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Conception Bay North - Northern District

Clown's Cove

The information was transcribed by BILL WHITE ~ May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation
Butt Nathanielfisherman
Butt Mosesdo
Butt Afred ( Nathdo
Butt Geodo
Butt Jas Fdo
Butt Alfred ( Chasdo
Butt Henry Wdo
Butt Chasdo
Butt John Hdo
Butt Jas Ndo
Butt Johndo
Butt S Johndo
Butt Aarondo
Butt Josephdo
Butt Joshuado
Butt Samueldo
Butt Martin Nfisherman
Butt Eleazerdo
Butt Wm Tdo
Doyle Israeldo
Davis Geo ( Francisdo
Davis Francisdo
Davis Alfreddo
Davis Elido
Davis Josephdo
Davis Geo ( Geodo
Moores Silas ( Johndo
Moores Ambrosedo
Moores Silas srdo
Moores Wm Cdo
Moores Johndo
Pike Wm Bdo
Pike Jacob Mdo
Pike Geo Edo
Pike Thosdo
Parsons Geo Wdo
Pike Albertdo
Parsons Orestesdo
Parsons Jasdo
Parsons Lemueldo
Snow Johndo
Snow Silasdo
Snow Thosdo
Snow John Cdo
Snow John srdo
Snow Geo Edo
Snow Stephendo
Snow Geo

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