NL GenWeb 1898 McAlpine's Directory

Avalon South Region  - Conception Bay South District


The information was transcribed by VI SMITH.  While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.




Curran John railway sec foreman
Easons John farmer
Easons Isaac farmer
Keenan Andrew laborer
Morgan Joseph farmer
Morgan Alfred farmer
Morgan Ezekiel farmer
Morgan George farmer
Neill Martin farmer
Neill Wm farmer
Petley Rev Henry Episcopalian
Porter Jacob farmer
Porter Joseph farmer
Porter John farmer
Porter Albert farmer
Roach Patrick hotel keeper & license publican
Squires George local constable
Smith Wm (Wm joiner
Smith Joseph farmer
Smith Robert farmer
Smith Edward farmer
Smith James farmer
Smith Samuel farmer
Smith John (John jr. laborer
Smith John (John sr. farmer
Smith Wm (John laborer
Smith Albert laborer
Smith Wm (Wm jr. laborer
Smith Wm (Robert laborer
Squires Charles laborer
Squires Alexander laborer
Tobin Thomas farmer
Tobin Michael farmer

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