NL GenWeb 1898 McAlpine's Directory

Avalon South Region  - Conception Bay South District

Belle Isle

The information was transcribed by VI SMITH.  While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.




Bickford Lemuel farmer
Bickford Frederick miner
Bickford Henry miner
Bickford Reuben miner
Bickford Edward farmer
Bickford Mark fisherman
Bennett Wm sr farmer
Bennett Oliver do
Bennett John do
Bennett Wm H (Olive miner
Bennett Wm H (John miner
Bennett Edward miner
Bowdring John sr. farmer
Bowdring Medalf do
Bowdring James sr. do
Bowdring John jr. miner
Bowdring Patrick miner
Bowdring Edward miner
Bowdring James jr. miner
Bowdring Robert miner
Butler Edward miner
Brown Thos farmer
Brown Patrick do
Brown Michael miner
Brown James miner
Brown Matthew miner
Butt John W miner
Clements Wm sr. ferry man
Clements Wm jr. fisherman
Clements Thomas miner
Cummins Moses miner
Cummins John (John miner
Cummins Richard miner
Cummins Anthony miner
Cummins John (Anthony miner
Connors James farmer
Connors John miner
Connors Wm miner
Connors Michael miner
Costigan Richard hotel keeper
Delahaunty Francis miner
Delahaunty Patrick miner
Delahaunty Luke miner
Delahaunty John miner
Dwyer Jas miner
Dwyer Michael farmer
Dwyer Daniel do
Dwyer Jas miner
Dwyer Edward miner
Dwyer Thos (Martin miner
Dwyer Martin farmer
Dwyer Thos (John do
Dwyer Ambrose miner
Dwyer Richard miner
Dwyer John (Edward miner
Dwyer Thos (Denis farmer
Dwyer John (Thos miner
Dwyer Denis miner
Dooling Daniel miner
Fitzgerald Patrick sr. farmer
Fitzgerald John do
Fitzgerald Jas sr. do
Fitzgerald Thos do
Fitzgerald Wm do
Fitzgerald Jas jr. miner
Fitzgerald Edward miner
Fitzgerald Patrick jr. miner
Fitzgerald John farmer
Fitzpatrick Owen do
Hiscock Geo sr. do
Hiscock Geo jr. do
Hiscock Jas teacher
Hammond Jas sr. farmer
Hammond Michael (Jas fisherman
Hammond John (Jas do
Hammond Jas (Jas do
Hammond John (Michael do
Hammond Michael do
Hammond Jas jr. do
Hammond Wm miner
Hammond John (Thos sailor
Hanlon Patrick miner
Hammond Peter fisherman
Hammond Jas (Thos do
Jackman Peter sr. farmer
Jackman Peter jr. do
Jackman Patrick miner
Jackman Wm (Peter carpenter
Jackman Matthew sr. farmer
Jackman Edward miner
Jackman Thos miner
Jackman John miner
Jackman Matthew jr. miner
Jackman Wm (Matthew miner
Kavanagh Thos miner
Kavanagh Wm miner
Kavanagh Edward miner
Kavanagh Martin miner
Kavanagh Jas farmer
Keough Jas miner
Keough Moses miner
Keough Timothy miner
Keaugh Arthur miner
Keough John miner
Keough Peter miner
Kennedy John miner
Kelly Owen farmer
Kelly Matthew miner
Kent Wm sr. farmer
Kent Michael clerk
Kelly Thos general dealer
Kennedy John fisherman
Kennedy Wm miner
Kennedy Terence miner
Kent Terence miner
Kent Edward (Wm miner
Kent Wm (Edward miner
Kent Edward (Edward miner
Kent Richard clerk
Kent Wm (Peter fisherman
Kent Jas do
Kent John (Peter do
Kent John (Geo do
Kent Michael do
Kent Geo do
King Michael do
Lahey Jas sr. farmer
Lahey John do
Lahey Thos do
Lahey Jas jr. fisherman
Lahey Cas farmer
Leahy John do
Leahy Michael do
Leahy Richard miner
Murphy Patrick farmer
Murphy Peter sr. do
Murphy Patrick (Andrew do
Murphy Andrew do
Murphy Peter jr. miner
Martin Alfred miner
Martin John general dealer
McGrath Rev Jas J Roman Catholic
Normore Henry farmer
Normore John do
Normore Thos jr. do
Normore Francis do
Normore Jas sr. do
Normore Thos sr. do
Normore Wm miner
Normore Robt sr. miner
Normore Gregory miner
Normore Jas jr. miner
Normore Solomon miner
Parsons Edward sr. farmer
Parsons Jacob do
Parsons Joe (Edward fisherman
Parrell Thos sr. farmer
Parrell Thos jr. do
Power Edward do
Power Michael jr. miner
Power Matthew mariner
Power Michael sr. do
Power Thos do
Parsons Thos (Edward fisherman
Parsons John do
Parsons Geo do
Parsons Thos (Jos do
Parsons Jos (Jos do
Parsons Edward (Jos do
Parsons Richard do
Parsons John (Jos do
Parsons Robert miner
Quigley Peter clerk
Rees Geo sr. farmer
Rees Wm (Geo do
Rees Solomon (Geo fisherman
Rees Geo jr. do
Rees Edward do
Rees Thos (Geo farmer
Rees Alfred (Thos do
Rees Albert do
Rees Thos (Thos do
Rees Solomon sr. do
Rees Thos (Sol miner
Rees Geo (Sol miner
Rees Horatio miner
Rees Geo (John fisherman
Rees Eli do
Rees Stephen (John do
Rees Stephen (Geo do
Rees Wm (Wm do
Rees Reuben do
Rees Wm (Reuben do
Rees Edmund do
Rees Wm Thos do
Rees Wm (John do
Rees Samuel do
Rees Daniel do
Rees Alfred (Alfred farmer
Rees Wm (Alfred do
Redmond Patrick miner
Styles Wm sr. farmer
Styles Michael do
Styles Wm jr. do
Sparks Wm do
Sparks Geo do
Skanes John fisherman
Skanes Henry sr. do
Skanes Edward farmer
Skanes Robert miner
Skanes Joseph miner
Skanes Henry jr. miner
Skanes Solomon miner
Skanes Rueben miner
Skanes Daniel fisherman
Searle Benjamin miner
Tobin Nicholas carpenter
Walsh Edward miner
Whitway Wm miner

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