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Lower Island Cove - Methodist / UC Burials (Partial)

A ? indicates that the info/handwriting could not be deciphered. Y, M, D indicates year, month or day respectively. Every effort was made to ensure accuracy; however, if a discrepancy exist PANL or Church records should be consulted.

Information was transcribed by GERALD & MARGARET HEAD MAJOR, May 1999 from PANL Box 3. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

SPARKS, George Henry7 Jul 185318M
SHANO, Dinah2 Mar 185439Y
SHANO, Leah?18542 1/2MEntry was between Mar and May
SNELGROVE, Sarah Jane29 Apr 18572 1/2 YCaplin Cove
SHANO, Amelia8 Nov 185612Y
SPARKS, Ambrose11 May 185838Y
SHANO, Howard8 Oct 18586M
SPARKS, Robert11 May 185921Y
SPARKS, JAMES13 Dec185923YDrowned crossing Is Cove Pond
SPARKS, Ambrose14 May 18606M
SPARKS, William22 Sep 186153Y
SNELGROVE, Sarah24 Nov 1861

LEWIS, Moses18 May 1862abt 70Y
SPARKS, John12 Oct 186460Y
SNELGROVE, James5 Apr 186564Y
LEWIS, Elizabeth31 Apr 186565Y
SNELGROVE, Sarah15 Apr 186710D
SHANO, Wm James17 Sep 18675Y
SHANO, Ourilla?15 Sep 18677Y
SPARKS, William21 Jan 186915Y
SPARKS, Agustus?19 Mar 187160Y
SPARKES, Sarah10 Dec 18722M
SPARKES, Ann31 Jan 187325Y
SNELGROVE, John14 Jan 187473Y
SPARKES, Evangaline7 May 1874

SNELGROVE, Susanna2 Jul 187537Y
SPARKES, Elizabeth27 Jul 187565Y
SHANO, Joseph24 Apr 187620D
SHANO, Joshua11 May 18765Y
SHANO, Eli15 May 187827Y
SPARKS, Simeon13 Aug 18789Y
SPARKES, Harry18 Oct 187820D
SPARKS, Elizabeth3 Dec 1879

SHANO, Charles15 Jun 188193Y
SPARKES, William27 Nov 188148Y
SPARKES, Elizabeth15 Sep 188261Y
SPARKES, Elizabeth24 Feb 188424Y
SPARKES, Mary Ann7 May 188447Y
SPARKS, Edward12 May 18849Y
SPARKS, Robert15 May 188418Y
SPARKS, Josephine9 Jun 18848M
CRITCH, Rachel5 Aug 188426Y
SHANO, Joseph21 Aug 18849M
SPARKES, Thomas21 Aug 188852Y
SPARKES, Elizabeth24 Oct 188937Y
CRITCH, Jane22 Jul 189131Y
CRITCH, Jessie Sparks22 Nov 18921 3/4 Y
CRITCH, Lily Ann21 Mar 190634YBuried on 24 Mar 1906
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