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Bell Island Roman Catholic Cemetery

(Partial Listing) (Partial Listing)
Photographed by Christy Brown

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Peter Brown
John F. Cahill
Anne Cahill
Patrick Cole
Dorothy Cole
Patrick J. Cole
Helen Coxworthy
Pierre Coxworthy
F. Pierre Coxworthy
William Gerald Coxworthy
Michael Cummings
Annie Cummings
Sarah Ann Donnohue
Helen C. Gosine
Joseph Gosine
Mary Gosine
Michael Gosine
Sadie M.J. Gosine
Albert Hawco
Alphonsus Hawco
Alphonsus Phillip Hawco
Mary Hawco
Alice Beeso Kavanaugh
Bridget Kavanagh
Ellen Kavanagh
Frank Kavanagh
William Kavanagh
Mary Kavanagh
Cyril Kavanagh
Pat Kavanagh
Joseph Kavanagh
John Kavanagh
Martin Kavanagh
M. Kavanagh
Mary Kavanagh
Mary Josephine Kavanagh
Patrick Kavanagh
Ronald Kavanagh
Annabell Kavanagh
Thomas Kavanagh
Thomas Kavanagh 1903
Bridget Kavanagh
Thomas & Mary Kavanagh
Unknown Kavanagh
William Kavanagh
John Kennedy
Richard King
Catherine Lahey
Thomas Lahey
Mary Matthews
Mamie Quinlan
Ellen Sapp
Rosie Sapp
Albert Whalen
Albert Whalen 1993
Mary Whalen
Mary Whalen 1990
Lawrence Whalen

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(many of the headstone photographs are not included in the transcribed version)

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