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Headstone Inscriptions

Blackhead - Old Historic United Church Cemetery (Partial)

Transcribed by Susan Snelgrove, August 2001 and August 2002. Approximately 3/4 of cemetery has been transcribed. Stones remaining are at the very back corner of the cemetery, probably more recent burials than front. Hopefully I will get this completed next summer. (?) follows a particular number in question. Note these stones are extremely difficult to read in many cases. Researchers should use this as a guide only, and confirm the source independently for accuracy

Headstone inscriptions were collected and compiled by SUSAN SNELGROVE, August 2001, 2002. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Surname Given
Relation Birth
Age Information

185587stone hard to read


Jan 18, 190179of Mulley's Cove


rest illegible

KingJaneMatthew King's 3 children, all on same stone
February 8, 18532

February 11, 185310

February 13, 18539(?)


Nov 8, 186084of Broad Cove

KingElizabethWife of Edward King
August 27, 184(?)061

183826Same stone as Elizabeth King above; names Honour as wife of William King Jr.


?95Transcriber's Note: Extremely old stone. Date Illegible. Believe this is William of Broad Cove who was 84 in his will dated Aug 2, 1816. His wife was named Eliza

KingElizabethwife of William
Dec ?46

MoorsThomas Sen.

Dec 15, 183877of Blackhead

LeGroveMarywife of Simon LeGrove


1810 or 1840?




177956 or 36

ThistleMarywife of John Thistle


Dec 21, 177048

KingIsaacson of William & Jane King
Dec 13, 185727

born March 31, 1840

LeGrewJamesson of William & Dorothy LeGrew
Nov 30, 186320


July 16, 183516

EvansJameserected by Mary for her beloved husband
July 1, 191977

HudsonMarydaughter of Peter & Ann Hudson
Aug 8, 185920


June 23, 182652of Adams Cove

EvansElizabethwife of James Evans of Adams Cove
Oct 1, 190567

EvansLeonardson of James Evans of Adams Cove
January 20, 190629



MoorsJonathonadditional printing on stone very faded, see Sarah
March 27, 180885

MoorsSarahvery faded writing on Jonathon's stone, I believe it says "Sarah Moors wife of Jonathon Nov 1809 age 69
November 180969


July 6, 1806(?)76


Jan 6, 184683of Blackhead

MoorsMarywife of Jonathon Moors of Blackhead
July 28, 184172


May 16, 181652Transcriber's Note: this is a HUGE stone

VandenhoffElizabethwife of George Vandenhoff of Western Bay
March 11, 183240

HillyardThomas T.

August 9, 190270

HillyardAgneswife of Thomas T. Hillyard
Oct 12, 187838

HillyardJane Elizabethdaughter of John & Mary Hillyard
Jan 13, 181717


183(?)5(?)35date extremely hard to read, might be wrong


Jan 28, 183957


April 19, 189387

HudsonMiriamdaughter of John & Caroline Hudson
Jan 26, 186711(?)

HudsonSusannarelict of late Matthew Hudson
April 15, 186380


Nov 10, 186459

EllidgeHarriot Elizaeldest daughter of George & Susanna Ellidge
March 4, 184010
EllidgeElizabeth Hannahsecond daughter of G & S Ellidge; same stone as Harriot
March 11, 18406
EllidgeSarah Batsthird dau of G&S Ellidge died same day as her sister Harriot; all 3 girls on the same stone
March 4, 18402 yrs 9 mths


May 8, 188151


March 23, 189467

CurtisJohnfor 22 years school teacher and local preacher at Blackhead
March 31, 186269


Jan 9, 185562


Dec 2, 182064
[Butt]?also his wife
185886?on stone of Thomas, wife's name illegible. also the "6" in her age is difficult to read, might be another #

KingWilliamhusband of Sarah King
January 3, 191471


July 13, 190377of Blackhead


Sept 22, 189361stone to left of John Moores


January ??very old stone, mostly illegible, left of Elizabeth Moors


April 9, 187792


? 1847?

CurtisDougald Jamiesondarling child of Rev EG & Mrs. French
Aug 19, 191[5?]3 1/2 months

PeachJohn Parmenas

Dec. 17, 18608 years 7 months4 sided stone, same stone as next 2 entries

Waterhouse?3 dear baby children of Rev. J. & C.H. Waterhouse

same stone as Peach and next entry

CombenJohn T.R.

Jan. 30, 18701 year 8 monthssame stone as above 2 entries, 4th side blank


Sept 27, 189927of Adams Cove

KingVictoria Annbeloved child of Richard & Matilda King
March 21, 19009 years 2 months


Sept 12, 189337killed at Jogging Mines, NS

PikeSarahbeloved daughter of Jabez & Miriam Pike
Aug. 27, 18797 years 9 months

LeGrowWilliamonly son of John & Mary LeGrow of Broad Cove
Nov 23 [1811?]24th year of his agefound drowned


May 11, 186265top of stone gone, so no name, but stone next to John Curtis

EvansVivian Fraserdaughter of Joseph & Lydia Evans
June 5, 191012next to Clara Violet

EvansClara Violetdaughter of Joseph & Lydia Evans
March 24, 191[9?]16of Adams Cove, next to Vivian Fraser


March 26, 187769


March 7, 190192died at Broad Cove

LegrowPetererected by Catherine Legrow in memory of her beloved husband
Nov 22, 188887

LegrowTheophilusbeloved husband of Anne Legrow
April 26, 189660next to Peter Legrow

LegrowAnnbeloved wife of Theophilus Legrow
May 4, 190869


Sept 7, 189982of Blackhead


Oct 17, 189655same stone as Elizabeth

ThistleElizabethbeloved wife of Joseph
Aug 15, 191371same stone as Joseph

ThompsonAnnbeloved wife of D. Henry Thompson
June 5, 184675same stone as Sarah

ThompsonSarahthe first beloved partner of DH Thompson
Jan. 22, 184256?same stone as Ann, "Sarah, the first beloved partner of DHT, who lies interred near this spot"

BaggsMelvina Ann

Dec. 6, 189966

KingJacobbeloved husband of Mary King
Jan. 10, 190064

LaceyFranceswife of William Lacey
Oct 21, 190584 years 10 monthsof Mulley's Cove


188972small chunk, next to Frances Lacey

LaceySarah Janeeldest daughter of late Wm. & Frances Lacey
Oct. 11, 190559of Mulley's Cove

ThistleThomasand his beloved wife JaneJan. 2, 1828Apr. 6, 190375same stone as Jane Thistle

ThistleElizabeth Jane
Oct. 12, 1831Feb. 21, 190877same stone as Thomas Thistle

ThistleMichaelerected by Thomas & Elizabeth Thistle in memory of their son
July 24, 188929drowned

KingSamuelson of Samuel & Mary King
Aug. 2, 188628

ThistleThomaserected by Rebecca Thistle in memory of her beloved husband
June 5, 188964


July 27, 189954of Broad Cove North

LegrowWillie James

Jan. 14, [1918?]8?smalled faded stone next to Dorothy LeGrow

LeGrowWilliamerected by Dorothy LeGrow in memory of her beloved husband
March 6, 188369


March 9, 189176of Broad Cove

LeGrow?and her beloved husband Peter
Feb 26, 188856small chunk of stone, next to Nicholas LeGrow.


same stone as above

LegrowMary Annwife of Frederick Legrow
Oct. 12, 190250 years 5 months


small stone behind Mary Ann

MooresArthur Duncanson of William and Jane E. Moores
Dec. 1, 190422


Sept. 25, 190472

BaggsSusannawife of George Baggs
Dec. 2[8?], 189964


April 12, 188569of Adams Cove


April 10, 189149

JanesTemperancewife of William James Janes
April 22, 190443


small stone behind Temperance Janes, only marked "TJ"

Nov. 22, 1885Aug. 14, 1893


March 22, 189264of Broad Cove

HillyardFrances S.

Feb. 20, 189973

LeGrowEdith Janedarling child of William & Dorcas LeGrow
Nov. 19, 19045 years 6 monthssmall stone

PeachSolomonof James
Nov. 3, 18832[1?]of Small Point

PeachMary Anndaughter of Samuel & Hannah Peach
Feb. 27, 186717stone left of Mary Ann Peach

PeachJames R.erected by Elizabeth Peach in memory of her husband
Feb. 3, 188437stone left of James R. Peach


May 27, 1894?stone sunk into ground, so can't read age. She is "of Small Point". Stone left of Thomas Peach

PeachThomashis wife Eliza Ann (Rose)May 19, 1840April 13, 1889
looks like new commemorative stone

PeachEliza Annwife of ThomasApril 17, 1847Jan. 28, 1926
her maiden name appears to be Rose

PeachRhodaand Samuel Peach
Jan. 8, 18894?same stone as Samuel

PeachSamueland Rhoda

2same stone as Rhoda, next to Elizabeth Peach

PeachElizabethbeloved wife of John
? 190148

Noftall?Jane?? Mentions William Noftall of Mulley's Cove, but lost the relation

stone sunk in ground

MooresAndrewdarling child of Jabez & Eliza Moores
April 19, 18944 years 3 monthsdrowned at Blackhead

SaintEthel Dovewife of Rev. J.R. Saint S.T.L.
May 10, 191229only child of John C. and Hester Moores

MooresLillian Ellasame stone
Feb. 25, 18705 months 25 days"children of John C. & Hester A. Moores"

MooresElla Embreesame stone
July 6, 18791 year 2 months"children of John C. & Hester A. Moores"

MooresElsie Dovesame stone
July 20, 18811 year 3 months"children of John C. & Hester A. Moores"

MooresThomas F.husband of Cecilia Moores
Jan. 22, 191773

MooresMiriam P.wife of George E.
July 20, 1903 49died at the General Hospital, St. John's

MooresCharlesalso his beloved wife Mary Ann
Nov 18, 188775

MooresMary Annsame stone as Charles
March 9, 190687

BensonMiriamwife of Joseph Corbett
Oct 31, 191833transcriber's note, this family was from Grates Cove, she was a Hudson of Blackhead.

HudsonMary Janedaughter of Edward & Anne Hudson
Jan. 31, 186713

HudsonHenry [C or G?]

Feb. 8, 186711

HudsonJohnson of Hugh & Jane Hudson
Feb. 18, 186724stone next to Henry

MoorsLouisa Janewife of John P. Moors and daughter of Peter & Ann Hudson
April 23, 187231stone next to John Hudson


Feb. 9, 187464stone next to Louisa

HudsonCatherinewife of Edward Hudson

stone broken, no details

HudsonMary Jane

April 21, 191662stone between Catherine & Solomon


Jan. 27, 192683stone next to Mary Jane

BaggsStewartson of John & Cicily
Oct. 31, 190118

MulleyWilliamalso their daughter Ethel May
Aug 190346killed at Marble Mountain, NS

MulleyEthel May

190315same stone as William

CrummeyWaltererected by Thomas & Jane Crummey in memory of their son
Oct 9, 190431

ButtWilliam Henryhusband of Laura Butt
July 3, 190529

ButtJosephand also of Joseph
April 2, 190418 monthssame stone as William Henry, "children of Wm. H. & Laura Butt"

ButtWilliam Edwardand also of William Edward
March 22, 19065 months 20 dayssame stone as William Henry, "children of Wm. H. & Laura Butt"

MooresGilbertson of William & Jane
March 22, 190628

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
ROSSIGNOL Butt, Thomas - d. 9 Jan. 1855 - age 62. - b. abt. 1793 Blackhead - son of Thomas & Elizabeth. Butt, Thomas - d. Dec. 2, 1820 - age 64. - b. abt. 1756 Carbonear. He is the husband of Elizabeth. [Butt] - I believe this would be Elizabeth Rossignol, the wife of Thomas Butt. She was b. abt. 1772 in Blackhead. The daughter of Augustus Rossignol & Dorothy LeGrow. d. 1858 - age 86. roland somers

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