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1921 Census

Seal Cove

Starts at Dwelling house #8.
This community was photocopied by SUE O'NEILL and transcribed by EILEEN WALSH, May 13, 1999. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Surname Given Name Relation Sex Marital
Birth Date Age Place of Birth
MORGANAbrahamMheadmarried1877 Sep44Indian Pond
MORGANEmilyFwifemarried1888 Apr33Port de Grave
MORGANEdwardMsonsingle1911 Jan10Seal Cove
ANTHONYRobertMheadmarried1879 Nov42Indian Pond
ANTHONYElizabethFwifemarried1896 Jan25Seal Cove
ANTHONYElfredaFdausingle1916 Oct5Seal Cove
ANTHONYJasMsonsingle1919 Jul2St John's
ANTHONYBessieFdausingle1908 Oct13Seal Cove
ANTHONYEmilyFdausingle1909 May12Seal Cove
C??lydrighRebeccaFcousinwidow1851 Apr70Twillingate
DAWEGeorge HenryMheadwidow1876 Jan45Seal Cove
DAWEMarieFdausingle1908 Jan13Seal Cove
DAWESusieFdausingle1912 May9Seal Cove
DAWEWalterMsonsingle1909 Apr12Seal Cove
DAWEGeorgeMsonsingle1914 Jun7Seal Cove
ANTHONYIsaacMheadmarried1868 Nov53Seal Cove
ANTHONYGertrudeFwifemarried1878 Dec43Topsail
ANTHONYFrancisFdausingle1910 Jul11Seal Cove
MORGANLearMheadmarried1878 May43Indian Pond
MORGANSusieFwifemarried1879 Nov42Fox Trap
MORGANHaroldMsonsingle1917 Aug4Seal Cove
LEARHenryMheadmarried1847 May74Bay Roberts
LEARSarahFwifemarried1871 Jul50Long Pond
KENNEDYWmMstep sonsingle1898 Oct23Fox Trap
KENNEDYAmbroseMstep sonsingle1903 Aug18Fox Trap
BUTLERCharlesMheadmarried1855 Aug66Seal Cove
BUTLEREmmaFwifemarried1875 Jul46Port de Grave
BUTLERReubenMsonsingle1899 Nov22Seal Cove
BUTLERLizzieFdausingle1904 Oct17Seal Cove
BUTLERMaryFdausingle1908 Dec13Seal Cove
BUTLERJacobMheadwidow1870 Nov51Seal Cove
BUTLERWmMsonsingle1902 May19Seal Cove
BUTLERMarkMsonsingle1906 Sep15Seal Cove
BUTLERJesieFdausingle1908 Dec13Seal Cove
BUTLERSamuelMheadmarried1886 Apr35Seal Cove
BUTLERMatildaFwifemarried1896 Oct25Greens Pond, B Bay
BUTLERElsieFdausingle1919 Nov2Seal Cove
BUTLERJasMbrothersingle1881 May40Seal Cove
BUTLERNaomiFmotherwidow1849 Jul72Seal Cove
MORGANWmMheadmarried1857 Oct64Port de Grave
MORGANEsterFwifemarried1866 Jun59Port de Grave
MORGANJasMheadmarried1861 Jan60Port de Grave
MORGANEmilyFwifemarried1876 Jan45Seal Cove
MORGANRalphMsonsingle1904 Mar17Seal Cove
MORGANGilbertMsonsingle1908 Sep13Seal Cove
MORGANLizzie JFdausingle1903 May18Seal Cove
MORGANDorcasFdausingle1911 Jul10Seal Cove
LEARJacobMheadmarried1888 Dec33Port de Grave
LEARCharlotteFwifemarried1894 Nov27Seal Cove
LEARWmMsonsingle1914 Sep7Seal Cove
LEAREffieFdausingle1916 Jul5Seal Cove
LEARAlexanderMsonsingle1918 Aug3Seal Cove
LEARCecilMsonsingle1921 Apr4mosSeal Cove
LEARRdMbrotherwidow1883 Jan38Port de Grave
DAWEIsaac JrMheadmarried1889 Dec32Seal Cove
DAWEAnnieFwifemarried1892 Mar29Upper Gullies
DAWEAlbertMsonsingle1915 Oct6Seal Cove
DAWEEdgarMsonsingle1916 May5Seal Cove
DAWEGrahamMsonsingle1918 May3Seal Cove
DAWEEthelFdausingle1921 May2mosSeal Cove
DAWEMary EFheadwidow1878 Aug43Harbour Grace
DAWEJas MMsonsingle1908 Oct13Seal Cove
DAWEMarionFdausingle1912 Sep9Seal Cove
DAWEEleazer (?)Msonsingle1914 Apr7Seal Cove
DAWEJosephusMheadmarried1889 Mar32Seal Cove
DAWEElizabethFwifemarried1896 Nov24Hopewell
DAWEFannieFmotherwidow1843 Sep78Port de Grave
DAWEBessieFdausingle1911 Mar10Seal Cove
DAWEEdwardMsonsingle1913 Aug8Seal Cove
DAWEAndrewMsonsingle1918 Dec3Seal Cove
DAWEDoraFdausingle1921 Jan11 mosSeal Cove
DAWEIsaac SrMheadmarried1874 Aug47Seal Cove
DAWEClaraFwifemarried1878 Nov43Upper Gullies
DAWEMary EFdausingle1901 Nov20Seal Cove
DAWEMarieFdausingle1903 Jul18Seal Cove
DAWEHenry C.Msonsingle1907 Feb14Seal Cove
DAWELeslieMsonsingle1916 Mar5Seal Cove
DAWEEnidFdausingle1918 Jan3Seal Cove
DAWEEliMheadmarried1881 Feb40Seal Cove
DAWEJessieFwifemarried1882 Apr39Lance Cove
DAWEMary EFdausingle1908 Nov13Seal Cove
DAWEHerbert GMsonsingle1909 Jan12Seal Cove
DAWELydiaFdausingle1911 Nov10Seal Cove
DAWELillianFdausingle1912 Jul9Seal Cove
DAWE?F?dausingle1914 Jul7Seal Cove
DAWEBessieFdausingle1915 Oct6Seal Cove
DAWE.Wm EMsonsingle1916 Nov5Seal Cove
DAWE.RobertMsonsingle1918 Oct3Seal Cove
DAWE.Charles H/M/?Msonsingle1919 Dec2Seal Cove
DAWE.SamuelMheadmarried1881 Aug40Seal Cove
DAWE.EdithFwifemarried1889 Aug32Upper Gullies
DAWE.Mary EmmaFdausingle1911 Dec10Seal Cove
DAWE.?HenryMsonsingle1913 Apr8Seal Cove
DAWE.LauraFdausingle1916 Jan5Seal Cove
DAWE.AlbertMheadmarried1877 Mar44Seal Cove
DAWE.LizzieFwifemarried1888 May33Her Grace (?)
MARTINSAliceFmother in lawwidow1863 Jun58Her Grace (?)
MORGAN.AbrahamMheadmarried1856 Apr65Seal Cove
MORGAN Eliza JaneFwifemarried1861 Sep60Seal Cove
MORGAN IsaacMheadmarried1886 Jan35Seal Cove
MORGAN EffieFwifemarried1891 Dec30Boston, USA
Immigrated to NF in 189? (5 or 3)
MORGAN PrudenceMM (sic) son (sic)single1914 Jul7Seal Cove
MORGAN Henry MMsonsingle1916 Mar5Seal Cove
MORGAN AbrahamMsonsingle1919 Dec2Seal Cove
MORGAN Wm JMheadmarried1879 Dec42Seal Cove
MORGAN EmilyFwifemarried1880 Jun41Upper Gullies
MORGAN WalterMsonsingle1904 Sep17Seal Cove
MORGAN VictorMsonsingle1910 Sep11Seal Cove
MORGAN GordonMsonsingle1916 Jan5Seal Cove
BUTLERJamesMheadmarried1896 Jul25Seal Cove
BUTLERMary AFwifemarried1897 Apr24Seal Cove
BUTLERMarjorieFdausingle1920 Feb16 mosSeal Cove
BUTLERMary EFmotherwidow1869 May52Seal Cove
1908 May13Seal Cove
DOWDENThomasMheadmarried1876 Nov45Seal Cove
DOWDENSarahFwifemarried1874 Jan47Kelligrews
DOWDENDorothyFdausingle1905 Jun16Seal Cove
DOWDENBertramMsonsingle1916 Oct5Seal Cove
DAWERobert HMheadmarried1880 Oct41Seal Cove
DAWESelinaFwifemarried1881 Nov40Seal Cove
DAWEGeorgeMsonsingle1903 Jul18Seal Cove
DAWEGladysFdausingle1907 Dec14Seal Cove
DAWEStephenMsonsingle1909 Oct12Seal Cove
DAWEHazelFdausingle1911 Jul10Seal Cove
DAWEBeatriceFdausingle1914 Jun7Seal Cove
DAWEMurielFdausingle1916 May5Seal Cove
DAWEPhilaminaFdausingle1920 May1Seal Cove
DOWDENEliMheadmarried1879 Oct42Seal Cove
DOWDENLouisaFwifemarried1880 Sep41Seal Cove
DOWDENWmMsonsingle1903 Sep18Seal Cove
DOWDEN NoahMsonsingle1905 Aug16Seal Cove
DOWDEN WalterMsonsingle1906 Jul15Seal Cove
DOWDEN CharlesMsonsingle1908 Dec13Seal Cove
DOWDEN NellieFdausingle1910 Apr11Seal Cove
DOWDEN OliveFdausingle1912 Dec8Seal Cove
DOWDEN Selina EFheadwidow1848 Aug73Port de Grave
DOWDEN OberyMsonsingle1886 Oct34Manuels
STONE ElizabethForphansingle1908 Oct13Island Cove
MORGAN FrederickMheadmarried1891 May30Seal Cove
MORGAN Alving (sic)Fwifemarried1886 Sep35Manuels
MORGAN AlbertMsonsingle1905 Nov16Seal Cove
MORGAN ReubenMsonsingle1906 May15Seal Cove
MORGAN JanetteFdausingle1911 Aug10Seal Cove
MORGAN LillianFdausingle1912 Feb8Seal Cove
MORGAN EthelFdausingle1915 Feb6Seal Cove
MORGAN WmMsonsingle1921 May2 mosSeal Cove
MORGAN GeorgeMheadmarried1849 Jun72Seal Cove
MORGAN NaomiFwifemarried1857 Mar64Seal Cove

Name in RecordDescription of error / additional informationMy Name
MORGAN MORGAN, Prudence should read Female not Male. Chris Kettle
MORGAN, Alving (sic) MORGAN, Alvina. She is my late grandmother. John Albert Morgan
MORGAN, Albert M Corrected Date of birth. Should be: MORGAN, Albert M son single 1904 Dec 17 Seal Cove. He is my late father John Albert Morgan

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