NL GenWeb 1904 McAlpine's Directory

Avalon South Region  - Conception Bay South District

Topsail Proper

The information was transcribed by VI SMITH.  While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.




Atkins Charles laborer
Allen Thomas carpenter
Allen William licensed publican
Allen James sr carpenter
Allen James jr tel lineman
Allen Fredk farmer
Allen Archibald fisherman
Allen Robert blacksmith
Allen George carpenter
Allen William coachman
Brien James sr farmer
Brien Thomas do
Brien John do
Brien William do
Brien Jas.of Thomas do
Burnell Jas fruit confect'y
Brien Richard jr farmer
Brien Richard sr do
Brien William do
Boggan John do
Butler John general dealer
Butler Joseph carpenter
Butler John J. hotel and farmer
Barnes John nurse lunatic asylum
Barnes Robt laborer
Barnes Charles farmer
Barnes Wm nurse Lunatic Asylum
Barnes Albert farmer
Carter Chas G H do
Carter Herbert miner
Colley Rev. Edw Church of England
Duff Peter farmer
Drowns Thos cooper
Dawe John laborer
Flannery Edward farmer
Flannery Jh licenced publican
Gleeson Saml laborer
Gleeson John farmer
Geehan James sr do
Geehan John do
Geehan James jr do
Geehan Richard do
Herden George wheelwright
Harding Jemina wid Esau
Harding James fisherman
Heyfield Rev. Jes Methodist
Healy William laborer
Hibbs Alfred carpenter
Hibbs George farmer
Hibbs Edward laborer
Kennedy John laborer
Kennedy James farmer
Kearley Solomon carpenter
Miller Joseph sr foreman telegraph lineman
Miller Robert fisherman
Miller James sr cooper
Miller Joseph do
Miller James jr farmer
Miller Ananias do
Moyes Joseph Postmaster & mail carrier
Moyes James farmer
Metcalf Jas sr no occupation
Metcalf Jas jr laborer
Metcalf John laborer
Mercer Robt sr fisherman
Mercer George do
Mercer Robt jr do
Mercer Alex laborer
Mercer Stephen do
Mercer Abram do
Neville Gregory farmer
Neville James jr do
Neville James sr carpenter
Neville Patrick miner
Parmiter Samuel carpenter
Parmiter John fisherman
Parmiter Jas John do
Richards John laborer
Roach Richard blacksmith
Summers Jacob
Squires Saml sr fisherman
Squires John laborer
Squires Anania do
Squires Thomas fisherman
Swansborough Wm House Entertainment
Snow Elijah general dealer
Snow Alex no occupation
Squires Wm fisherman
Squires Nathaniel do
Squires Fredk do
Squires Azariah carpenter
Squires Saml jr House Entertainment

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