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Harbour Main - Will of James Kennedy (1776)
This Will was contributed by JUDY BARKER and edited by EILEEN WALSH on April, 2001. Punctuation was added to improve readability. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Will of James Kennedy December 4, 1776

JAMES KENNEDY, lying in his deceased bed and dividing his substance in manner and form as follows;

First: Leave and bequeath unto PATRICK KENNEDY and JOHN KENNEDY, the sum of Three Hundred pounds Sterling that is to say to be equally divided between them and the Room that I now occupy and all the craft that is in room, only allowing Catherine half the land that is now on room.

Second: I give unto my daughter, JOAN KENNEDY, the sum of Sixteen Pounds sterling.

Third: I leave and bequeath unto daughter CATHERINE KENNEDY, one hundred Guinnies, the other side room Stage and Flakes as is now standing large Skiff and craft and best Nets and Room.

The above PATRICK KENNEDY is to have and hold the Westernmost Stage of three. The above JOHN KENNEDY is to clothe and maintain his Mother in proper manner. The Barking Kettle is in Room to be equally divided between them all until they'll depart and then PATRICK have it then.

In like manner JOAN is to have and get middle aged cow that is now in place likewise PATRICK and JOHN to find JOAN hundred weight of it's worth. Likewise the proportion what benefit that may arise from next summer voyage to be equally divided between my two sons, PATRICK, JOHN and CATHERINE.

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