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1935 Census

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A ? mark indicates an entry that was difficult to read and therefore the accuracy is suspect. A census is a finding aid and should not be treated as a primary source of information. The 1935 census also gives information as to the value of the home, how many rooms, if owned or rented, place of birth, religion, occupation, income and if the family owned a radio. Information was obtained from photocopies of the microfilm of the 1935 Newfoundland Census, obtained from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Queen Elizabeth II Library, St. John's, NF, Canada, A1B 3Y1. It was transcribed by ELEANOR ATKINSON, Rochester, NH, USA ~ May 1999. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors.
Trickett, ThomasHeadMM57
Trickett, AdelineWifeFM56
Trickett, IreneDaughterFS17

Trickett, AndrewHeadMM30
Trickett, MayWifeFM26
Trickett, ThomasSonMS5
Trickett, JuliaDaughterFS2 months

Trickett, JohnHeadMM53
Trickett, JaneWifeFM50
Trickett, EllaDaughterFS9

Trickett, HaroldHeadMM26
Trickett, OliveWifeFM23
Trickett, MillicentDaughterFS6
Trickett, GeraldSonMS4

Trickett, SarahHeadFW59
Trickett, GeorgeSonMS27
Trickett, FrederickSonMS23
Trickett, MarcellaDaughterFS21
Trickett, PearlDaughterFS16

Trickett, GeorgeHeadMS54

Trickett, ElizahHeadMW70

Trickett, JohnHeadMM41
Trickett, CatherineWifeFM27
Trickett, RoySonMS19
Trickett, MableDaughterFS12
Trickett, EdwardSonMS12
Trickett, EmmaDaughterFS8
Trickett, GeorgeSonMS4

Trickett, ReubenHeadMM28
Trickett, JessieWifeFM27
Trickett, ArthurSonMS9
Trickett, DorisDaughterFS7
Trickett, ChesterSonMS5

Trickett, JamesHeadMM57
Trickett, MargarettWifeFM55

Trickett, SamuelHeadMM49
Trickett, LouisaWifeFM4?
Trickett, JessieDaughterFS21
Trickett, WallaceSonMS17
Trickett, MargarettDaughterFS13

Kelloway, AllanHeadMM48
Kelloway, CatherineWifeFM44
Kelloway, HildaDaughterFS22
Kelloway, AnnieDaughterFS18
Kelloway, PhilisDaughterFS13
Kelloway, ErichSonMS16

Trickett, EarnestHeadMM44
Trickett, JaneWifeFM40
Trickett, WarrickSonMS21
Trickett, MinnieDaughterFS19
Trickett, WesleyDaughterFS17
Trickett, DorisDaughterFS11

Trickett, ElizaHeadFW50
Trickett, MyrtleDaughterFS17

Trickett, ElizahHeadMM44
Trickett, BessieWifeFM45
Trickett, AlfredaDaughterFS22
Trickett, HubertSonMS20
Trickett, GilbertSonMS19
Trickett, MaryDaughterFS16
Trickett, LewisSonMS14
Trickett, MildredDaughterFS9
Trickett, JoyceDaughterFS2

Trickett, ThomasHeadMM66
Trickett, RachaelWifeFM66

Trickett, StewartHeadMM31
Trickett, GeorgeinaWifeFM26
Trickett, AlbertaDaughterFS6
Trickett, RuthDaughterFS4

Kelloway, MichaelHeadMM58
Kelloway, SarahWifeFM5?
Kelloway, JabezSonMS22
Kelloway, LeonardSonMS19

Kelloway, WilliamHeadMM28
Kelloway, HildaWifeFM27

Kelloway, BerthaHeadFW60
Kelloway, JennieDaughterFS21
Kelloway, ElizabethDaughterFS19
Murray, WilliamBrotherMS65

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