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Year End Review  - 1919


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
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January 1, 1919 Rt. Hon. W.F. Lloyd Premier of Newfoundland, created K.M.G.

L.O.A. parade (?) By Rev. Dr. Jones.

January 2, 1919 Daughters of Empire cater to returned soldiers at College Hall.

Trail of the Caribou” postage stamp issued.

January 3, 1919 Hon. W.B. Grieve, C.B.E., and Ruben Horwood Esq., addresses Board of Trade on “After the War Problems”.
January 4, 1919 Second Spanish Influenza epidemic.
January 5, 1919 Patriotic Association Grand Falls, urges establishment of a Great War Permanent Fund.
January 6, 1919 Capt. Keegan, M.C and Bar, lectures at St. Joseph’s Hall on War experiences.
January 7, 1919 H.W. LeMessurier, Esq., C.M.G., addresses Historical Society, on “Landmarks of Newfoundland”.
January 10, 1919 Khaki Guild entertainment at C.C.C. Hall.
January 12, 1919 Rev. Canons Hewitt and Bayly installed.
January 15, 1919 Board of Trade discusses the Subject of food substitutes.

Triennial election of Benchers.

January 19, 1919 Regimental Victory Dance.

Dr. Fraser resigns Acting Health Officer, and Dr. Scully succeeds.

January 20, 1919 Memorial Service, Mrs. Mark Fenwick, at Gower St. Church.

Ricketts, V.C., of Ours, decorated by His Majesty at Buckingham Palace.

January 21, 1919 New wing of Fever Hospital, opened for patients.
January 22, 1919 Patriotic Association discusses War Memorial.
January 23, 1919 Carnegie Silver Medal, awarded to Hezekiah Abbott, and Bronze Medals to David Abbott, H. Janes Abbott, Daniel Abbott and Isaac J Abbott, all of Bonavista.
January 24, 1919 Burn’s Night at St. Andrew’s.
January 26, 1919 United Thanksgiving Service at Gower Street, Rev. Dr. Curtis, Orator.
January 27, 1919 Thanksgiving Day.

Presentation of 25 new instruments to C.C.C. Band.

S.U.F. Club Rooms opened.

February 1, 1919 Daily News sworn circulation statement published. Daily average of bona fide copies number 7349, an increase of 1037 daily, for the year.

Schooner Herbert Fearn launched at Placentia.

February 6, 1919 Feildian Hockeyists elect officers.
February 7, 1919 S.S. Corsican arrives with over 1,000 returned soldiers, fortress etc. Several wives accompanying.
February 8, 1919 Rev. D.B. Ashord inducted as Pastor of Congregational Church. Since resigned.
February 11, 1919 Evangelist Demarest leaves.
February 13, 1919 Dominions Atlantic Insurance Company elects director.
February 15, 1919 Silver Jubilee of the Daily News, Established Feb 15, 1894.
February 18, 1919 Ricketts, V.C., Endowment Fund launched.
February 19, 1919 “Peg of My Heart” at the Casino.
February 25, 1919 Funeral of William Guzzwell, lost on the Florizel, one year previously.
February 26, 1919 Masonic reception to returned soldiers.

St. Thomas Sale at Canon Wood Hall.

February 27, 1919 Golden Jubilee, Leeming Lodge L.O.A.
February 28, 1919 N.I.W.A. demand a Department of Labour.

March 1, 1919 The Croix Rouge Francaise conferred at Government House.
March 3, 1919 Vincentian father arrive.

Opening of the Majestic theatre.

March 6, 1919 D.J. Davis, D.Sc., addresses Board of Trade, on the scientific Research into Fish Life — scales as age indicators.
March 8, 1919 Judgement in the Beverly Enquiry published.
March 12, 1919 Old Time Tea and Concert at Cochrane Street Centennial Church.

Sealing fleet sails, Smallest number on record — 9 steamers

March 13, 1919 S.A. Maternity Home at Casino.
March 17, 1919 Irish night at Methodist College Hall.

B.I.S. 113th Anniversary Parade.

Hon. J.D. Ryan elected Knight Commander of the Order of St. Gregory the Great.

Molly Bawn by the B.I.S. Company.

March 21, 1919 Colonial Lodge I.O.O.F. founded.
March 22, 1919 Seats for Capt. Campbell’s Orphanage Recital, sold by auction at Board of Trade Rooms, fetch up to $65 a seat.

L.O.A. Grand Lodge closes. W.H. Cave elected Grand Master.

March 24, 1919 Bishop White declares for continuation of Denomination System of Education, in a lecture at the Synod Hall.

Three day Vincentian Mission opened at Kilbride.

March 25, 1919 Marconigram from Labrador, announces the native Esquimos population almost wiped out by influenza epidemic.
March 26, 1919 Methodist College educational drive, launched.

Messrs (?) and T.M. White addresses St. John’s Fishermen in L.S.P. Hall.

March 27, 1919 Capt. Campbell’s recital in aid of city Orphanages.

Masonic concert.

April 1, 1919 W.B Grieve, C.B.E., and Jesse Whiteway, appointed Members of the Legislature Council.
April 2, 1919 Legislature opened by Sir C. Alexander Harris.

A.B.C. “At Home” in Presbyterian Hall.

April 4, 1919 Big opposition meeting in Casino. Resolution against Spring election adopted.
April 7, 1919 Demonstration of citizens march to Government House to protest against snap election. Committee of 20 received.
April 9, 1919 Mount Cashel extension scheme launched.

Plant of Evening Hearld, raided by unknown parties, and press damaged.

April 11, 1919 Railway accident at Clarenville. Pullman Porter loses his arm.
April 12, 1919 Luncheon and presentation by Board of Trade to Capt. Chambers, D.S.O.
April 14, 1919 Rev. L.F. Jeeves, M.A., C.F., elected Rector to the Cathedral Parish.
April 17, 1919 S.U.F. Grand Lodge opens at Burin.
April 21, 1919 Loan bill introduced.
April 23, 1919 Public Debt of Newfoundland officially announced as $46,255,427.38, of which $14,000,000 is on account of the war.

Annual dinner M.C.L.I.

Highlander Ball.

Presentation to Manager Hirst of the Royal Stores Clothing Factory, on his retirement.

April 25, 1919 The Governor assents to the Parliament Extension Bill.
April 28, 1919 Newfoundland Fishermen - Soldiers delegation visit British Fishing Centre.
April 30, 1919 Capt. Penn, R.N., succeeds Commander MacDermott on H.M.S. Briton.

St. Andrew’s Sale of Work.

May 1, 1919 Girl’s Friendly Society Sale.
May 4, 1919 Grand Review of Overseas Troops in which Newfoundland is represented in London.
May 8, 1919 Annual Festival Girl’s Friendly Society.

Terra Nova Council of K of C banquet at Smithville.

May 9, 1919 Trinitarians present Bishop White with Episcopal Ring and Address.

Regatta Committee meets.

May 11, 1919 Rev. A.B.S. Stirling inducted as Rector of St. Mary’s parish.
May 12, 1919 C.C.C. May Dance at Jensen’s Camp.
May 13, 1919 Presentation of Shrine by Lieut. Col. Grenfell, to C.L.B.

Funeral for the late George Neal.

Press Dinner at Government House.

May 14, 1919 Finance Minister Sir. M.P. Cashin’s eleventh Budget Speech.
May 15, 1919 Grand Cross of the Order Pro Ecclesia, conferred on Magistrate McDonald, St. George’s.

B.I.S. Billiard Dinner.

Capt. Campbell’s closing concert, in aid of the Highlanders.

May 16, 1919 Knight of Columbus entertain crew of U.S. Cruiser Chicago.
May 18, 1919 Bell Island C.C.C. Rally.
May 19, 1919 Rev. N.G. Vivian lectures on “The Home of the Grand Fleet”.

Reunion of Officers of the Newfoundland Regiment at the Café Royal, London.

May 20, 1919 The Lloyd Ministry defeated. Premier and Ministry resign.

Mozart’s Twelfth Mass at the Casino. F.J. Conductor.

May 21, 1919 The Governor calls on Sir Michael Cashin to form a Ministry.
May 22, 1919 Cashin Administration formed.
May 23, 1919 S.P.A. Tag Day.
May 24, 1919 K of C State Council at Bell Island.
May 25, 1919 The Mikado at the Casino.
May 27, 1919 Stormiest session in the House of Assembly for many years.
May 30, 1919 C.L.B. Old Comrades’ Dinner.

June 1, 1919 S.S. Corsican arrives with nearly 1,000 returned solders of the Royal Nfld Regiment. Ladies serve lunch in Prince’s Rink.
June 3, 1919 Hon. John C Crosbie created Knight of the Order of the British Empire.

Oddfellows’ reception of Grand Master McKay of the Maritime Provinces, and P.G.M. Craig.

June 4, 1919 W.M.S. Convention at George Street.
June 5, 1919 Legislature prorogued.

Blacksmiths and Boiler Makers strike.

June 7, 1919 Tidal wave at St. Lawrence.
June 8, 1919 Ordination at C. of E. Cathedral.
June 10, 1919 Government Commandeers Bowring boats, and takes over Coastal Service.

Investiture O.B.E. at Government House.

Destructive forest fires at Glenwood, Badger, and elsewhere.

June 14, 1919 Soldiers Banquet at Smithville in honor of Regimental Sergeant, Major McKay.

Forest Fires in Exploits River.

Hon. A.D. Morine takes action for criminal libel, against Dr. Moses, and proprietors of Daily Star.

June 13, 1919 Forest fire on Bonavista Branch and at Placentia Junction.

Fire at C.L. March and Co.’s. 

June 16, 1919 Methodist Educational Campaign closes. Promises aggregate $246,466.50.
June 17, 1919 King George confers 7silver, and 5 bronze medals, on local seaman, for gallantry in connection with the Florizel disaster.
June 19, 1919 H.M.S. Cumberland arrives. First officers ball at Smithville.
June 21, 1919 Railway accident near Topsail, Passenger car overturned, several injured.
June 24, 1919 Ministerial session Methodist Conference, opens at Carbonear.

G.W.V.A. purchases McKay Building, Water Street, for $15,000.

June 25, 1919 Methodist Conference elects Rev. Dr. Bond, President.
June 26, 1919 Clock Shop Assistance and Office Hands Union, formed.

Presentation by Bank of Montreal staff to retiring Assistant Manager E.D. Carter.

June 27, 1919 Flat Islanders, Bonavista Bay, proptest Magistrate Mifflin and Police.

Hon. A.B. Morine sues Daily Star and Advocate for libel.

June 29, 1919 First Mass in St. Francis Church, St. John’s East.
June 30, 1919 District Inspector Sparrow and Head Constable Dawe retires.

July 1, 1919 Commemoration Day, Shrine erected in Bannerman Park, around which floral offerings were displayed. Address by H.E. the Governor. The city paid tribute to Newfoundland’s heroic dead. Service held in City Churches.

Final draft arrives on S.S. Cassandra.

July 5, 1919 H.M.S. Coreall arrives with 7 prisoners from Flat Island, B.B.
July 6, 1919 Peace Thanksgiving service at City Churches.

Confirmation at the R.C. Cathedral.

July 9, 1919 Vice-Regal party leaves on tour of South and West Coast.
July 11, 1919 St. Bonaventure’s annual Sports.
July 12, 1919 Funeral of S.S. Grampian victims, Manderson and Dax.
July 13, 1919 L.O.A. Annual Parade.
July 14, 1919 Obesquies of the Venerable Dean Doutney.

St. Bon’s Annual reunion.

July 15, 1919 Regatta date changed to August 12, to synchronize with the visit of the Prince of Wales.

Boy Scouts Camp.

Church of England Educational Campaign launched. 

July 16, 1919 Charity Sports at St. George’s field, in aid of the Grampian casualties, launched.

Star of the Sea sports at Bell Island.

Littledale Garden Party.

July 17, 1919 G.W.V.A. drive commences.
July 18, 1919 Capt. Nagle, C.F., lectures at the Casino on the story of the Regiment.
July 20, 1919 Francis R. Jones Oversea Club, special Commissioner arrives.

Annual Requiem Mass at Mount Carmel.

July 21, 1919 F.R. Jones, F.R.G.S., lectures to the Daughters of the Empire.
July 22, 1919 Luncheon tendered to Mr. Jones by Board of Trade.
July 24, 1919 S.S. Ingraham arrived from Labrador with 6 prisoners from Flat Islands, B.B.

Red Cross Liner S.S. Rosalind, formerly Lady Gwendolyn, arrives from Liverpool.

July 26, 1919 Electric Storm on Labrador.
July 27, 1919 Rev. Leonard Jeeves, M.A., inducted as Rector of the Cathedral Parish.
July 30, 1919 Mount Cashel garden party.
July 31, 1919 Church of England Educational aggregate in excess of $360,000.

August 1, 1919 George Street Methodist Church drive realizes $10,236.
August 2, 1919 Destructive fire at Pouch Cove. Pippy’s store and oil factory destroyed.
August 4, 1919 Peace celebration. Citizens Day.

Pouch Cove Garden Party.

August 5, 1919 Reid litigation instituted before Montreal Court.

Peace Celebration, official monster parade.

August 7, 1919 W.J. Brown, B.Sc., St. Bon’s, elected a Rhodes’ Scholar.

Reception to Rev. L.W. Jeeves, M.A., C.F., at Synod Hall.

August 11, 1919 Prince of Wales on H.M.S. Renown, arrives at Topsail, H.M.S. Dragon and Dauntless accompanying.
August 12, 1919 Prince of Wales arrived on H.M.S. Dauntless. Addresses presented from Government Legislature, Board of Trade, and Municipal Council.

Corner Stone of Methodist Educational Building laid by H.R.H. the Prince.

Various functions at Government House and elsewhere.

Visiting journalists dined at Baily Haley and entertained at City Club.

August 13, 1919 Prince of Wales sails for St. John, N.B.

Annual Regatta.

August 14, 1919 Councilors Tait and Bowring resign from Municipal Council.
August 17, 1919 Collection for R.C. Cathedral repairs, exceeds $67,000.
August 18, 1919 First shipment of pre-war grade flour, received.
August 19, 1919 St. Patrick’s collection exceeds $10,000.
August 20, 1919 Regatta delayed though drowning tragedy. Prizes presented by Lady Harris.
August 21, 1919 Rev. Roger Tierney, Petty Harbor, appointed Dean of the Archdiocese.

Hon. Richard A. Squires announces his Lordship of the opposition.

August 23, 1919 Salvation Army Congress begins.
August 27, 1919 Labor Day.

Importation of Tanlac nominally barred.

Housing scheme. Lady Harris turns the first sod.

Sports day at Cadet Camp Manuels.

August 28, 1919 Rev. Bro. Ryan leaves for New Rochelle, New York.
August 30, 1919 Residences of Messers McKeen and Purity, Waterford Bridge Road, destroyed by fire.
August 31, 1919 Flower day at C. of E. Cemetery.

September 1, 1919 Miss Louisa Whiteway wins Jubilee Scholarship.

Grand Falls Baseball team plays first game and wins.

September 2, 1919 Board of Trade dines Sir Edgar Bowring.
September 3, 1919 Grand Falls team entertained at Brendocks by Sir Michael Cashel, and guests of the inter town Cup Trustees at night.

Horse Parade.

September 9, 1919 G.W.V.A. presentation to Provost Mitchell of Ayr.

Civil Service Commission appointed.

September 11, 1919 St Andrew’s football champions dined.
September 18, 1919 Lieut.Col Franklin, D.S.O., appointed H.M. Trade Commissioner in East Africa.
September 22, 1919 Fire at Evening Advocate Offices.
September 26, 1919 S.S. Nascope arrives from Hudson Bay.
September 30, 1919 Sir Michael Cashin issues his Manifesto.

October 1, 1919 Fire at shipbuilding plant, Harbor Grace.

Heavy gale on Labrador coast lasting three days, ceases. 

October 5, 1919 Church of Our Lady, Portugal Cove, dedicated.

Naval Thanksgiving Service at College Hall.

October 9, 1919 Complimentary Dinner to C.C.C. Football Team.
October 13, 1919 Gladys Clarke Co., opens at Casino.
October 14, 1919 Hon. J.D. Ryan invested with the insignia of the order of St. Gregory by Archbishop Roche.
October 16, 1919 Crew of Burin schooner Oneida, held at Philadelphia, on a charge of murder and mutiny on the high seas, Honourably acquitted.
October 20, 1919 Corner Stone of Church at Fox Harbor, P.B., laid by Archbishop Roche.
October 23, 1919 Street Railway suspends operations, due to dry season.

Editor Mosdell of the Star, fined $200 for contempt of Court.

October 24, 1919 Nomination Day. 78 candidates for 38 seats.
October 28, 1919 Methodist Sunday School Convention.
October 30, 1919 Big washout on Railway between Manuels and Holyrood.

Presentation to Miss Maggie Furlong, from co-workers, in Patriotic efforts.

October 31, 1919 Train derailed near Fox Trap. Baggage and mail car burned. All material destroyed.

November 1, 1919 Addition to C of E cemetery, consecrated by Bishop White.
November 3, 1919 Polling Day. Cashin Government defeated. Squires Coaker coalition returned by 24 to 12.

Dr. Fraser Children’s Hospital opened.

November 5, 1919 Heavy storm throughout Maritimes Provinces and Newfoundland. Many wrecks.
November 8, 1919 First snow storm. Four feet on the Topsails.
November 10, 1919 Presentation of medals to Long Service Policemen, by H.E. The Governor.
November 11, 1919 Presentation Convent Bazaar opened.
November 13, 1919 Kenneth Strickland cuts his wife throat and attempts suicide.
November 15, 1919 Cashin Ministry resigns.

Sir P.T. McGrath resigns Presidency and Chairmanship of Pension Board.

November 17, 1919 Squires Ministry sworn in.

Second Social Welfare Congress opens.

November 18, 1919 First break from New Government. J.R. McDonnel, M.H.A. for St. George’s, withdraws.
November 20, 1919 Empire Barricks destroyed by fire.

St. Barbe returns received.

November 21, 1919 The Coaker Fish Proclamation issued.
November 23, 1919 Notre Dame Council K of C instituted at Grand Falls.
November 26, 1919 Churchmen’s Banquet to initiate a Churchmen’s Club.

Seventh Poultry Exhibition opened by H.E. The Governor.

Wesley Sale of work.

Congregational Sale.

November 27, 1919 Finding of the Arbitration (clerical) Committee in the Reid Co. Boilermakers and Blacksmiths Union dispute, published.

St. Andrew’s celebration.

November 28, 1919 Maternity Hospital second campaign commenced.
November 29, 1919 Christian Brothers Collection.

Silver Wedding of Mr. and Mrs Dugaid Munn.

December 6, 1919 Dr. J Alex Robinson, Postmaster General, resigns.

James D Munn, Editor of Harbor Grace Standard, retires.

December 8, 1919 Running matches at Prince’s Rink.
December 9, 1919 O.B.E. Investiture at Government House.

Sale at Canon Wood Hall.

December 10, 1919 Khaki Guild Sale.
December 11, 1919 G.W.V.A. Election of Officers, Lt. Col. Bernard, President.

Heaviest storm to date. Electric light shut off.

December 12, 1919 Railway blocked and all cross country trains delayed.

Cole’s Bakery, Torbay Road, destroyed by fire.

December 14, 1919 C.C.C. Old Comrades elect officers.
December 16, 1919 Methodist College Guild, Sale of Work.
December 17, 1919 Petition of A.E. Hickman, against return of W.H. Cave for Bay de Verde, filed by lawyer McNeilly.

T. Anthony Auxiliary Sale of Work.

December 20, 1919 William George Guy, B.Sc., of Carbonear and Mount Alison University, elected Rhodes’ Scholar.
December 22, 1919 Liberal Progressive Labour Union, formed to contest St. John’s West by-election. Lingar and Martin selected as candidates.
December 24, 1919 Constabulary presentation to Inspector General Hutching.
December 25, 1919 Old Favorites, stage Conn the Shaugraun, at the Casino.
December 26, 1919 Christmas Tree at St. Andrew’s Hall.

Heavy snowstorm ties up railway service.

December 27, 1919 Sir Michael Cashin and Mr. J.K Bennett, take libel action against Daily Star.
December 29, 1919 Installation St. John’s Masonic Lodge, Dr. Cluny Macpherson, W.M.

Patriotic Association discusses War Memorial.

Conroy, Higgins, and Hunt dissolve partnership. Mr. Conroy retiring from firm, to confine himself to legal business of Reid Nfld. Co.

December 30, 1919 Golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. John E Lake, Fortune.

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