NL GenWeb 1904 McAlpine's Directory

Avalon South Region  - Conception Bay South District

Long Pond

The information was transcribed by VI SMITH.  While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.




Atkins Jacob fisherman
Aide Edward do
Aide James do
Atkins Frederick do
Boone William do
Bishop Henry do
Bishop Nathaniel do
Bishop John do
Baird Albert do
Baird Andrew do
Baird Thomas do
Baird James sr do
Baird James jr do
Baird William do
Butler Isaac do
Bishop Eli do
Burdey William do
Brien James do
Christopher John do
Dawe Johathan jr do
Dawe Joseph of Jona do
Dawe Jonathan sr do
Dawe John James do
Dawe William do
Dawe Samuel sr do
Dawe Samuel jr do
Dawe Zacariah do
Dawe Abraham do
Dawe James John do
Dawe Thomas do
Dawe Joseph, of Wm do
Dawe Isaac do
Dawe Jacob do
Dawe William do
Easons James do
Easons Joseph do
Greenslade Richard do
GreensladeThomas do
Greenslade Josepth do
Greenslade Thomas sr do
Greenslade Peter do
Greenslade Matthew sr do
Greenslade Henry do
Greenslade Hector do
Greenslade Matthew jr do
Greenslade Edward jr do
Greenslade John do
Greenslade Edward dr do
Kennedy George do
Kennedy Uriah do
Kennedy Benjamin do
Kennedy James do
Kennedy Richard do
Kennedy Edward do
Martin John fisherman
Morgan James do
Moores Joseph do
Nosworthy Wm do
Nosworthy Peter do
Nosworthy Thos do
Nosworthy James John do
Nosworthy Jacob do
Petten Henry do
Porter Abraham sr do
Porter Abraham jr do
Perran John do
Pope George do
Porter Jonathan do
Porter William do
Porter Jacob do
Porter Alfred do
Porter Benjamin do
Perran Joseph do
Porter William do
Perran Benjamin do
Porter Tobia do
Porter Joseph do
Porter Charles do
Porter Jonathan do
Petley Rev. Henry Church of England
Ridout Noah fisherman
Ridout John do
Ridout Edward do
Ridout Richard jr do
Ridout Abraham do
Ridout Job sr do
Ridout Charles do
Ridout Job jr do
Ridout Albert do
Ridout Benjamin do
Ridout Richard do
Sweetman William do
Sweetman John do
Stanley Charles do
Stanley William do
Stanley Josiah do
Searle Samuel do
Stanley James J do
Stanley Joseph do
Saunders Chas general dealer
Taylor Wm (Porter) fisherman
Taylor Uriah do
Taylor John do
Taylor Richard do
Taylor George do

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