NL GenWeb 1921 Census Data

Conception Bay North Region ~ Bay Roberts District


It was transcribed, proofread and corrected by Frank Fitzpatrick. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.


Dock Newell John Head m m 60 1861 Sep Dock
Dock Newell Susanna Wife f m 54 1867 Apr Cupid's
Dock Newell Hester Dau f s 25 1896 Nov Dock
Dock Newell Louis Son m s 21 1900 Jan Dock

Dock Lacey William Head m m 45 1876 Jan Dock
Dock Lacey Selina Wife f m 36 1885 Jan Clarke's Beach

Dock Newell William Head m m 28 1893 Oct Dock
Dock Newell Sophia Wife f m 27 1894 Jun Wesleynia
Dock Newell Henry Brother m s 22 1899 Jul Dock
Dock Newell Ena Sister f s 19 1902 Jul Dock
Dock Newell Joseph Brother m s 17 1904 Jul Dock
Dock Newell Susanna Mother f w 58 1863 Feb Dock

Dock Curnew Hester Head m w 68 1853 May Coley's Point

Dock Newell Nathan Head m m 51 1870 Oct Dock
Dock Newell Priscilla Wife f m 50 1871 Sep Cupid's
Dock Newell Roy Son m s 18 1903 Apr Dock
Dock Newell Molly Dau f s 14 1906 Jan Dock

Dock Lacey Herbert Head m m 38 1883 Jul Dock
Dock Lacey Sarah Wife f m 29 1892 Mar Clarke's Beach
Dock Lacey Frederick Son m s 8 1913 Oct Dock
Dock Lacey Everett Son m s 7 1914 Nov Dock
Dock Lacey Harold Son m s 3 1918 Aug Dock

Dock Lacey Susanna Head f w 71 1850 Jul Dock
Dock Lacey Gilbert Son m s 36 1885 Sep Dock
Dock Lacey Donald Son m m 26 1894 Nov Dock
Dock Lacey Norah Dil f m 24 1897 Jan England
Dock Lacey Gilbert gson m s 1 1920 May Dock

Dock Lacey William Head m m 66 1855 Sep Dock
Dock Lacey Eliza Wife f m 58 1863 Mar Coley's Point
Dock Lacey Henry Son m s 22 1898 Oct Dock

Dock Bradbury Julia Head f w 75 1846 Jul Dock

Dock Tucker Jabez Head m m 48 1873 Sep Part de Grave
Dock Tucker Sarah Wife f m 47 1874 Jun Dock
Dock Tucker Mary Dau f s 17 1904 Dec Dock

Dock French Cyril Head m m 29 1892 Jun Bareneed
Dock French Ada Wife f m 23 1898 Nov Hodge's Cove
Dock French John Son m s 1 1920 Feb Bareneed
Dock French Irene Dau f s 1mo 1921 Aug Bareneed

Dock Batten James Head m m 48 1873 Sep Dock
Dock Batten Mary Wife f m 44 1876 Oct Clarke's Beach
Dock Batten Emma Dau f s 17 1904 Aug Dock
Dock Batten Ethel Dau f s 15 1906 Feb Dock
Dock Batten Ralph Son m s 12 1909 Aug Dock
Dock Batten Roland Son m s 5 1916 Sep Dock
Dock Batten Victor Son m s 2 1919 Aug Dock

Dock Bradbury Samuel Head m m 34 1887 Aug Beachy Cove
Dock Bradbury Jessie Wife f m 34 1887 Aug North River
Dock Bradbury Viola Dau f s 7 1913 Jan Beachy Cove
Dock Bradbury Selina Dau f s 6 1915 Jan Beachy Cove
Dock Bradbury Elizabeth Mother f w 68 1852 Oct Coley's Point

Dock Bradbury William Head m m 46 1875 Oct Beachy Cove
Dock Bradbury Mary Wife f m 44 1877 Mar Coley's Point
Dock Bradbury Sarah Dau f s 18 1902 Oct Beachy Cove
Dock Bradbury William Son f s 16 1905 May Glace Bay, NS
Dock Bradbury Irene Dau f s 14 1907 Aug Glace Bay, NS
Dock Bradbury Grace Aunt f w 88 1833 Aug Bay Roberts

Dock Curnew William Head m m 54 1867 Jul Bareneed
Dock Curnew Margaret Wife f m 39 1882 May Coley's Point
Dock Curnew Julia adau f s 16 1905 Mar Part de Grave
Dock Curnew Ebenezer ason m s 2 1919 Sep Part de Grave

Dock Seeley Abram Head m m 63 1858 Feb Bareneed
Dock Seeley Harriet Wife f m 61 1860 Sep Bay Roberts

Dock Bartlett Alfreda Head f w 60 1861 Dec Bay Roberts

Dock Petten Samuel Head f m 35 1886 Bareneed
Dock Petten Mary Wife m m 27 1894 Kelligrews
Dock Petten John Son m s 7 1914 Nov Bareneed

Dock Batten John Head m w 40 1886 Sep Bareneed
Dock Batten Llewelyn Son m s 19 1901 Sep Bareneed
Dock Batten Robert Son m s 15 1903 Aug Bareneed
Dock Batten Charles Son m s 11 1905 Jan Bareneed
Dock Batten Clara Dau f s 10 1910 Oct Bareneed
Dock Snow Emily Hkpr f s 25 1896 Sep Coley's Point

Dock Batten Thomas Head m w 39 1882 Jan Bareneed
Dock Batten Bertha Dau f s 9 1912 Aug Bareneed

Dock Batten Henry Head m w 50 1861 Dec Bareneed
Dock Batten William Son m s 18 1903 Sep Bareneed
Dock Batten Reginald Son m s 17 1904 Aug Bareneed
Dock Batten Grace Mother f w 88 1833 Aug Bareneed

Dock Batten John Head m w 55 1866 Oct Bareneed

Dock Curnew Edward Head m m 64 1857 Jan Bareneed
Dock Curnew Frances Wife f m 32 1889 Aug Twillingate

Dock Stevens John Head m w 59 1862 Aug Bareneed

Dock Newell Harold Head m s 30 1890 Oct Dock
Dock Newell Margaret Mother f w 72 1849 Oct Part de Grave


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