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St. John the Evangelist Burials - Topsail 1884 - 1905

The information was transcribed by DONALD SMITH. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
36 Matthew Wallgh Jan. 5 Jan 8, Topsail 80 y Topsail Road E. Colley
37 John Barnes Jan. 12 Jan 14, Topsail 69 y Topsail E. Colley
38 Caroline Squires, daughter of W.J. and A. Squires Mar. 8 Mar 10, Topsail 4days Chamberlains E. Colley
39 William Snow Apr. 4 Apr 7, Topsail 14 y Topsail E. Colley
40 Fanny Decima Hiscock 26-Aug Aug 29 Topsail 13 m Chamberlains E. Colley
41 Philip Churchill Oct. 19 Oct 22, Topsail 97 y Topsail Hill E. Botwood
42 Matthew Slade Dec. 6 Dec 9, Topsail 87 y Chamberlains E. Colley
43 William Barnes ??? May 3, Topsail ? M Brookfield E. Colley
44 Samuel Gordon Fowler ??? ???, Topsail ?? M Chamberlains E. Colley
45 George Mercer Sept. 17 Sep 19, Topsail 14 y Chamberlains E. Colley
46 James Barnes Sept. 20 Sep 30, Topsail 33 y Topsail E. Colley
47 Sarah Weedon Dec. 4 Dec 7, Topsail 29 y Topsail Llewellyn Newfoundland
48 John Gibbeson Dec. 17 Dec 21, Topsail 37 y Topsail E. Colley
49 Jane Churchill Oct. 29 Oct 30, Topsail 38 y Topsail E. Colley
50 Gordon Willis Barnes Nov. 17 Nov. 20, Topsail 5 m Brookfield E. Colley
051-59 No Records Listed
60 Arthur Roberts Jan. 8 Jan.10, Topsail 1 y St. John's E. Colley
61 George Squires Mar. 2 Mar 4, Topsail 30 y Chamberlains E. Colley
62 William Mercer Jan. 16 Jan. 19, Topsail 65 y Chamberlains E. Colley
63 Elizabeth Dowdon Jan. 30 Feb. 3, Topsail 83 y Chamberlains E. Colley
64 Edward St. Claire-Thomas Jul. 16 Jul 18, Topsail ??? St. John's E. Colley
65 Catherine Miriam Sims ??? Oct 7, Topsail 4 m St. John's E. Colley
66 Elsie Parmiter Jan. 31 Feb 2, Topsail 1y3m Topsail E. Colley
67 Edna Snow Feb. 25 Feb.27, Topsail 79 y Topsail E. Colley
68 Abraham Snow Mar. 9 Mar. 11, Topsail 88 y Topsail E. Colley
69 Samuel Kitchin Jul. 12 Jul. 13, Topsail 27 y Harbour Grace F.W. Colley
70 ???? Parmiter ?? ???, Topsail ??
71 Harold Mercer Sep. 27 Sep. 29, Topsail 3 w Chamberlains R.T. Heygate
72 Simeon Atkins Sept.30 Oct. 2, Topsail 17 m Chamberlains F.W. Colley
73 Nicholas Metcalf Nov.25 Nov.28, Topsail ??? Chamberlains E. Colley
74 Edward Hiscock Jan. 3 Jan. 6, Topsail 1 m Chamberlains William Swansborough
75 Elisa Morgan Jan. 10 Feb. 7, Topsail A few hours Manuels E. Colley
76 Elisa Morgan Feb. 9 Feb. 12, Topsail 32 y Manuels E. Colley
77-79 No Entries Listed         
80 Allen Nelson Squires Apr. 19 Apr. 19, Topsail 2y7m Topsail E. Colley
81 Robert John Squires Apr. 17 Apr. 19, Topsail 8 m Chamberlains E. Colley
82 Walter Morgan Jul. 1 Jul. 3, Topsail 15 m Manuels E. Colley
83 Amy Isabel Thomas Sep. 10 Sep.12, Topsail 2 m Topsail E. Colley
84 Thomas Metcalf Feb. 11 Feb. 20, Topsail 3.5 y Chamberlains E.K.H. Caldwell
85 Gladys Maud Hibbs Apr. 5 Apr. 7, Topsail 1.5 y Topsail E. Colley
86 Samuel Squires Jun.25 June 27, Topsail 30 y St. John's E. Colley
87 Alexander Manuel Jun.30 Jul. 1, Topsail 10.5 y Chamberlains William Swanborough
88 Minnie Smith Jul. 21 Jul.22, Topsail 4 y Manuels E. Colley
89 Julia Fanny Carter Oct. 17 Oct. 17, Topsail 5y4m Topsail E. Colley
90 John Chaytor Apr.29 May 1, Topsail 66 y Chamberlains E. Colley
91 Olivia Squires May 9, May 11, Topsail 69 y Chamberlains E. Colley
92 Abraham Snow Sep. 2 Sep. 5, Topsail 19y8m Topsail E. Colley
93 Miriasu Mercer Sep. 4 Sep.6, Topsail 54 d Chamberlains E. Colley
94 William Allen Oct. 14 Oct. 17, Topsail 15 y Topsail E. Colley
95 Albert Allen Oct. 31 Oct. 31, Topsail 17 y Topsail E. Colley
96 Arthur Maxwell Theodore Barnes Nov. 21 Nov.23, Topsail 6 m Topsail E. Colley
97 George Rees Dec. 3 Dec. 3, Topsail 16 y Topsail E. Colley
  Selina Squires Jul. 31 Aug. 3, Topsail 29 y Chamberlains E.K.H. Caldwell
  Walter Roberts Sep. 10 Sep. 12, Topsail 5 m St. John's E. Colley
  Elsie May Rees Sep. 11 Sep. 12, Topsail 10 d Chamberlains E. Colley
  Henry Barnes Nov. 5 Nov. 7, Topsail 4m7d Topsail E. Colley
  Mary Ann Squires Feb. 2 Feb. 4, Topsail 46 w Chamberlains E. Colley
  Herbert Squires Feb. 7 Feb. 7, Topsail 1y7m Chamberlains H. Marriott
  Lydia Squires May.20 May.22, Topsail 15.5y Topsail E. Colley
  Charles Thomas Swansborough Jul. 6 Jul. 8, Topsail 26 y Topsail E. Colley
  Elvina Frances Hogan Oct. 8 Oct. 11, Topsail 3 m ??? F.W. Colley
  Emma Jane Tilley Nov. 22 Nov. 26, Topsail 23 y Chamberlains H. Marriott
  Emma Isabella Snow Dec. 28 Dec.31, Topsail 17y7m Topsail E. Colley
  Alfred James Mercer Feb. 12 Feb. 15, Topsail 16 y Mondays Pond E. Colley
  George Watton Fowler Apr.14 Apr.15, Topsail 6y Chamberlains H. Marriott
  Laura Isabel Coliphant Coaker Apr.15 Apr.16, Topsail 6y Topsail E. Colley
  Harold Fowler Apr.24 Apr.24, Topsail 4.25y Chamberlains E. Colley
  Charles Edward Taylor May,23 May.24, Topsail 37w Chamberlains E. Colley
  Susanna Maud Taylor May.24 May.25, Topsail 13y Chamberlains E. Colley
  Benjamin Squires Jun.15 Jun.17, Topsail 32y Chamberlains E. Colley
  Johanna Jane Chaytor Jan.11 Jan.14, Topsail 56y Chamberlains E. Colley
  Samuel Squires Feb.21 Feb.23, Topsail 5y Topsail E. Colley
  John Morgan May.15 May 17, Topsail 45y Manuels E. Colley
  Amy Churchill Nov.26 Nov.27, Topsail 67y Topsail E. Colley
  Chesley Squires Apr.5 Apr.6, Topsail 26d Chamberlains E. Colley
  William Mercer Sep.2 Sep.5, Topsail 14y St. John's E. Colley
  Emily Squires Jan.11 Jan.12, Topsail 16y Topsail E. Colley
  William Hibbs Apr.5 Apr.7, Topsail 43y Topsail E. Colley
  Augustus Hiscock Apr.9 Apr.11, Topsail 1 min Chamberlains E. Colley
  Beatrice Jane Fowler Sep.3 Sep.5, Topsail 1y Chamberlains E. Colley
  Bertha Weston Carter Sep.22 Sep.24, Topsail 21y Topsail E. Colley
  Frances Vicars Raleigh Hoyles Pinsent Sep.29 Oct.1, Topsail 10m New Harbour H. Shington
  Ada Barnes Nov.16 Nov.19, Topsail ??? Topsail E. Colley
  Edward Fowler Dec.10 Dec.13, Topsail 84y Chamberlains E. Colley
  Elsie Hiscock Dec.13 Dec.16, Topsail 2y Chamberlains E. Colley
  Jane Decima Hiscock Dec.13 Dec.16, Topsail 10m Chamberlains E. Colley
  Selina Rees Apr.13 Apr.16, Topsail 56y Topsail H. Shington
  Joseph Chaytor May.4 May 7, Topsail 17y Chamberlains H. Shington
  Mary Ann Noseworthy May.17 May 19, Topsail 22y Chamberlains H. Pettey
  Frederick Edwin Chaytor Mar.2 Mar.4, Topsail 2y2m Chamberlains H. Pettey
  Fanny Squires 21-May May 24, Topsail 14y Topsail H. Pettey
  Hiscock (baby boy) Aug.4 Aug.6, Topsail 1w Chamberlains E. Colley
  Matthew Wallgh Aug.14 Aug.16, Topsail 66y Brooklyn, Bonavista Bay E. Colley
  Ann Barnes Jan.29 Jan.29, Topsail 80y Topsail E. Colley
  Edward Allen Apr.16 Apr.18, Topsail 65y Topsail E. Colley
  Joseph Clarence Chaytor Jun.20 Jun.22, Topsail 4.5m Chamberlains F.F. Furneaux
  Elizabeth Jane Chaytor Jul.15 Jul.17, Topsail 30y Chamberlains E. Colley
  Henry Scott Aug.18 Aug.21, Topsail 7m Topsail E. Colley
  Elisabeth Rees Sep.15 Sep.17, Topsail 22y Topsail H. Pettey
  Elisabeth Chaytor Dec.1 Dec.3, Topsail 22.5y Chamberlains E. Colley
  Elisabeth Chaytor Dec.5 Dec.7, Topsail 98y Chamberlains E. Colley
  Mary Alice Clark Feb.22 Feb.24, Topsail 10y Paradise E. Colley
  John Squires Jun.11 Jun.12, Topsail 1w Topsail West E. Colley
  Annie Lousia Jaynes Aug.2 Aug.4, Topsail 36y Paradise E. Colley
  Sarah Slade Jul.?? Aug.4, Topsail 73y Chamberlains E. Colley
  Elisabeth Swansborough Aug.10 Aug.13, Topsail 69y Topsail E. Colley
  Elisabeth Eleta Hiscock Jan.11 Jan.14, Topsail 1y Chamberlains E. Colley
  Mary Maria Slade Jan.13 Jan.17, Topsail 39.5y Chamberlains E. Colley
  Henry Parmiter Jan.29 Jan.31, Topsail 18d Topsail E. Colley
  Margaret Mercer Feb.10 Feb.12, Topsail 82y St. John's E. Colley
  Cyril Fowler Mar.14 Mar.15, Topsail 9d Topsail E. Colley
  Elisabeth Frances Snow Apr.17 Apr.20, Topsail 22y Topsail E. Colley
  Francis Henry Chaytor Apr.26 Apr.28, Topsail 2.75y Chamberlains E. Colley
  Rachel Lynch Jun.7 Jun.9, Topsail 43y Paradise E. Colley
  Emma Chaytor Aug.1 Aug.3, Topsail 38y Chamberlains E. Colley
  Flora Irene Hiscock Sep.18 Sep.20, Topsail 11w2d Chamberlains E. Colley
  William James Squires Oct.16 Oct.19, Topsail 77y Chamberlains E. Colley
  Alice Way Nov.26 Nov.27, Topsail inf. Topsail E. Colley
  Sarah Ann Dowden Dec.22 Dec.26, Topsail 21y Chamberlains E. Colley
  Joseph Jaynes Jan.5 Jan.6, Topsail 1y5m Paradise E. Colley
  David Lynch Jan.24 Jan.25, Topsail 4m23d Paradise E. Colley
  Reuben Squires Feb.14 Feb.16, Topsail 48y Poor Asylum E. Colley
  Susanna Fowler Apr.15 Apr.18, Topsail 77y Chamberlains F.F. Furneaux
  John Field Apr.17 Apr.19, Topsail 13m Chamberlains G.H. Bolt
  James Hiscock Jul.29 Aug.1, Topsail 86y Chamberlains E. Colley
  Peter Healy Aug.31 Sep.2, Topsail 26y Topsail E. Colley
  Sarah Helen Squires Oct.20 Oct.22, Topsail 3m Chamberlains E. Colley
  Samuel Churchill Nov.8 Nov.10, Topsail 90y St. John's E. Colley
  Laura Cheaytor Dec.21 Dec.24, Topsail 18y Chamberlains E. Colley
  Robert Cheaytor Apr.22 Apr.24, Topsail 37y Chamberlains E. Colley
  James Frederic Cheaytor Sep.1 Sep.1, Topsail 4d Chamberlains E. Colley
  William Medcalf Sep.11 Sep.13, Topsail 57y Lunatic Asylum E. Colley
  Sarah Fowler Sep.15 Sep.17, Topsail 22y Chamberlains E. Colley
  Frank Healy Oct.31 Nov.1, Topsail 1d Topsail E. Colley
  Ann Squires Dec.13 Dec.15, Topsail 84y Topsail E.K.H. Caldwell
  Edward Colley Dec.28 Dec.31, Topsail 79y Topsail ???
  Rachel Clarke Feb.24 Feb.26, Topsail 7m Woodville Swansborough
  Albert Cheaytor Mar.25 Mar.28, Topsail 26y Chamberlains E.K.H. Caldwell
  Walter Barnes 8-May May 8, Topsail 1d Topsail Swansborough

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