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Conception Bay North - Northern District

Lower Island Cove

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY & SUSAN SNELGROVE ~ February 1999. While we have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.
Browning, William H.Lower Island Cove
Bowns, Joseph"
Bowns, James"
Bowns, William"
Bowns, William J."
Bowns, Allan"
Bowns, Isaac"
Bowns, Henry N."
Broderick, Michael"
Broderick, William srLower Island Cove
Broderick, William jr"
Bursey, Herbert"
Bursey, Ebenezer"
Bursey, Jabez"
Bursey, William"
Bursey, Charles"
Bursey, John"
Bursey, Allan G."
Cooper, George jr"
Cooper, Philip S."
Cooper, William Thomas"
Cooper, Allan G."
Cooper, William"
Cooper, George sr"
Cooper, Ishmael"
Cooper, William of Thomas"
Champion, Hedley"
Champion, William John"
Champion, Henry"
Champion, Cecil G."
Driscoll, William"
Driscoll, Noah"
Dale, John"
Faulkner, John"
Faulkner, JamesLower Island Cove
Faulkner, George"
Faulkner, John C."
Garland, Lorenzo"
Garland, Henry G."
Garland, William"
Garland, John "
Garland, Joseph"
Garland, Stephen"
Garland, Henry"
Garland, Lemeul"
Garland, Elisha"
Garland, Alexander jr"
Garland, Josiah"
Garland, Jordan"
Garland, Josephus"
Garland, Jonathan"
Garland, Thomas"
Garland, Simeon"
Garland, James"
Garland, Charles"
Garland, Alexander sr"
Garland, William J."
Garland, Eli"
Gillingham, John"
Gillingham, John C."
Gillingham, James"
Gillingham, Charles srLower Island Cove
Gillingham, Charles jr"
Gillingham, George"
Gillingham, Samuel"
Gillingham, Eli"
Gillingham, George of Samuel"
Green, Norman"
Hodder, John"
Hudson, Allan G. J.P."
Hudson, Louis G."
Johnson, Stephen"
Johnson, William"
Johnson, John"
Johnson, Joseph"
Johnson, George"
Louis, Henry"
Louis, Silas"
Louis, Frederick"
Louis, John Wesley"
Louis, William"
Louis, Edward"
Louis, Josiah"
Louis, Heman"
Louis, William of Edward"
Louis, Corbet"
Louis, Josiah of AbrahamLower Island Cove
Louis, Abraham"
Louis, Leonard"
Louis, Heber"
Louis, John W."
Louis, Herbert E."
Louis, James B."
Louis, Simeon"
Lowe, Edgar"
LeShane, William John"
LeShane, Horatio"
LeShane, Archibald"
LeShane, Edward"
LeShane, Joseph"
LeShane, Philip"
LeShane, George Edward"
LeShane, Alexander"
LeShane, Charles"
LeShane, Kenneth"
LeShane, Allan"
Martin, Joseph"
Morris, John"
Morris, Eleazer"
Morris, Timothy"
Morris, William George"
Morris, Jethro"
Morris, Robert Ches"
Morris, WillisLower Island Cove
Morris, Joseph William"
Morris, Jabez"
Morris, Joseph"
Morris, Benjamin"
Morris, Herbert"
Morris, Kenneth"
Morris, Stephen"
Morris, Hedly"
Morris, William Henry"
Morris, Thomas Robert"
Morris, Charles"
Manuel, John"
Manuel, Alfred"
Manuel, Frederick"
Napman, Elisha"
Napman, William Thomas"
Napman, William"
Napman, Joseph"
Napman, Howard"
Napman, Berkeley"
Napman, Arthur"
Rixon, Samuel"
Rixon, William"
Rixon, Joseph"
Rixon, Arthur D."
Rogers, WilliamLower Island Cove
Rogers, Robert"
Rogers, John"
Robbins, Thomas"
Robbins, William"
Robbins, Thomas sr"
Robbins, John"
Robbins, George"
Reid, George"
Reid, Eli"
Reid, Charles"
Reid, Thomas"
Reid, Benjamin"
Reid, Edward"
Reid, Albert"
Reid, Thomas of Solomon"
Sparkes, Charles"
Sparkes, Caleb"
Sparkes, John"
Sparkes, William"
Sparkes, Joseph"
Sparkes, Ephraim"
Sparkes, Tobias"
Sparkes, Herbert"
Sparkes, Simeon"
Sparkes, George"
Sparkes, Jabez"
Sparkes, Peter LouisLower Island Cove
Sparkes, George of Thomas"
Snelgrove, John"
Snelgrove, John George"
Snelgrove, Abram jr"
Snelgrove, Levi"
Snelgrove, Abram sr"
Snelgrove, Jordan"
Snelgrove, Obediah"
Snelgrove, Willis"
Snelgrove, William James"
Snelgrove, Abram John"
Snelgrove, Philip"
Snelgrove, William"
Snelgrove, Benjamin"
Street, James"
Street, William"
Street, George"
Thorne, William"
Thorne, Simeon"
Thorne, Jabez"
Turner, Edwin jr"
Turner, Joseph"
Turner, Edwin sr"
Turner, William Henry"
Turner, Charles"
Turner, Hubert"
Turner, John"
Vail, John Thomas"
Vail, John"
Vail, Alexander Ches"
Vail, William"
Vail, James"
Whealer [sic], John"
Wheeler, Jabez"
Wheeler, Joshua"
Wheeler, George"
Wheeler, John of Jabez"
Wheeler, Ambrose"
Wheeler, John of Edward"
Wheeler, Eli"
Wheeler, John James"
Wiltshire, William George"
Wiltshire, John"

NameDescription of ErrorMy Name
Napman Napman sould be Knapman. Elisha Knapman was my Father's Grandfather and the last name is spelled Knapman. Most references to Lower Island Cove for the name Knapman is incorectly spelled Napman. Cathy Knapman

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