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The information was transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE~ January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation
BUTT, Williamfisherman
BUTT, Robertfisherman
BUTT, Markfisherman
BUTT, Edmondplanter
BUTT, Samuelfisherman
BUTT, Williamfisherman
BUTT, Richardfisherman
BISHOP, Albertfisherman
BOYCE, Williamfisherman
COOPER, Charlesfisherman
COOPER, Henry Jfisherman
CROWLEY, James (Wm)fisherman
CROWLEY, John (Wm.)
CROWLEY, James H.fisherman
CROWLEY, Williamfisherman
CROWLEY, Edwardfisherman
CROWLEY, James (Jas)fisherman
CROWLEY, John (Jas)fisherman
CROWLEY, Elifisherman
CRUMMY, William (Jas)planter
CRUMMY, Henry J.fisherman
CRUMMY, Eligeneral dealer
CRUMMY, Lewisgeneral dealer
CRUMMY, Joseph (Jas)fisherman
CRUMMY, James (Jas)fisherman
CRUMMY, John (Jas)fisherman
CRUMMY, James (Jas)fisherman
CRUMMY, James (Thos)fisherman
CRUMMY, Stephenfisherman
CRUMMY, Frederickfisherman
CRUMMY, Joseph (Jos)fisherman
CRUMMY, Lorenzofisherman
CRUMMY, Edward (Jno)fisherman
CRUMMY, Simeonfisherman
CRUMMY, William (Sim)fisherman
CRUMMY, James W.fisherman
CRUMMY, Edward (Richd)fisherman
CRUMMY, Joseph (Edward)fisherman
DOLTON, Juliasfisherman
DOLTON, Williamfisherman
DOLTON, Frederickfisherman
DOLTON, Jamesfisherman
DOLTON, Thomasfisherman
DOLTON, Jeremiahfisherman
DOLTON, Matthewfisherman
DWYRE, Williamfisherman
DWYRE, John T.fisherman
EVENS, Johnfisherman
EVENS, Henryfisherman
EVENS, Jethrofisherman
EVENS, Solomonfisherman
FAHEY, Williamfisherman
FAHEY, William (Phil, sr)fisherman
FAHEY, Davidfisherman
FAHEY, Michaelfisherman
FAHEY, Philipfisherman
FAHEY, John (Phil, sr)fisherman
FOLLETT, William (Michl)fisherman
FOLLETT, Michaelfisherman
FOLLETT, William (Wm.)fisherman
FOLLETT, Henryfisherman
FOLLETT, Nathanielfisherman
FOLLETT, Jamesfisherman
FOLLETT, Thomasfisherman
FOLLETT, Frederick (Jas)fisherman
FOLLETT, John, sr,fisherman
FOLLETT, John (Jno)carpenter
FOLLETT, Elijahfisherman
FOLLETT, Frederick (Jno)fisherman
FOLLETT, William (Jno)fisherman
FOLLETT, Silas (Jno)fisherman
FITZGERALD, Patrickfisherman
FITZGERALD, Edwardfisherman
FITZGERALD, Johnfisherman
FAHEY, John (James)fisherman
FAHEY, Michael (Michl)fisherman
FAHEY, Thomas (Wm)fisherman
HALFYARD, teacher
KING, Robertfisherman
KING, Williamfisherman
KING, Henryfisherman
KING, Ambrosefisherman
KING, Levifisherman
KING, Johnfisherman
KENDELL, Rev. WmMethodist
KENNEY, William (Jas)fisherman
(Note: above entry should be Kennedy?)
KENNEDY, James, jr.fisherman
KENNEDY, Edwardfisherman
KENNEDY, Robertfisherman
KENNEDY, Solomonfisherman
KENNEDY, Obadiahfisherman
KENNEDY, Philipfisherman
KENNEDY, Johnfisherman
KENNEDY, Levifisherman
KENNEDY, William (Phil)fisherman
KENNELL, John (Jno)fisherman
KENNEDY, Wm (Michl)general dealer
KENNEDY, Ewentelegraph operator
KENNEDY, Wm. W. (Jas)fisherman
KENNEDY, Michaelfisherman
KENNEDY, James sr.fisherman
KENNELL, Georgefisherman
KENNELL, John (Geo)fisherman
KENNELL, Markfisherman
KENNELL, Samuelfisherman
LOVEYS, Anthonyfisherman
LOVEYS, Markfisherman
LOVEYS, George L. (Anthy)fisherman
LOVEYS, Miles C.fisherman
LOVEYS, James W.fisherman
LOVEYS, George (Thos)fisherman
LOVEYS, Williamfisherman
LOVEYS, Jamesfisherman
LYNCH, John (David)fisherman
LYNCH, Michaelfisherman
LYNCH, Davidfisherman
LYNCH, John (Michl)school teacher
MOORES, John C.fisherman
MILLEY, Absolemfisherman
MILLEY, Edward (Abs)fisherman
MILLEY, Edward (Thos)fisherman
MILLEY, Solomonfisherman
MILLEY, Williamfisherman
MILLEY, John Thos.fisherman
MILLEY, John (Thos)fisherman
MILLEY, Thomasfisherman
MILLEY, Edward sr.fisherman
MILLEY, Eliasplanter
MILLEY, Peterfisherman
MILLEY, Alexgeneral dealer
MILLEY, Philipfisherman
MILLEY, Thomas (Phil)fisherman
MILLEY, Henryfisherman
MILLEY, Hughfisherman
NELSON, R Mphysician
PIERCY, Josephfisherman
PIERCY, Philipfisherman
ROSE, Georgefisherman
ROSE, Frederickfisherman
ROSE, Edwardfisherman
ROSE, Alfredfisherman
ROSE, Jamesfisherman
ROSE, John (Alfred)fisherman
ROSE, John (Philip)fisherman
ROSE, Williamfisherman
ROSE, John (Jno)fisherman

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