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Carbonear Plantation Records - Lower Island Cove

Transcriber's Note: The description of the property generally included dimensions and directions; in the essence of time I did not record these details, but I noted the names of the property owners who bounded the property in question. Information was transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE, September 1999. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
#NameNature of ClaimResidentDate
of Entry
62Thomas COOPERCut out of woodsThos. COOPER--
64William BRODERICK Purchased from John & Sarah WELLSDaniel DUGGAN1804(bounded on N by John LILLY on the S By Thom. COOPER on the E by Ann PENDERGRAST) (John ELLIOTT holds the houses, Wm. BRODERICK holds the rest June 1/11)
65John LILLY (say Mary LOWE)Purchased from Mary LoweWm. BARRETT1804
66Wm. BUSSEYCut out of woodsWm. BUSSEY1788
67John BUSSEYDeed of gift from Rd. BUSSEYJohn BUSSEY SR.1796
68Thomas LANEDeed of gift from Wm. HUNTJohn BUSSEY SR.1791
69Geo GAUDIN JR.Deed of gift from Frances HISCOCK G. GOUDY JR1791(bounded on W by Wm BRODERICK on N by Geo. GOUDY Sr. -- dispute - left to decision of Henry GARLAND and Chas. NORMORE, signed Charles CARROLL 6 May 1806)
70Mary DIMONDDeed of gift from her fatherGeo. DIMOND1803
71George GOWDY SR.Purchased from Geo. ESSEX for 8G. GOWDY Sr. 1786(Bounded E by Geo. GOWDY Jr. on W by Ann SNELGROVE on S by Geo. GOWDY Jr.)
72William BRODERICKPurchased from Wm. WHITE for 20 Wm. BRODERICK1803(Bounded on E by Geo GOWDY Jr on W by Thos. COOPER & Ann SNELGROVE on N by Ann SNELGROVE)
73Thomas COOPERBequeathed by his grandfather's will Thomas COOPER1781(Bounded on E by Wm. BRODERICK and on W & N by Ann SNELGROVE)
74Ann SNELGROVEDeed of gift from her father-in-law Ann SNELGROVE1756(Bounded on E by Thos. COOPER on W by John LOCK on N. by Samuel SIMMONDS on E by Geo. GOWDY Sr on W by John LOCK)
75John LOCK Bequeathed to Elizabeth LOCK John LOCK1770(Bounded on E by Ann SNELGROVE by her grandfather's will on W by Chas NORMORE on N by Robert BUSSEY)
76Chas. NORMOREDeed of gift from Elizabeth LOCKChas. NORMORE1757(Bounded on E by John LOCK on W by Ann SNELGROVE and Hen. GARLAND on N by Jas. SIMMONDS)
77Henry GARLAND Bequeathed to him in his father's willH. GARLAND1790(Bounded on E by Chas. NORMORE on W by Wm. GARLAND and Ann SNELGROVE's void room and on N by Joseph MARTIN)
78Wm. GARLANDBequeathed to him by father's will Wm. GARLAND1790(Bounded on E by Ann SNELGROVE on W by Hauling Place and on N by John MORRIS)
79Ann SNELGROVE Purchased from John PHILLIPS for 9Ann SNELGROVE1756(Bounded on E by Chas NORMORE on N by Henry & Wm. GARLAND; half of a meadow formerly in dispute between Thos COOPER and Ann SNELGROVE - staked out by me this 6th day of May 1806 - Chas. CARROLL)
80John MORRIS Cut and clearedJohn & Thos. MORRIS1766(Bounded on W by Thos ROBBINS) Name of party claiming right - John & Thomas & William MORRIS, James MORRIS deceased children and Rachael SPARKS
81Edward & William WELLER andBequeathed by their grandfather-in-law's willEdward & William WELLER1797John FAGNER (Bounded on E by John MORRIS on W by Thos. ROBBINS on S by Phillip LEWIS)
82Thomas ROBBINS Bequeathed by grandfather in law's will Thos. ROBBINS1789(Bounded on E by John MORRIS and on W by Robert JOHNSON)
83Philip LUCE Purchased from James JOHNSTON Philip LUCE1768(Bounded on N by WELLERS & ROBBINS and on W by Robt. JOHNSON)
84Samuel SIMMONDSCut out of woodsS. SIMMONDS1788
85Garland COURAGECut out of woodsGarland COURAGE1806
86Robert BUSSEYBy deed of gift by his fatherRt. BUSSEY1804(John BUSSEY's son)
87Joseph BUSSEYBy deed of gift by his father Jos. BUSSEY1805
88Abram MARTINCut out of woodsAbram MARTIN1805
89James SIMMONDSPurchased from Henry NORMOREJas. SIMMONDS1800
90David READCut out of woodsD. READ1799
91Jas. OVERCut out of woodsDavid READ1791
92Edward LOWECut out of woodsEdward LOWE1790
93Geo. STREETCut out of woodsGeorge STREET1803
94Joseph MARTIN of Grates CoveBy his father-in-law's deed of giftleased to John LILLY1784(Bounded on S by Chas NORMORE on N by John MORRIS & David READ and on E by Chas. NORMORE)
95John LILLYPurchased from E.W., T.R.and John LILLY1806Ann SNELGROVE for 2
96Robert JOHNSONPurchased from Cath. WALSH for 5Rt. JOHNSON1798
97George DIMONDPart Cut out of woods and part aboveGeorge DIMOND1805path by gift from Philip SHANO
98Ann SNELGROVE purchased from Geo. MOORES for 3Ann SNELGROVE1802(Bounded on W by commons, on E by Geo. GOUDY Sr. and on S by Sam'l SIMMONDS)

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