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Conception Bay North Region

Harbor Grace and Carbonear Weekly Journal and General Advertiser for Conception Bay

Place of publication: Harbour Grace
Began publication: Aug. 6, 1828.
Last issue located: June 11, 1829.
Frequency: Weekly.
Printer, publisher and proprietor: Thomas W. Ball.

The Harbor Grace and Carbonear Weekly Journal contained foreign news and filler material, selected parliamentary debates, shipping news, local news, poetry and advertisements. The paper claimed to be politically independent and supported Representative Government.


MUN [1828-1829] Microfilm
PRL [1828-1829] Original and microfilm

The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in February 2002. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

13 Aug 1828AppointedMr. Nicholas STABB has been appointed Deputy Sheriff for the Northern District of this Island, in the room of Mr. Benjamin SCOTT.

Gaol BreakingOn Sunday morning last, two prisoners, named James POWER and James CUMMINGS, the former convicted of murder and the latter of forgery, broke out of the gaol of this town, and made their escape. It appears that with an augur or some such instrument, they managed to cut through the very thick plank and balk forming the floor of the gaol, and by removing the earth and stones they worked their way under the sill, and got out in the gaol yard, from whence they made their escape over the fence by means of a rope. There was another prisoner in the same cell, (whose term of confinement would end in about a fortnight,) who did not make his escape, and was found asleep when the discovery was made that POWER and CUMMINGS had decamped, (which was very early the same morning.) - and who, on being examined upon oath before the Magistrates, positively swore to his having no knowledge whatever as to the time when the other prisoners effected their escape or even a suspicion of their intention to do so, never having observed the slightest [preparation] for that purpose. This is the more extraordinary, as it is supposed that months must have been occupied in cutting away the floor, (the upper planks of which were closely studded with spike nails,) and disposing of the rubbish, some of which was found in the hammocks, and more in a box containing bread. It is also a somewhat remarkable circumstance that CUMMINGS should have been one of the carpenters employed in laying the floor of the gaol, when an escape of a simlar nature was formerly made. - Royal Gazette
20 Aug 1828DiedLast evening, after a lingering illness which he bore with Christian fortitude and resignation Mr. Henry TUCKER, Shipwright, Aged 68 years, and old and respectable inhabitant of this place.

NewsOn Tuesday night last, a fishing skiff, belonging to Mr. Samuel WOODLEY, was stolen from his stage head, at Maggotty Cove, by, it is generally believed POWER and CUMMINGS the two men lately escaped from gaol, for the purpose of facilitating their escape to some of the out ports. The following description of the boat, may perhaps, aid in their detection: She will carry 10 quintals round fish; is painted black outside, tarred and ochered within; has a schooner foresail, spread mainsail, jib and mizen, all very darkly barked; was well found in lines, leads, gaffs and kettles, and every requisite for the fishing voyage, and with S. Woodley, branded on several of the articles. - Newfoundlander
3 Sep 1828MarriedAt Trinity, on the 18th ultimo, by the Rev. W. Bullock, Mr. Robert BAYLY, Sub-Collector of H.M. Customs, to Miss Sarah KELSON.

RewardTen Guineas Reward - Whereas some evil disposed Person or Persons did on the night of the 26th instant, break several of the Windows in the Methodist Chapel of this Town. - Now this is to give Notice, that the above Reward will be paid to any Person who will give such information as may lead to the conviction of the perpetrator of this iniquitous act. For the Stewards, Richard ANDERSON. Harbor Grace, August 26.
10 Sep 1828MarriedAt St. John's, on Friday evening last, by the Rev. F. H. Carrington, the Rev. John CHAPMAN, Missionary of Twillingate, to Miss Rebecca COCKFIELD of Richmond, Yorkshire.
8 Oct 1828PassengersArrivals in the "Elizabeth" from Bristol, Mrs. & Miss HENDERSON, Mr. MULLOWNEY & Mr. CLOW.

MarriedAt Port de Grave, on Monday evening last, by the Rev. Charles Blackman, Mr. William HAMPTON to Mrs. Elizabeth GIFFORD of that place.
5 Nov 1828DrownedArrived last evening, the Brigantine 'Champion,' Captain BLACKALLER, 37 days from Bristol. On the 25th ult., in Latt.48 [degrees] N. Lon. 42 [degrees] W., encountered a tremendous gale of wind, at half-past 1 P.M. shipped a heavy sea, which completely swept the decks, carrying away bulwarks, stauncheons, spars, both boats, [cambouse?], main boom, and cut away the mainsail. On the 28th the gale still continuing, shipped another sea which knocked William MURRAY, (one of the seamen) overboard, who was unfortunately drowned.
12 Nov 1828NewsOn Monday last, two Bills of Indictment were found by the Grand Jury against Edward HOULDEN, for larceny, in stealing two pigs, the property of Mr. Wm. PARSONS, Bears Cove. The prisoner on being arraigned on one of the Bills, pleaded Not Guilty, and after a trial which lasted about three hours, at the close of which, his Lordship the Hon. Judge DES BARRES on addressing the Jury, took occasion to make some forcible remarks on that part of the evidence which tended to prove the guilt of the prisoner, but at the same time directing them if they had any doubts on their minds as to the guilt of the prisoner, to give him the benefit of such doubts. The Jury retired, and in about a quarter of an hour, returned with a verdict - Not Guilty.
20 Nov 1828MarriedLast evening, by the Very. Rev. Thomas Ewer, Mr. Thomas DUNFORD, to Ellen, daughter of the late much respected Dr. LOMBARD, of this place.

ShipwreckWe regret having to record the loss, on Sunday morning last, of the Brig 'Sir Thomas Cochrane,' (SOPER, Master,) belonging to C. COZENS, Esq., of Brigus, on her voyage from Liverpool to that place, with a general cargo, at Cape St. Francis. [more details, then photocopy cut off]
27 Nov 1828NoticeAll Persons indebted to the estate of Thomas HENNESSY, late of Harbor Grace, Fisherman and Butcher, deceased, are hereby requested to make immediate Payment to the Subscriber, (or his Agent Mr. Richard ANDERSON, who is duly authorised to receive the same.) And all Persons having Claims on the said Estate, are desired to present them duly attested, to John HILLYARD, Administrator, Broad Cove, or to Richard ANDERSON, Harbor Grace. November 27.

For SaleBy Private Contract, that well known Horse, BATCHELOR, Formerly the Property of Mr. Thomas PYNN. Also An Excellent Grey Horse, about Six Years old. For particulars apply to Edward PYNN.
11 Dec 1828MarriedOn Friday morning last, by the Rev. John Burt, Mr. George HIPPISLEY, of this town merchant, to Louisa, third daughter of Mr. Charles PARSONS, Bears Cove.

ShipwreckWe regret to state the Sloop 'Devonport,' belonging to Mr. Joseph B. PETERS, on her passage from St. John's, to this Port, was totally lost, near Upper Island Cove, during the dreadful snow storm on the night of Monday last; two of the crew were also unfortunately lost with the vessel.

RewardTwenty Guineas Reward. Some evil-disposed Person or Persons having on Saturday Night the 22d instant, broken the Gnomon off the Sun Dial. Any Person or Persons giving such information as will lead to a conviction of the Offender or Offenders will receive the above Amount from the Gentlemen of this Town on application to James BAYLY, Wm. STERLING. Harbor Grace, November 27, 1828
18 Dec 1828FireDreadful Accident. About 3 o'clock on the morning of Tuesday last, the Dwelling house of Mr. John JACOB, of the firm of Martin & Jacob, merchants, Port de Greve, was discovered to be on fire, by a man who was going in the woods, who saw the flames bursting through the back part of the house, and immediately gave the alarm, but before the arrival of the neighbouring inhabitants, the interior of the house had been so much consumed, that the roof had fallen in, and dreadful to relate burying the inmates, consisting of Mrs. Jacob, her three children, and two female servants in the all devouring element. The fire is supposed to have originated in one of the bedrooms. From the situation of the house, and the progress the fire had made previous to its discovery it is surprising that the houses in the vicinity should have escaped the flames, which we are pleased to add was the case, with the exception of a store belonging to Messrs. Martin & Jacob, which was consumed. The remains of Mrs. Jacob, her three children, and the two servants, were taken from the ruins quite in a burnt state, so much so that it was almost impossible to recognise their persons. The remains of the two servants were interred at Port de grave, yesterday, those of Mrs. Jacob and her children are preserved until the arrival of Mr. J. who was unfortunately in St. John's at the time the accident occurred. Too much praise cannot be due to the inhabitants of Port de grave for their exertions on this melancholy occasion, and it is also gratifying to add that not the smallest depredation was committed.

ShipwreckDuring the night of Monday the 8th inst the Schooner 'Serpent' belonging to C. COZENS, Esq., George SUTTON master from Halifax, to Brigus, was totally lost at the East end of Bell Isle and the master and one man unfortunately drowned.

ShipwreckThe Schooner 'Twin Brothers,' KEATING, master, from St. John's, bound to this port, was lost at the same time and place with the Serpent. The crew and passengers saved, with the exception of Mrs. HURLEY of this place, who from fatigue and cold died before she could be taken from the wreck, she has left a helpless family of five children to deplore her loss.

ShipwreckThe Schooner 'Experiment,' Morgan MOORE, master also to the address of C. COZENS, Esq., from St. John's to Brigus, with a General Cargo, was totally lost on the same night, at Little Bell Isle - Crew Saved, Cargo totally lost.
25 Dec 1828MarriedAt St. John's, on Friday evening the 12th inst., by the Rev. F.H. Carrington, Mr. Robert PINSENT, of Port de Grave, merchant, to Miss Louisa Broom WILLIAMS, third daughter of Mr. Thomas Williams, of St. John's.
22 Jan 1829 DiedOn Sunday last, sincerely regretted by her Friends, Mary, relict of the late Dr. LOMBARD, of this Town, Aged 60 Years. Her funeral took place on Tuesday, numerously and respectably attended.
19 Feb 1829MeetingThis being the 15th Anniversary of the Benevolent Irish Society of Conception Bay, the Meeting took place at the Waterford Arms Hotel, which was numerously and respectably attended. The President, Mr. M.R. INNOTT, opened the proceedings…. The following Gentlemen were then unanimously admitted as Members: Martin KELLY, Joseph SHEA, Walter DILLON, Richard MACKEY, John RYAN, David DEEFE, James COONEY, Garrett CONDON, Richard POWER, Michael CONNORS, Francis RONAN, Arthur GRUERT, Patrick KELLY, Michael KEEFE; as proposed by Mr. J.R. INNOTT, Rev. D. MACKIN, and Mr. W. WALSH. The following Resolutions were proposed... Thanks are given to the Very Revd. Mr. EWER for his countenance and support. Thanks give to the Revd. Nicholas DEVEREUX and the Revd. Dennis MACKIN for promoting the interests of the Society. Thanks given to the Revd. John BURT for his support and liberal donation of Two Guineas. Thanks given to Mr. Geo. P. JILLARD for his generous donation of One Pound. Resolved unanimously that this Society take a retrospective view of the character and conduct of one of its earliest friends, and most liberal benefactors, W. MULLOWNEY, Esq., who, in the discharge of the duties devolving on him as its Treasurer, from 1814, to his demise in February 1828, exhibited to the public, and to this Society the dignified exertion of talent and liberality... and while his family lament the loss in his person, they console themselves with the solemn and affecting assurance, that his bright example will... continue to shed a pure and hallowed light on this society, though emenating from his sepulchre. The Chairman of the Committee of Charity handled a letter to the President which was read as follows: Sir, I beg leave through you... to return a vote of thanks to our Secretary, Mr. John PRENDERGAST, [etc., etc.] Signed Daniel DONOVAN, C.C.C. Proposed by the Second Assistant, and seconded by Mr. Daniel CANDLER, that a committee be appointed to carry into effect... that a House be built for the uses and benefit of the Benevolent Irish Society of Conception Bay, and that the Committee shall have full power to transact all matters and business relative thereto. The following gentlemen were nominated: William STIRLING, Esq., Mr. Thomas FOLEY, Joseph R. INNOTT, James L. PRENDERGAST, Daniel DONOVAN, Richard POWER, Doctor MOLLOY. The Election of Officers for the ensuing year were unanimously chosen: Mr. John FITZGERALD, Vice-President; Thomas FOLEY, First Assistant; James L. PRENDERGAST, Second Assistant; William MULLOWNEY, Treasurer; John PRENDERGAST, Secretary; Daniel DONOVAN, Chairman Committee of Charity, along with committee members Michael GREENE, William WALSH, Daniel CANDLER, and Randal DONOVAN; Justin DWYER, Chairman Committee of Review and Correspondence along with committee members Joseph SHEA and Martin KELLY.
26 Feb 1829Coroners InquestOn Friday last, the 20th instant, and Inquest was held before Mr. John CURRIE, Acting Coroner for this District, on view of the body of Joseph KNOX, an illegitimate child, aged 16 months, which had been removed to the house of Mr. Peter ROGERSON, the day preceeding, in a dying state; when after some deliberation, the following verdict was returned by the Jury: That the said Joseph Knox died from disease induced by want of proper nourishment, the Family in whose care that said Joseph Knox was placed being from extreme poverty and distress rendered also incapable of paying proper attention to him, and which circumstances appears to have been strenuously witheld from the Public.

NoticeWhereas my wife Eleanor WALSH has left my house without any cause, this is to give notice to all Persons that I will not be accountable for any Debs which she may contract in my name. Maurice [his X mark] KEAN. Witness, William MOORE. Northern Gut, Port de grave, February 18, 1829.
26 Mar 1829Intestate EstatesThe following Balances remaining in the hands of the Clerk of the Supreme Court, on Account of the Estates of Intestates. Notice is hereby given, To all Persons who may consider themselves interested therein, to come forward and prove their right to participate in the same, on or before the 31st day of December, 1829; when (if not before) distribution will be made to such Parties as shall then appear to be entitled thereto, under the Rules prescribed by the Statute of Distributions. By order of the Court, James BLAIKIE, Acting Chief Clerk and Registrar Supreme Court. St. John's, Newfoundland, February 12, 1829

Names of Persons DeceasedLate Residence, Occupation, &c.When DeceasedAmount for Distribution [£-s.-d.]
Daniel HIGGINSBay de Verds - PlanterFebruary 182639-16-0
Thomas ROURKECaplin Bay - Fisherman20th Nov. 18253-17-6
Thomas DENIEFSt. John's - FishermanJuly 18284-9-0
Thomas COSTELLOSt. John's - Fisherman4th Feb 1828[4?]-14-8
William NEVINLabrador - served Thomas CONNELL22d Aug 18287-10-11
James BANNONSt. John's - Labourer18228-12-10
William MAHONYSt. John's - Fisherman182713-11-7
Maurice DOOLINGSt. John's - FishermanOctober 18272-13-0
Charles SUTTONConception Bay
Terence RINGConception Bay
Joseph BOLSTERSConception Bay
William LANNIGANHarbor Grace - Fisherman
Pierre DRYUET, alias DRAGONThis person is stated to have been a Native of St. Maloe
Robert NICHOLSONHarbor Grace - Carpenter
Robert GUPPYConception Bay
John CRODEConception Bay
John HARRISConception Bay

9 Apr 1829DiedOn Tuesday morning last, sincerely regretted by a numerous circle of relatives and friends, after a lingering illness which she bore with Christian fortitude and resignation, aged 40 years, Alice, wife of Mr. James FOX, of this town, she was a dutiful child, an affectionate wife, and a kind and tender mother, she has left a disconsolate husband, an aged mother, and five children to lament her irreparable loss. Her funeral took place this evening, numerously and respectably attended.
16 Apr 1829DesertedFrom the service of Charles COZENS, of Brigus, on Sunday the 12th instant, the following Youngsters, viz,- James POWER, About thirty years of age, dark complexion, large whiskers, about five feet ten inches in height, and proportionably stout, walks very erect. Lawrence MORRISSEY, About twenty five years of age, florid complexion, about five feet eight inches in height, wore away a dark coat with a little of the skirt cut off, and a pair of frieze trowsers. Any persons harbouring or employing the above Deserters after this notice, will be prosecuted to the utmost rigour of the law. Brigus, April 13, 1829.

Seal FisheryThe following vessels have arrived since our last. Harbor Grace - Sally, WEBBER; Success, SHEPHERD; John, CROCKER; Dart, C. DAVIS; Christopher (wreck), MULCAHY; Fair Cambrian, McCARTHY; Good Intent, DAW. Carbonear - Philantrophy, NICHOLL; Friends, F. McCARTHY; Sir Howard Douglas, DWYER; Industry, J. BRANSFIELD; Caroline, ASH; Cod Fish, COLE; Ranger, BARRETT; Susan, MORAN; Joseph, TAYLOR; Ambrose, SOPER, Success, HOWELL; Farryland Packet, LYNCH; Maria, S. PYNN; Neptune, TAYLOR; Venus, PENNY; Wanderer, POWER; Eagle, TAYLOR; Mary, [captain not given]. Accounts have been received of the loss of the following vessels - Fanny, Maurice CUMMINGS, St. John's; Lady Margaret, PICCOT, St. John's; Brothers, CHAFE, St. John's; Visiter, T. BECK, St. John's; Sally, HUNTER & Co., St. John's; Brothers, J. PURCELL, St. John's; Favorite, BULLEY, JOB & CROSS, Grates Cove; Carolina, John GUSHUE, Bacon Cove; Experiment, SHEEHAN, Brigus; Shamrock, Stephen JOHNSTON, Northern Bay; Mayflower, Patrick A'HEARN, Bryants Cove.
23 Apr 1829DiedOn Monday evening last, after a long and severe illness, sincerely lamented by her friends, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Wm BRANSCOMB, aged 23 years. -Newfoundlander
7 May 1829DiedYesterday morning, after a long illness, and perfectly resigned to the Divine will, aged 64 years, Patience, relict of the late Mr. Joseph PYNN, and mother of Capt. W.B. PYNN, of Carbonear. Her funeral will take place on Sunday next, at 1 o'clock, from the house of Mr. Joseph PIPPY, Mosquito, where her friends and acquaintances are requested to attend.

NoticeI Will Not be accountable for any Debts contracted by the Crew of the Barque Regent under my command, James CARGILL. Harbor Grace, May 6.
14 May 1829MarriedOn Tuesday evening last, by the Revd. J. Bury, Mr. Charles PARSONS, Jun., Bear's Cove, to Racheal, eldest daughter of Mr. Henry ROWE, Carbonear.
21 May 1829NoticeAll Persons indebted to the Estate of the late Charles MERCER of Brigus, Planter, deceased, are hereby requested to make immediate payment to the Subscribers, (or either of them), and all persons having claims on the said Estate, are to present them duly attested to Charlotte MERCER, Administratrix, Brigus, Or her Attorney, Richard ANDERSON, Harbor Grace. Harbor Grace May 21.

DesertedFrom the Service of the Subscriber, On Tuesday morning last, James ROACH, A shipped Servant, a Native of Outercove, near St. John's about 21 years of age, 5 feet 4 inches in height, slight made, fair complexion, light hair, wore away a brown flushing jacket and trousers, cloth waistcoat, beaver hat and a pair of deck boots. Whoever harbors or employs the said Deserter, after this public notice, will be prosecuted as the law directs. Samuel GORDON.
28 May 1829MarriedOn Saturday evening last, by the Right Rev. Dr. Scallan, and immediately afterwards, by the Rev. F.H. Carrington, Joseph SHEA, Esq., M.D., to Margaret, eldest daughter of Wm. Carson, Esq., M.D., all of this place. -Gazette

DiedOn Thursday morning last, after a short illness, Lieut. Henry Martin Francis VIGOREUX, of the 74th Regiment, son of Lieut. Colonel Vigoreux, Royal Engineers.

DiedOn the 18th April, at Rose Bank, near Falkirk, Peter HENDERSON, Esq., of the firm of Henderson, Bland & Co. of this town. -Ib

NewsWe understand that James CONNELL, late of Carbonear, Fisherman, has been committed to the Jail, by the Magistrates of this place, being charged with the Murder of James RAFTER, whose body was found in Musquito Valley last autumn, by Bridget RAFTER, the widow of the deceased, and to which circumstance, we alluded in our paper of the 14th Inst. Another man is also in Jail, charged with being an accomplice, but we learn the suspicion upon which the latter has been committed hangs upon very slight grounds - it is expected that James Connell will shortly be removed to Saint John's, to take his trial in the Supreme Court of the Colony.

NewsGeorge BOWER alias BOWRING, Fisherman of Bay de Verds, has also been commited to Jail, charged with being a disorderly lunatic, and therefore not in a fit state of mind to be at large.

AppointedWe understand that His Excellency the governor, has been graciously pleased to appoint Mr. Joshua GREEN, to be Sub-Collector of His Majesty's Customs, for Brigus, Port de Grave, Bay of Roberts, and other Ports in the upper part of this Bay - also to be Collector of Greenwich Hospital Dues for the same District.
4 Jun 1829MarriedOn Saturday evening last, by the Rev. Denis Mackin, Mr. Martin KELLY, to Miss Julia HARTERY, all of this place.

Court NewsThe following Bills were submitted to the Grand Jury by the Clerk and Registrar of the Court, and found as follows: The King v. John BONNELL, Larceny - True Bill. The King v. James CLANCEY and Michael MURPHY, Assault and Battery - True Bill. The King v. Sheppard PYNN, Larceny - No Bill. About 15 Civil causes afterwards came before the Court, and were variously disposed of.
11 Jun 1829BirthOn Tuesday morning last, the lady of Mr. W. MOLLOY, Surgeon, of a Son.

Court NewsCircuit Court, Harbor Grace, June 6. John [BO_NELL?] of Cubits, Planter, was this day placed at the Bar, and arraigned upon an indictment of Larceny, in having feloniously stolen, a barrel of pork, and a barrel of pitch, from Charles COZENS, Esq. The Prisoner pleaded Not Guilty, and a Jury were sworn, Mr. STARK, as Prosecutor for the Crown, examined a number of witnesses, and Mr. MAYNE for the defence, also examined some witnesses, as to previous character - His lordship the Chief Justice in charging the Jury, told them, that it had been clearly and distinctly proved, that the articles named in the Indictment, had been seen in the possession of the Prisoner, yet as there was a deficiency of proof, as to the felonious intent, the crime of Larceny was not brought home to the prisoner, particularly as the articles were never missed from Mr. Cozens' stores, even up to the present time, there might a reasonable doubt arise as to their identity; the Jury, however, having attentively heard all the evidence, and observed the manner in which the witnesses gave their testimony, were competent to form their opinion upon that evidence, but having any reasonable doubt of the guilt of the Prisoner, he was of course entitled to the benefit of that doubt. The Jury retired for about 20 minutes, and returned a verdict of Not Guilty. The Prisoner was accordingly discharged from the Bar by Proclamation.

Court NewsIn the case of The King v. James CLANCEY, and Michael MURPHY, both of Crocker's Cove, Fisherman, for an assault upon Charles COOK, a [Notte?] Prosequi, has been entered upon the Record.
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