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Conception Bay North Region - Northern District

Western Bay North

The information was transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE ~ January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation
BOYCE, Thomasblacksmith
COLBERT, Thomasfisherman
DOYLE, Johnfisherman
FORD, Thomas, jr.fisherman
FORD, Jeremiahfisherman
FORD, Edwardfisherman
FORD, Thomas, sr.fisherman
FITZGERALD, Williamfisherman
(Note: the entries down to PENNEY, George sr., all say "do", meaning ditto under the word school teacher. It is unlikely that all these people are school teachers, so I am making the assumption that they should be fishermen.)
FITZGERALD, Thomasfisherman
FITZGERALD, Richard, sr.fisherman
FITZGERALD, Richard jr.fisherman
FITZGERALD, John (Jno)fisherman
FITZGERALD, Mauricefisherman
FITZGERALD, John (Maur)fisherman
FUDGE, Johnfisherman
FUDGE, Williamfisherman
FORD, Danielfisherman
HOWELL, Johnfisherman
JACKSON, Henryfisherman
JENKINS, Johnfisherman
JENKINS, William Thomasfisherman
McCARTHY, Jamesfisherman
McCARTHY, Johnfisherman
McGARTHY, Richardfisherman
(Note: above entry should be McCarthy?)
McGUIRE, Thomasfisherman
McDONALD, James (Jas)fisherman
McDONALD, Patrickfisherman
McDONALD, James (Wm)fisherman
McDONALD, Samuelfisherman
McDONALD, Williamfisherman
PENNEY, Robertfisherman
PERRY, Robertfisherman
PENNEY, Oliver (Oliver)fisherman
PENNEY, Noahfisherman
PERRY, William, sr.fisherman
PERRY, George (Wm)fisherman
PERRY, Samsonfisherman
PENNEY, Samuelfisherman
PENNEY, Johnfisherman
PENNEY, Oliver (Jno)fisherman
PENNEY, George (Jno)fisherman
PENNEY, Solomon (Jno)fisherman
PENNEY, William (Jno)fisherman
PENNEY, George, sr.fisherman
PENNEY, Robertfarmer
PENNEY, William (Jas)fisherman
PERRY, George, sr.fisherman
PERRY, George (Geo)fisherman
PERRY, Noahfisherman
RIGGS, Thomasfisherman
RILLEY, Patrickfisherman
RIDOUT, Phillipfisherman
SHORT, Johnfisherman
SILLARS, Stephen  ***See Errata table below for all SILLARS entriesfisherman
SILLARS, William Hfisherman
SILLARS, Reubenfisherman
SILLARS, Isaac (Jno)fisherman
SILLARS, Nicholasfisherman
SILLARS, Alexanderfisherman
SILLARS, Danielfisherman
SILLARS, Williamfisherman
SILLARS, Jabezfisherman
SILLARS, Absalomfisherman
SILLARS, Elifisherman
SILLARS, Johnfisherman
SILLARS, Georgefisherman
SULLIVAN, Williamplanter
SULLIVAN, Davidfisherman
TOBIN, Johnfisherman
WALSH, Jamesfisherman
WALSH, John (Maurice)fisherman
WALSH, Patrick (Thos)fisherman
WALSH, John (Michael)fisherman
WALSH, Michaelfisherman
WALSH, Patrick (Jno)fisherman
WALSH, Richardfisherman
WHITEWAY, Markfisherman
WILCOX, Samuelfisherman
WILCOX, Williamfisherman

NameDescription of ErrorMy Name
SILLARS Surnames should be spelled SELLARS Ralph Sellars

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