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Parish of Topsail - Methodist Marriages 1882 - 1901

PANL: Volume 33

Maiden names added by Jill Marshall when known either from marriage records or from compiled family histories. NOTE: Volume 33 contains both ANGLICAN and METHODIST records which is unusual for Vital Statistics volumes. As well, while the ANGLICAN records end at 1891, the METHODIST records continue to 1901. The information was transcribed by JILL MARSHALL ~ May 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Marriage Date Groom's Name Age Status From Bride Age Status From Married At Witnesses Comments
Dec 27 1882Samuel Miller

Susie Miriam Butler.

TopsailEarnest W Batten, Sarah Windsor
Oct 25 1887Frederick Andrew Gear21 bach ironmongerSt John'sMartha Gill Haddon21 spinster
TopsailArchibald G Gill, Rose Earle.
Jan 17 1887Robert DownshoemakerSt John'sHilda Jenkinson
London, EnglandTopsailJ F Jenkinson, Ellen Jenkinson
Jan 17 1887Joseph Henry Moyesbach farmerTopsailAnnie Maria Busseyspin 20St John's.TopsailG A Simms, Julia Moyes.
Jan 19 1887James George Anderson22 bach carpenterSt John'sMinnie Moss Mercedes Bridge19 spinSt John's.TopsailJohn Miller, Elizabeth Miller
Mar 25 1887William James Cookbach cooperSt John'sEmily SmithspinSt John's.TopsailA P Smith, Laura Smith.
Jan 23 1887Jabez Henry Butlerbach sailorChamberlainsJulia Phebe MoyesspinTopsail.TopsailG A Simms, Sarah A Butler
Nov 3 1887Weston Tessier28 bach accountantSt John'sSusannah Jessie Campbell24 spinSt John's.TopsailGeorge Francis Tilley, Mary Jane Whitten
Aug __ 1886Ananias Millerfull age bach farmerTopsailEmma MorrisspinIsland Cove*TopsailSamuel Miller,*Likely Lower Island Cove - not Upper Island Cove - as Morris is a LIC surname.
Oct 23 1887John GuscottbachSt John'sMarie Kavanagh
St John's.TopsailJohn Gunn, Sarah A Butler.
Oct 24 1889George Rideout22 bach moulderSt John'sHannah Cook20 spinSt John's.TopsailJames Snow, William Simmonds.
June 21 1889Jas. B. Moysebach farmerTopsailHannah M CarnellspinSt John's.TopsailRichard Brien, Fredrica Roach
Jul 17 1890Jas. W. Mannbach butcherSt John'sLouise E WatsonwidowSt John's.TopsailF S LeMesseurier, Alexander LeMesseurier
Nov 10 1890Reginald Heber Earle47 widowerSt JohnsRebecca Berry?29 spinSt Johns.TopsailElizabeth V Vey, Evelyn A Toywill.
Jan 12 1891Joseph Miller25 bachPortugal CoveElizabeth Miller37 spinTopsail.TopsailGeorge Miller, Fannie Way.
Sep 27 1891Charles Bradbury26? BachSt John'sEmily Giles22 spinSt John's.TopsailJohn R Giles, Georgina Russell
Apr 26 1892Richard Rhodes29 widower farmerSt John'sMary Frances Noseworthy18 spinSt Johns (Anglican).TopsailFrederick Allen, Jonathan Mercer.
June 19 1892Charles Sumner Basset26 bach laborerSt John's (Anglican)Annie Fry19 spin(Anglican).TopsailJames Harding, Maggie Harding.
Oct 6 1892Alfred Paynter Smith26 draperSt John'sIsabella Harvey25St John's.TopsailW C Harvey, Mary Ann French.
Nov 5 1892William Henry Parsons29 draperSt John'sMary Emma Butt26St John's.TopsailW.E.B., Margaret Reay.
Nov 11 1892Charles Mercer27 bach farmerChamberlainsElizabeth Batten22 spin domesticTopsail (Anglican).TopsailHenry Scott, Julia Mercer.
Dec 20 1892John Jas Harvey27 bach lobster packerBay St GeorgeJanet Maria Fowler24 spin domesticTopsail.TopsailHenry Tilley, Eliza Jane Fowler
Jan 23 1892James Jeffers35 widower farmerLong Pd (Anglican)Julia Perrin28 spinLong Pd (Anglican).TopsailJohn Perrin, Emma Kennedy.
Jul 13 1893Henry Milley30 bach carpenterSt John'sLydia Newall22 spinSt John's.TopsailGeorge Vey, Ellen Connors
Jan 7 1894John Charles Tilley58 widower farmerKelligrews (Anglican)Sarah Mugford23 spin domestic(Anglican).TopsailWilliam James Picco, Elizabeth Tucker
Feb 28 1894Thomas Squires31 widower fishChamberlains (Anglican)Susannah BarneswidowTopsail.TopsailHenry TIlley, Rebecca Fowler.
Jul 21 1894John Chaytor23TopsailEliza Fowler24Topsail.TopsailHarriett Evelly, Frank Fowler.
Aug 30 1894Christopher Olsen35 bach sea captainSt John'sJane Barrett24 spinSt John's.TopsailAlexander Geppson, Minnie Barrett.
Sep 30 1894Charles Stanley23St John'sMaud Ruby19St John's.TopsailThomas Drowns, Allen Ruby.
Oct 7 1894William Perry23 bach tailorSt John'sLucretia Martin25 spinSt John's.TopsailA. Perry, William Weir.
Nov 8 1894Thomas Coveyduck39 bach fishresidence not givenRebecca Burton40 spinTwillingate.TopsailEdward Morgan, Richard Peyton.
Nov 25 1894Henry Scott24 blacksmithSt John's (Anglican)Julia Mercer26Topsail.TopsailAbraham Mercer, Annie E? Butler.
Sep 12 1895William Campbell21St John's WestMaria Hiscock19St John's West.TopsailA S Shano, Jessie Reid
Aug 22 1896John Smith45St John'sMatilda BarretthousekeeperSt John's.TopsailThomas Allen, Alice MillerHe was a widower; prev md 1877 to Margaret Jane Day of Old Perlican
Oct 14 1896Hans Tobias Johnson34 bachOld PerlicanJane Fowler40 spinsterChamberlains.TopsailEdward Fowler, Joannah Porter
Nov 28 1897Robert Tilley22KelligrewsLavinia Perrin18Long Pd.TopsailGeorge Pope, Emma Noseworthy.
Jul 7 1898Naaman Chown23St John'sAnnie Margaret Morris19St John's.TopsailCharles Coffin, Lilian J Chown
Dec 24 1898Charles Butler43 widowerSt John'sEmma J Lear21St John's.TopsailJacob Butler, Lizzie Lear.
Mar 15 1899Robert Giles40 widower marinerSt John'sJessie Miller30 spinSt John's.TopsailMatilda Miller, George Noseworthy.
Jul 13 1899Allan William Butt28
Mary Eliza Whela(n?) {page torn}24
TopsailE J Willey, B. Crossman.
Jul 21 1900Thomas Butt26
Elizabeth English25
TopsailCharles Barnes, Sidwell Milley
Sep 9 1900Charles Bradbury35 widower cabinetmakerSt Johns EastJerusha Tucker25 spinSt Johns West (Anglican).TopsailJames Newell, Chrissy Rees.
Feb 12 1901John Fowlerbach butcherTopsailRebecca HardingspinTopsail.TopsailAnnie A Butler, Bertha Fowler
Feb 16 1901William Dawewidower fishLong PdMary BrettwidowBurin.TopsailMary Ann Dawe, Zechariah Dawe.
June 15 1901John Porter58 widowerLong PdHannah Morgan46 widowManuels.TopsailZechariah Dawe, Mary Ann Dawe.
Sep 2 1901George Whitten Soper25 bachSt John'sEuphemia Catherine Ross25 spinSt Johns.TopsailJ B Soper, I? V Ross.
Sep 28 1901George Warford46? widowerUpper GulliesLaura Warford29 widowUpper Gullies (Anglican).TopsailSelina Heyfield, Elizabeth Bennett
Oct 2 1901Abraham Rogers26 bach laborerSt John'sSusie Petten27 spinKelligrews (Anglican)TopsailRobert Petten, John Petten.

NameDescription of ErrorMy Name
Bride's name in marriage of James Moyse and Hannah Carnell 21 June 1889 should be Hannah Carroll. Dave Carnell

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