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Year End Review  - 1927


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
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January 01, 1927 Heavy floods in Maylayan State of Perak. Villages over large area, swept, with tremendous loss of life.
January 08, 1927 Seventy-eight children die in panic, which followed fire outbreak in Laurier Avenue Theatre, in Montreal.
January 10, 1927 Five thousand homeless, following destructive fire at Manila.

February 15, 1927 Tornado sweeps California. Death toll 16.
February 17, 1927 Tornado sweeps Louisiana. Death toll 10.

March 01, 1927 Coal mine explosion at Cwm.Monmouthahire, and flooding of new shaft at Bilsthorpe, Nottinghamshire, results in loss of over 40 lives. 
March 07, 1927 Japanese towns, Kaetsu, Yamada, and Twataki, damaged by severe earthquake, killing 2,000. Worst quake for seventy years.

April 25, 1927 Mississippi overflows its Banks, resulting in unnumbered deaths and huge property damage

May 03, 1927 Mississippi floods spreading. Approximately 10,000 square miles of Mississippi and Arkansas Valley, now submerged. 50,000 people need relief. Flood victims totalling 223,387 under Red Cross care.
May 28, 1927 Great earthquake in remote Province of Kansu, Chinatown, and cities levelled. 100,000 casualties and horrible suffering.

June 01, 1927 Forty killed and 150 injured, in cyclonic storm, which swept Holland and Belgium.
June 05, 1927 Ten killed, two hundred seriously injured, in power magazine explosion at Tonie, Poland.
June 06, 1927 The three masted French vessel “Alvina”, owned by La Morue Francaise, total wreck at Cripple Cove, near Cape Race.
June 15, 1927 Many drowned, and thousands rendered homeless by storms and floods, which devastated 39 districts of the White Russian Republic, on Polish Border.

July 10, 1927 168 drowned in torrential floods, following cloud bursts in Saxony.
July 11, 1927 Earthquake in Holy Land, causes death of nearly 1,000 people.
July 26, 1927 150 drowned, when Chinese passenger Junk overturns, in Typhoon.
July 27, 1927 1,000 reported dead in Baroda, India, as result of bursting of reservoir.

August 25, 1927 Terrific gale sweeps South West Coast, causing great loss of life and property. Schooners “Vienna”, of Burnt Islands, with six men; “John C Loughlan“, of Red Harbor, P.B., with nine men; “Hilda Gertrude”, of Rushoon, P.B., with seven men; Ella May, of Roncontre West, with six men; and “Annie Healey”, Fox Harbor, with seven men. Annie Jane, of Isle au Morte, with four men, lost.
August 28, 1927 More than 40 drowned when excursion boat capsizes on Lake Michigan.

September 08, 1927 Two hundred and eighty Koreans drowned, when ferry boat capsized off Kokaide Province.
September 10, 1927 5,000 perish, as Typhoon and Tidal Wave in Japan, takes many lives, and destroy much property.
September 29, 1927 St, Louis Mo., swept by tornado. 74 dead, 5 000 houses destroyed, and damaged, loss $100,000,000.

October 08, 1927 Thousand of buildings destroyed by fire at Peshawar. Mafalda, founders, 250 miles South of Bahia, Brazil, with loss of 381 lives.
October 28, 1927 British Isles, swept by Hurricane, with heavy loss of life and property. 51 Irish fishermen drowned.

November 14, 1927 Terrific explosion of Gas tank, in Pittsburgh. Seven dead, many injured.

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