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Conception Bay North Region

Weekly Herald and Conception-Bay General Advertiser, 1842 - 1854

While the majority of these announcements are for Protestants, Judy's work may prove to be especially helpful for those researching Catholics in Conception Bay North because the Immaculate Conception parish records from 1845 to 1865 were destroyed by fire, and newspaper announcements may be the only existing record of some Catholic events.

Information from the Weekly Herald and Conception-Bay General Advertiser as transcribed by Judy Balen and reformated by Bonnie Hickey.

Weekly Herald and Conception-Bay General Advertiser

Place of publication: Harbour Grace.
Dates of publication: Nov. 2, 1842(58)-June 28, 1854.
Frequency: Weekly.
Printer, publisher and proprietor: William Charles St. John.

The Weekly Herald published local, domestic and foreign news, shipping and fisheries news, legislative proceedings, fiction, letters, and advertisements. St. John was a Wesleyan, but promised "to promote the interests of the community at large irrespective of their religious views or political differences" (June 28, 1845) and his paper remained politically independent and nonsectarian in its views. The paper deplored the conditions of poverty and starvation in the Colony and, although opposed to strikes, acknowledged that wages were too low. In 1854, the publisher closed the paper down and departed for the United States to start a semiweekly Journal there.

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* PRL [1845-1851]-1854 Microfilm

The records were transcribed by JUDY BALEN, reformatted by BONNIE HICKEY and began being posted to the Internet in December 2000. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

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1 Jan 1845Birth At Halifax on 13th Dec. The lady of Major TRYON, (dau. of His Excellency, Sir John and Lady HARVEY) of a daughter.
1 Jan 1845MarriedIn this town on 26th ulto, by the Rev. Mr. Chapman. Mr. Moses NEWELL, South Side, to Miss GOSSE of Spaniards Bay.
1 Jan 1845MarriedSame day..Mr. James DAVIS to Miss Caroline GILLARD.
1 Jan 1845Married27th by the Rev Geo. Ellidge, Mr. James ALCOCK to Miss Mary Ann FRENCH.
1 Jan 1845Married28th. Mr. Frederick R. TAYLOR of Carbonear, to Miss Eliza PARSONS of Bears Cove.
1 Jan 1845Married31st , by the Rev. Mr. Chapman, Mr. Thomas HIGGINS to Miss Caroline FORD,both of this place.
1 Jan 1845MarriedAt. Carbonear, on the 25th ult. By the Rev J.S. Addy, Mr. James HOMER to Miss Mary Ann Davis
1 Jan 1845Married27th, Mr. Frederick HOWELL to Miss Frances PENNY.
1 Jan 1845Married28th Mr. Samuel H TAYLOR to Mrs. WATERMAN, relict of the late Mr. Wm Waterman.
1 Jan 1845Married31st, Mr. Thomas GUY to Miss Elizabeth WILKINSON.
8 Jan 1845MarriedAt St. Paul’s Church, in this town on New Year’s Day, by the Rev John Chapman. William Grant EASTAFF, Esq. Of Carbonear, M.D., to Adelaide Wilhelmina Montgomery, eldest child of John STARK, Esq, Chief Clerk and Registrar, Northern Circuit Court.
8 Jan 1845MarriedAt Carbonear, on the 1st inst. By the Rev. J.S. Addy, Mr. John NOEL to Miss Elizabeth ASH.
8 Jan 1845Married2nd, Mr. Israel M’NEIL to Elizabeth, 2nd dau of Mr. Henry H. TAYLOR.
8 Jan 1845DiedOn Wednesday last, aged 32yrs, Mr. James C. LILLY, son of the Hon Judge LILLY. He had only a few hours before arrived from Demerara, having been ill during the voyage, and just reached home to have his eyes closed by those who had watched over his cradle.
8 Jan 1845DiedOn the same morning, ..Mr. James K. HUMPHREY, a native of Dartmouth, Devonshire, age 38yrs.
8 Jan 1845DiedOn the same morning.. Mr. Maurice O’FARELL, an old and respectable of this town.
8 Jan 1845DiedYesterday morning…. At the Regimental Hospital, Quarter Master Sgt Jeremiah KNOX, of the Royal Newfoundland Companies, age 44yrs.
15 Jan 1845Married on Thurs last by Rev. John Cummins P.P., Capt. John RYAN of Carbonear, to Ann, eldest dau. of Capt. John MURPHY of this town.
15 Jan 1845Married St. Luke’s church, Bareneed, yesterday by the Rev. Johnstone Vicars, Francis GREEN Esq. Of Port de Grave, surgeon, son of the late Fort Major GREEN, to Janet, only dau of the late Thomas BUDDEN Esq of Quebec, merchant.
22 Jan 1845MarriedAt Carbonear, on the Rev. Mr. Chapman, Joseph FURNEAUX Esq to Alice, youngest dau of the late John ELSON Esq, merchant of that town.
22 Jan 1845DiedYesterday, age 64, Susan Green, wife of Thomas DANSON Esq Sr Police Magistrate of this town.
22 Jan 1845DiedMr. John OKE of the Brig “Gulare”.. buried in English burial grounds at Leghorn, eldest son of Mr. Robert OKE, H.M. Lighthousekeeper in this Bay.
5 Feb 1845Marriedlast eve, by Rev Richard Williams, Weslyan Missionary, Mr. James Johnston ROGERSON, merchant, to Emma Garrett, 2nd dau of the late James BLAIKIE Esq. Chief Magistrate of this town.
5 Feb 1845DiedOn the 20th December last, in Liverpool, Thomas HARRISON Esq, age 75yrs, He was father of Mrs. RIDLEY, lady of the Hon. T. RIDLEY of this town.
5 Feb 1845Died29th ult. Mr. Frederick MARTIN of this town, age 21yrs.
5 Feb 1845DiedOn Monday last, aged 68yrs, Mr. Thomas BECK, and old and respectable inhabitant of St. Johns
5 Feb 1845DiedAt Monkton on Friday last, Mr. H.C. BUTTRESS, Notary Public, and a native of Plymouth, England, age 29yrs.
5 Feb 1845Diedat his residence, River Head, on Saturday last, Mr. John HOWLEY, age 54yrs. The deceased was brother to the Rev. Dr. HOWLEY of Tipperary.
12 Feb 1845MarriedFriday, 31st ult by Rev. George Ellidge, Mr. John STORY, to Ann, relict of the late Robert ANDREWS
12 Feb 1845Diedlast evening, Rev. Donald A. FRAZIER, A.M., age 52yrs, pastor of Presbyterian Church
19 Feb 1845MarriedThursday by Rev. Chapman, Mr. Samuel ELSON of Carbonear,to Sarah, 2nd dau of Mr. James FORWARD of that place.
26 Feb 1845Diedat St. John’s, Sunday 16th inst. Eunice Isabella, beloved wife of Wm. LILLY Esq. H.M. Customs and eldest dau of the late Geo P. HOLBROOK, RN
5 Mar 1845MarriedAt Brigus, on 12th inst., by the Rev. Wm. Faulkner, Mr.. Robert K. MUNDEN, of that place, to Eliza, youngest dau of Mr. John STENTAFORD, of St. John’s
5 Mar 1845DiedFriday last, age 30yrs. Hannah, eldest dau of Mr. Robert Lee WHITING, of this town.
5 Mar 1845DiedAt Carbonear on the 22nd ult, Mrs Mary SPENCER, age 68yrs.
5 Mar 1845DeathCoroner Inquest, Tabitha ROGERS, age 11, of Burnt Point, North Shore. Verdict: accidental death due to falling down a well.
19 Mar 1845DiedThurs last, aged 31yrs, Jane, beloved wife of Richard PERCHARD Jr. Esq, eldest dau of the late Wm OLIPHANT Esq, of Bonnington Park, Leith.
19 Mar 1845DiedAt Brigus, Friday last, Lucinda, age 32yrs,beloved wife of W.T. STENTAFORD Esq.
26 Mar 1845Births25th inst. Mrs Samuel BOREHAM, a son
26 Mar 1845Birthssame day at parsonage, Carbonear, the Lady of Rev James C. HARVEY, a daughter.
2 Apr 1845Diedon Wed last, aged 25yrs, Mary Anne, eldest dau of Mr. John HIGGINS of this town.
9 Apr 1845Diedlately at Poole, Mr. Mark SEAGER Esq, late of the firm Slade, Elson, and Co., Carbonear
30 Apr 1845Diedat Aberdeen on 15th last month, William PUNTON Esq, of the mercantile firm of Punton and Munn of this town
30 Apr 1845DiedAt Carbonear on 27th inst., Catherine, beloved wife of Mr. T. NEWELL
7 May 1845BirthsOn Sunday last Mrs. J.J. DEARIN, daughter.
7 May 1845BirthsAt St. John’s on Friday, Mrs. W.J. WARD, daughter.
7 May 1845DiedAt Leamington, England, on the 11th ult The Hon. Edward Brabazon BRETON, Assistant Judge of the Supreme Court of this Island, aged 83yrs. (has long obit)
7 May 1845DiedAt St. John’s on Saturday last, Mr. Richard WALSH, age 40yrs.
14 May 1845DiedAt St. John’s, Thursday last, age 20yrs, Emily Thorne, the beloved wife of Wm J. WARD(see birth announcement 7 May)
14 May 1845DiedAt the Parochial House, King’s Cove, on April 25th, The Rev. Nicholas DEVEREUX, P.P.. Native of County Wexford, Ireland, age 67yrs.
14 May 1845DeathCoroner’s Inquest.. Thomas GREALY, about 21yrs. Took ill aboard the sealing ship “Hornet”, Tobias PARSONS, master. Died April 30th, at sea. The last of 4 sons, Lower Island Cove.
28 May 1845DiedAt Bear Regis, Dorsetshire, on 15 March. Mr. Thomas GOULD, age 83yrs. Father of the late Messrs. Thomas and Frederick GOULD, merchants of Carbonear.
11 Jun 1845MarriedOn 31st ult, at Carbonear, by the Rev. J. Addy, Mr. Jacob MOORE of Freshwater, to Miss Mary Ann BEST of Carbonear.
11 Jun 1845MarriedOn 28th ult, by the Rev. J.C. Harvey, Mr. Edward PIKE, to Miss Christiana JANES, both of Carbonear.
11 Jun 1845DiedIn this town, on 3rd inst, age 73yrs, Mr. Henry GARLAND, former Deputy Sheriff of this District.
18 Jun 1845BirthsWednesday last, the lady of Wm. BENNETT Esq. Coroner, a daughter.
18 Jun 1845BirthsAt Port de Grave on 8th inst, the lady of Rev. J. SNOWBALL, a daughter.
18 Jun 1845MarriedAt Carbonear on 8th inst, by Rev J.Addy, Mr. John BUTT of Freshwater, to Miss Mary Ann PARSONS of Perry’s Cove.
18 Jun 1845MarriedOn Friday the 6th at Wesleyan Chapel, Lower Island Cove, by Rev J.S. Peach, Mr. James C. PEARCE, local preacher, Hant’s Harbor. To Olivia, eldest daughter of Mr. Wm. GARLAND, of Island Cove.
18 Jun 1845DiedAt Broad Cove, North Shore, on Friday last, age 74yrs, Ann, beloved wife of Henry THOMPSON Esq. M.D.
18 Jun 1845DiedSuddenly at Demerara, of apoplexy, age 40yrs. Mr. John HARVEY, master of Brig “Haidee”, leaves widow and 4 small children.
18 Jun 1845DeathCoroner’s Inquest… William BUSSEY, Lower Island Cove, in a fall from Baccalieu cliff. Verdict, accidental death. Leaves a widow and 2 small children.
2 Jul 1845MarriedAt St. John’s on 26th ult, by the Rev. R. Williams, Mr. Joseph WOODS to Martha Maria Eudstonson, 3rd dau. of the late Mr. LL CHANCEY, both of that place.
9 Jul 1845DiedAt Bear’s Cove, on 1st inst, Mr. John PARSONS, age 52yrs, leaves widow and several children
16 Jul 1845DiedThursday last, age 31yrs, Catherine, eldest Daughter of Mr. Daniel GREEN of this town.
16 Jul 1845DiedAt Grand Bank, Fortune Bay, William EVANS, Esq., J.P., age 63yrs.
23 Jul 1845BirthsAt Bryant’s Cove on 10th inst, Mrs. HIERLIHY, a daughter.
23 Jul 1845MarriedAt Carbonear by Rev. J.S. Addy on Wed. last, Mr George BULLEY, son of John BULLEY Esq. Of Dawlish, England. To Anna Maria, 4th dau of the late James LEGG of Carbonear.
23 Jul 1845Diedat Freshwater on 14th inst , Mr. Phillip VATCHER, age 22yrs.
23 Jul 1845Diedon 18th, at Carbonear, age 1yr8mo, Kate Matilda, dau of Capt. H. HERDER,of that place.
30 Jul 1845BirthsThursday last, Mrs. J.C. NUTTALL, a son
30 Jul 1845BirthsFriday, the lady of G.C. GADEN Esq. Deputy Sheriff, a daughter.
30 Jul 1845BirthsSame day, Mrs. James HANRAHAN, a son.
30 Jul 1845Died last evening, age 66yrs. Mary Ann, the beloved wife of the Hon. Judge LILLY.
30 Jul 1845DiedAt Carbonear, on the 22nd, Miss Jane WAGG, of that town.
6 Aug 1845Diedat Port de Grave on 30th ult, Mr. John EFFORD, age 79yrs. Leaves widow and 10 children.
6 Aug 1845DiedThursday last, Mrs. Eliza MacPHERSON, age 54yrs - St. John’s Post
13 Aug 1845Births25th ult, Carbonear, Mrs. John NICHOLE, a son.
13 Aug 1845Births3rd inst, Carbonear, Mrs. John RORKE, a son.
13 Aug 1845Births5th inst, Mrs. William GREENE, a son.
13 Aug 1845Diedon the 7th inst, Mrs. HICKEY,age 68yrs, of the River Head.
13 Aug 1845DiedSaturday last, in this town, Mr. Thomas SNOW, age 36yrs, leaves widow 3 small children
13 Aug 1845Diedat Carbonear, on 4th inst, Mrs. Catherine PIKE, age 74yrs.
20 Aug 1845DiedAt Freshwater on 10th inst, Mary, relict of the late John PARSONS, 75yrs.
20 Aug 1845DiedAt Port de Grave 13th inst, Emily, infant daughter of Mr. Geo. LOVEYS, merchant.
27 Aug 1845MarriedAt Carbonear, on the 19th inst, by the Rev. J.C. Harvey, John HAYWARD Esq. Barrister of the Supreme Court of this Island to Laura Wilhelmina, youngest dau of Robert PACK Esq. Of the firm, Gosse, Pack & Fryer.
27 Aug 1845MarriedAt Kilkenny(Ireland?), by the Right Rev. Dr. Kincella, Philip CUMMINS Esq, to Mary F. eldest daughter of the Hon. Patrick MORRIS, Colonial Treasurer, Newfoundland.
27 Aug 1845DeathCoroners Inquest… George Davis, seaman of the Brig “Charles”. Crew went ashore, returned to ship, mostly intoxicated. Seaman Davis was not missed till next morning, found drowned by pier. Accident
3 Sep 1845DeathCoroners Inquest… Honora NOSEWORTHY, under 30yrs of age, wife of Alfred Noseworthy, planter. Of this place. Deceased had taken passage from Cat Harbor on Friday, by Saturday night collapsed in her cabin, vessel then steered for Catalina, long before her arrival there, the vital spark had fled. Verdict: Died by the visitation of God.
10 Sep 1845BirthsOn Tues. last, Mrs. Michael HARTERY, Harvey St. West end, a son.
10 Sep 1845MarriedAt St. John’s on Thursday last by Rev. R. Williams, Mr. William D. BURTON, to Miss St. John
10 Sep 1845DiedAt Brigus on the 31st ult, James Sutcliffe, son of Rev. Mr. FAULKNER, age 13mos.
17 Sep 1845 DeathAt sea… The “Maria”, Pike, master, from Sydney, arrived last evening. Reported that upon crossing the Green Bank, sailmaker, John HARTERY, about 22yrs, fell from the jib boom and was drowned. Deceased was the son of Jacob Hartery of this town
24 Sep 1845DiedAt Brigus on 10th inst, age 21yrs, Grace, beloved wife of Mr. Abram ANTLE, and eldest dau of Mr. James NORMAN, all of that place.
1 Oct 1845BirthsAt Carbonear, on Monday, Mrs. R. AYLES, a son
8 Oct 1845BirthsOn Wednesday last, the lady of Wm DOW Esq. M.D., of this town, a son
8 Oct 1845BirthsSame day, Carbonear, the lady of Wm Grant EASTAFF Esq. M. D., a son.
8 Oct 1845MarriedAt Port de Grave, Thursday by the Rev. J. Vicars, John Irving RODDICK Esq, principal of the grammar school here, to Emma Jane, eldest dau of Thomas MARTIN Esq. Merchant of that place.
8 Oct 1845DeathAt Small Point on the North Shore, Mary Ann FOLLETT, age 22yrs. Burned to death in a house fire while tending sick neighbors.
15 Oct 1845MarriedOn Monday last by Rev John Chapman, Mr. Thomas R. SMITH of St. John’s, to Juliana, Dau of the late Mr. John CURRIE of this town
22 Oct 1845MarriedFriday last by Rev J. Chapman, Mr. Thomas CRAM to Miss Olivia CLARK, both of this town
22 Oct 1845DiedAt Brigus, 11th inst, age 45yrs, Mr. James BREAKER, leaves widow and family.
5 Nov 1845Birthson 27th ult at Black Head, lady of Rev. J. ENGLAND, a son.
12 Nov 1845MarriedBy Rev Dalton on 6th inst, Mr. Joseph GRAHAM to Miss Catherine KELLY, both of this place
12 Nov 1845DiedSaturday last, age 46yrs, Mary, relict of late Capt. William THORNE.
19 Nov 1845Married On the 8th inst by Rev John Chapman, Mr. William REVETS(?), to Mary, 2nd dau of Mr. John SNOW of this town.
19 Nov 1845Married On the 10th inst by Rev John Chapman, Mr. Benjamin MARTIN, to Miss Ann HUSSEY.
19 Nov 1845Married on 13th inst by Rev Geo. Ellidge, Mr. George SHEPPARD, to Mary Ann, youngest day of the late Capt. CORYEAR of this place.
19 Nov 1845Married At Port de Grave on the 12th inst, by Rev. Johnstone Vicars, Mr. John Davis GARLAND, to Eliza Harriet, youngest dau of Mr. George BURSELL of that place.
26 Nov 1845BirthsOn the 22nd inst in Harvey Street, this town, Mrs. F.J. DANSEY, a son.
26 Nov 1845BirthsSame day at Carbonear, Mrs Henry FORWARD, a daughter.
26 Nov 1845MarriedOn the 6th inst at St. John’s Church, Bishop’s Cove, by the Rev J. Kingswell, Mr. Henry BISHOP, to Miss Julia GOSSE, both of that place.
26 Nov 1845MarriedAt St. Peter’s, Island Cove, by the Rev. J. Kingswell, Mr. J. DROVER, to Miss Jane BISHOP
26 Nov 1845MarriedSame time and place, by the same, Mr. John REED, to Miss M.A. NOEL of Harbor Grace.
26 Nov 1845Married21st inst, same place, by the same, Mr. Wm. MERCER, to Miss H. BYRNE.
26 Nov 1845Married22nd, same place, by the same, Mr. J. MERCER, to Miss S. DAVIS of Clown’s Cove
26 Nov 1845DiedAt St. John’s on 15th inst, Mr. William BARNES, age 75yrs.
26 Nov 1845Died17th inst, age 2yrs, Edward DesBarres, youngest son of the Hon James CROWDY, Colonial Secretary.
3 Dec 1845MarriedOn 29th ult, by Rev. Geo Ellidge, W.M., Archibald MUNN, to Ellen Elizabeth, eldest dau of the late Wm. Ellis ELLIS, W.M.(Wesleyan Minister)
3 Dec 1845DeathCoroners Inquest… William REEVES, seaman aboard brig “Royal William” Appeared deceased was on night duty, fell overboard at dock. Verdict: Drowned by accident.
10 Dec 1845MarriedOn 26th ult at St. Peter’s, Island Cove, by the Rev J. Kingswell, Mr. J. LANDRIGAN to Miss H. MERCER, both of that place.
10 Dec 1845Married27th at St. Paul’s in this town, by Rev J. Chapman, Mr. Charles BILLAN, to Mrs. Rachel HOLLAND, widow.
10 Dec 1845MarriedSame day by Rev. Geo. Ellidge, Mr. William PIPPY, to Miss Grace PYNN.
10 Dec 1845Married30th, by Rev Geo. Ellidge, Mr. Charles PACHER, to Miss Jemima PIPPY.
10 Dec 1845MarriedOn 2nd inst, by Rev. J. Chapman, Mr. Mark ALCOCK, to Mrs. Catherine SHEPPARD, widow
10 Dec 1845Married3rd, by the Rev. J. Chapman, Mr. George KITCHEN, master mason, to Susanna, dau of Mr. Arnold WEBBER, High Constable, oll of this town.
10 Dec 1845Married5th, by the same, Mr. Blath SNOW, to Miss Mary PAYNE, both of this place.
10 Dec 1845DiedAt Carbonear, on the 28th ult age 65yrs, Mr. Richard Hayward TAYLOR, a respectable inhabitant of that town.
10 Dec 1845DiedAt Brigus, on 5th inst, Elizabeath Knight, infand dau of Dr. ALLEN, of that place.
10 Dec 1845DiedOn Monday, age73yrs, Mr. John NICHOLAS, an old and respected inhabitant of this town
17 Dec 1845DiedAt Crocker’s Cove on Friday last, Mr. Thomas BRANSFIELD, son of Mr. R.BRANSFIELD
17 Dec 1845DiedSouth Side of this harbor, Mr. Richard GLAVINE Jr., age 39yrs.
24 Dec 1845Death Coroners Inquest… For Frances BENNETT, found dead at Mr. BLUNDEN’s boarding house. Verdict: Died by visitation of God.
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7 Jan 1846MarriedOn 1st inst by Rev T.F.H. Bridge, Mr. George McCOUBREY, letterpress printer to Mary, dau of the late Mr. Adam McLARTY.
7 Jan 1846DiedOn 7th Nov. at Blandford, Dorset, England, Mr. Robert LEAMON, age 80yrs
14 Jan 1846BirthsOn the 20th ult, the lady of the Rev T. ANGWIN, a son.
14 Jan 1846MarriedOn the 6th inst, at Catalina, by the Rev. T. Angwin, WM, Mr. John MIFFLIN, merchant, to Hannah, dau of Mr. Isaac SNELLGROVE, of that place.
14 Jan 1846Died Thursday last, at Bear's Cove, age 10yrs, John, son of the late Mr. John PARSONS.
14 Jan 1846Died Saturday last, Mr. Daniel CANDLER, age 65yrs. A native of Co. Tipparary, Ireland.
14 Jan 1846DeathCoroners Inquest… Richard DALTON, a young man, servant of Thomas COOK, on the Portugal Cove road. Found lying dead on the snow. Witnesses had previously seen deceased have seizures. Verdict: Died by visitation of God.
28 Jan 1846MarriedOn 20th inst at Lower Island Cove, by Rev J. England, Richard RANKIN Esq to Eliza, elder dau of the Rev. J. NORRIS
4 Feb 1846MarriedOn the 15th ult at Port de Grave, by the Rev. W Faulkner, Mr. J. WILCOX, merchant, to Margaret, eldest dau of the Rev. J. SNOWBALL, Wesleyan Missionary.
4 Feb 1846MarriedAt St. John's on 20th ult at St. John's church by Rev TFH Bridge A.M., Frederick B.T. CARTER, Esq. Barrister-at-law, to Eliza, third dau of George BAYLY, Esq, Comptroller of Her Majesty's Customs at that port.
4 Feb 1846MarriedSame place, on the 21ult, by the Rev. John Forristal, Mr. James INNOTT, of this town, to Elizabeth, dau of Capt. John ROACH, of St. John's.
4 Feb 1846Died On Monday 19th ult, age 76yrs, Mr. Richard PERCHARD Sr. Having held a government situation for 54yrs, 26 of which as Keeper of Her Majesty's Gaol in this town.
11 Feb 1846MarriedFriday the 6th inst by Rev. Geo Ellidge WM, Mr. Edward PIKE Jr. to Ann Elizabeth, dau of Mr. Wm. H. PARSONS, all of this place.
11 Feb 1846Died At Crocker's Cove on 5th inst Mr. Adam CLARK, age 86yrs
18 Feb 1846Died on 4th inst, age 86yrs, Mr. William BRACE, an old and respected inhabitant of Quidi Vidi.
25 Feb 1846BirthAt Carbonear on 12th inst The lady of Professor O'DONOVAN, A.B., a son.
25 Feb 1846MarriedAt Simla East Indies on the 27th Sept last By the Rev. W. Hammond, Lieutenant William Buck Carthew(?) Augustus PARKER, of Her Majesty's 78th Highlanders, son of the late Captain PARKER, 64th Regiment. To Henrietta, dau of the late Capt. WHITE, Her Majesty's 3rd King's own Light Dragoon Gaurds.
25 Feb 1846MarriedAt Carbonear on the 3rd inst by the Rev. J.S. Addy W.M. Mr. Stephen TAYLOR, to Mary, dau of Capt. John TAYLOR.
25 Feb 1846Marriedat St. John's on the 10th inst by the Rev J.M. Lennan, of St. Andrew's Kirk. Mr. David SOLATER(?) of Scotland to Mary Tryphena, youngest dau of the late James BLAIKIE Esq.
25 Feb 1846MarriedSame place on the 17th inst at St. Thomas's Church by the Rev. C. Blackman A.M. Peter Hart CARTER Esq. Merchant of that town, to Sophia, second dau of the late Joseph SIMMS Esq., merchant of Twillingate.
25 Feb 1846Died On Friday last, age 73yrs, Mr. Maurice COLBERT, for many years a resident of this place.
25 Feb 1846Died At St. John's on the 9th inst, James BRINE Esq. Age 25yrs.
25 Feb 1846Died At New York, on the 4th Jan. age 30yrs. Mr. Philip SYLVESTER, letter press printer, a native of St. John's, Newfoundland.
4 Mar 1846BirthAt Brigus on Saturday, Mrs. Azariah MUNDEN, daughter.
4 Mar 1846Died At River Head, on Sunday last, Mrs. Ann DAWLEY, age 58yrs
4 Mar 1846Died At Bear's Cove, Monday, Mrs. Sarah WAY, age 70yrs.
4 Mar 1846Died At Bay Roberts, 16th ulto, age 46yrs, Mary, wife of Mr. George SNELLGROVE, school master.
11 Mar 1846Died Thursday, age 50yrs, Mr. Moses BUTT, leaving widow and several children.
25 Mar 1846DeathCoroners Inquest… At Spaniard's Cove, William M'LEAN, 12yrs, son of Mr. John M'LEAN of Upper Island Cove. Deceased and a brother went to neighboring pond for trout. Brother fell through the ice, the deceased, in effort to rescue him also fell through and was drowned. The brother was subsequently drawn out by Mr. J. NOSEWORTHY, of Spaniards Bay, who happened to be nearby at the time. Verdict: Accidently drowned.
15 Apr 1846MarriedOn Sunday last, by the Rev. John Chapman, Mr. William BATTEN, to Juliana, dau of Wm BENNETT, Esq, Coroner, all of this town.
22 Apr 1846BirthOn 17th inst. The wife of Capt. WALKER, daughter.
22 Apr 1846MarriedOn 14th inst at Carbonear by Rev. J.P. Gleeson, Mr. Michael SHORAS of this town to Mrs. Elizabeth POWER, relict of the late Mr. Edmund POWER of St. John's.
22 Apr 1846Died At Exeter in Feb. last Mrs. FOWLER, relict of the late D. FOWLER Esq, merchant of St. John's
29 Apr 1846MarriedSaturday last, at Black Head, by the Rev. J. England, Mr. John DIAMOND, of Adam's Cove to Mrs. E. TUCKER, late of Bay Roberts, widow.
29 Apr 1846MarriedAt Haddington, by the Rev Dr. Cook, Walter GRIEVE Esq, of St John's, Newfoundland, one of her Majesty's Executive Council for that Island, to Jane, eldest daughter of John RICHARDSON Esq, writer, Haddington -- 'Greenock Advertiser, March 31'
29 Apr 1846Died(Very long obit) … Lieut. E.W. HARVEY, son and late aide-de-camp to His Excellency Major General Sir John HARVEY. Died aboard ship "Hyacinth", SCOTT, master. Approaching Port Royal.
29 Apr 1846Died On 23rd inst, age 36yrs, Sarah, wife of Mr. Thomas SNOW, planter of this town.
29 Apr 1846DeathCoroners Inquest… At Carbonear, William PILGRIM, member of crew, brig "Victoria", James PEARCE, master. Brought home dead from the ice. Was a bystander, when a rifle was discharged, accidently, when it was knocked over. Lingered for nine days before death released him from suffering.
6 May 1846BirthSunday last, Lady of E.F. BROWN Esq, H.M. Customs of this port, a daughter.
6 May 1846BirthMonday at Bay Roberts, lady of James CORMACK, a son.
6 May 1846Died at Port de Grave, 30th ulto, age 47yrs, John JACOB Esq, merchant of that town.
13 May 1846Died At Carbonear on 4th inst, age 65yrs, Mrs. Ann HOPKINS, relict of the late Mr. Richard HOPKINS
13 May 1846Died At his estate, Eccles, Demerary, on 25th Feb. Alexander GLEN Esq, . He was the fourth son of Mr. Alexander GLEN, Queen St. Brother of Thomas GLEN Esq.
20 May 1846MarriedOn Thursday last, by the Rev. John Cummins, C.C., Capt. ANNING, of the brig "Haidee", to Miss Elizabeth DAVIS, of this town.
27 May 1846Died At Brigus, Thursday last, age 20yrs, Eliza, beloved wife of Mr. Robert MUNDEN of that place.
27 May 1846Died At St. John's on 25th inst, at the residence of her son-in-law Mr. Nicholas STABB, merchant. Age 67yrs, Elizabeth, relict of the late Thomas CHANCEY Sr. Esq, formerly of Carbonear, merchant of the firm of Gosse, Chancey and Ledyard.
27 May 1846Died At St. John's on 18th inst, age 48yrs, Judith Piggott, the beloved wife of Assistant Commissary General ROBINSON, of that garrison. The deceased was niece to the late Hon. Elphillston PIGGOTT, Chief Justice of Tobago, and to the late Sir Arthur PIGGOTT, Attorney General of England.
3 Jun 1846Died At Twillingate on 9th Jan last. The Rev. Wm. MARSHALL, Wesleyan Missionary.
1 Jul 1846MarriedAt. St. John's on 22nd ult, at St. Thomas's Church, by the Rev. Lord Bishop. Lieut. R.W. BRETTINGHAM of the Royal Artillery, to Harriet Frances Josephine, youngest dau of the late Wm. SHEPPARD Esq, of Clifton, Gloucestershire.
1 Jul 1846MarriedAt Halifax, on 13th ult, by the Rev. John Scott, J. GRIEVE Esq, merchant, Greenock, to Anne, dau of C.J. HILL Esq, of Her Majesty's Dockyard.
1 Jul 1846Died Monday last, age 43yrs, Ann, the beloved wife of Mr. Samuel BENNETT, of this town.
15 Jul 1846Died On the 7th inst, age77yrs, Mr. George PIPPY Sr., respectable planter in this town.
15 Jul 1846Died In St. John's 4th inst, age 68yrs, Jane, beloved wife of Mr. Wm. LOVEYS.
22 Jul 1846BirthThursday last, the lady of John HAYWARD Esq, daughter
22 Jul 1846Died On the 17th inst, Mr. Thomas FRENCH, age 77yrs, of this town
22 Jul 1846Died On the 17th inst, at St. John's, age 14yrs, Selina, youngest dau of Mr. James PITTS, of that place
29 Jul 1846MarriedAt Wolfville, Nova Scotia, on the 8th inst, by the Rev John Storrs, The Rev Henry Harris HAMILTON, B.A. of King's College, Windsor to Elizabeth Mary, eldest dau of Edward BUYERS Esq, and niece to the Hon. Solicitor General of Newfoundland.
29 Jul 1846Died At Brigus, on the 9th, Mrs. ROBERTS, age 86yrs.
29 Jul 1846Died At St. John's on the 12th inst, age 29yrs, Mr. John GUSHUE of Brigus.
29 Jul 1846Died In this town on the 22nd, Kearn O'Neil, son of Mr. John FENNELL, age 3yrs 4mo.
29 Jul 1846Died At Carbonear on 23rd inst, age 45yrs, Ann, wife of Mr. John HAMILTON, South Side.
29 Jul 1846Died At the residence of her mother, at St. John's, on 25th inst, Sophia Margaret, dearly beloved wife of John STARK Esq, Chief Clerk and Registrar of the Northern Circuit Court of this island. Aged 47yrs, leaving a family of nine children. She was the eldest dau of the late Fort Major GREEN.
5 Aug 1846BirthsThe lady of Rev. Wm FAULKNER, a son
5 Aug 1846BirthsSame day, the lady of J.T. RODDICK, a son.
5 Aug 1846Died Sunday last, age 35yrs(?), Mr. Jeremiah McGRATH, son of the late Denis McGRATH, formerly of this town.
12 Aug 1846MarriedYesterday by Rev J. Cummins, Mr. Felix McCARTHY , of Carbonear, merchant, to Bridget, fourth dau of Mr. Daniel GREEN of this town.
19 Aug 1846Died On Saturday, age 55yrs, Margaret, wife of Mr. Edward SNOW of this town.
19 Aug 1846DeathCoroner's Inquest… In this town, David RYAN, tailor. The deceased had long been laboring under a disease of the heart. Found dead in his bed. Verdict: Died by visitation of God in a natural way.
19 Aug 1846DeathCoroner's Inquest… In Carbonear, Mary Jane REED, child about 5yrs. Mother had gone for water. Child got too close to the hearth and her clothes caught on fire. Death came about ten o'clock. Vertict: Accidentally burnt to death.
26 Aug 1846Died At Carbonear on 16th inst, Mr. Thomas FLEMING, carman.
2 Sep 1846Died On 22nd ulto at Fresh Water, Mr. Joseph JEFFERS, old and respected inhabitant of that settlement
9 Sep 1846Died (very long obit) Thursday last, age 41yrs, Richard BARNES Esq, member of General Assembly for Dist of Trinity Bay, native of town. Leaves a widowed mother, widow and one son.
16 Sep 1846Died At St. John's Thursday last, age 75yrs, Mr. George LILLY Esq, Assistant Supreme Court Judge.
16 Sep 1846Died In this town on 10th inst, Mary, relict of the late Mr. Robert MARTIN.
14 Oct 1846MarriedTuesday last by Rev. Mr. Duff, Lunenburgh, David STEELE Esq, son of Robert STEELE of Greenock, to Sarah, third dau of the late James BLAIKIE Esq, Chief Magistrate of this place.
14 Oct 1846Died On 6th inst, age 20yrs, James, son of Mr. John PAYNE, of this town.
14 Oct 1846Died In St. John's, Sunday, week, age 46yrs, Mr. Frederick ELLIOTT.
14 Oct 1846DeathsOn the 17th Aug, last, Two young men, sons of Mr. Wm CAKE Sr. of Mosquito, were drowned after a boat upset off Chimney Tickle, Labrador.
21 Oct 1846Died At Carbonear, Friday, age 41, Mr. George HIPPISLEY, teacher. Leaving a widow and 5 small children.
21 Oct 1846Died Same place on Monday, age 64yrs, Mr. John WILSHEAR, an old and respectable inhabitant of that place.
21 Oct 1846Died In this town on 16th inst, Mr. James HANAFAN, age 45.
21 Oct 1846Died On Aug. 17th, at his residence in Thomas Street, Waterford. Capt. S. GRADY, of the barque "President"
21 Oct 1846Died Tuesday last, at an advanced age, Mrs. Mary DOYLE, wife of Patrick DOYLE Esq, J.P.
21 Oct 1846DeathCoroner's Inquest… On the body of Michael MORRISSEY, of St. John's , fisherman. Three wounds inflicted upon him with a hatchet, by a man named Timothy RYAN. The whole evidence before the Jury being so clear as to the malice and deliberation of the act, t
28 Oct 1846MarriedSunday last, by Rev T.F.H. Bridge A.M., Mr. James BRINE, merchant Greenspond to Esther, second dau of Mr. George VANDENHOFF, of this town.
4 Nov 1846Died On Thursday last, age 25, Mr. Jeremiah INNOTT, son of the late Mr. William INNOTT, merchant of this town.
4 Nov 1846Died On Friday, age 57yrs, Mr. Richard SHEA, an honest and respectable planter of this town.
4 Nov 1846Died At Woodhouse Grove, (Wesleyan Academy) Yorkshire, age 17yrs, Richard, son of the Rev. George ELLIDGE W.M.
4 Nov 1846DeathCoroners Inquest… John MURPHY, late of Placentia, fisherman. Went to sleep on a boat at the wharf of Messrs Baine Johnston and Co. Witness John SAMPSON said deceased would be in habit of leaving a lighted candle burning in boards of cuddy. Fire ensued and MURPHY was burnt to death through negligence.
11 Nov 1846BirthAt Port de Grave, Saturday last, Mrs. John WILCOX, daughter.
11 Nov 1846BirthAt St. John's on Tuesday week, Lady of Hon. J. CROWDY, daughter.
18 Nov 1846MarriedOn Thurday week, by Rev Williams, Mr. William PITTS of St. John's to Miss Ann COCHERAN if Kingkerswell, Devon.
25 Nov 1846BirthOn Sunday last, Mrs. Thomas POWER, son.
2 Dec 1846BirthOn 27th ulto, Mr. Duncan MUNN, daughter.
2 Dec 1846MarriedAt St. John's Church, Bishop's Cove, Nov 19th, by Rev John Kingswell, Mr. Caleb PEDDLE to Miss Catherine SMITH.
2 Dec 1846MarriedAt the same place on the 2nd, by the same, Mr. Nath. BARRETT Jr. to Miss Sarah SMITH.
16 Dec 1846MarriedAt Carbonear on 10th inst, by the Rev John Snowball, Mr. Mark TAYLOR, son of Jonathan TAYLOR of that place, to Catherine, eldest dau of Mr. Edward NICHOLE, Crocker's Cove.
16 Dec 1846MarriedOn the 4th at St. Peter's Church, Upper Island Cove by the Rev J. Kingswell, Mr. Henry MERCER to Miss Elizabeth COOMBS.
16 Dec 1846MarriedOn the 8th, St. John's Church, Bishop's Cove, by the same, Mr. Richard GOSSE to Miss Ann EARLE.
16 Dec 1846MarriedAt the same place, by the same, Mr. Moses GOSSE to Miss Anne MENSCHIAN.
16 Dec 1846Died (long article about accident) On the 7th inst, at Cupid's. Mr. Henry SHEPPARD, respectable planter and schooner owner, died instantly when he was kicked in the head by his horse. Leaves a widow and nine children.
23 Dec 1846BirthIn London, Oct 15th, Lady of Charles N. THORNE Esq, daughter.
23 Dec 1846BirthIn this town on 19th inst, the lady of John STEPHENSON Esq, Deputy Sherriff, son.
30 Dec 1846BirthYesterday, lady of Dr. J.J. DEARIN, son
30 Dec 1846MarriedAt Carbonear on 16th inst by Rev J. Snowball, Mr. Joseph SIMMS to Miss Elizabeth COLE, both of that place.
30 Dec 1846Died Yesterday, age 66yrs, Mr. Thomas DAVIS, an old and respectable planter of this town.
1 8 4 7
6 Jan 1847MarriedYesterday, by Rev. Father Cummins, Mr. Richard POWER, eldest son of Mr. David POWER, Crowdy Head Cottage, to Harriet, second dau of the late Mr. Wm. INNOTT merchant, all of this place.
6 Jan 1847DiedAt Renews on 3rd Dec, age 65yrs, Sarah, relict of the late George GARLAND Esq, formerly a merchant of this town.
13 Jan 1847MarriedAt St. John's on the 2nd inst, at St. Thomas's Church, by the Rev Charles Blackman A.M., Frederick WINTER Esq, merchant of Demerara, to Eliza, third dau of the late Robert BRINE Esq, of St. John's.
13 Jan 1847MarriedOn 5th inst, at Carbonear, by the Rev. J. Snowball, Mr. Henry TAYLOR, to Miss Sarah MOORS, both of that town.
13 Jan 1847MarriedAt Brigus on Tuesday 5th inst, by the Rev. J.S. Addy, Daniel H. WELSH Esq, merchant of this town, to Charlotte, third dau of Nathaniel MUNDEN Esq, of Brigus.
13 Jan 1847MarriedAt Carbonear on 8th inst, by the Rev J. Snowball, Mr. James ROSE, to Miss Mary VATER, both of that place.
13 Jan 1847DiedOn 22nd ulto, age 22yrs, Julia, eldest dau of Mr. Edward DWYER, of Carbonear.
13 Jan 1847DiedOn Friday at Carbonear, age 45yrs, Edward WALMSLEY Esq, merchant, a native of Liverpool, England.
13 Jan 1847DiedAt Black Head on Wednesday last, age 80yrs, Mr. Jonathan MOORS, an old and respectable planter of that place.
13 Jan 1847DiedAt Fresh Water on Saturday, age 66yrs, Elizabeth, relict of the late Mr. Joseph JEFFERS of that place.
13 Jan 1847DiedOn the 6th inst, age 19yrs, Martha, daughter of Mr. Francis MARTIN of this town.
13 Jan 1847Died On 7th inst, Mr. James BRINE, formerly a publican of this place, leaves wife and several young children.
13 Jan 1847DiedAt St. John's on the 5th inst, Dougal McKELLAR Esq, of the firm of Messrs. Hunters & Co.
20 Jan 1847MarriedAt Carbonear on 14th inst, by Rev J. Snowball, Mr. John DWYRE to Miss Frances WALSH
20 Jan 1847DiedSunday, age 63yrs, Mr. John SMITH, formerly a merchant of this town.
20 Jan 1847DiedAt Black Head, Wednesday last, age 17yrs, Jane, dau of the late Mr. John HILLIARD of that place
27 Jan 1847BirthFriday last, the lady of Wm. DOW Esq, surgeon, a daughter
27 Jan 1847MarriedAt Brigus on the 19th, by the Rev. Mr. Chapman, rector of St. Paul's, Edgar STIRLING Esq, to Miss RABBITTS, both of that town.
27 Jan 1847DiedOn Thursday last, age 22yrs, Jessica, eldest dau of Capt. John STEVENSON of this town.
27 Jan 1847DeathSaturday last, Mr. James MAHANY, tinman, was killed when the ladder he was climbing down into the hold of a ship, gave way and he landed on his head. The deceased was a decent and inoffensive man, and leaves a widow in destitute circumstances and two interesting children to lament his loss.
3 Feb 1847BirthOn Saturday last, Mrs. James HANRAHAN, a daughter.
3 Feb 1847MarriedAt Carbonear on 27th ulto, by the Rev John Snowball, Thomas NEWELL Esq, N.P., to Mrs. TEULON, widow of the late Dr. TEULON of that town.
3 Feb 1847DiedAt. St. John's on Sunday week, Eliza, beloved wife of Mr. William BRACE.
3 Feb 1847DiedAt Mosquito, Sunday last, age 80yrs, Mr. Roger HANRAHAN, father of Edmund HANRAHAN Esq, M.G.A. The deceased was well known and much respected in this neighborhood.
3 Feb 1847DiedAt Bay Roberts, on the same day, Mr. James DELANEY, leaving a numerous family.
3 Feb 1847DiedYesterday, Absalom SMITH. It is generally supposed that he died from want. He leaves a large and distressed family.
10 Feb 1847DiedAt St. John's on 27th ulto, William Anthony RYALL, age 20, printer of that town.
10 Feb 1847DeathCoroners Inquest… Denis CONNELL, together with his son-in-law was bringing a slide load of wood which upset on him, wood landing on his throat and chest. Verdict: accidental death, deceased was 76yrs of age and a native of the coast of Kerry, Ireland.
10 Feb 1847DeathCoroners Inquest… Timothy RYAN, recently tried for the murder of Michael MORRISSEY and acquitted on the plea of insanity. Post mortem found lung and liver considerable diseased. Verdict: Died by the visitation of God.
17 Feb 1847DiedDrowned in New York on 8th ulto, Mr. Peter Palmer ROGERSON, age 24yrs, second son of Peter ROGERSON Esq, merchant of this town.
24 Feb 1847BirthYesterday, lady of John MUNN Esq, daughter
24 Mar 1847DiedAt Island Cove on the 12th inst, age 50yrs, John JONES, leaving wife and nine children.
31 Mar 1847DiedOn board "St Fillan" during his passage from St. John's to Alicant, on 3rd Jan, Mr. William DRYSDALE, eldest son of Andrew DRYSDALE Esq, of this town
21 Apr 1847MarriedAt Twillingate on 9th Dec last, by Rev Mr. Boone, Wm STIRLING Jr. Esq, M.D., to Ann, eldest dau of J. PEYTON Esq, J.P., of that place.
21 Apr 1847MarriedOn 22nd Dec, Mr. George B. KING, to Miss Susannah BOYDER, of the same place.
21 Apr 1847DeathCoroners Inquest… At Carbonear, of John NOEL of Harbor Rock Hill, Carbonear. The deceased and Jonathan NOFTEL, were manning the tiller of the sealing schooner "Superb", George TAYLOR, master, when the ship struck a pan of ice in a heavy gale on April 7th. The deceased received a heavy blow to the abdomen from the tiller. Verdict: Accidental death. The deceased was 49yrs of age, and has left a widow and five children.
21 Apr 1847DeathOn April 9th, in the wreck of the sealing schooner, "Margaret" on the rocks at the entrance of Greenspond Harbor, Mr. David POWER, Master.
28 Apr 1847DiedWednesday, Elizabeth Liddell, the beloved wife of James Shannon CLIFT Esq,
28 Apr 1847DiedYesterday, at his residence, Vauxhall, age 29yrs, William GRIEVE Esq, merchant.
5 May 1847DiedThursday last, Bridget, wife of Francis LYNCH, of this town
5 May 1847DeathAccidentally killed, on 10th inst, John DRAKE, son of F. DRAKE of Carbonear, a crewman aboard the "William", MURPHY, master. The deceased crossed in front of another man who was in the process of shooting at a seal, Killed DRAKE instantly.
19 May 1847BirthOn 9th inst, the lady of Robert BROWN Esq, Brigus, a son and daughter.
2 Jun 1847*MarriedOn Saturday last, at St. Thomas's Church, by the Rev. Charles Blackman A.M., William J. WARD Esq, Notary Public, and Proprietor and Editor of the "Morning Post", to Amelia Mary Louisa, only daughter of John RYAN Esq, H.M. Printer, St. John's. * (Judy Balen note) In the newspaper of 16 June, different information on the bride. 'to Amelia Mary Louisa, only daughter of the late Mr. James SALTER, bookbinder (of Dartmouth), and granddaughter of John RYAN Esq, co-proprietor of the "Royal Gazette"'
2 Jun 1847DiedAt St. John's on 15th ult, Mr. John GRACE, a native of Kilkenny, age 50yrs, who for a number of years, filled the office of teacher in the Orphan Asylum School.
10 Jun 1847MarriedAt St. John's, on 1st inst, at St. Thomas's Church, by the Rev Charles Blackman, Robert CARTER Jr., Esq, of Ferryland, to Mary Ann, eldest dau of George SIMMS Esq, of Trepassy.
10 Jun 1847DiedOn Sunday, age 72yrs, Ellen, wife of Mr. James ENGLISH, shoemaker.
10 Jun 1847DiedTuesday last, age 25yrs, Mr. George H. COWAN, fouth son of the late William COWAN, he was for several years a teller at the Bank of British North America, in this town.
10 Jun 1847DiedAt St. John's, on the 3rd inst, age 35yrs, Mr. John LASH, merchant of the firm James Tobin and Co.
10 Jun 1847DiedAt the same place Thursday last, age 42yrs, Mr. James KIELLY, an old and respectable inhabitant of this town, leaving a wife and five children.
10 Jun 1847DiedAt Morton's Harbor on May 16th, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Joseph BARTLETT, of said place.
10 Jun 1847DiedAt Bonavista on 24th May, age 25yrs, Marianne, only daughter of the late Mr. James MIFLEN.
16 Jun 1847Died(long obit) At Carbonear on 11th inst, age 51yrs, James POWER Esq, a Stipendiary Magistrate of this Dist.
16 Jun 1847DiedAt. St. John's on Wednesday, Joseph TEMPLEMAN Esq, chief clerk of the Colonial Secretary's office, and of Broadstone Cottage, Middle Chinnoch, Somerset, aged 52yrs.
23 Jun 1847DiedAt St. John's, Thursday, Miss NUGENT, sister of John Valentine NUGENT Esq. (in religion, Mrs. Mary Joseph), of the order of Mercy, age 48yrs, of malignant typhus fever, contracted in her attendance at the St. John's Hospital.
7 Jul 1847MarriedSunday last, by Rev. J. Chapman, Mr. Thomas SKINNER/SHINNER, to Susannah, fourth daughter of Mr. Robert Lee WHITING, all of this town.
14 Jul 1847DiedOn Thursday last, age 69yrs, Mr. William PARSONS of Caplin Cove, an old and respectable inhabitant of this town.
14 Jul 1847DiedAt Brigus on Friday, of typhus fever, Mr. Thomas MORRIS, age 22yrs, shopman, a native of Ireland.
14 Jul 1847DiedMonday last in St. John's Hospital, occasioned by his kind unremitting attention to the patients in that institution, age 33, Mr. John BUNTING, son of the late John BUNTING Esq, surgeon, R.N.
4 Aug 1847MarriedAt St. John's on the 22nd ulto, at the Wesleyan Chapel by Rev. D.D Evans, minister of the Congregational Church. Robert Roberts Wakeham LILLY Esq, Barrister-at-law, acting Chief Clerk of the Supreme Court of this Island, son of the late Hon. Judge LILLY, to Eliza Dalrymple, only daughter of the Rev Richard WILLIAMS, Chairman of the Newfoundland Wesleyan Missionary Society.
4 Aug 1847Died7th June last, in Poole, Dorset. Mrs. Louisa BOTLEY, age 59yrs. Relict of the last Capt. William BOTLEY.
8 Sep 1847DiedAt Port de Grave, 1st inst, Jane Woodley, age 10mo, dau of Mr. WILCOX of that place.
8 Sep 1847DiedOn 5th inst, Anna, age 7mo, dau of Dr. DOW of this town.
15 Sep 1847DiedBrigus, on 10th inst, George BAYLY Esq, age 60yrs, of H.M. Customs, St. John's.
15 Sep 1847DiedAt Carbonear on 9th inst, Mrs. WILSHEAR, widow of the late Mr. John WILSHEAR of that place.
15 Sep 1847DiedThis town on the 10th, age 53yrs, Mr. William MEECH, shoemaker.
15 Sep 1847DiedOn 9th, age 53yrs, Mr. Jasper PEARCE, carpenter, of this town.
29 Sep 1847DiedIn London on 12th ulto, Susan, wife of John BURT, many years a missionary of the Episcopal Church in this Island.
6 Oct 1847MarriedBy the Rev. J. Kingwell, on the 26th ult, Mr. John PAYNE to Miss Rachel BRAZIL of this town
6 Oct 1847MarriedAt St. Paul's Church, on 1st inst, by Rev Henry Lind, Mr. John CLEVERLY, of Salcombe, Devonshire, Captain of the Ship "Chipewa" of Quebec, to Ann Elizabeth, eldest dau of the Rev John KINGWELL, of this town.
6 Oct 1847MarriedOn the 2nd inst, by the Rev. W. Faulkner, Mr. Thomas WOOLFREY to Miss Alice Maria HIGGINS, both of this place.
6 Oct 1847DiedAt Prospect House on Thursday last, John RYAN Esq, age 86yrs. Appointed to the office of Printer to the Crown, about 60yrs ago, and held the position for about 40yrs.
27 Oct 1847MarriedWednesday last, by Rev. J. Forristal, Mr. James FOX, merchant, to Bridget, eldest dau of Patrick L. POWER Esq, of this town.
3 Nov 1847MarriedOn 30th ult, at St. Mary's, Paddington, James, eldest son of James CROWDY Esq, of St. John's, Newfoundland, to Sybella Frances, third dau of the late Louis John DeLaCHAUNNETTE, Esq.(London Times)
3 Nov 1847DiedMonday, age 76yrs, Mr. Henry WISEMAN, of this town.
3 Nov 1847DiedOn the same day, age 47yrs, Ann Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John MERCHANT, of this town, planter
10 Nov 1847Married2nd inst, by Rev J. Chapman, Mr. Charles SNOW to Miss Elizabeth ANDREWS, both of this place.
17 Nov. 1847DiedSaturday last, age 53yrs, Ann, relict of the late Mr. Henry PARSONS, Bear's Cove.
24 Nov 1847MarriedAt. St. Paul's Church in this town on Saturday last, by Rev. John Chapman, Sophia Sydney, eldest dau fo the late Leut. Henry MONTGOMERY 98 regiment, and step-daughter of John STARK Esq, Chief Clerk and Registrar Northern Circuit Court, to William ELSON Esq, eldest son of the late John ELSON Esq, of Carbonear, merchant.
1 Dec 1847MarriedOn Tuesday last, at St. Paul's by the Rev J. Chapman, Mr. Robert BADCOCK, to Miss Patience SNOW, both of this town.
1 Dec 1847MarriedAt Salisbury, Wiltshire on the 19th Aug., by the Rev G.D. Stark, and by the Rev Father Lynch, Mr. John MITCHELL, son of Mr. Wm MITCHELL of this town, to Miss Elizabeth HAYWARD, of former place.
1 Dec 1847DiedAt Salisbury, Wiltshire, on the 12th Sept. last, Mr. Thomas MITCHELL, brother of Mr. William MITCHELL, of this town.
8 Dec 1847MarriedOn Nov 18th, at Bishop's Cove, by the Rev J. Kingwell, Mr. Jno CLARK, to Miss Jane SMITH
8 Dec 1847MarriedOn the 19th, at Island Cove, by the same, Mr. Thos. ADAMS, to Miss Elizabeth HUSSEY
8 Dec 1847MarriedOn the 25th at Bishop's Cove, by the same, Mr. Moses BARRETT, to Miss Mary SMITH.
8 Dec 1847MarriedOn the 26th at Island Cove, by the same, Mr. Moses DROVER, to Miss Ann HUSSEY.
8 Dec 1847DiedOn the 26th ult, age 78yrs, Mary, relict of the late Mr. John NICHOLAS, planter, of this town.
8 Dec 1847DiedAt Carbonear, on the 28th ult, age 102yrs, Mr. John BRINE, and old and respectable inhabitant of that town. In early life the deceased was a soldier, and fought at the Battle of Bunker's Hill in 1775, under the command, we believe, of General GAGE. He continued of a hale, robust constitution to the close of his days.
15 Dec 1847DiedLast evening at the "Grove", age 75yrs, Ann, relict of the late Mr. Matthew KEARNEY, formerly a merchant of this town. The deceased was a daughter of the late Charles GARLAND Esq, J.P. and Surrogate of this District. (*Judy Balen note: she was also Aunt of Editor, Wm Charles St. John, as his mother, Charlotte, and Ann were sisters.)
22 Dec 1847DiedAt St. John, N.B., on 25th ult, age 31yrs, Jean Buchan, the beloved wife of the Rev. Ingham SUTCLIFFE, and eldest daughter of the late James BLAIKIE Esq, J.P. of St. John's Newfoundland, leaves four children and a disconsolate husband.
22 Dec 1847DiedAt Kallin(?) in Perthshire, on 5th ult, John McGIBBON Esq, formerly of St. John's, merchant.
22 Dec 1847DiedAt Kingston on the 3rd Nov. Lieut. Colonel Sir Richard Henry BONNYCASTLE , late of the Royal Engineers.
29 Dec 1847MarriedAt Carbonear on 23rd inst, by the Rev. J. Snowball, Mr. Edward S. PIKE, to Miss Mary PIKE.
29 Dec 1847MarriedAt the same place, on the 24th inst, by the same, Mr. John TAYLOR, to Miss Juliana CLARKE.
29 Dec 1847MarriedAt the same place, by the same, Mr. John THISTLE, to Miss Mary FRAIZE.
29 Dec 1847MarriedAt the same place, by the same, Mr. Robert HOWELL, to Miss Amelia SQUIRES of Bay Roberts.
29 Dec 1847MarriedAt the same place, by the same, Capt. W.P. TAYLOR, to Miss Catherine PARSONS of Fresh Water.
29 Dec 1847DiedOn Christmas Eve, age 67yrs, Mr. Jacob MOORE, long a respected member of this community.
1 8 4 8
Jan 1848MarriedOn 23rd ult, by Rev. W. Faulkner, Mr. John STEVENSON, to Miss Azubah PARSONS, both of this town.
5 Jan 1848Married On Saturday last, by the Rev. J. Chapman, Mr. Thomas KITCHEN to Miss Hester STEVENSON, youngest daughter of Mr. Matthew STEVENSON, late Clerk of the Peace, all of this town
5 Jan 1848Died On the 27th ult, age 35yrs, Ellen, wife of Mr. John CONNELL, one of the stipendiary constables of this district, the deceased leaves six helpless children to lament her loss.
12 Jan 1848Died At Liverpool, England. On 25th Nov, age 70yrs, John DUNSCOMB(E) Esq, a native of Bermuda, but late of Newfoundland. (long obit)
12 Jan 1848Died On Monday last at the patriarchal age of 105yrs, Mr. John CARROLL, of this town and a native of Waterford. He lived in this country for 85yrs.
12 Jan 1848Died At St. John's on the 4th inst, Thomas Henry CHANNELL Esq, Barrister-at-law, age 34yrs.
19 Jan 1848Married Wednesday last, by Rev Harvey, Carbonear, Mr. Moses WILTSHEAR/WITTSHEAR, to Louisa, youngest daughter of the late James LEGG of that town.
26 Jan 1848Married At Bareneed on the 12th inst, By the Rev Johnstone Vicars, Mr. Thomas BATTEN, son of Mr. Samuel BATTEN, to Mary, Third daughter of Mr. John RICHARDS, all of that place.
26 Jan 1848Married In this town, Thursday last, by Rev Father Dalton, Mr. Henry THOMEY, son of Mr. Arthur THOMEY, of Mosquito, to Leonora, youngest daughter of Mr. James FORWARD of Carbonear.
26 Jan 1848Married At. St. John's on Wed last, by the Rev R. Williams, Mr. Wm PIKE to Miss Eliza GORDON.
26 Jan 1848Died At one of the Gullies, near the river head, Accident, Mr. John HICKEY, leaves widow and 8 children.
2 Feb 1848Married On Friday last, at Bareneed, Port de Grave, by the Rev J. Cummings at the residence of the brides father, Mr. James FORRISTAL of Western Bay, to Margaret, third daughter of Mr. Mark HENEBERRY, of that place.
2 Feb 1848Died On Sunday last at Mosquito, age 36yrs, Capt. Elial PIKE, son of Capt. Edward PIKE of this town
2 Feb 1848Died Tuesday last, age 63yrs, Ann, beloved wife of William GOFF Esq, of this town.
9 Feb 1848Married At Carbonear on 2nd inst, by Rev J.P. Gleason, Doctor BERNIE(?) to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. William BROWN, all of that place.
9 Feb 1848Died On Friday, age 51yrs, Robert Roberts WAKEHAM Esq, Barrister-at-law. Native of this town.
9 Feb 1848Died On Friday, age 22yrs, Ann, beloved wife of Mr. Fredrick LASH and eldest daughter of John SKEHON(?) Esq, M.D. of Bonavista.
23 Feb 1848Died Thursday, age 47yrs, Mr. James K. THOMPSON, late Protestant Schoolmaster, leaves a widow and four children.
8 Mar 1848Died At Mosquito, age 92yrs, Mr. Charles PYNN
22 Mar 1848Died At Brigus on 12th inst, age 32yrs, Mary Grace, beloved wife of Capt Azariah MUNDEN.
12 Apr 1848Died Monday, age 27yrs, Mary, daughter of Mr. Arthur GREUBERT of this town.
19 Apr 1848Died Tuesday last, Sophia, relict of the late Fort Major GREEN of this town.
3 May 1848Birth On 29th ult, the lady of G.C. GADEN Esq, Sheriff, a son.
3 May 1848Died In a storm, two men named SMITH from New Harbor, each leaves wife and four children
3 May 1848Died On 26th March, Rev. John PICKAVANT, served the Wesleyan Church for 20yrs in this colony
10 May 1848Died At Carbonear on 3rd inst, age 77yrs, Mr. John NICHOLL Sr.
10 May 1848Died Friday last, age 71yrs, Mr. George MARTIN, respectable planter in this place.
10 May 1848Died Monday, age 81yrs, Mr. Robert CONDON, an old and respectable inhabitant of this town.
24 May 1848Birth On 6th inst, at Clifton. The lady of the Hon Bryan ROBINSON, Q.C. of St. John's Newfoundland, a son. (London Times, Apr.8)
24 May 1848Died On Sunday last, age 70yrs, Mr. Mathew RYAN, a native of the County of Wexford.
24 May 1848Died On 15th inst, Archibald GRAHAM of Petthshire, Scotland, aged 62yrs.
31 May 1848Married Saturday last, Congregational Church, by Rev D.D. Evans, Mr. Moses PIKE of Carbonear, to Mary Ann, 2nd daughter of the late William STOWE, Harbor Grace.
7 Jun 1848Married On Thursday last, by Rev. John Snowball, Donald BETHUNE Esq., Sub collector of HM Customs at Carbonear, to Sarah, eldest daughter of the late Thomas CHANCEY Esq, merchant.
7 Jun 1848Death Coroners Inquest… Anatasia BREWER, child of about 3yrs. From River-Head. Accidental death by drinking a full glass of rum, left within her reach.
7 Jun 1848Death Coroners Inquest… Michael FITZGERALD, died of excessive drink.
21 Jun 1848Died On Wednesday last, age 76yrs, Mrs. Rachael CHURCHWELL, relict of the late Mr. John CHURCHWELL of this town.
28 Jun 1848Married Yesterday, by Rev. Charles Dalton, Mr. John CASEY of St.Johns, to Mary Margaret, daughter of Mr. Thomas DUNFORD of this town.
19 Jul 1848Married On Saturday last, by the Rev. Wm Faulkner W.M. Mr. Hugh William TRAPNELL, agent to the house of Henry HOOPER Esq, of this town, to Susanna, youngest daughter of the late Capt. William BOTLEY, of Poole, Dorset, England.
19 Jul 1848Married At St. John's on Wednesday last, by the Rev. Johnstone Vicars, Guy ROTTON R.A., son of John ROTTON Esq, Bath, to Tryphena, third daughter of B.G. GARRETT Esq, High Sheriff.
26 Jul 1848Died At Ilfracombe, on the 16th ult, age 70yrs, Thomas THORNE Esq, of the late firm of Thorne Hooper & Co. of this town.
26 Jul 1848Died At Catalina on the 21st ult, age 69yrs, Mr. Thomas CRAM, a respectable inhabitant of that place.
26 Jul 1848Died At St. John's on Saturday last, age 50yrs, Mary, relict of the late Thomas BECK Esq, merchant.
26 Jul 1848Death The loss of two lyoung men due to the upsetting of a pleasure boat. Mr. John McLEA, and Mr. Thomas Park HALL
23 Aug 1848Died At Carbonear on 15th inst, age 85yrs, Mrs. Catherine TAYLOR, relict of the late Mr. William TAYLOR of that town.
23 Aug 1848Death Coroners Inquest… Robert JACKMAN, age 70, came as a passenger from King's Cove, may have fallen off wharf belonging to Francis PARSONS. The deceased was a cooper by trade and a native of Carlow, Ireland. Verdict: found drowned.
30 Aug 1848Died On 24th inst, age 23yrs, Mr. David Orestes STIRLING, son of William STIRLING Esq, of this town.
30 Aug 1848Died On Saturday last, age 81yrs, Mr. Charles BRADBURY, on old and respectable inhabitant of this town.
6 Sep 1848Died Thursday last, age 54yrs, Mr. George Richard VANDENHOFF, a native of Salisbury, Eng, an old and respectable inhabitant of this town.
13 Sep 1848Died On Thursday last, age 60yrs, Mr. Laurence DEEGAN, a respectable shopkeeper of this town.
13 Sep 1848DiedOn Sunday last, age 40yrs, Amos LISTER Esq, Assistant Commissary General to HM forces at this station.
13 Sep 1848Died On Saturday last, aged 81yrs, George BURTON Esq, formerly a Lieutenant and Paymaste
27 Sep 1848Birth Thursday last, Mrs. Archibald MUNN, son
27 Sep 1848Birth Same day, Mrs. Thomas GODDEN, son
4 Oct 1848Died At Constantinople on Aug 7, of cholera, Olivia Ann, wife of Edward SEAGER Esq, and daughter of Robert S. PACK, Carbonear.
11 Oct 1848Died Saturday last, age 77yrs, Mr. Roger SNELGROVE, an old and respected inhabitant of this town.
11 Oct 1848Died At Carbonear, Friday last, age 70yrs, Mr. John PIKE (of John)
25 Oct 1848Married Yesterday at St. Thomas' Church by the Rev. C. Blackman AM, Govt. Chaplain, Elizabeth Sophia LUDGATER, widow of James LUDGATER Esq, of Lee, Kent, to John STARK Esq, of Harbor Grace, Chief Clerk and Registrar of the Northern Circuit Court.
25 Oct 1848Married On the 9th inst, in St. Paul's, Trinity, the Rev Bertram JONES to Emma, eldest daughter of Benjamin SWEETLAND Esq, J.P.
25 Oct 1848Died On 22nd inst, age 51yrs, Lucretia, wife of Mr. Charles DAVIS of this town.
1 Nov 1848Death Coroners Inquest… Body of Martin POWER Jr., late at night, scaled fence at wharf of John MUNN's to get on board the schooner to which he belonged. Was found drowned the next morning.
1 Nov 1848Death Coroners Inquest… At Carbonear of John STEVENS, a
15 Nov 1848Birth On 6th inst, Mrs. Duncan MUNN of this town, a son
15 Nov 1848Birth On the 2nd, Mrs. Thomas CRAMM, a daughter
15 Nov 1848Birth On the 13th, Mrs. Michael FITZGERALD, Harvey St., a son.
15 Nov 1848Married At the central school room on 7th inst, by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Newfoundland, the Rev John KINGWELL Jr. to Lilias, youngest daughter of Mr. James K. MOORE of this town.
15 Nov 1848Died On 10th inst, age 67yrs, Mr. Thomas ABBOTT
15 Nov 1848Died On board the "Suir"(?) of small pox, enroute from Lisbon to this port, Mr. John BROWN(mate), son of Capt. George BROWN of this town.
15 Nov 1848DeathCoroners Inquest… At Carbonear of Michael MURPHY of St. John's. Had shipped as a splitter and
22 Nov 1848Died Thursday last, age 56yrs, Matilda Green, relict of the late Henry GARLAND.
6 Dec 1848Married Saturday last, by Rev. John Cummins, Mr. Thos. DALEY(?) of Mosquito, to Mary Ann, dau of the late Mr. Michael KEEFE of "the Grove"
20 Dec 1848Died Sunday last, age 57yrs, Mr. Francis MARTIN, planter.
20 Dec 1848Died Same day, age 27yrs, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. James TITFORD, blacksmith.
20 Dec 1848Died Same day, on the south side of this harbor, age 60yrs, Mrs. Jane POTTLE.
20 Dec 1848Died (long obit) At her residence in Ferryland, on 3rd inst, aged 99yrs, Catherine, daughter of Peter WESTON Esq, of Bristol, merchant, deceased. Wife of the late William CARTER Esq, Judge of the Vice Admirality Court of this Island.
27 Dec 1848Married On Christmas Day, by the Rev John Chapman, Mr. John GODDEN to Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. John PAYNE of this town.
27 Dec 1848Death Coroners Inquest… Body of William MARTIN, age 2, son of Stephen MARTIN. Mother had left the deceased and two other ch
1 8 4 9
3 Jan 1849MarriedOn 27th ult, by the Rev. Chapman, Mr. John KNIGHT, to Miss Eunice NICHOLAS, of this town
3 Jan 1849MarriedOn Wednesday last, at St. Thomas' church, by the Rev Charles Blackman M.A., the incumbent, Harcourt St. Helens MOONEY Esq, Barrister-at-law, to Anne Henrietta, relict of the late Rev. J.B. COWAN, and daughter of Aaron HOGSETT Esq, Spanish Consul at this port.
3 Jan 1849Deaths(possible)… A punt containing four individuals, Mr. EDGECOMBE, his son and two others, left Carbonear on Wednestday a week ago, for Ochre Pit Cove, North Shore, and we regret, they haven't been heard from since.
10 Jan 1849Died(long obit) Sunday last, in Carbonear, age 31yrs, Rev. James P. GLEESON, Catholic Curate of that town.
24 Jan 1849MarriedOn 22nd ult by Rev. Chapman, Mr. John DAVIS to Miss Elizabeth MARTIN of this town.
24 Jan 1849MarriedOn the 17th inst, by Rev. Charles Dalton, Mr. James KEEFE, of the Grove, to Miss Margaret FITZGERALD of Mosquito Valley.
24 Jan 1849DiedOn 16th inst, age 77yrs, Mr. John CONNORS, Kerrylane; long a resident of this communtiy.
21 Feb 1849MarriedOn Thursday last, by the Rev. John Cummins, Mr. William CODY, merchant, to Catherine, third daughter of Mr. Francis RONAN, all of this town.
21 Feb 1849DeathCoroners Inquest… At the Grove farmhouse, near this town. The body of Charles KEEFE. The deceased with his brother John, were coming out of the woods near River Head with a horse and slide of wood. The slide upset and the load of wood fell upon the head and shoulders of the deceased. Charles lingered until the next afternoon and died. Verdict: Accidental death.(*JB note. There is extra comment by the editor, Wm. C. St. John, I believe he was a Keefe relative.)
28 Feb 1849DiedYesterday, age 23yrs, Paul Mounsey, son of Peter ROGERSON Esq, merchant of this town.
14 Mar 1849DiedOn 8th inst, age 65yrs, Mr. Randle DONOVAN, an old respectable inhabitant of this town.
21 Mar 1849DiedOn 18th Inst, age 70yrs, Mr. Edmund FINN, tailor.
28 Mar 1849BirthAt Carbonear, on 25th inst, Mrs Donald BETHUNE, daughter
28 Mar 1849DiedAt Fresh Water, on 12th inst, age77yrs, Mr. Thomas GRANT
28 Mar 1849DiedAt Spout Cove, on 19th inst, age 52 yrs, Mr. John TRICKET, a respectable planter of that place
11 Apr 1849DiedOn the 2nd inst, age 57yrs, Lieut.-Colonel Alexander Watt ROBE, Royal Engineers.
11 Apr 1849DiedOn 25th ult, Frances Catherine, infant daughter of John O'MARA Esq, of this town; and on 29th ult, John Joseph, third son of said gentleman, aged 6yrs 2mo.
11 Apr 1849DiedOn 2nd inst, at the residence of Miss PERCHARD, Cochrane St., Miss Margaret FIRTH, age 28yrs.
11 Apr 1849DeathCoroners Inquest… On William SCOTT, a seaman from brig "Clutha". Deceased fell through the ice and drowned before any help could arrive. SCOTT was 19yrs of age , a native of Heathfield, near Glascow, Scotland.
18 Apr 1849DiedOn 15th inst, Mr. Edward ST. JOHN, age 61yrs.
9 May 1849DiedFriday last, age 77yrs, Susanna, relict of the late Mr. Charles PARSONS of Bear's Cove.
9 May 1849DiedThursday last at Fresh Water, age 69 yrs, Mrs. Grace PARSONS.
9 May 1849DiedOn Wednesday last, age 48yrs, Mr. Richard BRANSCOMB.
9 May 1849DiedOn 27th ult, at Ferryland, age 30yrs, the Rev. Patrick BURKE. He was a native of Cabir, in the Co. Tipperary, he had served the Roman Catholic Ministry for about 5yrs.
9 May 1849DiedIn England, on 11th ult, Robert Newman HUNT Esq, of the firm, Newman and Co. of this Island.
9 May 1849DiedSaturday last, at Bay Roberts, age 31yrs, Ellen, beloved wife of the Rev M. BLACKMORE, Missionary of that place.
16 May 1849MarriedOn the 11th ult, at St. George's Bloomsbury, by the Rev.T.F.Stooks, incumbent of St. Luke's Berwich St., George Thomas, eldest son of Thomas H. BROOKING Esq, of Glouchester Place, Portman Sq., to Emily, third daughter of the late Thomas STOOKS Esq, of Bedford Place, Russell Sq.
16 May 1849DiedOn 10th inst, age 76yrs, Mr. John DRYSCOLL, of this town, farmer.
16 May 1849DiedOn the 14th, age 56yrs, Diane, wife of Mr. James MORTIMER, of this place.
16 May 1849DeathCoroners Inquest… (long article) On body of Thomas EGGINTON. Killed by a blow to the head by a shovel, by John WALSH. Verdict: Wilful murder against John WALSH. A warrant has been issued for his arrest, but he still eludes the vigilance of the police.
13 Jun 1849MarriedOn Sunday last, by Rev J. Cummins, Mr. Pierce MAHER to Mrs. NEAGLE, relict of the late Captain NEAGLE, all of this town.
13 Jun 1849DiedOn 15th ult, at Quaco, N.B., of bilious fever, age 20 yrs, Mr. George SNOWBALL, son of the Rev. J. SNOWBALL.
20 Jun 1849DiedMonday last, age 71yrs, Mr. James WALTERS, and old and respectable inhabitant of this town.
27 Jun 1849DiedOn 23rd inst, at St. Johns, age 88yrs, Mr. Sarah STOWE.
27 Jun 1849DiedAt Wilton, Hawick, Roxburgshire, Scotland, on the 16th May. William Lindsay WATSON, of the firm of William Watson and Sons, manufacturers. (flowery obit, no further info)
18 Jul 1849DiedOn Wednesday last, age 73yrs, James FERGUS Esq, a native of Glasgow, Scotland.
1 Aug 1849DiedAt Mosquito, Thursday last, age 40yrs, Mr. James SIMMONDS, some time a resident of that settlement.
1 Aug 1849DeathCoroners Inquest… On Wednesday last at Fresh Water, the body of Solomon BUTT, planter.The deceased appeared well at bedtime. At daylight was found dead. The deceased for many years, had been afflicted with a rupture of the bowels. Which no doubt caused his death. Verdict: died by the visitation of God. Mr. BUTT left a widow and six children to lament his loss. He was 52 yrs of age.
8 Aug 1849DiedMonday last, age 62yrs, Mr. William MITCHELL, respectable inhabitant of this town.
29 Aug 1849MarriedOn the 14th ult, at St. James Church, Liverpool, by the Rev. H. Carpenter, Capt. Azariah MUNDEN, of Brigus, to Mary Julianna, daughter of W.C. HENLEY Esq, of Newton Abbott.
29 Aug 1849DiedAt Liverpool, of cholera on the 23rd ult, age 17yrs, Robert G. youngest son of Capt. George BROWN of this port.
29 Aug 1849DiedIn this town, on 26th inst, age 57yrs, Mr. Henry PYNN.
5 Sep 1849DeathBody found in harbour, supposedly of James ALEXANDER, alias SANDIES, who left this town for his residence in Bay Roberts last winter, and was never heard of afterwards.
5 Sep 1849DeathJohn MURPHY, laborer, for many years a resident of this place, was found drowned in Lady Pond
12 Sep 1849BirthOn Wednesday last, the wife of John MUNN, a daughter.
12 Sep 1849MarriedOn 11th inst, at St. Paul's Church, Harbour Grace, by the Rev John Chapman, Lieutenant William John COEN, Royal Newfoundland Companies, to Frances Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John Charles NUTTALL Esq, of this town.
12 Sep 1849MarriedAt Combinteighnhead, Devon, by the Rev John Wrey, James HOOPER Esq, of St John's Newfoundland, to Mary, youngest daughter of William RENDELL Esq, of Netherton, (London Morning Chronicle, Aug 6th)
12 Sep 1849Died(very long obit) At Liverpool, Aug 13th, Robert JOB Esq, formerly of this place. Mr. JOB's health had been impaired for some weeks, rheumatic fever, followed by typhus.
12 Sep 1849Died(long obit) At Boston, on 14th ulto, Catherine, wife of Dr. P.E. MOLLOY, formerly of Carbonear
12 Sep 1849DiedAt the same place Aug 17th, of cholera, in the Boston Lunatic Asylum, age 36yrs, Michael TRACY, fisherman, born in Newfoundland.
19 Sep 1849DiedAt Carbonear, age 75yrs, Mr. James HOWELL, an old and respectable inhabitant of that place.
26 Sep 1849MarriedOn 23rd Aug, at Cork, by the Rev. George Sheehan, Edward Dalton SHEA Esq, of this place, to Gertrude, daughter of Daniel CORBETT Esq, South Mall.
26 Sep 1849DiedYesterday of pulmonary consumption, age 18yrs, Margaret, youngest daughter of the late William MOLLOY Esq, Surgeon, of this place.
26 Sep 1849DiedAt London, of Asiatic cholera, Aug 15th, Mrs. Sarah MITCHELL, third daughter of the late Rev J. FORSAITH, and niece of the late Rev. D.S. WARD, of this place; also of cholera, Aug. 21st, Mrs. FORSAITH, widow of the late Rev J. FORSAITH, and only sister of the late Rev D.S. WARD; also of Asiatic cholera, Aug 24th, Mrs THOMPSON, daughter of the late Rev. J. FORSAITH, and sister of the above mentioned Mrs. MITCHELL.
10 Oct 1849MarriedOn 28th Aug, at the Independent Chapel, Seaton, Devon, by the Rev Burgess, W.G. PORTER Esq, to Miss C. H. WINTON, youngest daughter of the late Rev. R. WINTON, both of Seaton.[ the lady referred to is the niece of the Editor of this paper]… Ledger.
31 Oct 1849MarriedYesterday, by Rev Chapman, Mr. Martin SHEPPARD, to Emily, daughter of Mr. William ANDREWS of this town.
31 Oct 1849DiedAt St. Heliers, Jersey, of cholera, on 28th ulto, age 38yrs, Gilbert H. HARRISON Esq, principal in the firm of Ridley, Harrison & Co. of this town.
31 Oct 1849DiedAt Carbonear on 25th inst, age 9yrs, George Augustus Addison, son of Mr. Robert AYLES of that place.
31 Oct 1849DiedOn the 27th inst, age 57yrs, Mr. Edward SNOW, a respectable planter of this town.
7 Nov 1849MarriedAt Harborne, Sep 22nd, J. Beete JUKES Esq, of the Geological Survey of Great Britain, to Georgiana Augusta, eldest daughter of John MEREDITH Esq, of Harborne Park, near Birmingham.
7 Nov 1849Died(long obit) At Iping, Midhurst, Sussex, on Sep 24th, age 82yrs, Admiral, Sir C. HAMILTON, BART K.C.B. His last appointment was Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Newfoundland, from 1818 to 1824. (obit gives his naval history)
7 Nov 1849DiedBetween the 1st and 13th of Aug, at Newcastle, Jamaica , of yellow fever, William Randolph EPPES Esq, Deputy Commissary-General, aged 53yrs, and his two sons, William and Frederick, aged 15 and 7.
14 Nov 1849DiedAt Brigus, on Monday last, age 74yrs, Mr. John STENTAFORD, a native of Cornwall, and for many years a highly respectable inhabitant of this town.
14 Nov 1849DiedOn 21 Sep. at Wimborne, Dorset, age 68yrs, Francis Punton(?) GARLAND Esq.
14 Nov 1849DeathAt Grate's Cove on 4th inst. Dreadful accident, as people were trying to secure their craft from the weather, while in the act of hauling up punts under a high cliff on the north side, a large stone to which a rope had been fastened, gave way, and as it rolled, brought several more large rocks with it. Most escaped with bruises except for Solomon and Azariah MARTIN, who were crushed dreadfully, The younger, age 21, was washed to sea and never seen afterwards, the elder, age 25yrs, lingered for 2 days before death released him of suffering. Their father Abraham MARTIN, a planter, died on the 4th of Aug last, and their mother about 12mo before. (*JB note, This was a letter to the editor)
28 Nov 1849DiedOn 21st inst, age 45yrs, Mr. Edward KEEFE, proprietor of the principal hotel of this town.
28 Nov 1849DiedSame day, age 67yrs, Emma, relict of the late Mr. Thomas NICHOLAS, planter.
19 Dec 1849MarriedOn Tuesday last, by Rev T.F.H. Bridge, the Rev. William J. HOYLES, Episcopal Missionary at Brigus, to Eliza H. eldest daughter of Robert CARTER Esq, J.P. of Ferryland.
19 Dec 1849MarriedYesterday, by Rev Chapman, Mr. George PAYNE, of Upper Island Cove, Schoolmaster, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr. George CRANE of that place.
19 Dec 1849DiedYesterday, age 76yrs, Mr. Francis RONAN, Inn-Keeper, of this town.
26 Dec 1849MarriedTuesday last, by Rev G. Schofield, Congregational Minister, Mr. John CURRIE, of Lanberris Parish, County of Carnavon, North Wales, to Elizabeth Frances, eldest daughter of Mr. Lionel CHANCEY, of this town.. "Gazette" Dec 18.
26 Dec 1849DiedOn Thursday last, age 64yrs, Mr. Thomas FLAVAHAN, tailor, of this town.
26 Dec 1849DiedOn Sunday last, Nicholas GILL Jr., second son of Nicholas GILL Esq,
1 8 5 0
9 Jan 1850Died On 1st inst., age 61yrs. Mary, wife of James COUGHLIN, Bryant's Cove
16 Jan 1850Died At Carbonear on Fri. last, age 64yrs, Mr Benjamin ROWE.
16 Jan 1850Coroners Inquest Thomas Henry DANCE, cook and steward of the brig "William Dance" Had been drinking at home of Mr. Matthew NEIL. When he tried to board his vessel, he fell overboard and drowned. Verdict… Accidentally drowned. It is said the deceased had benn a Master Baker in London.
16 Jan 1850Coroners inquest James BRODORS, of Heart's Content. Deceased had left Heart's Content for Carbonear on the 31st ult,. He was found dead on the side of the road on the 3rd inst A severe snowstorm had come on that day and it is prsumed that the deceased had become exhausted and fallen down and died. Verdict… Found dead. The deceased, for more than 30 yrs, had been the guide upon the said road, and long before the road was cut, he had conducted many a traveller through the bogs, swamps, and woods to Carbonear.
16 Jan 1850Coroners Inquest Thomas FOLEY. Appears to have been ill for some time, but would not let any Doctor attend him. He lodged at the house of Mr. Patrick CONDON, master blacksmith. On Saturday last, he requested a drink from Catherine CONDON, wife of Patrick. Upon going upstairs with the drink, she found him dead. Verdict… Died by the visitation of God.
23 Jan 1850Married On the 8th inst at Brigus, by the Rev John Snowball, Robert John Cozens, eldest son of Mr. John LEAMON, to Mary, third daughter of Mr. James NORMAN, all of that place.
23 Jan 1850Died At Halifax, Dec 19th, age 51yrs, Mr. William VALENTINE. Mr. V. was a native of Whitehaven, England. And had come to this city in 1818. (Halifax paper)
30 Jan 1850Birth On the 26th at Port de Grave, the lady of Rev VICARS, son.
30 Jan 1850Died Saturday last, age 49yrs, Mr. Patrick WALSH of this town.
6 Feb 1850Died In Cheltenham, near London on Christmas Eve, 1849. Lady PYNN, wife of Sir Henry PYNN. Accidentally burned to death in her home, when her dress caught fire. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce JACKSON of Cheltenham.
27 Feb 1850Died On Monday last, age 75yrs. Mary, relict of the late Joseph INNOTT Esq of this town. Her remains will be interred in the private cemetery belonging to her former husband, the late Thomas THISTLE Esq, merchant of this place.
27 Feb 1850Died On the 21st inst, age 51yrs, Jane, wife of Mr. John ALCOCK, of the River Head.
6 Mar 1850Died On 28th ult, in this town, age 73yrs, Mary, wife of Matthew STEVENSON, late clerk of the peace.
6 Mar 1850Coroners inquest Michael DOHIG of River Head. Killed when a load of logs fell on him. Verdict… Accidental Death.
13 Mar 1850Died At Mosquito, yesterday, age 83yrs, Mary, relict of the late Roger THOMEY of that place.
27 Mar 1850Married At St. Johns on 19th inst by Rev. George Schofield. W.L. SOLOMON, Deputy Postmaster General of this Island. To Louisa, 3rd daughter of H. WINTON Esq.
10 Apr 1850Died Friday after a long and painful illness, Eliza Frances, eldest daughter of Nicholas GILL Esq.
17 Apr 1850Died At Trinity on Feb 5th, age 29yrs, Caroline, 2nd daughter of Mr. William STONEMAN
24 Apr 1850Died On 28th ult, at the Ice, on board the schooner "Jane". Master and owner, Mr. William PARSONS of Bears Cove. Age 54yrs. Leaving a widow and numerous family.
8 May 1850Died At Charlotte Town P.E.I. on 2nd ulto. Age 42yrs, Hannah Garland, wife of Mr. John TRAVERS of that place (*JB note…this is the Editor's sister and daughter of Oliver and Charlotte (Garland) St. John)
8 May 1850Died On 24th of March at Greenock, Capt. James LAIRD. Well known in this community, formerly commanded the brig "Mary"
15 May 1850Died At St. John's on the 7th inst. Mr. Patrick COUGHLAN, age 54yrs.
15 May 1850Coroners Inquest John MULLOWNEY, crew member of schooner "Harp" that sailed from Port de Grave to the Ice. On March 22nd, the deceased fell from the ship and was jammed between the vessels bows and a pan of ice, dying instantly. Verdict.. Accidental Death. No blame to be attributed to Mr. Richard POWER, master of the "Harp".
22 May 1850Married On 16th inst, by the Rev W.E. Shenstone W.M. Captain James BROWN, of the brig "Margaret Ridley", to Louisa, eldest daughter of Mr. John TRAPNELL, all of this town.
22 May 1850Died On the 18th inst, age 24yrs, Mr. Martin CORCORAN of the River Head
29 May 1850Married On 21st inst, by Rev. W.E. Shenstone W.M. Mr. Nathaniel DAVIS Jr., of Capelin Cove, to Rachel, eldest daughter of Mr. Stretton PARSONS, of Bear's Cove.
29 May 1850Married On 23rd inst by the Rev John Chapman. Mr. William BARTLETT, of Brigus, to Lucinda, fifth daughter of Captain Edward PIKE of this town. (*JB note.. Capt Edward Pike, I believe is half-brother to the editor, Wm Charles St. John. His mother's 1st. marriage to Thomas Pike.)
29 May 1850Died On 22nd inst, age 27yrs, Honora, relict of the late Mr. HAMMOND
29 May 1850Died At St. John's on 17th inst, Catherine, widow of the late William DICKSON Esq, and second daughter of the late Newman Wright HOYLES Esq.
5 Jun 1850Married On Thursday last by Rev John Chapman. Captain John MUNN, of the brig "Clutha", to Elizabeth, daughter of Capt. George BROWN, of the brig "Haidee", all of this port.
5 Jun 1850Died On 29th ult, age 36yrs, Patience, wife of Mr. Samuel LILLY, of this town.
12 Jun 1850Died On 10th inst, on her 15th birthday, Margaret, 2nd daughter of John V. NUGENT Esq, Master of St. John's Academy
19 Jun 1850Married Yesterday, by Rev John Chapman, Mr. Edward OKE, to Miss Frances WALSH, both of this town.
26 Jun 1850Married At St. John's on the 18th inst, by the Rev A. Muir, Mr. Richard Alexander McCOUBREY, bookbinder, to Matilda Jane, eldest daughter of the late Capt. Humphery COLE, both of that town.
26 Jun 1850Died On the 1st inst, at Mangerville near Fredrickton, New Brunswick, age 37yrs, The Rev. John Mayne STIRLING, M.A., eldest son of William STIRLING Esq, of this town. Rev. Stirling leaves a widow and 4 children. (long Obit)
3 Jul 1850Married At athe Wesleyan Church, Brunswick St., Halifax, N.S., June 13th, by the Rev. E. Evans, Rev John BREWSTER, of Newfoundland, to Emma, second daughter of Edward BILLING Esq, of that city.
3 Jul 1850Died At Carbonear on the 30th ult, age 26yrs, Margaret, wife of Dr. BERNEY of that town.
10 Jul 1850Births At Carbonear on the 3rd inst, the wife of Dr. John THOMPSON,son
10 Jul 1850Births In this town, on 4th inst, the wife of John Irving RODDICK Esq, Principal of the Grammar School, son.
10 Jul 1850Births On the 7th inst, the wife of Lieutenant W.J. COEN, R.N.C., son
10 Jul 1850Births At Carbonear on the 8th inst, the wife of Capt. Henry FORWARD, daughter
10 Jul 1850Married On 30th ulto, at St. Luke's Church, Brigus, by the Rev. W.J. Hoyles, John S. BAYLY Esq. MD, to Lavinia, 2nd daughter of Mr. Wm RABBITS, all of that place.
10 Jul 1850Died At Twillingate on June 16th, Rebecca, second daughter of Mr. John COULBOURNE, age 12mo.
10 Jul 1850Died At Carbonear on 22nd ulto, age 61yrs, Mr. Wm OATES
10 Jul 1850Died On the 25th ult, Mr. Samuel PIKE, age 76yrs.
10 Jul 1850Died On the 27th ult, age 71yrs, Mrs. Patience BUTT
10 Jul 1850Coroners Inquest Patrick NEWCOMBE, passenger on the ship "Corsair" which had lately wrecked near Cape Race, on her voyage from Liverpool to New York. The deceased, upwards of 70 years old, suffered most severely. Died soon after reaching the lodging in St. John's. Verdict.. Died from the effects of hardship.
10 Jul 1850Coroners Inquest On the body of a male infant, which was found in a box in the neighbourhood of the Scotch Kirk. The infant was recognised by a woman named Elizabeth RONAN, as being the same one she had seen at the house of Mrs. MILLAY, who resides in Flahaven's Lane, and had been delivered of a dead child. The evidence was corroborated by the midwife and post mortem examination. Verdict. Still-born.
17 Jul 1850Died On 14th inst, at the Franciscan Monastery of this city, the Right Rev. Michael Anthony FLEMING, DD, Roman Catholic Bishop of Newfoundland.
24 Jul 1850Died Yesterday, age 38yrs, Mary, beloved wife of Garland C. GADEN Esq, Sheriff of this district, and daughter of Major Alexander McKENSIE, late of the Royal Newfoundland Veterans.
31 Jul 1850Died Saturday last, age 1yr 10mo, Wm. Ellis, infant son of Mr. Archibald MUNN of this town.
18 Sep 1850Accidental DeathsIn the loss of the "Victoria" packet. Capt. Edmund PHELAN, his eldest son and 2 crew members.
18 Sep 1850Missing, presumed deadBoat missing. Three sons of Jonathan MOORS of Blackhead, Josiah, Alfred and Jonathan.
25 Sep 1850Married On Thursday last, by the Rev John Chapman, Mr. Samuel CONGDON, to Miss Rachael MARTIN of this town.
25 Sep 1850Married At St.Johns, on Wednesday last, by Rev. A.S. Muir, Mr. Thomas McCONNAN, of Dumfries, Scotland, to Isabella McLean, only daughter of the late Rev. Donald Allan FRASER.
25 Sep 1850Died At Carbonear on Saturday last, age 2yrs, Jane Ann, youngest daughter of the Rev. Mr. HARVEY, Episcopal Minister.
25 Sep 1850Accidental DeathsA boat belonging to Henry PIPPY, of St. Johns, was wrecked in the late gale, at Dead Man's Bay. The crew, consisting of the owner's two sons and three or four others, were all lost.
2 Oct 1850Birth On 29th September at Government House, the lady of Sir G. LeMARCHANT, of a daughter.
2 Oct 1850Married On 23rd ult, Mr. Charles CROWDY, Surgeon, 3rd son of the Hon. J. CROWDY, to Julia Eliza, 3rd daughter of the late Rev. F.H. CARRINGTON. (Ledger)
2 Oct 1850Died At Bear's Cove, on Friday last, 88yrs, Susanna, relict of the late Mr. Jonathan PARSONS of that place.
9 Oct 1850Died On 2nd inst, age 65yrs, Mary, relict of the late Mr. Michael GREEN, of this town
9 Oct 1850Died Yesterday, age 60yrs, Mr. Nathaniel MUNDEN, of Brigus. (Ledger 4th)
16 Oct 1850Died In Boston on the 18th ultimo, age 18yrs, Ellen Mary, second daughter of the late Mr. Thomas MARKS, of Newfoundland.
23 Oct 1850Died On Saturday last, age 81yrs, Mary, relict of the late Mr. George PIPPY,
23 Oct 1850Died On Saturday last, age 76yrs, Mrs. Sarah MORRIS
23 Oct 1850Accidental death At Coaley's Point, Mr. Wm. TIPPETT, about 75yrs, died in a home fireplace accident.
30 Oct 1850Married By the Rev Mr. Disney,M.A., Mr. William TAPP to Mrs. Catherine PARSONS, both of this town.
30 Oct 1850Died Yesterday, age 77yrs, Mr. Richard CODE, ship-carpenter, many years a respectable inhabitant of this town.
6 Nov 1850Died St. John's, Friday last, age 50yrs, Mr. Robert MINTO, Engineer of St. John's Water Co.
13 Nov 1850Died Tuesday last, age 60yrs, Sydney Spear, beloved wife of Peter Weston CARTER Esq, Sr. Justice of the Peace, this town.
20 Nov 1850Died on 10th inst, at Carbonear, age 27yrs, Mr. Joseph PIKE, son of the late Mr. John PIKE, of John
20 Nov 1850Died On 13th at Mosquito, age 26yrs, Mr. Wm. PIKE, son of William PIKE Sr.
20 Nov 1850Died On 17th, at Mosquito, age 60yrs, Mr. William PIKE Sr.
20 Nov 1850Died On 18th, at the residence of her son, Mr. Thomas POWER, merchant, Mrs. Margaret POWER.
27 Nov 1850Married On 21st inst, by Rev Disney, Mr. Robert SNOW, to Miss Mary GRALEY, both of this town.
27 Nov 1850Married By the same, Mr. George PARSONS, S.S., to Miss Mary LUNDRIGAN.
27 Nov 1850Married On 24th by the same, Mr. William STEVENSON, to Miss Elizabeth STOWE
27 Nov 1850Married On the 13th inst, by the Rev. Botterell, Mr. Samuel STOWE, of Harbor Grace, to Fanny, fourth daughter of Mr. William BARNES, of this town. (Post)
27 Nov 1850Married On 15th by Rev. Scholfield, Neil McDOUGULL Esq, merchant, to Miss Sarah Howard, daughter of the late John ELSON Esq, merchant of Carbonear. (Ledger)
27 Nov 1850Married At Boston, on the 7th inst, Mr. Patrick GODFREY, to Miss Catherine MURPHY, both of St. John's N.F.
27 Nov 1850Married On 24th ult, at Great Georgestreet Chapel, Liverpool, James Parker MELLEDGE Esq, of Boston, Mass, to Sarah Jane, second daughter of the late Robert JOB Esq, merchant of St.John's
27 Nov 1850Died On 15th inst, age 19yrs, George, third son of the late George PYNN, of Mosquito
27 Nov 1850Died On 30th inst , at Richmond Terrace, Everton, Liverpool, Charlotte, relict of the late Benjamin BOWRING, Esq, formerly a resident of St. John's.
4 Dec 1850Married Tuesday last, by the Right Rev. Dr. Mulloch, Mr. James MURPHY, to Ann, second daughter of Mr. Thomas McGRATH, both of this town (Post, 24th Nov)
4 Dec 1850Died On Sunday last, age 83yrs, Mrs. Mary GOUGH, relict of the late Mr. George GOUGH, of Portugal Cove (Post)
4 Dec 1850Coroners inquest Phillip POWER, who it is believed to have fallen overboard from the Brigantine "Rolla", not discovered until the next day. Verdict.. Found Drowned
18 Dec 1850Married Tuesday last, by Rev Muir, Mr. D.J. HENDERSON, merchant, to Ann Charlotte, second daughter of Mr. Henry D. WINTON, proprietor of the Public Ledger.
18 Dec 1850Accidental Death..The body of Mr. William DINGWELL, (whose loss, with that of other of the crew of the unfortunate brigantine "Wasp", from P.E.I.) was raised yesterday by Mr. Edward CHAFE of Petty Harbour, and brought to town.
25 Dec 1850Died At Aqua Forte, 8th inst, age 46yrs, Henry, eldest son of Peter WINSER Esq, member of Gen. Assembly of N.F.
1 8 5 1
1 Jan 1851MarriedBy Rev. Shenstone, on the 26th ult., Mr. James LINDSEY, to Miss Rebecca MEECH, both of this town.

MarriedAt St. John's on 18th ult, by Rev E. Botherell, Mr. Alexander MITCHELL of Greenock, to Margaret, only dau ofMr. John BULLEY
8 Jan 1851MarriedDec 31st, at the Cathedral, St. John's, by the Rev. G.M. Johnson, assisted by the Rev. H. Tuckwell, Charles Durnford NEWMAN, Esq., second surviving son of the Rev. Richard Newman, M.A., Rector of Coryton, Devon, to Julia Mary, second dau. of Lt. Robert CARTER, RN, Colonial Treasurer.

MarriedWednesday last, at the Cathedral, by the Rev. G.M. Johnson, assisted by the Rev. H. Tuckwell, George Huges WILKINS, Esq, late Captain of the Rifle Brigade, only son of Colonel Wilkins, CBKH, to Isabella Kough, dau of William GOFF, Esq, merchant.
15 Jan 1851MarriedAt Carbonear, by Rev JC Harvey, on 11th inst., Mr. Alfred WINSOR, to Miss Mary BENNETT.
22 Jan 1851MarriedBy VR Charles Dalton PP on 14th inst., Mr. Patrick STRAPP, to Honora, 2nd dau of Mr. John MURPHY of this town.

DiedSunday last, Mr. Robert AYLES, a native of Poole, Son-in-law of Robt. PACK, Esq, Carbonear.
29 Jan 1851MarriedOn the 20th, by Rev Disney, Mr. Abraham ANTLE, of Brigus, to Miss Martha PARSONS, of Bear's Cove.

MarriedAt St. John's on 21st isnt., at the Cathedral, by the Rev Henry Tuckwell, Matthew William WALBANK Esq., Barrister at law, (eldest son of the late Matthew William Walbank Esq, of Moreton, Hampstead, County of Devon) to Elizabeth Jane, eldest dau of Kenneth M'LEA, Esq, merchant of St. John's NF.

DiedOn 23rd inst Mr. John CADWELL, age 86.

DiedThursday last, at his quarters in Fort Townshend, St. John's, Hugh Best CHAMBERS, age 33, Captain Royal Newfoundland Companies.
12 Feb 1851MarriedTuesday the 4th inst, by the Rev. W.E. Shenstone WM, Mr. Nathaniel PARSONS, son of Mr. Moses Parsons, Albert Town, to Jane, dau of Mr. Henry TAYLOR of same place.

DiedFriday last, Mr. John CODY, age 59, of the River Head.
26 Feb 1851Birth20th inst, Mrs. William ELSON, a son.

MarriedFriday last, by Rev Shenstone WM, Mr. Frederick STOWE, to Miss Harriet MERCHANT, of this town.

DiedYesterday, age 38, Mary, wife of Capt. Michael CONNORS, of this town, leaving a large family.

DiedAt St. John's on the 15th inst, age 48, Sarah Anne, the beloved wife of Mr. Cornelius WINTON. She was for 20yrs a member of the Congregational Church in that town.

DiedAt Toronto, Dec. 13th 1850, Elizabeth, eldest dau of the Hon. R.A. TUCKER, Provincial Registrar.
5 Mar 1851Married22nd ult, by Rev. Shenstone WM. Mr. Wm SIMMONDS Jr. of Mosquito, to Miss Patience WARFORD of this town.

MarriedThursday last in Carbonear by Rev. John Dalton, Mr. Pierce MARTIN, to Alice, 3rd dau of Mr. Richard BRANSFIELD of that place.
12 Mar 1851DiedWednesday last, after a brief illness, Mr. Solomon KNIGHT, age 60, an old and respectable inhabitant of this community.

DiedOn the 6th inst, age 59, Alfred MAYNE, Esquire. Barrister at law, and Clerk of the Peace for this District. Burial at St. Pauls church.

DiedFriday last, age 40, Mary Ann, the amiable wife of Mr. Samuel ELLIOT of this town. Funeral at Wesleyan Church
26 Mar 1851DiedThursday last, after a brief illness, Mrs. Francis SHEPPARD, age 72, south-side.
9 Apr 1851MarriedAt Jedburgh on the 24th ult, by Rev. Ritchie, Mr. George RUTHERFORD, merchant, Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, to Elizabeth OLIVER, youngest dau of the late Mr. Adam Oliver, farmer, Bonjedward. – Kelso Chronicle, 4th ult.

DiedAt. Brigus on 3rd inst, Mr. William MUNDEN, age 73. Wesleyan Cemetery.
16 Apr 1851DiedOn 6th inst, age 26, Louisa, wife of Mr. Joseph H. PARSONS of Fresh Water.

DiedFriday last of consumption, age 25, Mr. George WEBBER of this town.
30 Apr 1851MarriedOn the 26th of March, at Great George Street Chapel, Liverpool, Robert H. JOB, Esq., merchant of St. John's, Newfoundland, to Sarah J. eldest dau of James HOWELL, Esq, Park-hill, Aighburch.

Married On 24th March, A.R. SUTHERLAND, Esq, Torquay, to Maria Theresa, dau of Vice Admiral, Sir Thomas COCHRANE. KCB, and cousin of the Earl Dundonald.

Married At Muskego, Wisconsin, on the 23ult. Mr. Edwin PYNN, second son of Mr. Edward Pynn, late of this town, to Miss Carolina MUCKEY, of the former place.

DiedAt. Government House, Halifax, on the 10th of April. The Honorable Elizabeth Lady HARVEY, 3rd dau of General Lord Viscount LAKE, and wife of His Excellency Sir John HARVEY, KCB and KCH, Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia. Married 16 Jun 1806. (much longer obit, not much information. JB)

DiedOn 17th ult, at Bidale, Yorkshire, of paralysis, the Rev. John CHAPMAN, late the esteemed Rector of St. Paul's in this town.
14 May 1851DiedOn Friday last, age 64, Mr. John HIGGINS, for many years a respectable inhabitant of this community.

DiedOn the 18th ult. In Boston, age 27, Anastatia MARKS, eldest dau of the late Thos. Marks, merchant of this town.

DiedOn the 3rd inst, Maria, third dau of the late George BURTON, Esq, of St. John's.

DiedOn the 17th ult, at London, Canada West, age 61, Mary Tod, the beloved wife of the Hon R.A. TUCKER – Quebec Mercury
21 May 1851DiedOn 13th inst, age 60, Mrs. CODY, relict of the late John Cody of the River Head.
28 May 1851Coroners InquestHeld at Clark's Beach, Southern Gut, on 17th inst.. Body of Simon CURLEW, age 30, had been missing from Brigus since 30th ult. He had been seen drinking at a public house and noticed in a state of intoxication. His remains were found in the pond near Southern Gut. No marks of violence found. Death ruled an accident.

BirthOn 26th inst, Mrs. Hugh William TRAPNELL, a daughter.

MarriedOn Monday by Rev Disney, Mr. Nathaniel NOEL to Miss Susanna THOMPSON, both of this town

MarriedOn the 17th inst, by Rev. Thos. Anguin, at Blackhead, Mr. John LeGRAW of Broad Cove, to Miss Caroline ASH of Harbor Grace.

MarriedSame day, by the same, same place, Mr. James HUDSON of Cape St. Francis, to Miss Mary Ann EVANS of Adam's Cove.

MarriedOn the 18th, by the same, Mr. Jno. PINSENT of Ochre Pit Cove, to Miss Ann MOORS of Northern Bay.

MarriedOn the 20th, by the same, Mr. George HUDSON of Adams Cove, to Miss Lavinia PERCEY of Western Bay.

DiedAt Mosquito, on the 24th inst., Mr. Michael KEEFE, an old and respectable inhabitant of that settlement.
4 Jun 1851DiedOn 30th inst, age 82, Miss Mary PARSONS, of this town.
11 Jun 1851DiedToday Mr. Thomas DUNFORD, age 60. A native of Waterford, and for the last 32 years a highly respectable citizen of this town.
18 Jun 1851DiedAt Carbonear, on the 12th inst, age 5mos., Sarah Amelia, dau of Mr. T. CORBIN, of that town.

DiedOn the 14th inst, at the South Side, Mr. Jonathan SHEPPARD, age 77, planter.

DiedOn the 15th, age 22, Mary Frances, only dau of the late Mr. John SMITH, merchant.
2 Jul 1851MarriedAt Halifax, on the 9th ult., by the Rev Forrester, the Free Church, Ambrose SHEA, Esq. MHA, St. John's, Newfoundland, to Isabella, eldest dau of the late J. NIXON, Esq, Edinburgh.

Diedyesterday, age 63, Mr. John BOYD. A native of Glasgow, and an old and respectable merchant of this town.
9 Jul 1851MarriedAt the Roman Catholic Church at At. Peter's in New York, on the 24th ult., by Rev Madden, Ambrose SHEA, Esq., MHA, St. John's, Newfoundland, to Isabella, sldest dau of the late J. NIXON, Edinburgh.

MarriedAt St. John's on the 1st inst, by Rev. K. Walsh, Patrick MORRIS, Esq, of Burin, to Eliza, 4th dau of Mr. Michael MEECHAN, of that town.

MarriedAt St. Paul's Church, Halifax, on the 17th June, James Collins FARISH, Esq, M.D.m of Yarmouth, N.S., to Mary Brenton, 3rd dau of the Rev. William BULLOCK.

MarriedOn the 14th May, at St.Bride's Church, Liverpool, by the Rev. Stewart, M.A., William eldest son of William TARBET, Esq, to Frances Gertrude, 3rd dau of the late James DEMPSEY, Esq.

DiedAt his residence, on Monday last, age 81, Thomas WILLIAMS Esq. Mr. Williams was a native of this island, and formerly was at athe head of one of the largest mercantile establishments in St. John's. He was the son of George WILLIAMS Esq., Chief Magistrate of Newfoundland, son-in-law of John BROOM Esq, Supreme Surrogate, brother to the late Colonels Monier and George WILLIAMS and Mrs General BENTHAM, and grandfather to the Rt. Hon the Lady RAYLEIGH. (long obit) – Times of 'Wed. last.

DiedIn this city on Friday, age 68, Elizabeth, wife of T.G.F. EASTAFF, Esq, -- Quebec Mercury
16 Jul 1851BirthAt Carbonear, lady of D. BETHUNE HMC, a daughter
30 Jul 1851Coroners InquestIn this town on Monday last. Body of William FISHER. The deceased, by permission of Capt. Martin SMART, lived aboard the schooner “Myrtle”. Was last seen on Saturday May 24th. He used a small rodney to go ashore. It is conjectured that he fell overboard, the rodney has not been heard of and an empty bottle was found in his pocket. Body found Monday washed up on the Beach. Verdict: found dead. The deceased was 27, a native of London, shipwright by trade, 11yrs in Newfoundland, chiefly with Capt. Smart.

MarriedOn Sunday last, by Rev. Chas. Dalton, Mr. John CONNELL, High Constable of this town, to Miss Margaret CAHILL, of Mosquito.
13 Aug 1851DiedAt St. John's Monday last, age 18yrs, Mr. John PENDERGAST. 3rd son of Mr. James Pendergast Esq, MGA, of this town.
20 Aug 1851Coroners InquestAt Carbonear on Stephen BRYAN, a Master Butcher. Burned to death in a house fire. Verdict Accidentally burnt to death. Nothing could be saved. Widow and 4 children left upon the world. The jury presented it's fees to the widow. (Very long article, will send on request)

DiedSunday last, age 5, John, son Mr. Edward COONEY, master of the “Express” packet.

DiedYesterday, age 16mo, John, infant son of Capt. Duncan MUNN, of this town.
27 Aug 1851BirthAt Bay Roberts, lady of W.S. GREEN, a son
3 Sep 1851DiedAt St. John's, 23rd ult, age 18, John, 3rd son of the late Mr. P. WALSH.
10 Sep 1851MarriedJuly 31st by Rev. John Barry D.D., -- S.S. Peter and Paul's, Cork, Partick O'DONOVAN, Esq, LLB, to Marianne Frances POWER, daughter of the late Martin Power, Esq, New Ross. –Cork Southern Reporter *(editor's note) The above gentleman is brother to Alexander O'Donovan, Esq. AB, of the Carbonear Academy.
24 Sep 1851BirthOn the 17th, wife of Wm DOW Esq., MD, a daughter.
1 Oct 1851DiedOn the 23rd August, at Hartland, Wisconsin, age 26, Mr. Alfred James MAYNE, 2nd son of the late Alfred Mayne, Esq, of this town.

DiedOn 29th Aug, at Montreal, age 53, Mr. W.D. TUCKER, a native of Somersetshire, Eng., Formerly a resident of Carbonear.
8 Oct 1851BirthOn the 3rd inst, the wife of John HAYWARD, Esq, Barrister, a daughter.

MarriedAt Lower Island Cove, on the 28th ult, by the Rev Sprague, Mr. Eli LEWIS, to Miss Anne GARLAND.

DiedOn 30th ult, age 74, Mrs. Mary HAYES, of this town.

DiedOn the 1st inst, age 54, Mr. James JONES, block-maker.

DiedAt Carbonear, on the 5th inst, age 75, Mr. Felix McCARTHY.

DiedAt St. John's, on Saturday last, Mrs. E.C. RIELLY, an old and respectable inhabitant of that town.

DiedOn Monday last, age 67, Mr. Andrew McCOUBREY, an old and respectable inhabitant of this town –Courier, 1st Oct.
15 Oct 1851DiedTuesday, age 41, Mr. Henry PITTS, late in the employ of HM Customs.
29 Oct 1851MarriedSaturday last at Bareneed, by Rev Vicars, Mr. Edward W. QUINTON, of this town, to Lavinia Frances, 2nd dau of Thos. MARTEN Esq, of Bareneed.

Died Sunday last, age 39, Ellen, dau of the late Denis McGRATH, of this town.

DiedAt Bryant's Cove, on 25th inst, age 68, Mr. William A'HEARN.

DiedOn Tuesday, Mr. James BARNARD, age 76yrs, 46 of which he spent in the service of the government. An old and respectable inhabitant of this town. – Courier 25th.

DiedAt the Episcopal residence, at Antigonishe, Saturday the 4th inst., age 73, The Right Reverend William FRAZER, Bishop of Arichat. – Halifax Sun.
12 Nov 1851DiedAt Greenhill Cottage, Thursday last, age 76, Jane, beloved wife of William WARREN Sr. Esq.
19 Nov 1851MarriedAt Carbonear Sunday last, by Rev Norris, Mr. Samuel VEY of St. John's, to Miss Louisa PIKE, dau of the late John Pike of Carbonear.

DiedAt Brigus, Sunday last,age 33, Mr. Robert K. MUNDEN.
3 Dec 1851MarriedOn 22nd inst, by Rev Botterell, Mr. Stephen CHURCHILL, to Miss FREY, both of Portugal Cove.

MarriedOn Sunday last, by Rev Botterell, Mr. Charles PARSONS, of Harbor Grace, to Honora, eldest dau of the late Mr. James POTTLE. –Newfoundlander

MarriedOn Monday last, by Rev Botterell, Mr. John HUTCHINGS, to Catherine, 4th dau of the late Matthew FARRELL, of this town. –Ledger 28th ult.

MarriedOn Wednesday last, by Rev Schofield, Mr. George STONEMAN, of Albany, United States, to Jane, dau of Mr. Thomas LODGE, Signal Hill. –Ibid.

MarriedAt Halifax on 30th October,by Rev McLeod, Mr. Alexander ALLEN, of St. John's Nfld, Printer, to Mary, eldest dau of Mr. John HOWLETT, of this city –Ibid

MarriedOn Wednesday last, at St. Thomas's Church by the Rev. Charles Blackman, Mr. James WINSER, mate, of the brigantine “Herald”, to Mary, eldest dau of Mr. William MENCHINTON, planter, Green Bay. –Ibid.

MarriedOn Thursday last, by Rev Botterell, Mr. Stephen FREEMAN, to Miss Jane SQUIRE, both of this place. – Express.

DiedAt Carbonear, on 25th ult. Age 22, Mary, 2nd dau of Mr. William BROWN, of that place.
10 Dec 1851MarriedOn Tuesday last, by Rev Muir, Captain HAMMOND, of the Boston Packet, “General Washington”, to Mrs. Margaret HARRIS, relict of the late Mr. Harris, and 2nd dau of Mr. DAVISON, of this town.

MarriedOn Wednesday, at Cathedral Church by Archdeacon Bridge, Mr. Henry STONE, to Susanna, eldest dau of Mr. Joseph SKINNER, of this town.

DiedOn 12th Nov, Charlton, Kent, age 53, Major George St. Vincent WHITMOREm RE, commanding Royal Engineers in Newfoundland, and eldest son of Lieutenant General Sir G. Whitmore, KCH Royal Engineers.

DiedOn 28th ult, at St. John's, Jemina, eldest dau of the late John RENNELL, MD, and wife of Mr. George ANDERSON.
17 Dec 1851DiedOn the 5th inst at Old Perlican, age 83, John REGAN Esq, J.P.

DiedOn the 10th, age 84, Mrs. ASH, of this town.

Died On Saturday last, age 46, Mr. Roger THOMEY, son of the late Mr. Roger Thomey of Mosquito.

DiedYesterday, age 4, Edmond, youngest son of Captain John GREEN, of this town.
24 Dec 1851DiedAt La Cole, Lower Canada, on the 13th Sept., Fanny, wife of Henry LORD Esq, Surgeon, daughter of the late Major McKENZIE.

DiedSame place on the 25th Oct., of cholera, Henry LORD, Esq, Surgeon, leaving 6 orphaned children.

DiedAt Danville, Eastern-townships, Lower Canada, on the 3rd ult, Major Alexander McKENZIE, late of the royal Newfoundland Companies, and for many years a resident of St. John's. Leaves a widow and 8 children to mourn their irreparable loss.

DiedAt Spaniard's Bay on Monday last, age 91, Mrs Mary BARRETT.

DiedOn Monday last, age 51, Ann Caroline, wife of Mr. Elias, FORD, a native of Dartmouth, Devon.

DiedThursday, age 21, Mr. John BOVEY Jr., watchmaker, second son of Mr. John Bovey, joiner, of this town.

DiedDame day, age 24, George, 3rd son of the late William ALEXANDER, Esq, merchant, Bonavista.
31 Dec 1851MarriedOn Saturday,by the Rev Jones, Mr. Joseph BRAZIL, to Miss Susanna SNOW, both of this town

MarriedOn Monday last, by Rev Bertram Jones, Mr. James COOPER, of Belle Isle, to Mrs. Louisa STEVENSON, widow of the late Capt. Wm. Stevenson.

MarriedOn Friday last, Rev Muir, of Free St. Andrew's Church, Mr. Michael KERR, of the firm of Kerr & Moody, to Elizabeth, eldest dau of the late Robert STRACHAN, Esq. Forfarshire, North Britain, --Newfoundlander

DiedOn 21st inst, Mary Sarah Elizabeth, eldest dau of the late Rev. F.H. CARRINGTON, Rector of St. John's
1 8 5 2
7 Jan 1852Died31st Dec, age 49, Mr. George PIPPY. Leaves widow and helpless children. Services at Weslyan Chapel.
14 Jan 1852DiedAt Bryant’s Cove, Dec 31st, age 6, Henrietta Cornelia, dau of Mr.G.W.R. HURLIHY of that place.
21 Jan 1852MarriedOn the 7th inst, at the Cathedral Church, St. John’s, James Shannon CLIFT Esq., merchant, to Jane Sydney SHANKS,relict of the late William GRIEVE Esq.

MarriedSame day by Rev. O’Donnell, Mr. Thomas N. N. MOLLOY, eldest son of the late William Molloy Esq, surgeon of Harbor Grace, to Bridget Arabella, third dau of Mr. J. O’DONNELL, all of this town. --- Post

MarriedAt St. John’s on 9th inst, by Rev. Nicol, Mr. John GIBBS, to Miss Elizabeth HARRISON, both of that town.

DiedOn 15th inst, age 79, Mr. Robert FRENCH of this town.

DiedSuddenly on the 16th, age 49, Mrs. Elizabeth POWERS, relict of the late Mr. Maurice POWER, tailor, of this town.

DiedAt Carbonear on Tuesday last, age 50, Mr. Thomas PIKE
28 Jan 1852BirthOn 14th inst, the wife of Lieut. W.J. COEN, Royal Newfoundland Companies, a daughter.

BirthAt Carbonear on 21st inst, the wife of Dr. John THOMPSON, a son.

DiedAt Birkenhead, Liverpool on the 13 November last. Mr. John THOMPSON, age 76, the father of Dr. THOMPSON, Carbonear.
11 Feb 1852DiedOn 1st inst, age 47, Ann, wife of Isaac BRADBURY of this town.
18 Feb 1852MarriedOn Wednesday last by Rev. Schofield, Mr. George LASH, of the firm of J.&G. Lash, to Miss Marianne, only dau of F.R. PAGE, Esq, both of this town. – Ledger

DiedOn Saturday last, age 84yrs, 62yrs of which he resided in this colony. Mr. James ANDERSON.—Newfoundlander
3 Mar 1852MarriedThursday last at St. Paul’s Church by Rev. Bertram Jones. Mr. Henry T. MOORE, to Julia Maria, 4th dau of J.C. NUTTALL, of this town.
10 Mar 1852BirthOn 26th ult, the wife of George RUTHERFORD Esq., a daughter

DiedSunday last, age 33, Elizabeth, wife of Capt. John GREEN of this town.

DiedAt Carbonear on 17th ult, age 3yr, Donald A. Frazer, son of Dr. John THOMPSON of that town
17 Mar 1852Coroners InquestYesterday at Bear’s Cove. On view of the body of Charles SWEETLAND, son of Charles SWEETLAND, planter. It appeared from the evidence of Dr. Stirling that on Monday evening the deceased was endevouring to pick up some driftwood. As he was standing on some ice on a rock, he slipped and fell against a pan of ice and his head became immersed in the salt water, wich caused suffocation and drowning. Verdict: accidental drowning. The deceased was 16 years of age, and had been deaf and dumb and nearly lunatic from four years old, when he was afflicted with measles. The jury very handsomely presented their fees to the mother of the deceased – His father is absent at the ice.

BirthYesterday, the lady of Rev. Bertram JONES, a daughter

MarriedIn New York , on the 28th Dec, in York St. R.C. Chapel, Robert Hassall GLENHAM Esq, to Miss Frances Emily O’DONOVAN, late of Carbonear, sister of the principal of the Grammar School in that town.

DiedOn Saturday last, age 12, Maria, 3rd dau of Capt. Nathaniel DAVIS Jr. of this town.

DiedOn Monday, at his cottage in the rear of this town, Mr. Francis LYNCH, age 60. A large portion of his life was spent in this island.
31 Mar 1852DiedAt Bear’s Cove Sunday last, age 28, Emma, dau of the late Mr. Henry PARSONS of that place.
7 Apr 1852MarriedOn Saturday last at St. Thomas’ church, by Rev. Blackman MA, Garrison Chaplain. Montague Stafford WHITEMORE Esq, R.E., 2nd son of the late Major Whitemore, Commanding Engineers on this station, and grandson to Sir George Whitemore, R.E., K.C.H., to Georgina Louisa Phyllis, youngest dau of Aaron HOGSETT, Esq, Coroner of the Central District of Newfoundland.—Ledger

DiedOn Saturday last, at her residence, Mount View, Emma BLAMEY, widow of the late Capt. G.W. Blamey, Royal Navy and sister to the late Capt. Sir J. PEARL

DiedOn Sunday, age 75, Patience BARNARD, relict of the late Mr. James Barnard.

DiedIn London on 9th ult, age 83, Sarah Sellers STREET, widow of John Street Esq, late of St. John’s Newfoundland.
14 Apr 1852DiedOn the 5th inst. Among the disasters of the late gale, the death of Capt. Hugh GORDON, of the “Daniel O’Connell”, who perished while attempting to reach the shore from the wreck of his vessel in Bonavista Bay.

DiedAlso in the late gale, James FUDGE, lost from “The Pursuit”, Knight, Capt.

DiedThursday last, age 43, Mr. William COADY, native of Bay Bulls.

DiedThursday last, age 76, Miss Elizabeth ROGERS, who for a number of years, kept school in this town.
21 Apr 1852Coroners InquestOn body of Charles PYNN, found dead in the hold of the “Native”, HOPKINS, owner. Later determined that Charles Pynn died of natural causes on March 25th. [edited for brevity]

BirthAt the Barracks, Wednesday last, the lady of Lt. H. McMahon EAGAR, R.N.C. , a son

BirthAt “Way Cottage”, Friday last, the lady of John STUART Esq, a son.

DiedYesterday, Mr. Robert ANDREWS, ship carpenter, fell through a hatch-way in one of the stores of Messrs Ridley & Sons. Leaves a widow and a large family of children to mourn his irreparable loss.

DiedMonday last, of consumption, age 20, Hannah, only dau of Mr. Samuel BENNETT, of this town.

DiedOn 10th inst, William CAMPBELL, private, R.N.C.

DiedOn 23rd ult, at the Newfoundland School Society’s School House, in Trinity, Rev. Joseph BAGGS, age 32.

DiedAt Halifax on the 8th ult, age 65, Mrs. Hannah HIERLIHY, widow of the late John Hierlihy, of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment.

DiedAt Halifax, N.S., on 28th ult, age 25, Mr. Jacob W. GOFF, of St. John’s, N.F.
28 Apr 1852DiedOn board the “Margaret Ridley”, on her passage from Brazil to New York, Feb. 27th, Mr. Charles STIRLING, age 20, younger son of William Stirling Esq., of this town.

DiedSame day, aboard above same vessel, Mr. Edward PARSONS, age 29, son of the late Mr. Henry Parsons of Bear’s Cove.
5 May 1852DiedOn 26th ult, age 73, Mr. Francis SHEPPARD, an old and respectable inhabitant of this town.
12 May 1852Coroners InquestOn Alexander RYAN. Deceased fell from the foretopmost rigging of the schooner “Rusina” on 15th March. Verdict: Accidental Death. Mr. Ryan was a native of Silly Cove.
26 May 1852BirthOn 18th inst, wife of J.I. RODDICK Esq, a daughter

DiedOn 17th inst, age 70, Mr. William SHEPPARD, of the South Side of this harbor.

DiedSame day at Carbonear, age 56, Mr. William GILES
2 Jun 1852DiedSaturday last, age 65, Mr. Daniel GREEN, one of H.M. Directors of the Hr. Gr. Grammar school. R.C. Cemetery
9 Jun 1852DiedSaturday last, age 24, James, eldest son of Mr. P. ROHAN of this town.
16 Jun 1852MarriedTuesday, by the Rev. G. Schofield. Mr. Ebenezer BARNES, of the Firm J.B. Barnes and Co., to Jessie, dau of the late Robert BRINE Esq, of this city. –Courier.

DiedSaturday last, age 55, Mr. John FOOT, merchant of Exploits, Green Bay.
30 Jun 1852BirthOn the 27th inst, the lady of James CORMACK Esq, Bay Roberts, a daughter.

MarriedAt St. John’s, on the 22nd inst, by Ven. Archdeacon Bridge, Robert C. RUTHERFORD Esq, to Amelia, relict of the late John M. RENDELL Esq.

MarriedOn the 6th of May, at Brighton, the Rev. R.W. KERLY, of Hartland, Devonshire, to Amelia Harriet, 3rd dau of the late Colonel HALY.

DiedYesterday, at Carbonear, age 69, Miss Amelia DAVIS.

DiedOn the 17th, at St. John’s, age 30, Mr. Philip GLEESON, a native of Loughmore, County Tipperary.

DiedOn the 26th, at St. John’s, Charles James Frederic, infant son of Charles CROWDY Esq., surgeon
14 Jul 1852Coroners InquestAt Ships Head on Thursday last, body of James BRADBURY. The deceased was employed under the personal direction of his relative Capt. John STEVENSON at Kelly’s Island. While in the act of detaching some blocks of stone from the cliff, a large piece of about 3 ft square, broke loose from above at some 10 to 12 feet. It fell upon the deceased and killed him on the spot. Verdict: Accidentally killed. The deceased was a praiseworthy, quiet, and respectable inhabitant, and has left a widow and five children to deplore his loss.

BirthThe lady of Mr. E. QUINTON, a son.

MarriedAt St. John’s, Mr. E. RENDELL, to Elizabeth, relict of the late Capt. John STEER of that town.
28 Jul 1852MarriedAt Carbonear, Wednesday last, by Rev. Anguin W.M., Mr. Thomas H. NEWELL, of Boston, Mass. , to Cornelia, 2nd dau of the late Thomas CHANCEY Esq, of Carbonear.

DiedOn the 17th inst, at Carbonear, age 94, Mrs. Ann HOWELL.
4 Aug 1852DiedSunday, age 3, James, son of Mr. Thomas CRAM, of this town.
11 Aug 1852DiedThursday last, Sarah, widow of the late Richard LANGLEY, merchant of this town.
25 Aug 1852DiedTuesday last, Mr. Patrick MULLOWNEY, an old and respectable citizen.
1 Sep 1852DiedMonday last, age 1yr 8mo, Alice Ann Brady, dau of Lt. Henry M’Mahon EAGER, R.N.C. – Express

DiedOn 27th July, Mr. Stephen J. DANIEL, late of St. John’s Newfoundland, and formerly of Conmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. – New York Irish American
8 Sep 1852DiedIn this city, on Aug. 4th, of cholera infamtum, age 18mo, Howard Montgomery John, only son of William ELSON Esq, of Quebec, and formerly of Newfoundland. – N.Y. Herald
15 Sep 1852DiedAugust 19th, at Montreal, Sarah Ann LANE, eldest dau of the late Assistant Commissary General Wm. Lane, and sister of Deputy Commissary General John Lane, of Bermuda, many years residing in St. John’s.

DiedThursday, age 63, Ruth Sydney HOLBROOK, relict of the late George P. Holbrook Esq, R.N., formerly Surveyor General of this Island. – Express
29 Sep 1852Married2nd inst at St Peter’s Chapel, Montreal, Wm. KENT Esq, First Clerk of the Provincial Registars Office, to Adelaide, widow of the late Dr. EASTSTAFF, and daughter of John STARK Esq of this town.

MarriedSunday, by Rev Addy, Mr. James VEY, watchmaker, to Diana Margaret, eldest dau of the late Capt. Wm. BUTT of this town. –Newfoundlander

DiedSunday last, age 1yr 2mo, William Robert, youngest son of Mr. William PITTS
6 Oct 1852MarriedAt Black Head, Thursday last, by Rev. Anguin, Stephen RENDAL Esq, of Hants Harbor, to Catherine, 2nd dau of Rev. J. NORRIS, W.M.

MarriedAt Carbonear, Saturday last, by Rev. Dalton, Lewis W. EMERSON Esq, Clerk of the Peace of this district, to Sophia, dau. of the late Dr. HANRAHAN.

DiedAt Mosquito on 3rd inst, age 20, Catherine, eldest dau of Mr. Roger HANRAHAN of that place.
13 Oct 1852MarriedOn the 4th inst, by Rev. Dalton, Mr. Patrick FRENCH, shop-keeper, to Miss Julia INNOTT, both of this town.

DiedOn 7th isnt, age 29, Mr. Blath(?) SNOW of this town, leaving a widow and 2 children.

DiedSame day at Carbonear, age 62, Patience, wife of Mr. William Heigenton TAYLOR of that place.
20 Oct 1852MarriedAt Bay Roberts, Sunday last, by V.R. Dean Mackin, Richard MORMACK Esq, to Catherine, 2nd dau of Mr. John O’DONNEL of St. John’s. –Post

DiedIn this town on Wednesday last, age 84, Emma, relict of the late George GADEN Esq, merchant, formerly of St. John’s, and mother to G.C. GADEN, Esq, Sheriff of this District. Funeral at St. Pauls. Remains to family vault on the north side of the principal entrance to the above-named edifice.

DiedAt Cape Broyle, on the 7th inst, age 62, Robert CARTER Esq, of Ferryland, J.P., and Sub-Collector of H.M. Customs.

DiedOn 8th of September, at Moonveen, County Kilkenny, Ireland, age 22, Patrick, beloved brother of the Rev. John CUMMINS, P.P. of Ferryland.
27 Oct 1852MarriedTuesday at the Cathedral Church, by the Lord Bishop of Newfoundland, assisted by the Archdeacon (*I guess you are suppose to know who they are!), the Rev George M. JOHNSON, Curate of St. John’s, to Frances Maria, 4th dau of the late Rev. F.H. CARRINGTON, rector of that parish.

MarriedOn Sep 10th at the residence of the bride’s father at Whitby. C.W., Mr. George A. NORRIS, of Whitby, eldest son of the Rev james Norris, Newfoundland, to Miss Elizabeth ROBINSON, youngest dau of Mr. James Robinson of York.

DiedOn Tuesday last, age 66, Mr. James FOX, for many years an old and respectable resident of Harbor Garace. Ashes to the old Catholic Churchyard.
3 Nov 1852DiedTuesday last, age 8, Raymond John, 6th son of Mr. William GILL – Times
10 Nov 1852DiedAt Leghorn, on the 2nd ult, age 44, Capt.GREGG of the Brig “Haidee”, of this port.

DiedOn Wednesday, age 67, Mr. William MINEARD. –Courier,6th

DiedOn Wednesday, age 38, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Henry LILLY.

DiedThursday, age 49, George Bollard, 2nd son of the late Mr. George BURTON

DiedAt Kinsale, Ireland, on the 10th ult, Kezia, wife of Capt. William SILLY, of the schooner “John and Mary”, and youngest dau of Mr. W. LOVEYS of this place.

DiedOn 8th inst, age 17, Augusta Charlotte Bailie HAMILTON, eldest and beloved dau of Governor and Mrs. Hamilton. – London Times Oct 11th.
17 Nov 1852DiedOn Tuesday last, age 42, Daniel Philip MARRETT, Esq, formerly merchant in this place, and nephew of the late Judge MARRETT, has left a widow and 6 children. – Express 13th Nov

DiedYesterday, age 63, Mary widow of the late John BOYD Esq,

DiedYesterday, age 15, Daniel, ildest son of Mr. Daniel WHELAN.
24 Nov 1852DiedThursday last, age 4, Anna Maria Laura, dau of Mr. Robert BROWN
1 Dec 1852MarriedOn 18th October, at the British Embassy, Paris, Augusta Sophia, widow of the late James Hill ABBONY, of St. Georges Place, Hyde Park-corner, London, to Thomas NORTON Esq, barrister-at-law, some time Chief Justice of Newfoundland.

MarriedYesterday, by Rev. Walsh, Mr. James B. KENNEDY, to Anna, 2nd dau of Mr. Patrick POWER.

DiedAt Mosquito, on 16th ult, age 70, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Sheppard PYNN of that place

DiedTuesday last, age 11, Rosamond Julia, only and beloved dau of Mr. William GILL. –Ledger Nov 24th.

DiedAt Heart’s Content, Tuesday 23rd ult, Mr. John HOPKINS
8 Dec 1852MarriedThursday last, by Rev. Sprague, Mr. John PICCO, to Miss Joanna BARTLETT of this town

DiedOn 30th ult, age 64, Anne, wife of Mr. Jonathan TAYLOR Sr. of Carbonear.

DiedTuesday, age 37, Emma, beloved wife of the Hon. Joseph NOAD, Surveyor general, and youngest dau of the late Judge LILLY. – Newfoundlander

DiedAt New York, of whooping cough, age 5, Helen Louisa, beloved dau of Mr. W.J. WARD, of this place.

DiedOn 28th ult, age 65, Mr. George TRAPNELL, a native of Poole, Dorsetshire, England.
15 Dec 1852MarriedTuesday last, by rev. Sprague, Mr. Samuel ELLIOTT, to Ann, relict of athe late Levi PIKE of this town.

MarriedSame day, by same, Mr. Jonathan PARSONS, Bears Cove, to Miss Ann Elizabeth PIKE, of Mosquito.

DiedSunday last, age 3, John Bertram, son the Rev. Bertram JONES, Episcopal Clergyman of this town.

DiedYesterday, age 17, Charles, son of the late Mr. Nicholas PAYNE of this town.
22 Dec 1852MarriedSunday last, by Rev Sprague, Mr. Henry TAYLOR, S.S., to Miss Mary Ann ROBINSON of Bryant's Cove.

DiedAt Carbonear, Friday last, age 63, Mr. John HARTERY, formerly a resident of this town.

DiedAt St. John’s, on 16th inst, age 6days, Mary Wilhelmina Margaret, dau of R. O’DWYER Esq.

DiedAt Fort William Barracks, on 19th inst, of whooping cough, age 8mos, James Henry Cormack, beloved child of Lt. H. McMahon EAGAR, RNC.

DiedOn Tuesday, age 37, John BROCKLEBANK Esq, of the firm of Brocklebank and Anthony, merchants, of this town.
29 Dec 1852MarriedOn 22nd inst, by Rev Sprague, Mr. Jonathan PARSONS, Bears Cove (*same ? or different from marriage 15 Dec?), to Miss Julia Ann TAYLOR, Mosquito.

MarriedAt Carbonear on 22nd inst, by Rev Anguin, Mr. George FRENCH, to Miss Mary LUTHER, both of Carbonear.

Married24th, by the same, Mr. John HISCOCK, Carbonear, to Miss Patience Louisa BUTT, Clown’s Cove

MarriedSame day, by the same, Mr. Thomas HOPKINS, of Heart’s Content, to Miss Eleanor UDELL, eldest dau of Mr. Wm. Udell of Carbonear.

MarriedChristmas day, by same, Mr. William SOPER S.S., to Miss Jane WILKINSON, Carbonear.

MarriedSame day, by same, Mr. Samuel MOORS, Fresh Water, to Miss Susana BARRETT.

DiedOn 21st inst, age 26, Frances Mary, beloved wife of Richard O’DWYER Esq, merchant. (Long and touching obituary) -- Newfoundlander
1 8 5 3
5 Jan 1853DiedAt Carbonear on 24th ult,age 72, Mrs. Catharine ROWE, relict of the late Mr. Henry Rowe of that town

DiedAt Carbonear on 2nd inst, age 2yr9mo, William Joseph, youngest son of Edmund HANRAHAN

DiedMonday , age 7, Horatio, son of Mr. Charles PIKE, Bear’s Cove

DiedOn the 3rd age 55, Mr. Michael HENNESSY

DiedYesterday, age 1yr3mo, Jean Mason Elizabeth, daughter of Rev. S.W. SPRAGUE
12 Jan 1853MarriedAt Old Perlican, on 17th Dec., by Rev. Nightingale, Mr. Jas. MARCH, eldest son of the late Mr. William March, to Eliza, only dau of Mr. John BURT

MarriedDec 30th, by Rev Thomas Angwin, Mr. Francis JEFFERS of Fresh Water, to Miss Ann Maria VATCHER, of the same place.

MarriedJan 1st by the same, Mr. Richard PENNY of Carbonear, to Miss Louisa HORWOOD of the same place

MarriedSame day, by the same, Mr. Robert ASH of Carbonear, to Miss Elizabeth BRODRICK of Fresh Water

DiedOn 27th ult, Jessie Matilda, beloved wife of Mr. William CUMMINS, of the Engineer Department, and youngest daughter of the late Fort Major GREEN of this place. –Times.

DiedAt Carbonear on the 6th inst, age 4yr7mo, Francis Richard, son of Edmund HANRAHAN Esq

DiedAt Carbonear on the 10th inst, age 6yr6mo, Felix James, son of Edmund HANRAHAN Esq
19 Jan 1853DiedYesterday at Carbonear, age 4yrs, William, son of Dr. BERNEY.

DiedIn this town on the 12th inst, age 4yrs, Sarah, dau of Mr. Thomas CRAM

DiedAt Carbonear on Monday last, age 10mo, Julia, dau of E. HANRAHAN Esq
26 Jan 1853MarriedAt Carbonear on the 4th inst by Rev T. Angwin, Mr. Edward PARSONS of Clowns Cove, to Miss Lettice JOYCE of Fresh Water

DiedOn 18th inst at St. John’s, Annie, infant daughter of S.G. ARCHIBALD Esq

DiedOn 21st inst at St. John’s, age 61, Sarah, relict of the late Patrick HUIE Esq, merchant of that place

DiedSunday last, age 69, Mr. John KAVANAUGH, many years a resident of this town.

DiedLost at sea in recent storm. Ship “Naomi” and all of her crew at Outer Cove. Capt. William CUNNINGHAM, body found, leaves a widow and only child. Only two other crew belonged to this port, the mate, Mr. THOMPSON, leaving a widow and 2 children, and Wm ARCHER, son of John Archer. Other crewmen, D. NEVINS, H. MILLS, J. HOARE(body found), J. MAINLAND, E. SPARKS, F. REDMOND, A GATTIND, M. ROSAS.
2 Feb 1853DiedOn Monday last at the residence of her son, T. CRAM, age 74, Sarah, relict of the late Mr. James Cram of Catalina

DiedYesterday, age 45, Mr. Justin McCARTHY

DiedOn 20th ult at Bryant’s Cove, age 96, Mrs. YETMAN

DiedAt Carbonear on 30th ult, Mr. Wm HOWELL, age 94.
9-Feb-53DiedAt Brigus on 1st inst, age 14, Azariah Percy, son of the late Mr. Nathaniel MUNDEN, of that place.
23 Feb 1853MarriedOn 8th Jan, Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas COCHRANE, KCB, Commander-in-chief of Portsmouth, to Miss Rosetta W. CUFFEE, dau of Sir Wheeler Cuffee, Bart. Of Lyroth, Co. Kilkenny, and niece of the late Earl of Mayo.

MarriedOn 17th inst, by Rev. Thomas Anguin, Mr. Joseph PARNELL, to Grace, eldest dau of Mr. William PENNY of the “Sir John Harvey”, both of Carbonear.

DiedOn Wednesday last, age 7yr6mo, Margaret, youngest dau of Capt. John WALSH

DiedOn 14th inst, age 2yr4mo, William Beater, son of Mr. Robert BROWN. – Courier

DiedAt St. John’s yesterday, age 43, Frances, beloved wife of Mr. Robert BROWN.

DiedAccidentally, Saturday last, Ralph and William MILLS, about 18 and 20yrs of age, drowned in pond on Bay Bulls side of Petty Harbor. Broke through the ice. A younger brother did not go on the ice.
2 Mar 1853DiedIn Boston on Jan 14th, of Scarlatina, Charles St. John, youngest son on Mr. Thomas NEWELL, age 2yr6mo. Also died in Boston on Jan 24, of Scarlet Fever, age 5, Henry Wadman, son of Mr. Thomas NEWELL.

DiedIn this town on 21st ult, age 13, Jane Louisa, youngest dau of Mr. James LAMPEN

DiedSaturday, age 76, Mr. John COUSINS, of Teignmouth, Devon. He was long a resident of this country, where he was well known and universally respected. – Newfoundlander
9 Mar 1853BirthOn 16th Jan, at Mill Stream, Kings Co., New Brunswick, wife of Capt. D.J. BOYLE, and daughter of Dr. BRADSHAW, Placentia. A son.

DiedMonday last, age 4yr4mo, Emma Amelia, 2nd dau of Mr. James ROGERSON
16 Mar 1853DiedAt Lower Island Cove on 8th inst, age 85, Mrs. Elizabeth GARLAND

DiedAt Bryant’s Cove on 11th inst, age 87, Mrs. NEIL, wife of Mr. George Neil

DiedIn this town, Thursday last, age 3yr4mo, Edith Margaret, dau of Wm DOW Esq, M.D.

DiedFriday last, age 35, Mr. George WARREN, a native of Devonshire, Eng. –Ledger, 8th

DiedSaturday last, age 4yrs2mo, Eliza Jane, dau of Mr. Richard HAMLIN. – Express,12th

DiedWednesday last, age 23, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John B. BOND. –Ib.

DiedAt Torbay on Saturday last, age 67, Deborah, relict of the late Capt Jacob BRADBURY, a native of Placentia Bay.
23 Mar 1853BirthOn 28th ult, Mrs. O’DONOVAN, wife of Professor O’Donovan of Carbonear, a daughter.

BirthOn 18th inst, Mrs. MOOR, wife of Mr. Henry Moor of this town, a daughter.

DiedOn Wednesday last, age 55, The Rev. Charles BALCKMAN, A.M., Incumbent of St. Thomas’ Church and Garrison Chaplain. – Times

DiedAt Bermuda, on 22nd ult, age 90, Robert LEE Esq. Assistant Commisary General – Father of the Editor of the Bermuda Royal Gazette. Many years a resident of Newfoundland.

DiedAt Carbonear, on 18th inst, age 69, Mrs. HOWELL, relict of the late Mr. John Howell
30 Mar 1853MarriedOn Feb. 15th at Pitt St. Chapel, Liverpool. The Rev. Edward NYE, W.M., Superintendent, Birkenhead, to Maria, youngest dau of the late John THOMPSON of said place, and sister to Drs John and Henry THOMPSON of this district.

DiedAt Old Perlican, on the 12th inst, age 57, Ann, beloved wife of John COLLINS, Esq. J.P.

DiedOn the 24th inst, age 75, Mrs. DALTON, relict of the late Mr. Jas. Dalton, many years a respectable inhabitant of this place.
13 Apr 1853Lost at SeaSchooner “Ceres” and all aboard. She was owned by Mr. R. FURNEAUX, of this place, who was on board. The ship was bound from Fortune Bay to this port with a cargo of herring. The “Ceres” was commanded by Mr. M. AIDE, of this town, an experienced and competent shipmaster. The crew consisted of the following persons, Samuel AIDE (son the captain), John WALL, Thomas RIGGS, and Daniel HEARN. – Courier

MarriedOn the 30th ult, by the Rev Moses Harvey, Mr. Edward COLTON, to Catherine Mary, 2nd dau of Mr. Thomas HUGHES. – Post of yesterday.

DiedOn Friday last, at Tipperary Lodge, Fresh Water, age 75, Ellen, beloved wife of John DILLON Esq.. – Newfoundlander

DiedSaturday last, age 80, Mr. John KELLIGREW. – Ib.
20 Apr 1853DiedOn 13th inst, age 60, Mr. Samuel JENKINS, blacksmith.

DiedOn 14th inst, age 25, Julia Maria, beloved wife of Mr. Henry T. MOORE of this town, and 5th dau of John Charles NUTTALL Esq.
27 Apr 1853MarriedOn 19th inst, at St. John’s, by Rev. J.S. Addy, Mr. John STONEMAN, to Miss Caroline PHILIPS, both of that place.

MarriedAt St. George’s Church, Perth (Aust.) Mark DYETT Esq, to Sarah Ann, 2nd dau of B.G. GARRETT, Esq, High Sheriff, St. John’s Newfoundland. – Western Australia Gazette, of 31st Dec.
4 May 1853MarriedAt Port deGrave on 30th ult, by Rev DeanMackin, Mr. Patrick KENNY, to Miss Mary, 2nd dau of the late Mr. Robert ROCKET of Port de Grave
11 May 1853DiedAt Carbonear on 22nd ult, age 64, Mrs. Agnes HOWELL, relict of the late Robert Howell.

DiedAt Bryant’s Cove on 28th ult, Mr. Lawrence HAYSE, age 91.

DiedAt carbonear on the 6th inst, age 77, Mrs. Mary NICHOLS
18 May 1853BirthOn 9th inst, the wife of Rev. S.W. SPRAGUE, a daughter.

DiedOn 15th inst, age 38, Ellen CODE.
25 May 1853BirthAt Boston, U.S. on 23rd Apr., the wife of Mr. Thomas NEWELL Sr. a son.

MarriedOn Friday last, by Rev. Harvey, Free St. Andrews Church, Capt. Andrew WELSH, of the steamer “Lady Marchant”, to Mary Ann McLeod SCOTT, eldest dau of the late Alexander ANDERSON, Esq, of H.M. Inland Revenue . Both of Greenock. – Express

DiedMonday, Grace Dunn, the eldest and beloved daughter of Mr. John ANDREW, late of Greenock. –Newfoundlander, 19th.

DiedMonday, Jemima, youngest dau of Mr. Edward WHITE. – Ib

DiedYesterday, Anna Lucy, beloved daughter of Mr. W.M. BARNES – Ib

DiedAt Halifax, on the 4th inst, age 7yr9mo, Catharine Sarah, youngest daughter of Capt Richard MEAGHER.
1 Jun 1853Died4yr old Joanna WELSH, accidentally struck and killed after running in front of a cart driven by Patrick CASEY
8 Jun 1853DiedAt Mosquito on 2nd inst, age 49, Catherine, wife of Mr. Roger HANRAHAN.

DiedThursday last, age 42, Harcourt MOONEY, esq., barrister-at-law. – Newfoundlander
15 Jun 1853BirthSunday last, wife of John HAYWARD Esq, a son

MarriedTuesday at Richmond Hill, by Rev Sprott of St. Andrew’s Church, Robert Henry PROWSE Esq, merchant, to Jeanie Catherine, 2nd dau of Kenneth McLEA Esq, merchant, all of this city
22 Jun 1853BirthAt Boston, US, on the 28th ult, Mrs. Thomas NEWELL Jr., a daughter.

MarriedThurday last, at Adelaide Hall in this town, by Rev. Moses Harvey, Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, Henry RUTHERFORD Esq. Of the firm of Rutherford Bros., merchants, to Harriet Green Pring(?) GORDON, second dau of John STARK, Esq, Chief Clerk and Registrar of the Honorable the Northern Circuit Court of this Island.
6 Jul 1853DiedIn an accident, Joseph DROVER, son of Joseph Drover, Upper Island Cove, drowned off Cape Francis. He was just married last month.

DiedAt Carbonear, on 3rd inst, age 21, Thomas HANRAHAN, son of Edmund Hanrahan, of that town.
13 Jul 1853BirthOn 9th inst, wife of Lt. COEN, R.N.C., a daughter

MarriedWednesday at St. Thomas’ Church, Henry ALSOP, Esq. To Louisa Mary, youngest dau of the late Rev BLACKMAN, M.A., late incumbent of the same church, and Garrison Chaplain. The bride was given away by the Hon the Attorney General.

MarriedSame day by Rev Moses Harvey, Mr. James O. FRASER, son of the late Rev. Donald Fraser, A.M., to Eliza, dau of Mr. James Miller EWING, formerly of Greenock.

DiedAt Carbonear on the 5th inst, age 63, Capt. J.P. TAYLOR.

DiedSunday, age 58, Mr. William MEAGHER, for many years a respectable inhabitant of Harbor Grace. – Express

DiedAt. Halifax on June 30th, age 51, George R. YOUNG, Esq, barrister-at-law. – Ibid
20 Jul 1853BirthOn 15th inst, wife of Wm. DOW, Esq, M.D., a son

BirthOn 12th inst, wife of Mr. Charles PITTMAN, Trinity Bay South, a daughter.

DiedAt Spaniard’s Bay on 14th inst, Mr. Joseph BAGGS, an old and respectable inhabitant of that town

DiedOn 17th inst, age 54, Anne Williams, beloved wife of Robert CARTER Esq, R.N., Colonial Treasurer and 5th dau of the late George HUTCHINGS Esq.
27 Jul 1853DiedEdward COONEY, age 5, accidentally drowned
3 Aug 1853BirthAt Carbonear on 31st ult, the wife of D. BETHUNE Esq, a daughter

DiedSunday last, age 39, Mr. William FIRTH, -- Ledger
10 Aug 1853Married3rd inst at Ballynamona, Brigus, by Rev Edw. O’Keefe, Mr. John TARAHAN, son of Mr. P. Tarahan of this town, to Miss Margaret Agnes SLATTERY, niece of Rev. Dean MACKIN
24 Aug 1853DiedOn 19th inst, Julia Maria, infant dau of Mr. Henry MOORE
31 Aug 1853MarriedYesterday at Queen’s Road Chapel, by Rev G. Schofield, Mr. Richard NEYLE of Newton Abbot, Devonshire, to Elisabeth Maria, eldest dau of Mr. Cornelius WINTON of this town.
7 Sep 1853MarriedOn 3rd inst, by Rev S.W. Sprague, W.M., Capt. Donald GUNN to Ada, eldest daughter of the proprietor of this newspaper. (*Wm. Charles St. JOHN)
14th Sep 1853DiedAt Ballarat, South Australia, early in May, Catherine, wife of Joshua GREEN, Esq, formerly of this Island, and daughter of the late George BAYLY Esq, H.M. Customs here. Also within very brief periods afterwards, three of their children, leaving afflicted husband and parent to lament an unusually afflicting bereavement.

DiedOn the 7th inst, Mr. Wm. KENNEDY, and old and respectable inhabitant of this town.
21 Sep 1853MarriedOn Sunday last, by the Rev Addy, Mr. G. J. SUTTON of this town, to Margaret, eldest dau of the late Mr. T. SHEEHAN. – Express

DiedAt. New Orleans, of Yellow Fever, on the 24th ult, Mr. John BACON, age 30, the beloved son of Mr. Joseph bacon, of this town. – Express

DiedAt St. John’s on the 16th inst, age 80, Mr. Alexander CAMPBELL, formerly a highly respectable resident of this town.
28 Sep 1853BirthOn 23rd inst, the wife of L.W. EMERSON Esq, a son.
5 Oct 1853MarriedAt St. John’s on the 22nd ult, at the Cathedral Church, Mr. James Lyon NOONAN, of Halifax, N.S., to Mary Ann, 3rd dau of Mr. Richard WILLS of this town

DiedOn the 19th ult, age 48, Capt. George LADD, of London, late of the “William IV”, Carbonear
12 Oct 1853BirthOn 10th inst, the wife of George C. RUTHERFORD, Esq, a son

MarriedAt Carbonear on Thursday last, by Rev Anguin W.M., William Henry, eldest son of Dr. Jno. THOMPSON of that place, to Mary Elizabeth, eldest dau of the late Mr. George P. DAVIS, same place

DiedOn Sept. 4th, at Chesham Place London, age 40, Eleanor Sophia, wife of the Hon and Rev. William SCOTT, eldest dau of the late Archdeacon Bailie HAMILTON and Lady Charlotte Bailie Hamilton.

DiedAt No.2, Upper Gilmore Place, Edingurgh, on the 11th ult, Rosina Tasker, wife of W.E.C. FELL
19 Oct 1853MarriedOn Monday last by Rev Dalton, Capt. Thomas GREENE, to Agnes, eldest dau of the late Mr. Michael DOOLING, all of this town

MarriedOn 8th Sept., at Islington Chapel, by Rev Hollis, George William NOAD, Esq, Surgeon, &c. Caledonian Road, 2nd son of the Hon Joseph Noad, Surveyor-General of Newfoundland, to Elizabeth, 2nd dau of the Rev. W.H. ELLIOT, one of the Secretaries of the Weekly Tract Society

MarriedYesterday, by Rev. Harvey of the Free St. Andrew’s Church, T. T.H. CRAIGIE, to Miss Mary Hutson(?), dau of the late John FOOT, Esq, merchant, Twillingate. – Ledger, 14th
26 Oct 1853BirthOn 20th inst, wife of Mr. GARDNER, (C. Society’s School), a son

MarriedAt Polle, on the 9th ult, James WOOD Esq, merchant, to Mary Ann, 2nd dau of the late Thomas GADEN Esq, merchant. The groom is the son of the late Rev. Henry Wood, and brother of the Rev Thomas M. Wood, minister of St. Thomas’ Church, St. John’s.

DiedAt Carbonear on the 12th inst, age 63, Mary relict of the late Mr. Andrew LANG

DiedOn Aug. 18th, at Demerara, of Yellow Fever, age 30, Mr. John T. GILLESPIE, eldest son of Fort Major Gillespie, RNC

DiedOn Sunday last, age 65, Mr. Elias FORD, a native of Datrmouth, Devon. – Courier
2 Nov 1853BirthOn 26th inst, wife of J.D. WITHYCOMBE, a daughter.

DiedAt Otterbury, age 25, Mr. James POWER
9 Nov 1853MarriedThursday last, by Rev Anguin, Mr. Adam CLARKE of Crocker’s Cove, to Mrs. Ann MOORS, widow of the late Thomas Moors of Blackhead

MarriedOn 2nd inst, by Rev Walsh, James PENDERGAST Esq, H.M. Customs, St. John’s, to Isabel, dau of John STARK Esq, Harbor Grace.
16 Nov 1853MarriedTuesday last by Rev. Kyran Walsh, Mr. James EWEN, mate of the schooner “Medway”, of Halifax, to Miss Mary Ellen McQUILLIN. – Express

MarriedWednesday last by Rev Addy, Mr. George RORKE, late of Carbonear, to Sarah Ann, eldest dau of Mr. Simon LEVI, late of the same place. –Ibid

MarriedAt Fogo on 19th Sept, by John Peyton Esq, Stipendiary Magistrate of the District, Mr. John HEAD, of Ragged Harbor, to Miss Sarah SHELLY, of Apsley(?) Cove, dau of Robert Shelly Esq. – Ledger

MarriedOn 25th Oct at Bird Island Cove, by Rev Mr. Sall, Mr. Thomas TILLY, to Miss Hannah WHITE. Ibid.

DiedOn Monday, Mr. Thomas McGRATH, shoemaker, a native of Ireland, and an old and respectable inhabitant of this town.—Post

DiedAt. St.John’s, Tuesday last, age 76, Mr. James K. MOORE, an old and respectable inhabitant of that town.

DiedMonday, age 2yrs2mo, Julia Montgomery, dau of Wm DOW Esq, Surgeon of this town.
23 Nov 1853DiedAt Otterbury, Sunday, age 79, Mr. George PARSONS, an old and respectable resident of this town.

DiedToday, age 69, Mrs. Robert Lee WHITING
7 Dec 1853DiedAt Portugal Cove on 4th inst, Ann, wife of Mr. Robert OKE
14 Dec 1853DiedAccident at sea. Loss of Capt. Garrett HARTERY of the schooner “Lancet”, who was washed overboard during the gale of Friday last in the neighborhood of St. Peters, on his voyage from Isle of Valen to Halifax. – Newfoundlander of Thursday
21 Dec 1853MarriedAt Carbonear on 13th inst, by Rev Anguin, Mr. David THISTLE, to Miss Emma ROWE

MarriedSunday last, by the same, Mr. Joseph H. PARSONS, School Master, to Eliza, youngest dau of the late Mr. Henry PARSONS of Fresh Water

DiedOn 12th inst, age 48, Mr. Edmund HUNT, Planter, leaving a wife and helpless family to mourn his loss.

DiedOn 13th inst, age 75, Mrs. SWEETAPPLE.

DiedOn 21st Nov, in Philadelphia, U.S., of consumption, Mr. John THORNE, mariner, son of the late Capt. W. Thorne, formerly of this port.
28 Dec 1853DiedOn 26th inst, Frances, wife of Mr. John ANDREWS of this town.

Name in NewspaperDescription of ErrorMy Name
Aug.6,1845: John Efford's age at time of death was 39 not 79. (From tombstone and family history.) Mona Petten
9 Feb 1848: Surname has been verified through newspaper transcriptions from other sources as Skelton Geoff Martin

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