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Year End Review - 1916


Heroes Missing Since Battle of Beaumont Hamel

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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD & Formatted by GEORGE WHITE. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

"Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends." John XV. 13

Oh lads, dear lads, who were loyal and true,
The worst of the fight was borne by you;
So the word shall go to the cottage and hall,
Our battle are won by the men that fall.

When peace dawns over the countryside
Our thanks shall be to the lads that died,
Oh quite hearts, can you hear us tell
How peace was won by the men that fell.
                                                                -  Laurence Housman


JULY 1st, 1916
Abbott, George, St. John’s.

Anderson, Israel, Channel.

Andrews, Joseph, St. John’s.

Atwell, James, St. John’s.

Ayre, Edward A., Lance Corporal, Channel.

Barbour, Horatio, Lance Corporal, Port Rexton.

Bartlett, Joseph P., Turks Gut, Trinity Bay.

Barton, John, Bay Bulls Road.

Bennett, William, South Side, St. John’s.

Bishop, William , McCallum, Fortune Bay.

Bowan, Charles, St. John’s.

Breen, John, St. John’s.

Brown, William, Little Harbor, Notre Dame Bay.

Budden, Leighton, St. John’s.

Burge, Allan, Bonavista.

Butler, Harry, Bay Bulls Road.

Butler, Ignatius J., St. John’s.

Callahan, Roger J., St. John’s.

Carew, John J, St. John’s.

Carew, John J., St. John’s.

Carrigan, Edward, Placentia.

Carroll, Thomas, Sergeant, Bell Island.

Carson, John.

Chafe, Ernest L., St. John’s.

Clare, Lawrence, E. St. John’s.

Coish, Harold G., Ladle Cove, Fogo.

Connors, James P., St. John’s.

Cook, Henry W., Outer Cove Road, St. John’s.

Coultas, Norman, St. John’s.

Cranford, Llewellyn, New Harbor.

Crocker, Harrison, Heart’s Delight.

Croucher, Nathaniel, Long Island., Notre Dame Bay.

Curley, John T., Woods Island.

Duke, John J., Fox Harbor, Placentia.

Dunphy, John J., Lance Corporal, St. John’s.

Dunphy, William, St. John’s.

Edgar, Edwin, St. John’s.

Elliott, William S., Sergeant, Newman’s Cove, B.B.

Ellis, John L., Lance Corporal, South Side.

Ethridge, Gordon, Champneys, Trinity Bay.

Evans, Henry, St. John’s.

Ferguson, Stewart S., Sergeant, Clarenville.

Ford, Gerald, Amherst Cove, Bonavista Bay.

French, John J. Brigus.

Galgay, Francis J., St. John’s.

Gardiner, Edward J., Lance Corporal, British Harbor.

Gilliam, Arthur W., Lance Corporal, Robinson Head.

Gladney, Edward F. Sergeant, St. John’s.

Graf, Fred, St. John’s.

Guy, Ambrose, Arnold’s Cove, Placentia Bay.

Guy, Chester C., Corporal, Burgeo.

Haines Albert, Jamestown, Bonavista Bay.

Hall, James, Portugal Cove Road.

Hardy, Edward, St. John’s.

Harnett, Frank, Lance Corporal. Seldon Come By.

Harry, James P., St. John’s.

Hatfield, George B., St. John’s.

Hawkins, George, Twillingate.

Hayes, Patrick J., St. John’s.

Hayward, Arthur S., St. John’s.

Hefford, Thomas B., New Harbor.

Holland, Michael J., Freshwater Road, St. John’s.

Hollchan, Joseph, South Side.

Horward, James J., St. John’s.

Hutching , Harold, Greenspond.

Hynes, Harry, Glenwood.

Hynes, Richard E., Lance Corporal, Indian Islands, Fogo.

Jackman, Michael J., Bell Island.

Jeffers, Silas, Freshwater, Bay de Verde.

Jones, John A., Catalina.

Johnson, Alfred, Tignmouth, England.

Kelley, Thomas J., Placentia.

Kelly, Michael F., Sergeant, St. John’s.

Kent, Martin P., Lance Corporal, Placentia.

King, Joseph A., Broad Cove, Bay de Verde.

Lancer, John, Smith Sound, Trinity Bay.

Lannon, Michael F., Placentia.

LeMessurier, Wallace, St. John’s.

Lilly, Augustus, Lance Corporal, St. John’s.

Lind, Frank T., Little Bay, Notre Dame Bay.

Linehan, David, Johns Pond, St, Mary’s Bay.

Lukins, George, St. John’s.

Maddigan, Richard J., St. John’s.

Mahancy, Malcolm C., Carbonear.

Marsh, William L., St. John’s.

Martin, Eric S., St. John’s.

Masters, William, Harbor Buffett.

McDougall, Alexander, Covan, Scotland,

McLeod, Neil Charles, St. John’s.

McNivan, William R., Portugal Cove Road.

Meehan, Bernard, St. Mary’s.

Melee, Thomas, Southside, St. John’s.

Mercer, Robert, Blaketown.

Miller , George, Topsail.

Mitchelmore, Isaac, Green Island Cove, St. Barbe.

Moore, Eric, St. John’s.

Morris, James R., Robinson’s Head, St. George’s.

Morris, James S., St. John’s.

Morris, Kenneth M., Lower Island Cove.

Morrissey, John T., St. John’s.

Moyes, Allan, Topsail

Mugford, Luke, St. John’s.

Murphy, Edward J., St. John’s.

Murphy, Lawrence, St. John’s.

Nelson, Charles, St. John’s.

Newhook, George F., Dildo, Trinity Bay.

Nichols, Campbell W., Deer Lake.

O’Brien, William V., Avondale.

O’Driscoll, Albert, Tor’s Cove.

O’Flynn, Michael J., Grand Falls.

O’Keefe, William J,. St. John’s.

O’Leary, James J., St. John’s.

O’Neill, Michael J., St. John’s.

Parsons, Aubrey, Cat Harbor, Fogo.

Parsons, Bertram C., Flat Island, Placentia.

Parsons, Charles A., Stephenville Crossing.

Parsons, Charles H., Sandy Point, St. George.

Paul, Reginald J., Burin.

Penney, Augustus, Holyrood.

Penney, Josiah H., Carbonear.

Phillips, George, Whitebourne.

Piercey, John C., Norman’s Cove, Trinity Bay.

Pike, George E., Lance Corporal, Grand Falls.

Pike, James J. Avondale.

Pinsent, Stewart, Dildo, Trinity Bay.

Porter, Archibald H., Change Islands.

Porter, Robert B, Company Sergeant Major, Grand Falls.

Power, James M., St. John’s.

Quigley, Michael J., St. John’s.

Raynes, Frederick, St. John’s.

Reid, Charles, Sergeant, St. John’s.

Rendell, Arthur J., Lance Corporal, St. John’s

Richardson, Patrick, St. John’s.

Rideout, Sydney, St. John’s.

Rodgers, Edward J., St. John’s.

Rodgers, Thomas E., St. John’s.

Rowell, Edward J., Lance Corporal, St. John’s.

Ryall, Robert S., St. John’s.

Saunders, Fred J., Griquet.

Sergeant, John, Badger.

Shave, Edwin L., Lance Corporal, Fogo.

Short, Richard M., New Bonaventure.

Simms, George P., St. Anthony.

Simms, Robert R., St. Anthony.

Small, George S., Lewisporte.

Smith, Josiah, Hopewall, Trinity Bay.

Snelgrove, John C., St. John’s.

Snow John S., Harbor Grace.

Snow, Douglas R., St. John’s.

Snow, Fred E., Lance Corporal, St. John’s.

Snow, William, Princeton, Bonavista Bay.

Sparkes, George, Bell Island.

Spurrell, Frank J., Lance Corporal, St. John’s.

Strathie, Harry G., Bonavista.

Taylor, Charles F., Southside, St. John’s.

Taylor, George Hayward, Lieutenant, St. John’s.

Tuff, Frank P., St. John’s.

Walters, Gilbert, Champneys, Trinity Bay.

Warford, Garland, Upper Gullies.

Watts, James P., St. John’s.

West, Edward, Aspey Cove, Fogo. Since the battle of October 12th in which our heroes of July 1st, were avenged by their comrades.

West, Stanley, Carmanville.

Whelan, Augustine, St. John’s.

White, Frederick, Twillingate.

White, William A., Rattling Brook, Notre Dame Bay.

Winter, Edward H., St. John’s.

Wiseman, Adolphus, Little Bay Islands.

Woodman, Kenneth, New Harbor.

Young, Harry L., Greenspond.

John Baird, George White and NL GenWeb