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Lower Island Cove

The information was transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE ~ January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation
BRODERICK, Williamfisherman
BRODERICK, Michaelfisherman
BUSSEY, Jabezfisherman
BUSSEY, Georgefisherman
BUSSEY, Williamfisherman
BUSSEY, Johnfisherman
BOUNDS, Jamesfisherman
BOUNDS, Williamfisherman
BOUNDS, Isaacfisherman
CHAMPION, Henryfisherman
CHAMPION, Samuelfisherman
COOPER, Thomasfisherman
COOPER, Williamfisherman
COOPER, Georgegeneral dealer
COOPER, Hezekiahfisherman
COOPER, Philipfisherman
COOPER, Ishmealfisherman
CUMMINS, Williamfarmer
CUMMINS, Johnfisherman
CUMMINS, Charlesfisherman
CRITCH, Simeonfisherman
DRISCOLL, Williamfisherman
DRISCOLL, Noahfisherman
FAGNER, John (Geo)fisherman
FAGNER, Edwardfisherman
FAGNER, John (Edw)fisherman
GREEN, Jobfisherman
GREEN, Johnfisherman
GARLAND, Henry Geofisherman
GARLAND, Henry, sr.fisherman
GARLAND, Elishafisherman
GARLAND, Josephfisherman
GARLAND, James (Steph)fisherman
GARLAND, Thomas (Thos)fisherman
GARLAND, James (Thos)fisherman
GARLAND, Josiahfisherman
GARLAND, Jonathonfisherman
GARLAND, Thomas (Jonath)fisherman
GARLAND, Abelfisherman
GARLAND, Eligeneral dealer
GARLAND, Alexanderfisherman
GARLAND, Johnfisherman
GILLINGHAM, Jamesfisherman
GILLINGHAM, Charlesfisherman
GILLINGHAM, Samuelfisherman
GILLINGHAM, Johnfisherman
HUDON, Allan Gfisherman
JOHNSON, Stephen sr.fisherman
JOHNSON, Johnfisherman
JOHNSON, Josephfisherman
JOHNSON, Thomasfisherman
JOHNSON, Williamfisherman
JOHNSON, Stephen, jr.fisherman
LOUIS, John Wesleytrader
LOUIS, Herbert E.fisherman
LOUIS, Josiah, Jr.fisherman
LOUIS, Henryfisherman
LOUIS, Josiah, sr.fisherman
LOUIS, Abrahamfisherman
LOUIS, William sr.fisherman
LOUIS, Edwardfisherman
LOUIS, Carlottefisherman
LOUIS, Simeonfisherman
LOUIS, William jr.fisherman
LOUIS, Peter jr.fisherman
LOUIS, Geo W.fisherman
LOUIS, George sr.fisherman
LOUIS, James C.fisherman
LOUIS, Nehemiahfisherman
LOWE, Edgarfisherman
LOUIS, Frederickfisherman
MORRIS, John (Timothy)fisherman
MORRIS, Eleazarfisherman
MORRIS, Josephfisherman
MORRIS, Benjaminfisherman
MORRIS, Willisfisherman
MORRIS, William Henryfisherman
MORRIS, Albertfisherman
MORRIS, Thomasfisherman
MORRIS, Jamesfisherman
MORRIS, John (Jas)fisherman
MORRIS, Charlesfisherman
MORRIS, John sr.fisherman
MANUEL, Alfredfisherman
MANUEL, Eliasfisherman
MANUEL, Frederickfisherman
MANUEL, Johnfisherman
MANUEL, Haywardfisherman
NAPMAN, Wm. Henryfisherman
NAPMAN, Josephfisherman
NAPMAN, Wm. Thomasfisherman
RAXFORD, Williamfisherman
ROBBINS, Thomasfisherman
ROBBINS, Georgefisherman
ROBBINS, Williamfisherman
ROBBINS, Calebfisherman
REID, Albertfisherman
REID, Williamfisherman
REID, Benjaminfisherman
REID, Solomonfisherman
REID, Thomasfisherman
REID, Edwardfisherman
REID, Simeonfisherman
REID, Charlesfisherman
ROGERS, Johnfisherman
ROGERS, Levifisherman
SPARKS, Johnfisherman
SPARKS, George jr.fisherman
SPARKS, Charlesfisherman
SPARKS, Elifisherman
SPARKS, Jabezfisherman
SPARKS, Williamfisherman
SPARKS, George sr.fisherman
SPARKS, Thomasfisherman
SPARKS, Josephfisherman
SPARKS, George (Jos)fisherman
SPARKS, Eliabfisherman
SPARKS, Simeonfisherman
SPARKS, Tobiasfisherman
STREET, Johnfisherman
SNELGROVE, Frederickfisherman
SNELGROVE, George (Fredk)fisherman
SNELGROVE, Wm Jamesfisherman
SNELGROVE, Jacobfisherman
SNELGROVE, John (Jacob)fisherman
SNELGROVE, John (Geo)fisherman
SNELGROVE, Abrahamfisherman
SNELGROVE, Jamesfisherman
SNELGROVE, Levifisherman
SNELGROVE, John (Phil)fisherman
SNELGROVE, Joshuafisherman
SNELGROVE, Williamfisherman
SNELGROVE, Philipfisherman
SNELGROVE, Isaacfisherman
SNELGROVE, Haywardfisherman
SNELGROVE, Benjaminfisherman
SNELGROVE, Jobfisherman
SNELGROVE, Wm. Johnfisherman
SNELGROVE, George (Job)fisherman
SHANO, Numanfisherman
SHANO, Charlesfisherman
SHANO, Josephfisherman
SHANO, Simeonfisherman
SHANO, Johnfisherman
SHANO, Archibaldfisherman
SHANO, Jabezfisherman
SHANO, Georgefisherman
SHANO, Francisfisherman
SHANO, Philipfisherman
TRATT, Rev., W.R.
THORN, Williamfisherman
TURNER, Edwin sr.general dealer
TURNER, Wm. Henryfisherman
TURNER, Joseph (Edw)fisherman
TURNER, Horatiofisherman
TURNER, Charlesfisherman
TURNER, Joseph sr.cooper
TURNER, Edwin jr.fisherman
TURNER, Johnfisherman
TRENCHARD, Johnfisherman
TRENCHARD, Wmblacksmith
VAIL, Johnfisherman
VAIL, John T.fisherman
VAIL, George sr.fisherman
VAIL, George jr.fisherman
VAIL, Williamfisherman
WILTSHIRE, Josephfisherman
WILTSHIRE, Wm Geofisherman
WILTSHIRE, Johnfisherman
WILTSHIRE, James H.fisherman
WHEELER, Williamfisherman
WHEELER, John sr.fisherman
WHEELER, Eliasfisherman
WHEELER, Jamesfisherman
WHEELER, Georgefisherman
WHEELER, John jr.fisherman

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