NLGenWeb 1921 Census Data

Avalon South Region ~ Conception Bay South District

Upper Gullies

It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL, May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. 
SCOTT, Eloil M Head Married 1885 July 36 Upper Gullies
SCOTT, Annie F Wife Married 1877 Aug 44 Middle Bight
SCOTT, Charles M Son Single 1904 Sept 77 Upper Gullies
SCOTT, Ethel F Daughter Single 1907 Mar 14 do
SCOTT, Leslie M Son Single 1911 Jun 10 do
SCOTT, Harold M Nephew Single 1903 Apr 17 do
SCOTT, James M Head Married 1870 Aug 51 Upper Gullies
SCOTT, Sarah F Wife Married 1876 Nov 45 St. John's
SCOTT, Enrest [sic] M Son Single 1901 Apr 20 do
SCOTT, Sadie F Daughter Single 1915 June 6 do
SCOTT, Israel M Head Married 1898 Jan 23 Upper Gullies
SCOTT, Emma F Wife Married 1890 Oct 23 Lance Cove
SCOTT, Donald H. M Son Married 1920 Nov 1 Upper Gullies
SCOTT, Mary J. F Mother Widow 1849 Sept 72 do
BISHOP, Samuel M Head Married 1895 May 26 Upper Gullies
BISHOP, Winnie F Wife Married 1900 June 21 Middle Bight
BISHOP, Alice F Daughter Single 1921 May 5 mos do
ROBERTS, Edward M Head Married 1884 Dec 37 Upper Gullies
ROBERTS, Elizabeth F Wife Married 1882 Nov 36 do
ROBERTS, Susy F Daughter Single 1910 May 11 do
ROBERTS, Mary F Daughter Single 1912 Feb 9 do
ROBERTS, Mable F Daughter Single 1914 Apr 7 do
ROBERTS, George M Son Single 1916 Oct 5 do
ROBERTS, William M Son Single 1920 Oct 1 do
SCOTT, John S. M Head Married 1878 Jan 43 Upper Gullies
SCOTT, Eliza F Wife Married 1878 Jan 43 do
SCOTT, Pearl F Daughter Single 1902 May 16 do
SCOTT, Elsie F Daughter Single 1907 Nov 14 do
SCOTT, Hayward M Son Single 1912 Nov 9 do
SCOTT, Alfred M Son Single 1913 Aug 8 do
SCOTT, George M Son Single 1915 Aug 6 do
SCOTT, John  M Son Single 1918 Mar 3 do
SCOTT, Ronald M Son Single 1920 Dec 1 do
ROBERTS, Sam J. M Head Married 1874 July 47 Upper Gullies
ROBERTS, Caroline F Wife Married 1873 Nov 48 do
ROBERTS, Ethel F Daughter Single 1911 Feb 20 do
COATES, Jessie F Head Single 1878 Nov 43 Upper Gullies
COATES, Elsie F Mother Widow 1831 July 70 do
WARFORD, Gladys F Servant Single 1916 Apr 15 do
SCOTT, Peter M Head Married 1897 Jan 24 Upper Gullies
SCOTT, Jane F Wife Married 1899 Apr 22 Fox Trap
SCOTT, Emma F Grand Mother Widow 1841 Apr 80 do
SCOTT, Eli M Head Married 1881 Jan 40 Upper Gullies
SCOTT, Mary E. F Wife Married 1876 Feb 45 Long Pond
SCOTT, Chesley M Son Single 1909 Jun 12 Upper Gullies
SCOTT, Robert M Son Single 1911 Nov 10 do
SCOTT, Effie R. F Daughter Single 1913 Aug 8 do
SCOTT, Louis G. M Son Single 1916 Apr 5 do
SCOTT, Douglas M Son Single 1918 Apr 3 do
MORGAN, Wm G. M Head Married 1893 Aug 28 Upper Gullies
MORGAN, Julia F Wife Married 1891 Oct 30 Ochre Pit Cove
MORGAN, Leonard M Son Single 1906 Jun 5 St. John's
MORGAN, Jean F Daughter Single 1918 Oct 3 do
MORGAN, Erick R. M Son Single 1920 Apr 1 do
MORGAN, Gladys F Sister Single 1914 July 7 do
MORGAN, John M Head Married 1871 Oct 50 Upper Gullies
MORGAN, Susy F Wife Married 1876 May 45 do
MORGAN, Ronald M Son Single 1900 May 21 do
MORGAN, Mary J. F Aunt Widow 1852 Oct 69 Blow Me Down
MORGAN, H. William M Head Married 1877 Jan 44 Upper Gullies
MORGAN, Sarah A. F Wife Married 1880 Dec 41 St. John's
MORGAN, Florence F Daughter Single 1904 Apr 17 do
MORGAN, Jonathan M Son Single 1912 Nov 9 do
MORGAN, Herbert M Son Single 1920 Oct 1 Upper Gullies
MORGAN, William M Father Widower 1845 Oct 76 Port De Grave
SCOTT, John M Head Married 1867 Aug 54 Upper Gullies
SCOTT, Clara F Wife Married 1887 July 34 do
SCOTT, Wm M son Single 1913 Oct 9 do
MORGAN, Mary F Head Widow 1875 Oct 46 Upper Gullies
MORGAN, George M Son Single 1895 Nov 26 do
MORGAN, Albert M Son Single 1898 July 23 do
MORGAN, Hilda F Daughter Single 1901 Nov 20 do
MORGAN, Mildred M[sic] Daughter Single 1909 June 12 do
MORGAN, Ada F Daughter Single 1911 Nov 10 do
MORGAN, William M Son Single 1912 Mar 8 do
SCOTT, George M Head Married 1895 Dec 46 Upper Gullies
SCOTT, Martha F Wife Married 1882 Feb 39 Fox Trap
SCOTT, William J. M Son Single 1901 July 20 Upper Gullies
SCOTT, Walter M Son Single 1903 Apr 18 do
SCOTT, Henry M Son Single 1905 Mar 16 do
STANLEY, Charles M Step Son Single 1906 Aug 15 Long Pond
STANLEY, Edith F Step Daughter Single 1910 Nov 11 do
SCOTT, Uriah M Son Single 1916 Aug 5 Upper Gullies
SCOTT, MariOn F Daughter Single 1919 Sept 2 do
SCOTT, Samuel G. M Son Single 1921 Aug 3 mos do
SCOTT, Joseph M Head Married 1879 Mar 42 Upper Gullies
SCOTT, Sarah F Wife Married 1883 mar 38 do
SCOTT, Allan M Son Single 1915 Apr 6 do
SCOTT, Gertrude F Daughter Single 1916 Jun 5 do
SCOTT, Mable F Daughter Single 1919 Sep 3 do
MORGAN, William M Head Married 1858 Sept 63 Upper Gullies
MORGAN, Selina F Wife Married 1855 Apr 66 do
MORGAN, Wm. L M Head Married 1894 May 27 Upper Gullies
MORGAN, Mary F Wife Married 1895 Apr 26 do
MORGAN, Gilbert M Son Single 1916 Dec 5 Bell Island
MORGAN, Delina F Daughter Single 1919 Dec 2 do
MORGAN, Delcia F Daughter Single 1909 June 12 do
ANDREWS, William M Head Married 1829 Sept 62 Upper Gullies
ANDREWS, Drucilla F Wife Married 1867 Oct 54 Hant Harbor
ANDREWS, Garland M Head Married 1863 July 58 Upper Gullies
ANDREWS, Delina F Wife Married 1865 Nov 56 do
ANDREWS, Thomas M Grandson Single 1915 Jan 6 do
ANDREWS, David M Head Married 1896 Apr 25 Upper Gullies
ANDREWS, Eliza J. F Wife Married 1898 Dec 23 do
ANDREWS, Erick R. M Son Single 1920 July 1 do
ANDREWS, Frederick M Head Married 1876 July 43 Upper Gullies
ANDREWS, Delina F Wife Married 1877 Mar 44 Lamaline
ANDREWS, Lewis M Son Single 1908 Dec 18[sic] Upper Gullies
ANDREWS, Gordon M Son Single 1909 Jan 12 do
ANDREWS, Ted M Son Single 1911 Oct 10 do
ANDREWS, James M Son Single 1913 Dec 8 do
ANDREWS, Mary F Daughter Single 1916 Feb 5 do
ANDREWS, Margaret F Daughter Single 1918 May 3 do
ANDREWS, George M Son Single 1921 Aug 2 mos do
ANDREWS, Heler M Head Married 1879 Aug 42 Upper Gullies
ANDREWS, Martha F Wife Married 1880 Sept 41 Lamaline
ANDREWS, William M Son Single 1911 Sept 10 Upper Gullies
ANDREWS, Charles M Son Single 1913 May 8 do
ANDREWS, Vera F Son[sic] Single 1915 July 6 do
STONE, Gwendoline F Step Daughter Single 1904 Mar 17 Trinity
ANDREWS, Isaac M Head Married 1878 Nov 43 Upper Gullies
ANDREWS, Annie F Wife Married 1880 Jan 41 Topsail
ANDREWS, Marion F Daughter Single 1906 Jan 15 Upper Gullies
ANDREWS, Henry M Son Single 1908 Feb 13 do
ANDREWS, Claribel F Daughter Single 1911 Dec 10 do
ANDREWS, Mable F Daughter Single 1912 Aug 9 do
ANDREWS, William M Son Single 1916 Jan 5 St. John's
ANDREWS, Susanna F Mother Widow 1837 Nov 84 Kelligrews
ANDREWS, Charles M Head Married 1849 Aug 72 Upper Gullies
ANDREWS, Sarah F Wife Married 1849 Aug 72 Fox Trap
ANDREWS, William J. M Head Married 1847 Aug 74 Upper Gullies
ANDREWS, Lavinia F Wife Married 1849 Sept 72 do
ANDREWS, Ebenezer M Head Single 1878 June 44 Upper Gullies
ANDREWS, Lavinia F Mother Widow 1841 Mar 80 do
HIBBS, Ena F Niece Single 1905 Feb 16 do
DAWE, Charles M Head Married 1857 Aug 64 Upper Gullies
DAWE, Rebecca F Wife Married 1863 Feb 58 do
DAWE, Wilfred M Son Single 1896 Apr 25 do
DAWE, Winafred F Daughter Single 1904 Oct 17 do
DAWE, Edgar M Son Single 1909 Nov 12 do
DAWE, Edith F Daughter Single 1916 Oct 5 do
ANDREWS, John M Head Married 1874 Sept 47 Upper Gullies
ANDREWS, Rebecca F Wife Married 1884 Mar 37 Topsail
ANDREWS, Res C M Son Single 1909 May 12 Upper Gullies
ANDREWS, Frank E. M Son Single 1910 Oct 11 do
ANDREWS, Nellie F Adopted Daughter Single 1919 May 2 do
COATES, James M Head Married 1879 July 42 Upper Gullies
COATES, Mary J F Wife Married 1874 Dec 47 Long Pond
COATES, Fred M Son Single 1904 Jan 17 Upper Gullies
COATES, Nellie F Daughter Single 1905 Oct 16 do
COATES, Ralph M Son Single 1908 Nov 13 do
COATES, Frank M Son Single 1910 Dec 11 do
COATES, Stella F Daughter Single 1912 Oct 9 do
COATES, David M Son Single 1916 Apr 5 do
COATES, Dapha F Daughter Single 1917 Aug 4 do
COATES, James M Son Single 1919 Oct 2 do
COATES, Elezer M Head Married 1885 Aug 36 Upper Gullies
COATES, Emily F Wife Married 1889 Mar 32 Kelligrews
COATES, Charles M Son Single 1908 Mar 13 Upper Gullies
COATES, Joseph M Son Single 1915 Dec 4 do
COATES, Nathenal M Head Married 1871 July 50 Upper Gullies
COATES, Selina F Wife Married 1877 Aug 44 Kelligrews
COATES, William M Son Single 1901 Nov 20 Upper Gullies
COATES, Margery F Daughter Single 1904 Mar 17 do
COATES, Muriel F Daughter Single 1906 Sept 15 do
COATES, Arthur M Son Single 1910 Apr 11 do
COATES, Reginald M Son Single 1917 Apr 4 do
COATES, Newton M Son Single 1919 Sept 2 do
COATES, Peter Jr. M Head Single 1897 Mar 24 Upper Gullies
COATES, Peter Sr. M Father Married 1837 Apr 84 do
COATES, Maria F Mother Married 1865 Feb 56 do
Name in Census Description of Error My Name
ANDREWS ANDREWS W. maybe should read 1859 not 1829 the age do not add up correctly. Chris Kettle
WARFORD WARFORD Gladys maybe should read 1906 not 1916, the age do not add up correctly. Chris Kettle
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