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Headstone Inscriptions

Blundon's Point, Bay de Verde - Old Anglican Cemetery

NOTE: Most of the headstones below are toppled and broken, and fragments of white marble are scattered among the grass. #1 and #5 are still standing. A few feet from #1 was a broken headstone similar in style to #1. No mark was visible.
A number of stone slabs also lie among the grasses, no doubt marking the resting places of some long forgotten relatives. Any identification which may have been painted or etched on those stone markers have been obliterated by the elements.
Headstone inscriptions were collected and compiled by ALEX & FLORENCE (BLUNDON) COWAN, August 1989. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Cemeteries from olden times

Since the 1600s, inhabitants of Bay de Verde have been living and dying on its rocky shores. Some of the early settlers had their own family burial places, e.g. the Blundon Cemetery on Blundon's Point and the Emberley Cemetery on Emberley's Point. Others used communal grounds.

Up to the late 1940s, signs of older cemeteries still existed in the harbour. One such burial ground, which held a small number of regular stones and several upright stone slabs, was located in "Back Side" and was surrounded by the Sutton and Jacobs properties. On the east, it was bound by the path passing by W.T. Sutton's home, on the south by Sutton's and Jacobs' homes, on the west by Jacobs' garden and on the north by Frank Jacobs' storehouse. No one seems to remember who owned this old burial spot. Nothing remains of the site to-day. All evidence of its existence is buried beneath a grassy meadow.

Another spot, which supposedly was an old burial site, is located on Roman Catholic property just north of and across the road from the Church Hill Anglican Cemetery. One lone headstone stands but its identification has been obliterated by time and the elements. Not too many years ago, numerous slate markers were visible in the ground. Again, the ownership of this piece of hallowed ground is unknown.

A couple of isolated grave markers are worthy of note. Years ago, the residents of the harbour often spoke of the headstone by Dan Moore's home.

Up to the late 1940s, an isolated slate blue, stone slab stood erect in the front yard of Albert Blundon's residence in Back Side. This spot is across the path from the graveyard mentioned previously as being surrounded by the Sutton and Jacobs families. Was this part of the one old cemetery? The Blundon property was originally owned by a Jacobs family and the original house on the property was built by George Jacobs in the 1800s. Some of the older residents, even to-day, say that the house was built in an old graveyard and that it was haunted. The Blundon family, however, lived there for several years and have nothing but pleasant memories of the spot. The stone no longer exists in the front yard of the now abandoned homestead.

1.BLUNDON; Carolinedied 27 August 1855,15 years.
2.ROUSE; J. A.died 22 November 1852,1 year & 4 months.

ROUSE; Marydied 23 April 1860,7 years.Children of Rev. Oliver Rouse.
3.BLUNDON;Catherine,died 17 July 1861, 21 years.
beloved wife of Stephen Blundon,
4.BLUNDON; Williamdied 7 November 1862,38 years.
5.BLUNDON; Carolinedied 18 June 1871, 29 years.
wife of Stephen Blundon,

BLUNDON; Stephendied 6 November 1872,37 years.husband of Caroline Blundon,
6.BLUNDON; Ann Elizabethdied 5 February 1910,61 years.beloved wife of John Blundon,

Also their two children who died in infancy.
7.BLUNDON; Johndied 25 January 1922,75 years.Erected by wife and daughter Carrie.
8.BLUNDON; Thomasdied 20 March 1886at age 55 years, Relative sat that Thomas Blundon rests in the N.W. corner
of the burial ground. There is no stone to mark the spot.

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