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Conception Bay North - Northern District

Lower Small Point

The information was transcribed by CARRIE CORSBY ~ February 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation
CRAMM, Johngeneral dealer
CRAMMM, Georgegeneral dealer
CRAMM, Edwardfisherman
FLIGHT, Richardfisherman
FLIGHT, Manassehfisherman
FLIGHT, Zebedeefisherman
FLIGHT, Henryfisherman
FLIGHT, Edwardfisherman
FLIGHT, Reubenfisherman
FLIGHT, Jabezfisherman
FLIGHT, Samuelfisherman
FLIGHT, Eleazerfisherman
FLIGHT, Jasfisherman
HOLLETT, Edwardfisherman
HOLLETT, William T.fisherman
HOLLETT, Reubenfisherman
HOLLETT, Samuelfisherman
HOLLETT, Edward T.fisherman
MOORES, Thomasfisherman
MOORES, Williamfisherman
MULLEY, Edwardfisherman
MULLEY, Jasfisherman
NOFTLE, Thomasfisherman
NOFTLE, Archibaldfisherman
NOFTLE, Johnfisherman
NOFTLE, Williamfisherman
PIPPY, Thomasfisherman
PIPPY, William Josephfisherman
PEACH, Johnfisherman
PEACH, Samuelfisherman
PEACH, Robertfisherman
PEACH, Jethrofisherman
PEACH, John R.fisherman
PEACH, Thomasfisherman
PEACH, Jamesfisherman
RIDDLE, Thomasfisherman
RIDDLE, Frederickfisherman
RIDDLE, Williamfisherman
RIDDLE, Nicholasfisherman
REYNOLDS, Williamfisherman
REYNOLDS, Nicholasfisherman
THISTLE, Matthew A.general dealer
THISTLE, Ebenezergeneral dealer
THISTLE, Matthewgeneral dealer
THISTLE, William H.general dealer
VAUGHAN, Emmanuelfisherman
VAUGHAN, Williamfisherman
VAUGHAN, Edwardfisherman
VAUGHAN, Georgefisherman

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