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Parish of Topsail - Anglican Marriages 1880 - 1891

PANL: Volume 33

Maiden names added by Jill Marshall when known either from marriage records or from compiled family histories. NOTE: Volume 33 contains both ANGLICAN and METHODIST records which is unusual for Vital Statistics volumes. As well, while the ANGLICAN records end at 1891, the METHODIST records continue to 1901. The information was transcribed by JILL MARSHALL ~ May 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Marriage Date Groom's Name Age Status From Bride Age Status From Married At Witnesses Comments
May 17 1880George SquiresbachChamberlainsHarriet DowdenspinChamberlains.TopsailLionel Squires, Mary Jane Squires
May 22 1880Robert Hinds (Hynes/Haines)bachMiddle BightSelina DawespinKelligrews.TopsailAlfred Butler, Eliza Jane Butler
June 23 1880Alexander John HarveybachSt John'sAmy Constance BuntingspinSt John's.TopsailRobert J Pinsent, Marguerite Bunting.
___ __ 1880Cyrus Lawlow WarrenbachSt John'sJemima Facey BowdenspinSt John's.TopsailEmmanuel Taylor, Louisa Bowden
Dec 14 1881William Henry ChurchillbachTopsailSusanna HiscockspinLance Cove, Bell IsleTopsailJames A Hiscock, Louisa Hiscock.
Jan 6 1882Abraham TuckerbachBroad CoveEmma Leah SquiresspinBay of Islands.TopsailJoseph Tucker, Mary Ann Butler
Jan 18 1882Samuel SquiresbachTopsailElizabeth SquiresspinChamberlains.TopsailWilliam James Squires, Elizabeth Squires.
Feb 21 1882Benjamin Daw
Lower GullyElizabeth Farrel
Kelligrews.TopsailRichard Taylor, Susanna Porter.
Feb 28 1882Joseph Kennedy
Long PdRachel Perren (Perrin)
Long Pd.TopsailJohn Perren, Mary Ann Butler
Apr 4 1882Moses DowdenbachChamberlainsEmma PettenwidowFoxtrap.TopsailReuben Fowler, Susanna Porter
May 9 1882William AndrewsbachUpper GulliesSusanna WelshspinLance Cove.TopsailJob Coates, Eliza Coates.
Oct 10 1882Charles MorganwidowerHopewellSelina DawspinKelligrewsTopsailAbraham Dawe, Susan Coates
May 10 1883Samuel Daw25 backLong PdJessie Baldwin20 spinPouch Cove.TopsailWilliam Bailey, Mary Ann Petten
May 23 1883Charles Butler26 bach fishSeal CoveCatherine Allcock (Alcock)21 spinHarbour Grace.TopsailCharles Andrews, Patience Morgan.
May 28 1883Samuel Francis46 widowerSouth St John'sMary Ann Noseworthy49 widowLong Pd.TopsailJohn Hollands, Mary Slade
Jul 16 1883George Mark Wills31 bachSt John'sClara Frances Miller20 spinPortsmouth, EnglandTopsailJohn Parnell, Alice Churchill.
Sep 26 1883Walter Muirhead Kiskendall?full age bach marinerHamilton, OntarioMary Ann Stephensfull age spinSt John's.TopsailUrias Stephens, Theresa Stephens
Nov 5 1883James Beer49 widowerLong PdElizabeth Morgan43 spin
TopsailWilliam Beer, Jacob Kennedy
Nov 15 1883Tobias MercerbachChamberlainsMartha FowlerwidowChamberlains.TopsailThomas Dowden, Elisabeth J. Parmiter
Dec 1 1883Thomas Hann25 bachHarbour Buffett, Placentia BayCharlotte Clark19 spinSt John's.TopsailJames Kates, Thomas Martin.
Nov 6 1883George Fowler28 bachChamberlainsMary Ann Greenslade21 spinLong Pd.TopsailMatthew Greenslade, Joseph FowlerFrom orig parish records he was son of Edward she was dau of Thomas.
Dec 18 1883Charles DahlbachHammerford?, NorwayEliza TuckerwidowSouth Side St John's.TopsailCharley Rudolph, Joseph Tilley.
Dec 22 1883George Tilley26 bachKellEmily Mercer23 spinChamberlains.TopsailRobert Mercer, Ruth Jane Tilley
Jan 4 1884James Alfred Hiscock34 bachLance Cove, Bell IsleCatherine Frances Skehan20 spinBell Isle.TopsailGeorge Hiscock, Anne Normore.
Jan 24 1884John Johnson Tucker27 bachBroad CoveSarah Jane Squires22 spinBroad Cove.TopsailJohn Squires, Martha Squires
Mar 29 1884Nathaniel Tucker26 bachBroad CHelen Hiscock22 spinChamberlains.TopsailGeorge Hiscock, Providence Hiscock
Apr 28 1884Samuel PorterwidowerFoxtrapEliza PettenwidowMiddle BightTopsailEdward Fowler, William Porter
Nov 11 1884John Francis ClarkbachBroad CoveClara SharpspinIsland Cove.TopsailPeter Squires, Annie Clark.
Nov 17 1884William DawwidowerLong PdEmma AndrewswidowUpper GulliesTopsailJames Kennedy, Mary A. Daw.
Jan 16 1885Thomas AllenbachTopsailJemima Susanna ReesspinLance Cove, Bell IsleTopsailWilliam Rees, Caroline Rees.
Jan 20 1885Nathaniel MillerbachTopsailSelina AndersonspinBurgeo.TopsailWilliam Smith, Janet Smith.
Feb 7 1885George St. Clair ThomasbachDigby County, Nova ScotiaAlice ChurchillspinTopsail.TopsailSamuel Churchill, Elizabeth Thomas.
Sep 16 1885John Henry LeybachSt John'sCaroline Frances ReesspinLance Cove, Bell I.Lance Cove, Bell I.William Rees, Sarah Jane Rees.
Apr 15 1885William BarnesbachTopsailEmma Jane BattenspinBareneedTopsailCharles Barnes, Elizabeth Morgan.
Aug 5 1885Walter Bowditch WestbachEnglandElla Selina Agnes Stabb
St John's.TopsailHenry H Stabb, Jno. W. West.
Aug 29 1885Harold Alexander HodderbachSt John'sHagar NicholspinSt John's.TopsailThomas H Nichols, Mary G Snow
Oct 28 1885Joseph FowlerbachChamberlainsAnnie Westcott
St John's.TopsailWilliam Westcott, Susanna FowlerFrom orig parish records he was son of Edward she was dau of William.
Nov 11 1885Thomas Picot (Picco)bachPortugal CoveProvidence DawespinLower Gully.TopsailJames John Dawe, Mary Mugford.
Nov 11 1885Jacob MercerbachChamberlainsAnna Mary PaynespinAquaforte.TopsailEdward Hiscock, Eliza C T Payne
Nov 26 1885William John Hennesy (Hennessey)bachKelligrewsEliza HainesspinMiddle Bight.TopsailCharles Haines, Elizabeth LeDrew.
Dec 12 1885Frederick AtkinsbachLong PdSarah Jane DroverspinRandom.TopsailWilliam Noseworthy, Christianna Noseworthy
Dec 22 1885Joseph Greensladeage not given bachLong PdElizabeth LeDrew21 spinKelligrews.TopsailWilliam LeDrew, Eliza C LeDrew.
Dec 29 1885George Rees30 bach fishLance Cove, Belle IsleCatherine Bennett25 spinLance Cove, Belle IsleBelle IsleWilliam Swansborough, Elizabeth Tucker
Dec 23 1885Abraham LeDrew42 widowerKelligrewsElizabeth Morgan21 spinPort de Grave.TopsailGeorge Morgan, Patience Butler.
Dec 26 1885William James Picco31 bachPortugal CoveMary Charlotte Mugford23 spinPort de Grave.TopsailSamuel Tilley, Lydia Mercer
Mar 20 1886Jonathan Porter25 bachLong PdSarah Ann Porter23 spin
TopsailJacob Porter, Susanna Porter.
Oct 16 1886Garland Andrews23 bachUpper GulliesSelina Anthony22 spinLower Gully.TopsailWilliam Anthony, Emma Fagan.
Nov 11 1886Nathaniel Squires27 bachTopsailMary Ann White25 spin
TopsailRichard Taylor, Mary Ann Taylor.
Dec 11 1886Edward Noel26 bach captainSt John'sKatie Alcock19 spinGriquet.TopsailClement Alcock, Maggie Carnell
Dec 11 1886John Bishop29 bach fishFoxtrapJemima Taylor29 spinMiddle Bight.TopsailJacob Fagan, Mary Fagan.
Sep 15 1887Edwin Davis36 bach Clecrk in Holy OrdersHalifax ENGLANDGertrude Martha Dallow Colley22 spinTopsail.TopsailEdward Colley, Bessie Weedon.
Sep 28 1887Robert William Barnes29 bach merchantGower Street, St. John'sMarion DicksonspinLeMarchant Rd, St. John'sTopsailJames H? Monroe, Albert E Carter
Nov 1 1887William Hibbs32 bach carpenterTopsailJulia E Swansborough34 spinTopsail.TopsailWilliam Swansborough, Lillie Reader
Nov 7 1887Edward Dowden32 bach farmerTopsailMary Taylor25 spinresidence not given.TopsailEdward Colley, V.A. Swansborough.
Nov 10 1887James Hennessey22 bach fishKelligrewsEliza Smith21 spinLong Pond.TopsailWilliam Hennessey, Eliza Hennessey.
Nov 16 1887Thomas Kennedy28 bach fishLong PondJulia Ann LeDrew18 spinKelligrews.TopsailAbraham LeDrew, Selina Andrews.
Dec 26 1887Cabel Squiresbach fishBroad CoveJane GreensladespinLong Pd.TopsailJoseph Greenslade, Elizabeth Greenslade.
Dec 28 1887George Squires35 widower fishChamberlainsElizabeth Jane Smith25 spinManuels.TopsailThomas Metcalfe, Mary Jane Squires
Jan 12 1888William J Tilley28 bach minerKelligrewsSelina Andrews23 spinUpper Gullies.TopsailHenry Andrews, Caroline LeDrew
May 3 1888Albert Baird24 bach fishLong PdFanny Morgan18 spinPort de Grave.TopsailWilliam Baird, Fanny Porter.
Jul 4 1888John E Furneaux34 bach proprietorSt John'sAmelia Daymond25 spinSt John's.TopsailJoseph Daymond, Emma Daymond.
Dec 19 1888Thomas Squiresbach fishChamberlainsSelina BoonespinSeldom Come By.TopsailLionel Squires, Martha Haines.
Apr 22 1889Edward Tilley26 bach fishKelligrewsMary Jane Bishop19 spinKelligrews.TopsailThomas Kennedy, Caroline LeDrew.
June 1 1889James Delaney40 widower fishFoxtrapGrace Greeley28 spinGreeleytown.TopsailEsau Greeley, Mary Jane Greeley.
June 21 1889Isaac Eason24 bachManuelsPheobe Porter18 spinManuels.TopsailJoseph Porter, Emma Webber.
June 27 1889Alfred A Martin26 bach engineerSt John'sJessie Everett?17 spinresidence not given.TopsailJohn B Martin, Laura Cornick.
Oct 24 1889James John Hibbs28 bach minerMiddle BightHarriett Haines22 spinresidence not given.TopsailJohn Haines, Martha Haines.
Nov 2 1889Richard Kennedy24 bach fishFoxtrapSarah Jane Porter21 spinresidence not given.TopsailJohn Petten, Mary Ann Kennedy.
Nov 17 1889Abraham Dawe58 widower fishKelligrewsSarah Butler53 widowresidence not given.TopsailSamuel Haines, Maria Haines.
Dec 5 1889Robert Kennedy24 bachLong PdSarah Frances Dawe19 spinresidence not given.TopsailIsaac Butler, Emily Mugford.
Dec 9 1889Richard Morgan35 widower fishLong PdMary Ann Perrin27 spinresidence not given.TopsailSamuel George Morgan, Julia Perrin.
Dec 10 1889William Henry Whitten21 bach fishSt John'sMary Porter20 spinLong Pd.TopsailJoseph Dawe, Eliza Whitten.
Dec 11 1889Jacob Porter25 bach fishLong PdMaria Gale24 spinMiddle Bight.TopsailJoseph Fagan, Susanna Porter
Feb 6 1890Robert Squires30 bach fishChamberlainsCaroline Walsh22 spinKelligrews.TopsailWilliam Andrews, Mary Squires.
Mar 16 1890Joseph Dawe25 bach fishLong PdEsther Kennedy34 widowLong Pd.TopsailReuben Butler, Matilda Carter
May 25 1890James S Rennie36 widower clerkSt John'sMary Easterbrook32 widowSt John's.TopsailJohn C Strange, Elizabeth Strange.
Jul 7 1890John Christopherbach fishPort de GraveElizabeth Morgan37 widowLong Pd.TopsailThomas Batten, Mary A. Kennedy
Jul 26 1890William Morgan42 widower fishIndian PondBridget Anthony?47 widowSeal Cove.TopsailAnanias Anthony, Emma Webber.
Aug 4 1890Henry John Cornick22 bach carpenterSt John'sEuphemia Pheobe McBay24 spinSt John's.TopsailEdward Field McBay, Jane Cornick.
Oct 2 1890Edwin C Hoare40 widower cooperSt John'sHettie Bursell38 widow
TopsailRoger Down, Ella Bursell.
Oct 4 1890William Butler33 bach fishFoxtrapMary Ann Peach23 spinFoxtrap.TopsailGeorge Fagan, Virtue Batten
Dec 24 1890Albert Rideout25 bach fishLong PdEsther Porter21 spinPort de Grave.TopsailJames Rideout, Emily Fagan.
Dec 29 1890Robert Hennessey25 bachKelligrewsMartha Haines23 spinMiddle Bight.TopsailThomas Mercer, Mary J Haines.
Apr 23 1891Henry Elrington36 bach Clerk in Holy OrdersRandomJane Elizabeth Colley36 spinTopsail.TopsailEdward Colley, Gertrude S Weedon.
May 28 1891William Charles Roberts32 bach fishSt John'sSusanna BinmorespinSt John's.TopsailJoseph Fowler, Janet Fowler.
May 30 1891George Bishop25 bach fishUpper GulliesElizabeth Emma (surname omitted)*19 spinUpper Gullies.TopsailPhilip Dawe, Emeleta Dawe*From other sources Elizabeth Emma Scott.
Jul 12 1891Alexander Moore23 bach printerSt John'sJanet Bugden20 spinSt John's.TopsailJames Bugden, George Blackler.
Aug 17 1891Arthur Ebsary24 bach draperSt John'sGeorgina Williams24 spinSt John's.TopsailJohn W Ebsarya, Lizzie Piccot.
Sep 5 1891Herbert Mercer22 bach clerkSt John'sAdelaide Knee24 spinSt John's.TopsailW. Swansborough, Elizabeth Swansborough.
Oct 3 1891Nathaniel Bishop44 widower fish
Mary Atkins27 spin servant
TopsailFrederic Atkins, Mary A Greenslade.
Dec 22 1891Charles Saunders30 bach fishLong PdChristianna Rideout30 spinLong Pd.TopsailJames Rideout, Rachel Kennedy.

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