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All Saints Cemetery - Foxtrap, Part II

Gathered by Dianne Williams
Presented to Vi Smith August 11,1998
Thank you Dianne for your many long hours hiking through rosebushes.

This is the oldest Anglican cemetery that I know of in Foxtrap. But Iím sure there must be even older private family cemeteries around that nobody remembers anymore. There are a lot of stone markers in this cemetery with no wording on them. I would say there may be a few older citizens in this area that may remember some of those souls buried there, if not knowing them themselves but maybe hearing their parents talk of them. I have tried my best to be accurate with this cemetery but some of the stones are very hard to read now, so anything I was not sure of I have place in Brackets with a ? next to it.

I visited All Saints Parish on August 24, 1998 and had a look at a listing for cemetery readings that was compiled by Charlene Taylor on July 9, 1992. she had made up a grid map of the cemetery so I added the grid and headstone # to my readings taken in 1998 but Charlene was able to pick them out better in 1992. I will add the corrected date in after the grid and stone number just in case my reading may be the correct one.

Row 20

In loving memory of Benjamin Batten husband of Emeline Batten
Died March 6,1982, Age 82 yr. Rest in Peace

In loving memory of Mildred Batten beloved wife of Benjamin Batten Died February 15,1961 age 63 yr.

Next two names on same stone
George Rideout Age 15 yr. Son  Winifred Rideout   Age 34 yr. Mother
Both died April 5,1961

Nathaniel Petten died June 18,1978 Age 71 yr. Stone erected by wife and family

In loving memory of Johnny son of Nathaniel and Dorcas Petten Died May 25,1955 Age 11 yr.
Erected by family.

In loving memory of Frances Cable Died November 9,1972 Age 81 yr.

In loving memory of Jacob who passed away June 9,1960 Age 6 yr.
Darling child of Edward and Phyllis Bussey

In loving memory of Harriett Petten Died June 3,1954, Age 74 yr.
Never will her memory fade Erected by family (Husband Samuel Petten)

Row 21

Next three names in same plot
In loving memory of Winifred beloved wife of Samuel J. Dawe Died July 24,1956 Age 63 yr.

In loving memory of Samuel J. Dawe Died February 27,1965 Age 80 yr.

Harvey Dawe Gunner Royal Artillery WW2 Died April 5,1984 Age 70 yr.

Fagan (No dates) (Was told by caretaker that his name was Joe)

Same stone
In loving memory of Leah Kennedy Died May 20,1957 Age 72 yr.
Husband John Kennedy Died December 3,1959, Age 79 yr.

Next three same stone
In loving memory of Job Taylor beloved husband of  Elizabeth   Died August 27,1965 Age 66 yr.
In loving memory of Elizabeth Taylor beloved wife of Job Taylor Died August 21,1987 Age 86 yr.
In memory of Jacob Taylor Died April 17, 1957 Age 89 yr.

In loving memory of James G. Taylor Born December 14,1919  Died June 8,1954 RIP
(wooden cross) (wife Josephine Fewer)

Unmarked (Boy Serale could be Searle, Info from caretaker)

Row 22

Next four names on same stone Gordon Sr. Rideout 1899-1962
Wife Emily Rose 1897-1963
Grandchildren Gordon Jr. 1961-1994  and sister  Jennifer 1956 age 7 months

In loving memory of Annie Marian Taylor   Born December 16,1910 Died February 19,1993
Stone erected by the family

Same stone
In loving memory of William Henry Taylor Died March 28,1956 Age 70 yr.
Mary Ann Taylor Died June 7,1965 Age 77 yr.

Same stone
In loving memory of William Henry Janes Died December 26,1965 Age 76 yr.

Wife Ida Janes Died April 12,1972 Age 82 yr.

In loving memory of Agnes Ivany (Fagan) Died November 22,1955 Age 55 yr.
Erected by sister Emily Batten

Next two same stone but broken in half and laid side by side

Mother Mary Dawe Died August 15,1958 Age 74 yr. Erected by Florence Scott

In loving memory of George Dawe Died June 22,1959 Age 73 yr.

In loving memory of our dear son Edgar Dawe who was killed July 21, 1954 Age 37 yr.

Row 23

William G. Porter 1908-1994 (September 12, from caretaker)

In loving memory of Emma Jane Taylor beloved wife of Jacob Taylor Died December 31,1972 age 82 yr.
Stone erected by family

In loving memory of Jacob Taylor beloved husband of Emma Jane Taylor. Died March 10, 1957 age 73 yr.
Stone erected by family

Heber Taylor May 30,1893-September 23,1956

Jessie Kendi (nee Rideout)March 27, 1913- Feb 2,1994  Rest in Peace

Mother In loving memory of Carrie Butler Born July 20,1890-February 22,1976

In loving memory of Joseph Butler beloved husband of Carrie (Morgan) Died May 15,1956 Age 70 yr.

In memory of Baby Girl Porter June 21,1960 Child of Roy and Phyllis Porter
Told to me by Phyllis Porter

Row 24

In memory of Henry Cable died June 18,1967 Age 95 yr. Erected by Jacob and family

In memory of Frederick Cable Died July 7, 1959 Age 79 yr. Erected by Jacob and family

Next one is an unmarked grave but was told by the caretaker  that there was a John Butler
buried there. Died 1966

Baby Petten of Roy and Lucy Petten. This one was also unmarked  but the caretaker knew of this
one as well. There may be two Petten babies buried here side by side belonging to Roy and Lucy Petten

In loving memory of Annie M. Batten Died October 26,1964 Age 83 yr.
Father, Sister, Child, and Mother meet once more Erected by nephew Nath Petten

Row 25

In loving memory of William Robert Taylor beloved husband of Susanna Taylor died July 29,1966 age 85 yr.

Taylor Jordon June 10, 1937 - January 7, 1987 Mabel L. July 25, 194-0 -

Same Plot
In memory of Ruth beloved wife of William Dawe Died April 9,1966 Age 79 yr. Erected by the family

In memory of William beloved husband of Ruth Dawe Died April 8,1957 Age 77 yr.
Erected by the family

In loving memory of Jacob Dawe Died January 20,1967 Age 93 yr. Erected by nephew Jacob Dawe

Velma Porter   August 28,1936 - August 22,1984

Abe Porter and E.P. Porter (No date Additional info from caretaker)
Abraham Porter Emma Patience Porter March 13,1991 - 80 yr.

Row 26

Karen Lillian Elizabeth Porter November 9,1967-December 30,1981

In loving memory of William Porter husband of the late Lilian Porter
Died March 27, 1971 Age 59 yr.

In loving memory of Lilian Porter beloved wife of William Porter Died April 4, 1959. Erected by family

In loving memory of Violet Petten 1912-1970 beloved wife of Llewelyn Petten

In loving memory of Llewelyn Petten Died July 10,1958 Age 48 yr.

E. Grace Davis   1910-1982 Capt. John C. Davis 1910-1977
Too well loved to ever be forgotten

In memory of Ruby Davis darling child of John and Grace Davis  1946-1957

Wooden Cross (could be Delaney) From caretaker William M. Delaney 1901-1961

Unknown baby

Row 27

In loving memory of Mother Martha Butler wife of James Died July 17,1965 Age 87 yr.

In loving memory of John Thomas Jefford Died December 27,1959 Age 54 yr. Erected by wife

Small black cross  just says Jefford

In loving memory of Katherine Butler beloved wife of Philip Butler Died January 4,1988 Age 81 yr.

In loving memory of Philip Butler beloved husband of Katherine Died February 11,1960 Age 54 yr.

In loving memory of Lillian Dixon Taylor Died March 28,1959 Age 23 yr.
Erected by Mother Bessie Dixon and her sisters

Row 28

Elizabeth Taylor 1937-1961 Erected by Albert and Albert Jr.

Same Stone
Allan Oct 23, 1904 - Mar 29, 1960 Flora Nov 7, 1916 - Aug 12, 1990

A/B William G. Tilley 1907-1959 Royal Navy Lest we forget

In loving memory of Robert Dawe 1917-1959 Ever remembered by wife Ellen

Unmarked grave

Row 29

Sandra Maxine Taylor Oct 27,1958 - Feb 6,1962 Asleep in the arms of Jesus

Unmarked Grave

In loving memory of Alfred Butler beloved husband of Florence Butler Died Feb 23,1961 Age 69 yr.
Stone erected by wife and family

Baby Porter (no dates)

In loving memory of William beloved son of William and Mary Rideout
Died April 29,1961 Age 24 yr.  Stone by 3 brothers and 6 sisters

Row 30

Dorothy Petten Sep 5,1994 Age 55 yr.

Dale  Feb 23,1961 age 3 months

unmarked Grave(from caretaker Stella Daie Petten  Dec 16, 1961 - Feb 23, 1962)

In loving memory of Augustus R. Tilley Died October 30,1971 Age 48 yr. Erected by his mother

In loving memory of Mary Lily Tilley Died June 1,1974 Age 89 yr. by the family

In loving memory of Robert B. Tilley Died June 30,1961 Age 83 yr., by wife Lily

mall Black Plaque  Porter(Allan)

Edward James Porter Jan 4-Jan 30, 1967

Joseph R. Eason Son

Joseph Eason Father From caretaker May 20, 1961 Age 83 yr.)

William Eason died August 12,1996 age 78 yr.

Row 31

Richard May 3, 1962-July 31, 1962
I. Denene Oct. 1, 1964-Dec. 31, 1964
Brent Sep. 21, 1967-Oct 1, 1967
Loved by parents E. Jean and Richard Porter

There is an unmarked grave next but found out by the caretaker that Daisy Ledrew was buried there.
Her husband, Emerson is laid to rest up on the left side of the cemetery and thatís where her
headstone is as well.

Tilley Mary Elizabeth  Nov 26, 1900 - Nov 10, 1962 Joseph William May 6, 1900 - May 25, 1982

Unmarked Grave but found out from caretaker that there are twins buried there, father is Furness Peach

Robert Wayne Rideout beloved son of William J. and Mary R. Rideout
November 8,1961-November 15,1961

Row 32

In loving memory of Margaret J. Butler Died March 7,1965 Age 84 yr.

In loving memory of James J. Butler beloved husband of Margaret J. Butler
Died February 11,1963 Age 85 yr.

In loving memory of Jane S. Hoskins   December 29,1900 - February 1,1988

Lawrence A. Hoskins Private Royal Nfld. REGT December 1, 1962 Age 71 yr.

Mary Ann Greeley 1896-September 24,1989 Age 93 yr. Stone erected by Greeley family

In loving memory of Albert Greeley beloved husband of Mary Ann Greeley
Died October 24,1962 Age 73 yr. Stone erected by wife and family

In loving memory of a beloved father Job Petten Died July 5,1962 Age 26 yr.
Ever remembered by wife Alice and children

same stone
In loving memory of Frances Snow-September 3,1904-December 26,968
Buller Snow-October 20,1901-November 29,1972

Same stone
In loving memory of Mother and Father Rebecca A. Butler  Died March 17,1962
Henry Butler Drowned March 31,1914 age 45 yr.
(I suspect he went down with the  S.S. Southern Cross as it is the same date
as so many others buried here in Foxtrap)

Row 33

Same Plot
In loving memory of Elsie J. Tilley 1894-1981 beloved wife of Edgar Tilley

In loving memory of Edgar Tilley 1885-1963 beloved husband of Elsie Tilley

Same stone
In memory of Wilson Porter Died March 23,1973 Age 41 yr.

Nath Porter died March 19,1963 age 21 yr. Ever remembered by daughter Bonnie Porter

Same stone
M. Gwendolyn Jennings  July 8,1905-March 9,1963

William H. Jennings July 3,1909-July 4,1983

In loving memory of a dear mother Bertha E. Taylor 1907-1976 Erected by Gordon and William

In loving memory of Mary C. Baird died March 1, 1963 Age 89 yr.
Ever lovingly remembered by grandson Thomas

James Baird died May 2,1981 age 75 yr. Remembered by nephew Tom at home

In loving memory of Dorcas Eason   September 8,1894 - November 20,1978
Stone erected by Family and grandchildren

In loving memory of Israel Eason beloved husband of Dorcas Eason Died May 29,1962 age 69 yr.

Row 34

In loving memory of a dear father Frederick Rideout Died December 4,1972 Age 90 yr.
Stone erected by family

In loving memory of a dear wife and mother Mary Ann Rideout Died September 19,1963 Age 79 yr.
Erected by husband and family

In loving memory of Heber Bishop Died March 2,1976 Age 79 yr.

In loving memory of Mary C. Bishop beloved wife of Noah Rideout and Heber Bishop
Died April 13,1975 Age 71 yr.

In loving memory of a dear husband and father Noah Rideout beloved husband of Mary C. Rideout
Died September 4,1963 Age 63 yr. By family (Could be 68 yr.)

Baby Kennedy August 5,1963 daughter of Edwin and Winifred Kennedy

Udora Gertrude Petten 1899-1969

Robert Samuel Petten 1899-1963

Eric Joseph Tilley January 14,1910-August 4,1987 by wife Muriel

In loving memory of Lily May Tilley M.B.E.  July 31,1903-June 24,1963 wife of Eric Tilley

Same stone
Bishop John 1889-1963 Annie 1903-April 29, 1990

Row 35

Same stone
Bridget Lillian (Cornfield) Petten Sep 11,1912  - December 16,1994

In loving memory of William Thomas Petten dear husband of Lilly Petten
Died February 13,1965 age 71 yr.  Stone by wife and son

Taylor Julia Ann-May 11,1887-July 27,1964 James-January 16,1902-July 18,1981

In loving memory of Rachel Butler beloved wife of Charles W. Butler Died November 9,1965 age 60 yr.

Gary F. King   April 28,1964-May 1,1964 son of Lillian and Fred King

Dianne Elizabeth Petten, daughter of Gordon and Elva Petten   April 27,1965 - May 1,1965

Same Plot
In loving memory of Ethel Kennedy  Died December 19,1973 Age 60 yr. Erected by the family
In loving memory of Thomas Randolph Kennedy Died January 29,1964 Age 53 yr.
Erected by wife Ethel and children

Next is an unmarked grave but I was told by the caretaker that Jacob and Daisy Butler were buried there

Row 36

Same Plot
In loving memory of a dear mother Minnie W. Butler Died August 21,1992 Age 91 yr.
Stone erected by family
In loving memory of a dear husband and father George Butler Died March 7,1966 Age 72 yr.
Stone erected by wife and family

Butler Joseph Robert Nov 15, 1884 - Jan 19, 1966 Susannah Oct 15, 1890 - May 16, 1969

In loving memory of Hilda Batten beloved wife of Charles Batten Died January 16,1966 Age 50 yr.

Batten Hilda 1915-1966 Charles 1910-1994 Same Hilda as above

In loving memory of
Robert R. Jefford Dec 8, 1966 Age 79 yr. Annie E. Jefford Feb 2, 1967 Age 76 yr.
Stone erected by family

George Alfred Butler passed away October 11,1965 Age 46 yr. Stone by wife Winnie and children

George G. Langthorne November 9,1926-July 22,1965

Same stone
John Thomas Mugford  1884-1965 Charlotte 1899-1988

Row 37

Same Plot
In loving memory of a dear mother Emily Batten Died February 5,1975 Age 77 yr. Stone erected by family
In loving memory of a dear husband Robert Batten Died April 9,1967 Age 77 yr.
Stone erected by wife Emily and family

In loving memory of Francis H. Piercey Died December 11,1966 Age 80 yr.

Ethel May Porter June 19,1897-May 11,1990

In memory of Jonathan Porter Died September 8, 1966 Age 80 yr. Stone erected by wife and family

In loving memory of Elizabeth J. Greenslade Died August 31,1967 Age 83 yr. By 3 sons and families

In loving memory of Robert J. Greenslade Died September 2,1966 Age 86 yr.
Stone erected by wife and 3 sons

In loving memory of Clarence Tilley husband of Elizabeth Tilley 1895-1974
Stone erected by brother Walter

In loving memory of Elizabeth wife of Clarence Tilley Died April 4,1966 Age 87 yr.

In loving memory of a loving husband and father John A. Butler who passed away March 22,1966
Age 56 yr. Stone erected by wife Susie and children

Same plot
In loving memory of Elfreda Greenslade September 15,1888-September 14,1974
In loving memory of Lloyd C. Greenslade March 7,1966, Age 37 yr.

Row 38

Herbert Butler June 26,1910-July 23,1990

Same stone
Henry Arthur Butler son of John and Elizabeth Butler of Middle Bight
Died July 2,1967 Age 88 yr.
Jane Emma Butler daughter of William and Caroline Morgan of Port-de-Grave
Died March 21,1976 Age 95 yr.

In loving memory of William Charles Delaney 1918-1977 Stone erected by sister Fanny

In loving memory of Susannah Batten beloved wife of Samuel R. Batten  November 28,1907 -  August 5,1982 Stone by family

In loving memory of Samuel R. Batten beloved husband of Susannah Batten  March 6,1906-Died February 23,1967
Stone erected by wife and family

In loving memory of
MOTHER  Minnie Morgan beloved wife of Alfred Morgan Jan 3, 1967 Age 83 yr.
FATHER Alfred Morgan Jan 18, 1970 Age 83 yr.

In loving memory of Samuel Butler   1899-1966 Erected by Star of Bethlehem Lodge Foxtrap

This part takes in the whole left hand side as you go through the gates from Church Road. As with the right side I have numbered them in rows.  This also includes any unmarked graves that the caretaker, Joe Dawe was able to help me with. There still may be a few unmarked graves that even he did not know about.

Same Plot
In memory of George Rideout Died May 14,1967  Age 79 yr.
In memory of Annie E. Rideout Died July 29,1977  Age 81 yr.

Same Plot
In memory of Samuel D. Taylor Died May 28,1967  Age 71 yr.
In memory of Dorcas Taylor 1899-1980 at age 81 yr.

In loving memory of Nina Lambert Born June 7,1944 Died June 1,1967
Stone erected by her brother and father

In loving memory of George Peach Born October 10,1921 Died March 19,1985
Stone erected by family

In loving memory of Evelyn Peach   Born March 23,1924 Died July 3,1995
Stone erected by family

Walter Thomas Watton September 10,1906-August 6,1967 Rest in Peace

Same Plot
In loving memory of William J. Hodder Died September 26,1967  Age 59 yr.
Stone erected by wife and daughter
In loving memory of Selina P. Hodder Died March 22,1981 at age 74 yr.
Stone erected by daughter

Same Plot
In loving memory of Levi Butler husband of Susannah Butler 
Died November 17,1967  Age 59 yr.

In loving memory of Susannah Butler wife of Levi Butler Died August 20,1974  Age 77 yr.

Jonathan Porter died June 11,1991 (unmarked grave told to me by caretaker)

Baby ? (unmarked grave, was mentioned by caretaker)

Row #2

In loving memory of William Jefford Died March 22,1968 Age 58 yr.

In loving memory of Eliza Kennedy Born March 14,1882 Died July 10,1967

Tilley In loving memory of Blanche 1903-1991 Walter 1899-1977

In loving memory of William R. Porter husband of Beatrice Porter
Died December 2,1967 Age 58 yr.

In loving memory of Beatrice Porter Born February 28,1916 Died November 9,1982 Age 66 yr.

In loving memory of Leah Bishop wife of Allan Bishop Died December 6,1967 at age 47 yr.

In loving memory of Allan Bishop Died May 12,1971 Age 57 yr.

In loving memory of Thomas Ledrew Died December 19,1967 Age 76 yr.

In loving memory of Rebecca Jane Butler Ledrew Born November 1,1899 Died July 1,1990

Unmarked Grave - Baby Girl Wanda Ann Peach Born August 18, 1968, Died September 4, 1968, Parents Cyril and Jane Peach

Cecil Cluney 1902-1968 age 66 yr.

Baby Susan Porter died April 15,1973 (could be child of Barbara and Wilson Porter as the
next two plots are reserved for them)

Row #3

In loving memory  of Thomas Dawe Died May 1,1969 Age 83 yr. Stone erected by son Jacob

Next one is a stone and plaque laying in front

In loving memory of Jessie (Hynes) Caines 1891-1968

Wilfred Franklin Hynes Royal Artillery WW2 1919-1991 Lest we forget

Stanley Edward Nov 4, 1903 - Dec 21, 1967 Lucy Jan 16, 1903 - Oct 19, 1994

In loving memory of Angela Caines daughter of  William and Florence Caines
Born April 18,1963 Died January 20,1968

In loving memory of Frank Haines beloved husband of Annie 1903-1969
Stone erected by the family

In loving memory of a dear husband and father William G. Fagan
Died February 19,1968 at age 43 yr.

In memory of Gary Petten February 6,1967-April 16,1968
and Lynette May 10,1971-March 20,1972 Darling children of Gordon and Elva Petten

Next two same plot
In loving memory of Edith Dawe Died April 27,1968 at age 78 yr.
In loving memory of Robert Dawe Died July 27,1976 at age 93 yr. Stone erected by family

Taylor George 1889-1968 Edith 1894-1984

In loving memory of Annie Butler beloved wife of Samuel Butler
Died November 19,1968 Age 74 yr.

In loving memory of Samuel Butler beloved husband of Annie Butler 
Died March 6,1989  Age 93 yr.

In loving memory of Effie Pottle beloved wife of Thomas  Died January 23,1969  Age 52 yr.

In loving memory of Thomas Pottle beloved father of Julia, Bill, Joyce, Marjorie and Maxine
Died September 25,1969 Age 55 yr.

Same Stone
Greeley George Allan 1925 - 1983 Phyllis 1932 - Also beloved son Gregory 1968 - 1969

Charles Samuel Jeffers Born September 20,1878 Died November 11,1968

In loving memory of Joseph Batten Died February 23,1969 Age 83 yr.
Stone erected by wife Mary A. Batten

In fond and loving memory of a dear husband Jacob Kennedy Died March 23,1969 Age 80 yr.
Stone erected by wife Alice

In loving memory of Alice Kennedy beloved wife of Jacob Kennedy
Died December 5,1975 Age 72 yr. Stone erected by Malcolm Greenslade

Next two same plot
In loving memory of Rosana Dawe  May 6,1873-March 25,1969   Stone erected by Son George

Dawe George 1906-1985 Mildred 1904-1988

Porter Richard   Nov 12, 1912-Apr 3, 1969 Mae  June 27, 1917 - Sept 26, 1988

In loving memory of Bertha Petten   Died April 29,1969 Age 79 yr.

In loving memory of a dear father William J. Petten Died December 19,1975 Age 84 yr.

In memory of Baby Girl Fagan daughter of Jacob and Rita Fagan who died May 10,1974

In loving memory of Mary Emma beloved wife of Allan Fagan Died May 14,1969 at age 68 yr.
Stone erected by husband

In loving memory of Allan A. Fagan   Died December3,1973  Age 71 yr.
Stone erected by the family

Kitchener Rideout Stoker   Royal Navy  Died May 22,1969  Age 53 yr.

John Porter Born 1888 Died 1968 at age 80 yr.

In loving memory of Maurice Watton Died July 28,1969 at age 24 yr.
Stone erected by wife, mother and family

Caroline wife of Charles Jeffers July 30,1881-October 17,1969

In loving memory of Joseph Butler Died January 9,1970 at age 84 yr.
Stone erected by his children

Wooden Cross unreadable (Later told by caretaker that  Esau Greeley was buried there

Alexander Baird Died October 2,1970  Age 69 yr. Stone erected by wife and family

George Greenslade 1902-1971

Row #5

Wooden Cross Laurie M. Taylor Died December 1975 (No age)

Wooden cross Baby Greeley

Porter is buried next. unmarked grave

Raymond G. Porter   Born February 17,1969 Died April 24,1971

In loving memory of
Leah Petten beloved wife of Chesley Petten Nov 16,1907-Nov 24, 1970 Age 63 yr.
Chesley Petten beloved husband of Leah Petten Jan 4, 1905 -Aug 29, 1981 Age 76 yr.

In loving memory of Glen beloved son of Clayton and Eva Rideout
Died December 25,1970   Age 13 yr.

Clayton June 30, 1934 - Mar 19, 1981 Eva Aug 7, 1936 -
Married June 21,1955 Our love will never die

Delaney Daniel 1912-1984 Mary E. 1910-1994

In loving memory of Clara Maud Watton Died January 25,1971  Age 60 yr.
Stone erected by Husband and children

Arthur Watton Seaman Merchant Navy WW2  January 22,1980  Age 81 yr.

Unmarked Plot but was told by Caretaker that parents of  Israel and Roy Fagan were there
They were Jacob and Annie Fagan

In loving memory of Wilfred Rideout Died August 9,1971  Age 68 yr.

In loving memory of Victor Maxwell Penney  December 22,1929-October 23,1971
Stone erected by Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, wife and children

These next two between row 5 and 6 close to fence

Baby Porter Died April 11,1976 beloved son of  Steve and Barb.
Matilda A. Garden 1897-1975

Row #6

In loving memory of Moses Kennedy 1897-1969  and Elizabeth 1907-September 26,1994
Stone erected by son Norman

In loving memory of a dear father Arthur Dawe Died February 9,1978  Age 67 yr.
Stone erected by his family

In memory of Violet beloved wife of Arthur Dawe Died September 10,1969  Age 53 yr.
Stone erected by husband

Same stone
Arthur John Tilley 1904-1969
Florence Tilley  1905-1994

Jerry E. Jefford a beloved husband and father Died December 14,1969 at 20 yr. Ever remembered ever loved by wife, Maxine and son Shawn

In loving memory of D. James Dawe Died May 16,1970  Age 60 yr.

In loving memory of William John Butler beloved husband of
Annie M. Butler Died July 25,1970 at age 55 yr.
Stone erected by wife and family

In loving memory of Nicholas Petten Died October 22,1970  Age 86 yr.
Ever remembered by his daughter Violet and son in law Cecil Cluney

In loving memory of Allan T. Tilley Died November 14,1970  Age 51 yr.
Stone erected by wife and family

In loving memory of Lillian Hann Died December 13,1970  Age 87 yr.

In loving memory of Gladyís (Street) Greenslade 1900-1970 Rest in Peace

A.B. Gladstone Tilley   1914-1971  Royal Navy Lest we forget.

Henry D. Dawe   Canada PFC 560 Quartermaster Co. Korea 
December 25,1927-November 17,1970

Mother Dorothy Evelyn Dawe 1904- March 9,1982

In loving memory of Maxwell Tilley who Died February 16,1971  Age 66 yr.

Same Plot
In loving memory of Archibald Taylor beloved husband of Edith
Born January 15,1896 Died March 7,1971

In loving memory of Edith Taylor Born March 10,1899  Died Feb 22,1981

Margarita M. Parsons 1904-1971

Ronald Parsons 1904-January 9,1991

Taylor Ada B. Mar 1, 1909-Apr 11, 1971 A. John Nov 4, 1917 - Feb 2, 1997

Joseph Bishop Private Royal Nfld. Regt. May 5,1971  Age 71 yr.

Beatrice Bishop August 11,1910-November 3,1989

In loving memory Warren Ethel Mar 26, 1911 - May 21, 1971 Thomas Nov 7, 1906 -

In loving memory of Edward David Myles 1950-1971 Stone erected by brother Lloyd

In loving memory of William Richard Porter Born January 29,1891 Died January 7,1972
Stone erected by Adopted daughter Doris

Rosana Jeffers In loving memory of a dear wife and mother Died May 27,1973  Age 61 yr.

In memory of  Alexander Edward Snow Born  November 28,1885 Died October 15,1973

Douglas B. Taylor April 17,1944-May 4,1993 Age 49 yr.

Row #8

In memory of Ina Pearl Butler beloved wife of Samuel Died May 17,1971  Age 28 yr.
Stone by husband and children

Butler      In loving memory of Harold 1902-1971    Dora 1900-1996

Petten In loving memory of Henry-April 25, 1895-December 31, 1971
Jessie A.-May 9, 1898-August 30, 1990

In loving memory of William J. Fagan Died January 14,1972  Age 73 yr.
Stone erected by wife Ethel

Simpson  In loving memory of John A.-March 25, 1906-March 3, 1972
Beatrice F.-Feb.8, 1901-June 12, 1990

Lovingly remembered by family William T. Batten -1913-1972     Ida C. Batten 1909-1981

Clarence Rideout husband of Winifred Born September 4,1908  Died May 19,1972

Unmarked grave but was told by caretaker who was buried  there. Effie Rideout  Died 1972

Blagdon Marion 1914-1972 Age 58 yr.    William H. 1913-1988 Age 74 yr.

In loving memory of Irene Greeley Died September 16,1972  Age 68 yr.
Stone erected by her family

Morgan Henry J.-Feb 8, 1919-Feb 15,1973    Minnie-Feb 3, 1909-June 2, 1994

Stewart Melanie Marie, daughter of David and Myrtle (Fagan) Stewart; and sister of Tanya
 DOB September 23, 1972; DOD December 5, 1972.

Wooden Cross Walter Cluney   October 13,1973 Age 63 yr.

Row #9

Next three same plot
In loving memory of Edward J. Porter 1886-1972
In loving memory of Mary (Morgan) Porter 1886-1977
In loving memory of Gertrude Porter 1920-1981

Emily Jane Butler   1881-1972 Stone erected by Andrew Dawe

Harold Butler Born July 27,1924  Died October 6,1986 Stone erected by the family

Tilley Warwick R. 1912-1972     Catherine M. 1919-1992

In loving memory of Florence Isabelle Fagan 1891-1972

Cross-  Miller child of Fraser and Shirley Miller

Susannah Dawe Hodder 1886-1973

Haines - Laura - December 12, 1916-July 9, 1988    Reginald -October 8, 1914-

Next two on same stone
William Gordon Dawe Born September 1896 Died January 15,1973
Veteran WW1 1st 500 Reg. No.97 Blue Puttee
Eliza Ann Dawe Born September 18,1910  Died July 15,1994
At foot of this headstone William G. Dawe  Private Royal Nfld. Regt January 15,1973 age 76 yr.

Baby Woodland May 10,1973 Child of Charmaine and Wayne Woodland

Viola May Petten 1944-1973

Row #10

Haines-Father Wilson J. April 8, 1922-May 17, 1981
Mother Mary F.-February 25, 1921-June 4, 1973

In loving memory of Evelyn Jones Died July 14,1978  Age 69 yr.

In loving memory of Jordon Jones beloved husband of Evelyn Jones
Died June 19,1973 at age 64 yr.

Fagan In fond and loving memory of a dear son and brother Garry Douglas
Died July 4,1973  Age 22 yr.  Stone erected by Father, Mother and Sister

Fagan G. Douglas   1928-1982

In loving memory of a beloved husband and father Alexander R. Tilley 1911-October 14,1990

In memory of a beloved wife and mother Jessie Tilley  1912-1973 Stone erected by family

In loving memory of Chesley W. Cable Born June 1,1941-Died July 21,1973
Stone erected by wife and family

Unmarked grave surrounded by concrete. Caretaker informed me that there was a son of
George and Gladyís Jefford buried there.  He died about 1973

In loving memory of Sarah beloved wife of Mark Rideout Died January 10,1974  Age 87 yr.

Mark Rideout December 7,1894-February 12,1982

Row #11

Next two same plot
William Ted Butler October 5,1952-November 19,1973
Elizabeth S. Butler  1916-October 24,1993
Frederick W. 1914-

Next two same plot
In loving memory of Harold Kennedy Died December 9,1973  Age 67 yr.
In loving memory of Blanche Kennedy Died November 4, 1992  Age 83 yr.

In loving memory of Reginald Anthony Batten Born September 15, 1925  Died January 9, 1974
Stone erected by his mother, Mary Ann Batten

In memory of Mary Ann Batten Born March 24,1879-Died September 5,1974

Porter William Richard November 22, 1897-September 9, 1974
Diana June 17, 1897-March 14, 1983

In loving memory of Wilfred Eason Died October 18, 1974  Age 25 yr.
Stone erected by Mom, Dad, Brother Melvin

Same Stone
In loving member of Phoebe Elaine Eason Born  March 27, 1925   Died October 30, 1985
William John Eason Royal Navy WW2 Born  February 26,1918  Died March 2,1998

Peter Peach   Private Royal Nfld. Regt November 9,1974 Age 77 yr.

Tilley Frederick J. 1922-1974    Hilda L. 1925-

Marie Delaney Died November 19,1975  Age 80 yr.

Unmarked grave

Butler Philomena 1965-1976    Eliza 1927-1996    George 1926-

In living memory of Arthur L. Greeley Died November 4,1976 Age 62 yr.
Stone erected by wife and family

Row #12

In loving memory of Robert E. Taylor Died January 17,1974  Age 61 yr.
Stone erected wife Evelyn and Albert

Walter Baird   Died 1974 Baird could be Walter Melvin

In loving memory of Joseph James Kennedy Died January 29,1974  Age 53 yr.

Lucinda Kennedy 1893-January 6,1990

Same Plot
In loving memory of Walter Kenneth Ivany Died July 12,1974  Age 70 yr.
Stone erected by wife and family
In loving memory of Mary Bell (Ivany) Duffett Died October 3,1983   Age 70 yr.
Stone erected by Ivany family

In loving memory of William D. Porter June 20,1935-August 2,1974 Stone by wife and family

Douglas Chafe April 22, 1977-December 17,1984 Son of Kathleen and Daniel

Ronald M. Smith   1921-1974

In  loving memory of J. Raymond Butler  1912-1974

Frank Butler 1917-1975

Blanche Dawe   1895-1975

Elfreda Morgan Butler Randell July 2,1917-August 11,1976

Butler  In loving memory of Father Edward 1903-1976: Mother Henrietta 1904-1983
Stone erected by family

Cable Chesley 1905-1977     Doris 1909-1987

Row #13

Next three in same plot
Marion beloved wife of Joseph Ledrew Born October 23,1910
Died suddenly December 24,1974
Joseph Butler Ledrew Born May 11,1909  Died August 7,1986
Robert Isaac Ledrew Born September 20,1948  Died suddenly May 29,1978
Ever remembered by wife Helen and daughter Kelli

Taylor In loving memory of Father Edward G. February 9, 1975 Age 69 yr.
Mother Lucy B. August 4, 1985 Age 71 yr.

In loving memory of George Petten Died February 9,1975  Age 87 yr.
Ever remembered by son William R, and daughter, Emma Jane Eason

Harold E. Greeley Died March 5,1975 Age 29 yr. Stone erected by family

Marie Delaney Died 1975 Age 80 yr.

Noseworthy George 1882-1975     Priscilla Ann 1897-1979

In loving memory of John A. Upshall 1902-1976 Stone erected by family

In loving memory of Annie Morgan Died September 4,1976  Age 86 yr.

Arthur Morgan   Seaman Royal Naval Reserve WW1 April 14, 1986 Age 90 yr.

Peter Ledrew 1914-1976    Ruby Ledrew 1924-

Next two same plot
Hussey In loving memory of A. Clifford  Born July 3,1909 Died November 1,1985
Charles Brown  Able Seaman Royal Navy October 17,1976 Age 62 yr.

Albert H. Williams February 2,1929-December 25,1976

Daisy Ledrew   1911-1962  (Daisy is actually buried on the right of the cemetery in row 31 next to Richard, I. Denene, and Brent Porter.) Itís unmarked

C. Emerson Ledrew   1919-1977

Row #14

Matthew Greeley 1901-1993

In loving memory of Sarah W. Greeley, wife of Matt Born October 2,1900 Died January 31,1976

In memory of Fanny Porter who died March 2,1976  Age 88 yr.

Richards   John B. 1900-1976    Susan J. 1907-1992 (May 28)

Cooper Evelyn   1917-1976 Age 58 yr.    James 1908-1996

Linda Emeigh January 6,1949-June 22,1976

Samuel J. Searle 1910-1976

Petten In loving memory of Edward T.  Nov 15, 1935-Nov 4, 1976    Amy Feb 21, 1938-

John Samuel Haines 1895-1977     Elizabeth 1911-

Our darling daughter Tanya Joanne Lundrigan April 10,1976-February 13,1977

Jason E. Pottle Died September 7,1977 age 8 months Stone erected by Barbara Ann Pottle

Harold E. Pottle   1926-January 26,1990    wife Margaret 1928-

Butler Caroline 1903-1977    Harold T. 1896-1981

Row #15

Dawe Stella M. 1912-1976    William Richard 1909-1986

In loving memory of Gordon Fagan Died January 24,1977  Age 54 yr. Stone erected by family

Clifford Porter 1936-1977    wife Myra 1938-

In loving memory of Charles Bussey Died July 28,1977  Age 67 yr.
Stone erected by wife and family

Gerald Wallace Taylor Died September 4,1977 Age 3 yr. and 6 months.
Stone erected Mommy, Daddy, Sister and Brother

In loving memory of Frank L. Haines Died November 6,1977  Age 30 yr.
Stone erected by wife and son Glen

Unmarked grave Child of Claude and Lillian Butler Died about 1977

Batten     Llewelyn   July 27,1910-May 8,1978 Laura January 1,1916 - Stone erected by Laura

Petten Father Nathaniel 1905-1979    Mother Elizabeth 1908-

Row #16

Same Stone
Garland Butler   1893-1978    wife Virtue 1900-1997

In loving memory of Christina Melina Mercer Born April 8,1976 Died February 23,1978

Violet L. Jefford    1910-1978

Cable Herbert 1909-1978    Harriett 1910-1985

Fagan  John M. June 5, 1925-1993       Selina Marie March 21, 1929-April 6, 1978
Karl S.J. April 2, 1965-February 19, 1989
Verse at foot on another plaque by Fiancť Michelle Butler

In loving memory of Isaac Eason Born July 26,1898 Died April 12,1978
Wife Winifred (Hiscock) Eason Born October 12,1906  Died January 22,1989 age 82 yr.

Robert Porter Born August 18,1894  Died May 28,1978 Stone erected by wife Matilda
Matilda buried next to him in unmarked grave but was  told by caretaker that she died October 26,1988 at age 79 yr.

Allan Taylor 1903-1979    Olive Taylor1913-

James J. Bishop 1921-1979    Mary A. Bishop 1930-

Bishop Samuel J. 1899-1979    Fanny1912-

Dallas Bishop beloved daughter of Fanny and Samuel Bishop
October 16,1938-November 11,1989 at age 51 yr.

Row #17

Jabez Butler 1908-1978    Susan Butler 1909-November 10, 1993

Greeley Caroline E. September 23, 1931-September 25, 1978    John 1918-1984

Peter Cluney 1898-1978     Eliza Cluney 1901-1983 Stone erected by family

In loving memory of Weir Beatrice 1909-1978    Hubert 1903-1981

Muriel A. Martin 1933-1978 Stone erected by loved ones

Charles F. Butler 1900-1988    Bessie M. 1903-1989

Rideout Shirley July 6, 1922-December 25, 1978    Lillian F. March 18, 1926-

In memory of Nicholas beloved husband of Florence Petten  Born April 11,1916  Died March 8,1979 Age 62 yr.

Unmarked grave (info from caretaker,  Annie Noseworthy buried there)

Row #18

Kennedy Father William T. 1892-1984    Mother Lillian B. 1894-1979  Stone erected by family

In loving memory of Gerald Porter March 24,1935-June 14,1979 Stone erected by wife and family

Lawrence Melvin Hoskins beloved husband of Helen 1929-1979

Arnott Father Herbert W. 1918-1979    Mother Lillian A. 1920-

Unmarked Grave Caretaker thought there was a Petten buried here, some relation to William Thomas and Bridget Lillian Petten.  Also Jessie Porter could be there or next to this one

Cory E. Hiscock January 9,1975-December 12,1979 Age 4 yr. and 11 months
Stone by Mom, Dad, Brothers and Sister

Unmarked Grave Isaac Kennedy

Petten Father   Reuben 1914-1986    Mother Elizabeth 1920-1980

Thomas Noseworthy Died July 22,1980  Age 55 yr. Stone erected by his friends

Allan Jennings   wooden plaque Died 1980  Age 61 yr.

Row #19

Peddle     Llewelyn W. 1909-1979     Violet 1913-1994

Peach Albert 1898-1979    Fanney 1910-    Stone erected by family

Taylor    Alfred 1918-1979     Emma 1913-

Porter Albert 1904-1985    Violet 1909-1980

Next four same plot
William Porter wooden cross Died 1997
Shauna Lee Dawn Porter daughter  of  Delores and Graham Porter
March 30,1978-January 22,1980 
In loving memory of Florence Porter April 23,1904-March 1,1980
Stone erected by Edward J. and family

Edward James Porter  (DAR) January 21,1899-January 14,1994

Thomas Cyril Cluney 1912-1980

Mother Amelia M. 1917-1980
Archibald N. 1923-1987
Alexander Doman 1888-1980

Row #20

In memory of a dear husband Albert Rideout Died March 14,1980  Age 58 yr.
Stone erected by wife and family

David G. Dawe Born April 3,1964 Died April 7,1980

Unmarked grave. info from caretaker Margaret Rose Dawe wife of Jacob and mother of David Died 1997

Nathaniel January 10, 1904-April 10, 1980
Doris A. October 28, 1910-About July 12, 1998

William J. Butler  1912-1980    Mary O. Butler-1912-November 24,1998

Kennedy     Moses Josiah August 4, 1931-May 2, 1980    Ruby February 19, 1934-
Moses was a Constable

Peter November 10, 1902-November 2, 1980
Blanche P. July 16, 1899-August 16, 1989

Father Donald March 21, 1909-November 11, 1980
Susana B. December 12, 1914-March 6, 1995

Row #21

James A November 14, 1914-January 10, 1994
Caroline E. August 17, 1914-July 4, 1980

Jason Ronald Tilley   1978-1980 Child of Gerald and Jean Tilley

Catherine Kennedy January 7,1980-November 10,1980

Taylor Father Herbert 1901-1981    Mother Beatrice 1901-May 31, 1992

Richard Brian Lundrigan December 6,1981-December 19,1981
Son of Gordon and Linda Lundrigan

In loving memory of Donna Butler 1964-1982 Stone erected by Mom, Dad, Gary, Walter and Cyril

In loving memory of a dear wife Erma Florence Butler Died November 17,1982 Age 51 yr.

In loving memory of a dear mother Ella M. Butler Died June 15,1993  Age 92 yr.

In loving memory of a dear father and husband Charles Walter Butler Died March 30,1987  Age 87 yr.

Row #22

Samuel Joseph Stanley 1922-1981    Elizabeth Gladyís  1919-

Same Plot
In loving memory of Edward John Greeley beloved son of  Walter and Dorothy, beloved brother of Donald and Wayne Died April 19,1981  Age 28 yr. Stone by family

In loving memory of Dorothy P. Greeley beloved wife of  Walter, mother of Donald and Wayne,
beloved mother in law to Gail and beloved Grandmother to Jason and Darrell
Died October 4,1990  Age 59 yr.  Stone erected by family

Walter Greeley 1996  (no stone as yet)

Next three unmarked

Bruce Fagan  Died 1982

Space reserved for Ruby

Albert Fagan husband of Ruby Died April 13,1997

Robert W. Perrin January 13, 1918-June 22, 1982

Herbert William Clarke Died July 9,1982  Age 71 yr. Stone erected by wife Annie

Eason     Wilmeth 1923-August 28, 1993    Levi 1921-

Tilley     Bertram 1912-1982    Nellie 1915-1998

Richard W. Petten 1918-1983 wife Ethel 1915-1991

Elizabeth F. Porter February 12,1934-April 30,1987
Stone erected by mom and sister Helen

Row #23

Petten     Father James W. 1900-1987    Mary Ann 1907-January 16, 1992

Dad    Frederick Dawe 1909-1988

John J. Porter-May 2,1915-October 7,1988 wife Ethel-June 14, 1926-November 22, 1996

Samuel B. Janes 1915-1989 Age 73 yr.

Next three unmarked graves

Marion Clouston

Clyde Baird  May 15,1991

Willie Porter (William) December 1991

Rideout     Ernest Sr. 1939-February 13, 1992    Daphne 1945-

Amy B. Stone 1906-1993 September 24

Row #24

Greenslade Father Malcolm 1913-January 3, 1994    Mother Esther 1916-

Stanley     Roy D. 1924-April 4, 1995    Naomi 1930-

Rideout Ronald 1923-August 10, 1995    Florence 1921-

Unmarked grave

Jason Cluney Died September 10,1997

Charles Porter  1910-December 10,1997    Elsie P. Porter 1912-

unmarked grave

Susie Oak  Died April 6,1998

This is the newest of the All Saints Cemeteries. It was opened around 1981.

Row #1

Richard PORTER 1948-1985

SMITH Sydney blank 1928-1985

In loving memory of Dorothy KINGSLEY Born December 19,1920 Died January 6,1985

Edward Thomas February 19, 1900-September 27, 1986
Violet DAWE SMITH September 10, 1903-December 9, 1984

DIAMOND William W. 1928-1984    Elizabeth 1934-1995

BUSSEY Peter C. 1913-1984    Emily 1914-1995

EASON Emma Lillian November 1,1894 - October 30,1984 Member of L.O.B.A.

BUTLER Gordon July 24,1922 -July 23,1984 Erected by Jason

DILLON Annie Mae (SMITH) Born June 22,1900 - May 27,1984 Stone erected by family

BUTLER Abraham 1885-1984     Caroline 1892-1989

Wooden Cross In loving memory of Lindo G. LOPEZ Born January 26,1919 Died April 8,1984

In loving memory of a dear husband Alexander (Sandy) PORTER Born October 17,1951
Died March 18,1984 Stone erected by wife and family

In loving memory of a dear daughter Stephanie J. PORTER
Born October 19,1982 Died March 18,1984 Stone erected by Mommy

Small Metal Plaque Ida TAYLOR

Keith FRAMPTON August 3,1941 - December 29,1983

In loving memory of Christopher W. BUTLER Died October 31,1983 Age 18 yr.
Stone erected by family

Philip G. BUTLER April 2,1940 - October 10,1983

Herman BANNISTER 1924-1983 Stone erected by family

Albert J. BUTLER 1928-1983

FAGAN Father Abraham 1896-1983    Mother Florence 1901-1989

DAWE Isaac 1909-1984    Annie Jane 1913-1983

In loving memory of Baxter TILLEY March 18,1922 - August 14,1983

In loving memory of Hilda SMITH August 29,1921 - May 10,1983

Samuel R. PETTEN Born November 29,1925 Died February 24, 1983 Stone erected by Warick

Katie M. BUTLER 1891-1983

Frederick L. BUTLER formerly of Chapneyís East September 2,1912 - August 20,1990

JEFFORD Father Samuel 1919-1983    Mother (blank)

PIERCEY John D. 1909-1987    Emily S. 1912-1983

Lisa Blaine BAREFOOT August 14,1980 - December 9,1982

Charles January 10, 1917-November 15, 1993    Martha January 19, 1919-October 23, 1982

Walter L. BISHOP (wife Cynthia) Born November 10,1942 Died September 11,1982
Stone erected by wife and family

GREEN Raymond  1920-1982

Baby ARNOTT 1982 Son of Terry and Janet

DAWE Andrew 1898-1991    Edith 1904-1982

William John KENNEDY March 2,1896 - February 28,982

Fred J. TILLEY (Jed) Born July 25,1902 Died February 28,1982

RIDEOUT Alex March 3, 1908-December 25, 1981
Belinda September 29, 1909-December 21, 1989

Wilfred WHITE Born September 25,1912 Died December 15,1981

Bertram M. DOMINY Seaman Merchant Navy WW2 October 9,1981 Age 69 yr.

GREELEY Abraham T.1927-1981     blank

JEFFORD Father Robert R. 1914-1981    Mother Olive 1918-1998

BATTEN Father Thomas 1898-1981    Mother Susan 1900-1984 
Husband Abram W. 1930-1981 Stone erected by wife Amy

HAINES Emmie 1914-1981 Allan 1909-1988

John FOWLOW Born Trinity East January 19,1911-December 26,1980
Stone erected by Hilda and family

HASKELL Robert W. 1916-1985    blank

CABLE Father Jacob H. 1917-1995    Mother Millicent P. 1928-1985

PETERS Barnard 1918-1985    blank

Row #2

William R. PETTEN 1917-1988

PETTEN J. Wilson August 18, 1917-February 5, 1988    S. Frances December 1, 1924-

EASON Wilson  February 26, 1918-January 1, 1988    Hazel April 18, 1923-January 23, 1995

GREENSLADE Husband W. Charles 1914-1992    Wife Doris F. 1917-1987

DAWE Henry G. June 3, 1924-December 7, 1987    blank

Ralph Emerson FAGAN QC May 5,1930-November 25,1987 Justice of the Supreme Court same stone as Ralph Cynthia Kilpatrick Fagan December 11,1933-blank

Loyal TILLEY March 24,1922-November 10,1987

Reuben W.          Enid Pennell
August 29,1917     June 1,1915
November 5,1987    February 15,1991

TILLEY blank In memory of Stella January 19,1899-October 30,1987

Effie March 17,1914-October 26,1987
Lily Maud April 1,1912-August 27,1988

RIDEOUT Maxwell May14, 1946-October 26, 1987    Valda blank
Married December 5,1969

Same plot
Mary Maxine daughter of Belinda and Wilfred YOUNG,Curling Died October 23,1987 Age 54 yr.
Joseph Albert son of Joseph and Carrie ?  Middle Bight Rd. Died October 23,1987 Age 55 yr.

TAYLOR Janice (Beluse) 1954-1996    Sharon 1956-1987 Beloved sisters

Harvey S. LEAR May 28,1947-September 14,1987

FAGAN Father Harry 1915-1987    Mother Dolly 1916-1994 Stone erected by family

KENNEDY Hugh 1908-1987    Bessie 1910-

PETTEN Gordon E. 1936-1987    blank

FAGAN  blank Marjorie E. 1921-1987

Wooden Cross
Michelle Christine BUTLER March 3,1987-June 24,1987

BUTLER Abraham 1906-1993    Nina 1909-1987

In loving memory of a dear brother Calvin TILLEY who passed peacefully away on March 31,1987 Age 56 yr.

PORTER Clarence 1917-1989    Emily 1916-1987

HENNESSEY John K. 1924-1987    blank

TILLEY Frank M. 1911-1986

In loving memory of Beverly A. Green (Sharpe)Born February 6,1961 Died October 31,1988

In loving memory of John H.KENNEDY April 17,1911-October 23,1986
Stone erected by the family

PETTEN Emma J. 1907-1986   George W. 1897-1987

DENNY Isabel December 27,1944-August 24,1986 Loving wife, Mother, and Daughter

Len FAGAN  1943-1986

CABLE Walter 1901-1986  Rhoda 1897-1989

COURTNEY John C. 1912-1986    blank

HAINES Frederick May 10,1899-June 27, 1989    Violet November 13, 1900-May 29, 1986

PERRIN Robert R.J.1909-1986 Selina M.1918-1990

ROBERTS Frank K.  1941-1986

RIDEOUT Joseph 1910-1985 Abigail 1907-1989

BUTLER Cecil 1919-1985 Da B. 1922-

CROUCHER Roy A. March 1,1947-October 25,1985 Beloved son of John and Hazel

Edward RIDEOUT Able Seaman Royal Navy WW2 1918-1992 Lest we forget

David RIDEOUT son of Frederick and Mary Rideout August 1920-September 1985

RIDEOUT  James 1901-1985 Florence M.1905-1995

TILLEY Father Douglas Q. 1918-1992    Mother Jessie D.F. 1922-

TILLEY Gertrude Born February 2,1893 Died June 12,1985

EASON John C. January 22, 1915-    Effie May November 7,1910-June 8,1985

Row #3

Father Thomas F. February 24,1920  June 1,1991
Mother Marjorie January 30,1925

BUTLER Father Charles G. 1902-1991    Mother Beatrice M. 1909-1997 Married November 27, 1929

Bertha SMITH December 4,1903-April 9,1991

Annie Jane PETTEN August 12,1909-March 31,1991

George W. TAYLOR December 22,1960-February 14,1991 Always loved by wife Shirley, sons Toby and Jordon and daughters Crystal and Jordine

William J. CAINES 1934-1991

HAINES  Charles 1914-1990     blank

CAINES Marion 1916-1990       Horace L. (John) 1926-

Eric Neilson NOSEWORTHY June 15,1949-November 3,1990

RIDEOUT Eric  1925-1990       blank

PARSONS Tina Gail February 9,1966-September 12,1990

PORTER Father Ronald 1920-1990    Mother Rachel 1929-

PORTER  Samuel 1899-1990     Ida 1906-1991

In fond and loving memory of Mother Flora BUTLER Born March 16,1939 Died June 5, 1990   Stone erected by daughter Martha Rideout

PETTEN Samuel 1901-1990  Bessie 1911-1995

BUTLER Alfred 1902-1990        blank

Wood Cross Amos TAYLOR 1910-1990

Thomas DILLON January 25,1925-March 26,1990 Stone erected by wife Gertrude

RIDEOUT Son Maxwell 1930-1992    Mother Florence M. 1902-1990

TILLEY Chesley 1908-1989    Glady's 1916-1998 Stone erected by family

FOWLER blank     Maxine M.August 25,1951-December 12,1989 Married Wednesday October 25,1974

Jean HARDING AW 1 RCAF WW2 1921-1992 Lest we forget

HARDING Capt Ernest Hubert 1917-1989

FRAMPTON Sarah M. 1912-1989   Alonzo K. 1904-1992

This next one has the same wooden cross and plaque as Calvin TILLEY.
In loving memory of a dear father Heber TILLEY who passed away October 8,1989 Age 86 yr.

SEARLE   Dawson 1943-    Joyce (PORTER) 1945-1989

NURSE   J. Harvey August 2, 1916-July 27, 1989    blank

LeMAIRE George July 23, 1909-July 23,1989     Naomi March 28, 1915-

DICKS Roy O. July 31, 1934-July 7, 1989    Ada C. October 24, 1937-

Ella HYNES July 26,1923-June 20,1989

Ronald R. TILLEY Born May 3,1923-June 3,1989

CARTER Uriah October 3, 1912-March 16,1989    Dorothy March 28, 1911-March 14,1996

KENNEDY   William R. 1911-1988    blank

MORGAN In loving memory of my husband Wallace H. 
Born December 12,1927 Died August 3,1988 Stone erected by Jean and family

PIKE  Mildred 1914-1988     John 1912-1992

BAIRD Henry C.  October 24, 1901-January 27, 1989    Elsie  July 8, 1901-June 4, 1988

Herman J. TILLEY 1900-1988

JENNINGS   Robert C.  August 10, 1916-May 19, 1988
Marguerite   February 27, 1919-January 7, 1989

Walter  July 12, 1897-April 20, 1988
Alice (Butler) December 13, 1901-October 15, 1988

RIDEOUT Richard John February 1,1932-April 15,1988

HAINES Roy  July 20, 1926-February 22, 1998    Hazel  June 8, 1933-March 27, 1988

CLUNEY In loving memory of Margaret E.   October 30,1932 - March 18,1988

Wood Cross FAGAN Allan  1943-1988

CROUCHER   John E. 1917-1997    Hazel D. 1916-1988

Row #4

PENNELL David July 1,1963-June 10,1994

RIDEOUT Husband Allan 1916-    Wife Madge 1920-1994

CABLE Father Leslie 1927-1994    Mother Lora 1935-

TILLEY Clayton November 28,1928-April 23,1994

Wood Plaque CLUNEY John August 29,1908-April 20,1994 Age 85 yr.

PETTEN Husband William G. 1943-1994    Wife (blank)

FAGAN Ethel 1900-1994

BUTLER Charles W. January 29,1904-February 1,1994

RIDEOUT Peter Benjamin February 18,1911-January 26,1994

COATES Mother Lorraine (Arnott)June 18,1946-January 14,1994

RIDEOUT   Husband Edgar March 14, 1929-December 7, 1993    Velma (Peddle) -

BUTLER Husband Willie Arthur  1919-1998    Wife Hilda M. (STANLEY) 1933-1993

PIERCEY Frederick R. June 22, 1958-August 31, 1993    Jean R. January 13, 1960-

Clarence PORTER   July 16, 1931 - August 20, 1993

Rodney J. CLARKE November 15, 1970-August 10, 1993

Wood Cross God Bless   Burt TUNNER

2 Beautiful Decorated crosses
Alfreda  PETTEN 1910-1993  Edward F.or J. PETTEN 1905-1994

TAYLOR   Husband Arthur May 21, 1922-July 12, 1993    Wife -

GREELEY   Frank December 8, 1923-June 8, 1993    Gertrude (RICHARDS) January 6, 1932-

RIDEOUT Father Hubert 1916-    Mother Olive 1903-1993

TILLEY   Reginald S. 1936-1993    Goldie E. 1941-

CLUNEY      David W. 1944-1993

In loving memory of Mary KENNEDY December 25, 1916-April 22, 1993
Stone erected by family

GREELEY Roy December 20, 1915 - January 1, 1993   Margaret November 1, 1919 - blank

CLOWE   Married July 22, 1988  Keith G. 1959-1992    Carol (LEAR) 1960-

DAWE James D. 1936-1992    Myrtle E. 1943-

MERCER Husband A. Wilson September 28, 1914-March 8, 1992    Wife Vera -

JANES Angus 1922-1992    Ethel Jean 1924-1996

RIDEOUT Married April 25, 1935  William 1910-1992    Mary Ann 1913-1998

HUNT John J. 1937-1991    Ruth #. 1940-

RIDEOUT Married May 9, 1934    Father Frank 1911-1991    Mother Fanny 1914-

BLACKMORE Elizabeth January 1, 1914 - October 16, 1991

Furne KNIGHT March 17, 1950 - September 9, 1991 Stone erected by her mother

TAYLOR Father George 1911-1991    Mother Evelyn M. 1919-1997

RIDEOUT Rita D. 1945-1991

Edward A. KENNEDY December 11, 1919 - June 16, 1991

SMITH Leander J 1912-1991    Elizabeth J. 1918-1995

YOUNG Reuben 1905-1991    Mary E. 1911-

Muriel TAYLOR 1939-1991

Row # 5

KING Father Henry W. 1905-1977    Dinah 1910-1996

SMITH   Derrick A.  November 2, 1960 - August 18, 1996

TAYLOR Husband George A. 1925-1996    Wife Mary M. 1926-1998

DOWNTON Husband Chesley G. 1927-        Wife Muriel M. 1928-1998

Wood cross Gordon PORTER July 24, 1996 Age 70 yr.

Wood Cross Elsie J. LEAR 1947-1996

E. Cavell SHEPPARD   October 8, 1944 - June 25, 1996

Wood Plaque Marjorie TILLEY February 13, 1924 - June 17, 1996 Age 72 yr.

DAWE Father Wilfred 1913-1966    Mother blank

SEARLE Married September 5, 1986 Richard D. 1967-1996    Joy W.  1964- blank

HAINES James N.  1936-1996   blank

RIDEOUT Clyde 1934-1996    Maude 1935-

JEFFORD Father James N. September 26, 1915-May 1, 1996    Mother (blank)

TAYLOR John Albert 1914-1996     Edith Florence 1923-blank

Emerson BUTLER 1939-1996

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