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Lower Island Cove United Church Cemetery (Partial)

Information presented only contains the factual data, names and dates. The abbreviations used are: d.= date; Y = years; M = months if following a number; W = wife; H = husband; S = son; D = daughter; F = father and M = mother. Where two people were listed on one headstone and it was readily apparent that they were husband and wife, H or W of.... was added in such cases. Family information know to the authors appear in brackets. While every attempt was made to ensure accuracy, if a discrepancy is noted the a ctual headstone inscription shoud take precedence.

Headstone inscriptions were collected and compiled by GERALD & MARGARET HEAD MAJOR, May 1999. While WE have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

SHANO, John15 May 1837 - 15 Dec 1896S of Philip and Dinah
LeSHANE, Georged. 1 Oct 190763Y
LeSHANA, Edwardd. 11 Sep 188427Y
LeSHANA, Charlesd. 12 Sep 188261Y
LeSHANA, Charlesd. 12 Jun 188192Y
LeSHANA, Charlesd. 1 Sep 188772Y
LeSHANO, Mary Janed. 14 Apr 189136Y
CRITCH, Lily Annd. 24 Mar 190638Y. W of Simeon Critch.
SPARKS, Mary Annd. 7 May 188447Y. W of George Sparks
SPARKS, Georged. 1 Mar 191482Y
SHANO, Georginad. 8 Aug 188110M. Sister of Georgina Shano.
SHANO, Georginad. 11 Apr 18916Y. Sister of Georgina.
SPARKS, Emily Janed. 19 Jan 191034Y. W of Herbert Sparks.
SPARKS, Magdalined. 6 Aug 190755Y. W of Tobias Sparks.
SPARKS, Elizabethd. 17 Jul 187565Y. M of Caleb Sparks.
SPARKS, Caleb8 Oct 187432Y. S of Elizabeth.
SPARKS, Susannad. 1 Aug 190357Y. W of Joseph Sparks.
SPARKS, Simeond. 13 Aug 187910Y. S of Joseph and Susanna Sparks.
SPARKS, Edward20 May 188410Y. S of Joseph and Susanna Sparks.
SPARKES, Josephd. 25 Oct 191070Y. F of Simeon and Edward Sparkes.
SPARKES, Georged. 28 Jan 191752Y. H of Jessie Sparkes
SPARKES, Harryno date2Y. S of George and Jessie Sparks.
SPARKS, Agustusd. 28 Sep 190021Y. S of John and Rosanna Sparks. Killed in mine in Hillsborough N.S.
SPARKES, Josephine1 Aug 1885-24 May 1944W of Ephraim Sparkes.
SPARKES, Ephraim19 Jul 1885-1 Aug 1934H of Josephine Sparkes.
SPARKES, Miriamd. 7 Jun 196082Y
SPARKES, Gladys Md. 10 Jan 193723Y. D of Miriam and Simeon Sparkes.
LESHANE, Charles1887 - 1972H of Susie M Leshane.
LESHANE, Susie M1896 - 1987W of Charles Leshane.
SPARKES, Joseph H1912 - 1994H of Ethel Sparkes.
SPARKES, Bertha1899 - 1987W of Sparkes, Leshane and Harry Cooper.
COOPER, Harry1897 - 9 Oct 194447Y. Husband of Bertha Sparkes.
REID, Susannahd. 7 Jan 191483Y. W of Charles Reid.
REID, Rachel Janed. 15 Nov192968Y. W of Ben Reid.
GILLINGHAM, Liyiad. 11 Apr 194668Y. W of John G Gillingham.
SHAW, Walter1918 - 1981
MANUEL, Rebecca Driscoll21 Oct 1877-23 Jul 1966
SPARKS, Calebd. 12 Feb 194074Y. H of Naomi Sparks
SPARKS, Philip Louis21 Dec 1889- 5 Oct 1985H of Bertha L Sparks
LESHANE, Raymond E1924 - 1991H of Loretta P Leshane.
LESHANE, Loretta P1923-1994W of Raymond E Leshane.
MANUEL, Gordon C22 Jan 1910-17 Oct 1996H of Winnifred.
MANUEL, Winnifred19 Aug 1910-5 Apr 1998W of Gordon C Manuel.
GILLINGHAM, Susannahd.15 Aug 193780Y. W of Samuel Gillingham.
GILLINGHAM, Samueld. 9 Mar 193285Y. H of Susannah.
LeSHANE, Philipd. 9 Jun 192567Y. H of Mary Ann.
LeSHANE, Mary Annd. 21 Sep 195290Y. W of Philip LeShane.
LeSHANE, Elizabethd. 17 May 192178Y.
LeSHANE, Josephd. 15 Sep 193179 1/2 Y
GILLINGHAM, Charlesd. 11 Nov 193988Y. H of Sarah.
GILLINGHAM, Sarahd. 19 Mar 194585Y. W of Charles Gillingham.
GILLINGHAM, William Georged. 9 Jun 192234Y. S of Charles and Sarah.

NameDescription of ErrorMy Name
SHAW My sister, Edith Shaw, (approx 6 month old) circa 1953, is buried at the foot of my grandfather 's Alexander LeShane and wife Edith grave. No headstone or marker has been errected. Brian Shaw
SHAW Missing from headstone data is my grandfather, Isaiah Shaw (died circa 1974) buried alongside wife Mary (nee Snelgrove, died circa 1963) Brian Shaw
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