janes Johndo
Janes Arthurdo
Janes Wm Thos fisherman
Janes Alfreddo
Janes Mosesdo
Janes Geolocal constable
Janes Thosfisherman
Janes Wm Edo
Legrow Mosesdo
Legrow John ( Moses )do
Legrow Wm Ndo
Legrow Alfreddo
Legrow Samueldo
Legrow Simeondo
Legrow Matthewdo
Legrow John ( Thosdo
Noftle Francisdo
Noftle John ( Francisdo
Noftle John ( Thosdo
Noftle Wmdo
Noftle Peterdo
Noftle Samueldo
Noftle Wm Hdo
Noftle Geo do
Noftle Freddo
Noftle Thosdo
Noftle Elido
Noftle Samueldo
Noftle Jasdo
Squires Edwdo
Squires Wm ( Edwdo
Squires Johndo
Squires Wm ( Johndo
Squires Jeremiahdo
Squires Gregorydo
Squires John Bdo
Squires Geo Edo
Broad Cove South
Baggs Geofisherman
Baggs Wm ( Geogen'l dealer
Baggs Josephdo
Baggs John srfisherman
Baggs Henry Gdo
Baggs John jrplanter
Baggs Isaacdo
Baggs Archibalddo
Baggs Wm Fdo
Baggs Simeonfisherman
Baggs John Cdo
Baggs Samueldo
Baggs Wm Fdo
Baggs Wm ( W Jdo
Delaney Thos general dealer
Delaney Josiahdo
Delaney Johndo
Delaney Wmfisherman
Dunn Richardphysician
Francis Wmfisherman
Francis Edwdo
Francis Markdo
Francis Geodo
Flight Elijahdo
Flight Johndo
King Josephdo
King Wm ( Olivergen'l dealer
King John ( Oliver do
King Silas (Oliverfisherman
King Thos jrdo
King Reubendo
King Silas ( Adamdo
King John ( Adamdo
King Wm Wdo
King Thos srdo
King Markdo
King Jonathan ( Jondo
King Stephendo
King Jonathan ( Wmdo
King Wm ( Joshuado
King Simeondo
King Willisdo
King Samueldo
King Edw ( Sam'lgen'l dealer
King John Pfisherman
King Matthewdo
King Robtdo
King Archibalddo
King Thosdo
King Isaac ( Josdo
King Jasdo
King Wm ( Josdo
King Joshuado
King Henry ( Francisdo
King Noahdo
King Absalomdo
King Henry ( Mosesdo
King Edw ( Peterdo
King Jacob general dealer
King Isaacfisherman
King Jas ( Jacobdo
King Henry ( Absalomdo
Legrow Samuel ( Michdo
Legrow Jabezplanter
Legrow Gilbertdo
Legrow Alfreddo
Legrow Chasdo
Legrow Markfisherman
Legrow Elido
Legrow Jasdo
Legrow Samuel ( Wmdo
Legrow Wmplanter
Legrow Jasdo
Legrow Philemondo
Legrow Jonathando
Legrow Michaelfisherman
Legrow Archibalddo
Legrow Josiahdo
Legrow Fred ( Josiahdo
Legrow Fred ( Nichgen'l dealer
Legrow Thos schooner master
Legrow Josephplanter
Legrow Isaacfisherman
Legrow Wm ( Adamdo
Mulley Johndo
Noftle Robtdo
Riddle Obadiahdo
Thistle Noahdo
Thistle Wmdo
Vatcher Andrewteacher

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