NL GenWeb 1871 Lovells Directory

Avalon South Region  - Conception Bay South District

Bell Island

The information was transcribed by VI SMITH.  While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.




Bickford, Henry Fisherman
Bennett, Edward Fisherman
Bennett, Francis Fisherman
Bennett, John Fisherman
Bowdran, John Fisherman
Bowdran, Medoph Fisherman
Brown, Patrick Fisherman
Brown, Thomas Fisherman
Clement, William Fisherman
Connors, John Farmer
Cooper, James Fisherman
Cummins, Anthony Fisherman
Cummins, James Farmer
Cummins, John Fisherman
Doyal, James Farmer
Dwyer, Dennis Fisherman
Dwyer, Edward Fisherman
Dwyer, John Fisherman
Dwyer, John Fisherman

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