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Parish of Foxtrap - Anglican Marriages 1877 - 1891

PANL: Volume 33

Maiden names added by Jill Marshall when known either from marriage records or from compiled family histories. NOTE: Volume 33 contains both ANGLICAN and METHODIST records which is unusual for Vital Statistics volumes. As well, while the ANGLICAN records end at 1891, the METHODIST records continue to 1901. The information was transcribed by JILL MARSHALL ~ May 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors. 
Marriage Date Groom's Name Age Status From Bride Age Status From Married At Witnesses
Nov 29 1877Richard DawebachHopewellAbigail DawespinHopewell.HopewellNoah Dawe, Patience Warford
Apr 22 1878Caleb MorganbachPort de GraveDinah KelleywidowLance CHopewellJohn Kelly, Fanny Kelly
Nov 28 1878Joseph MorganbachSeal CGrace LearspinSeal C.HopewellHenry Lear, Abraham Lear
Dec 5 1878Noah DawbachHopewellAnn MorganspinHopewell.HopewellWilliam Warford, Charles Morgan
Jan 8 1879John TilleywidowerKelligrewsElizabeth WelshwidowLance C.HopewellJoseph Scott, Joseph Tilley
Apr 28 1879Ambrose DawbachKelligrewsJane DawespinLower GulliesHopewellIsaac Morgan, John Daw.
May 7 1879Nicholas DawbachKeligrewsSelina HibbsspinLower GulliesHopewellElizabeth LeDroe (Ledrew), Joseph Hibbs.
Dec 2 1879Solomon MorganbachSeal CMary Ann Porterspinnot given.HopewellJohn Kelly, George Morgan
May 15 1880George MorganwidowerSeal CNaomi Warford23 spinHopewell.HopewellWilliam Warford, Samuel Daw
Dec 13 1880Isaac Warford23 bachHopewellMargaret Morgan24 spinHopewell.HopewellWilliam Warford, Noah Daw.
Dec 12 1880Isaac DawwidowerHopewellMary Ann MorganwidowUpper GulliesHopewellSamuel Scott, Mary Jane Scott
Dec 30 1880William MorganbachThe ValleyEmily WarfordspinHopewell.HopewellRobert Coverduck, Henry Morgan
Dec 15 1881Joseph MorganwidowerIndian PondVictoria BishopspinHibbs Hole.HopewellEdward Morgan, Wm Morgan.
Nov 22 1882William WarfordbachHopewellSusanna CoatesspinUpper Gullies.HopewellJob Coates, Rebecca Coates
Dec 21 1882Eli TaylorbachMiddle BightEmily MorganspinSeal C.HopewellRebecca Daw, Charles Butler
Apr 10 1883William Morgan23 bachHopewellSelina ScottwidowUpper Gullies.HopewellBenjamin Scott, Charles Morgan.
Apr 23 1884Charles Dawe27 bachPort de GraveRebecca Coates21 spinUpper Gullies.HopewellGarland Andrews, Susan Warford.
Nov 19 1884William ButlerbachFoxtrapElizabeth PorterspinHopewell.HopewellJohn Morgan, Selina Porter
Nov 27 1884Jacob FaganbachMiddle BightEmma AndrewsspinUpper Gullies.HopewellGarland Andrews, Peter Fagan
Dec 2 1884Richard MorganbachPort de GraveEmily MorganwidowThe Valley.HopewellJacob Warford, Eliza Jane Andrews
Jan 20 1885Abraham MorganbachSeal CEliza Jane AndrewsspinUpper Gullies.HopewellWilliam James Ledrew, & Elizabeth Ledrew.
Oct 20 1885John AndersonomittedWenersborg, SwedenPatience MorganspinThe Valley.HopewellJohn Morgan, Abraham Morgan.
Dec 9 1886Bernard Jeans (Janes)widowerLong PondAnnie Porter23 spinHopewell.HopewellHenry Porter, Elizabeth Butler
Jan 20 1887John Petten26 bachFoxtrapJane Kelly22 spinLance C.HopewellGeorge Kelly, John Dawe.
Dec 15 1887Philip Dawe20 bachHopewellEmella (Emmalita) Morgan17 spinUpper Gullies.HopewellWilliam Morgan, Samuel Scott.
May 8 1888John Warford60 widowerHopewellSusanna Batten39 spinBareneed.HopewellRebecca Jane Batten, Susannah Porter.
Feb 14 1889William Harvey27 bachSeal CPatience Anderson (? Nee Morgan)widowSeal C.HopewellHenry Morgan, William Kelly.
Feb 14 1889John Morgan25 bachSeal CSusanna Dawe20 spinSeal C.HopewellJoseph Morgan, Elizabeth Morgan
Dec 4 1890Charles Morgan42 widowerHopewellSusannah Porter36 spinHopewell.HopewellSusannah Porter, George Porter.
Jan 1 1891John Warford26HopewellJemima Dowden20Seal CHopewellAbraham Warford, Jacob Petten.
Jan 27 1891Henry Badcock22Port de GraveEsther Scott18Upper GulliesHopewellJoseph Dawe, William Morgan.
May 16 1891Nathaniel Morgan24 bachSeal CMary Ann Kelly21 spinLance C.HopewellWilliam Kelly, William Harvey
May 20 1891Joseph Morgan23 bachSeal CMary Elizabeth Morgan22 spinSeal C.HopewellWilliam Harvey, Susannah Morgan
Dec 3 1891John Morgan24 bachUpper GulliesSusanna Anthony19 spinSeal C.HopewellPhilip Dawe, Wm Morgan.

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